What Makes the Pocket Patch Unique?

Protect yourself from harmful cell phone radiation with the SYB™ Pocket Patch

Our Pocket Patch is unique and offers a convenient, affordable and effective form of protection from cell phone radiation.

SYB™ Pocket PatchThe Pocket Patch protects you (and in particular, your reproductive organs) against radiation exposure from your cell phone when your cell phone is held in your pocket. It is designed to be ironed onto the lining of your pocket, so that you never have to remember your radiation protection— it’s always right there, in your pocket, when you need it.

The Pocket Patch does not alter the behavior of your phone; it does not make your battery drain faster or your phone heat up to higher temperatures. It just deflects the radiation away from your sensitive bits.

Why is it that important?

Because short-term effects of exposure to this type of radiation include infertility, sub-fertility, and even impotence. Multiple scientific studies demonstrate that the longer-term effects include cancer— the World Health Organization designates this type of radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogen.

The Pocket Patch is the only product on the market that makes it quick, easy and affordable to turn any pocket into one that protects you from these risks, when you put your cell phone in your pocket.

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