Shield Your Baby with the Baby Blanket

SYB Baby Blanket to Shield Wireless Radiation

We’re proud to introduce the Baby Blanket.

In a world where every wireless device emits harmful electromagnetic radiation, we at SYB make products that make it easy to reduce your exposure. Until now, our products have essentially been for adults. But, as we’ve discussed before, there is a wide body of scientific evidence showing that children are much more vulnerable to long term damage from wireless radiation.

And that’s why we created the SYB Baby Blanket (Patent Pending), the first product on the market designed specifically to shield babies and young children from wireless radiation from devices like baby monitors, WiFi, cell phones, and cordless phones.

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SYB Baby Blanket to Shield Wireless Radiation in 4 Colors
The SYB Baby Blanket comes in multiple stylish colors.

Using patented technology, a gossamer-thin silver-covered copper thread (only 0.02mm thick) is woven into a very high-quality and hypoallergenic cotton, wrapped in two layers of a comfortable cotton-flannel to create a stylish shield for your baby.

This isn’t rocket science and it isn’t magic. It’s a clever application of a well-established technology so that you can protect your baby from wireless radiation.

We’re very pleased to introduce the Baby Blanket and make it available to parents to help protect their precious babies from long term damage associated with exposure to this type of radiation.

We encourage you to learn more about the SYB Baby Blanket

If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask them in the Baby Blanket FAQ, or to contact us— we’ll get back to you right away.

Shield Your Baby in style with the Baby Blanket from SYB.

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