The SYB Air Tube Headset: Top Quality Anti-Radiation Headphones

SYB Anti-Radiation Headphones

There’s a lot of noise in the industry right now about about the dangers of wireless technology, prompting many radiation-conscious users to stick to old-fashioned cables. Traditional headphones are still only the lesser of two evils, however, and here at Shield Your Body we’ve developed unique anti-radiation headphones to provide great sound quality and unbeatable EMF protection.

What Are Air Tube Headphones?

The SYB Air Tube Headset looks and acts like any other pair of in-ear headphones. The base is an industry-standard 3.5mm audio jack, compatible with the vast majority of smartphones on today’s market – even many latest releases. There are two comfortable earbuds at the other end of the cable which deliver crisp, clear and bassy audio – with one key difference: standard wiring runs up to around shoulder level, and then the air tube technology kicks in.

Traditional headphones run wires straight into the earbuds – and wires conduct EMF radiation. This means that standard headphones conduct EMF radiation from your phone into your ear canal (and brain), even if your phone is positioned away from your body.

The resulting exposures are less intense than what you would be exposed to directly from a smartphone, but they still matter. At around chest height, the wiring is replaced by hollow tubing, through which the audio is transmitted to our ears.

SYB Air Tube Headset

In terms of day-to-day use, these are your typical in-ear headphones, designed to deliver great audio quality for podcasts, music or e-books. The major difference – EMF radiation shielding with air gap tubing – isn’t even noticeable!

How to Use Your Headset

Our Air Tube Headset can be used like any other pair of headphones. Simply plug the 3.5mm audio jack into your smartphone or iPod (virtually every device produced in the last decade should allow this), stick the buds in your ears, and hit play! It’s really that simple.

How It Works

What sets our anti-radiation headphones apart for the industry standard is the air gap tubing. The audio is generated from your phone, transmitted partway via traditional wiring and then boosted through the hollow tubing to your ears. There is no perceptible drop in audio quality – you can check out our in-depth analysis to learn more – but the EMF radiation is forcibly halted before reaching your head.

There’s a small connection on each wire, marking the transition from wire to hollow tubing: the audio is essentially played through that connection, and carried up to the ear without any lag or other issues.

The technology is simple, and highly effective at limiting to transmitted radiation – less than 1% makes it through.

What About My Cell Phone?

While these headphones to protect your head, the root cause (the cell phone) is still emitting potentially-hazardous amounts of radiation. By using our specially-designed phone pouch to carry your device, you can effectively repel up to 99% of all radiation from your device, even when listening to music.


The primary benefit to using air gap technology is improved safety. The rise in EMF-emitting technologies in today’s society is hurtling along, and at Shield Your Body, we are constantly striving to put physical health first. Our anti-radiation headphones work exactly like normal models, but with the added benefit of cutting up to 99% of EMF radiation from reaching your brain.

Because they look and act like regular headphones, the product is also practical, intuitive and can be used with any of your devices. Check out our detailed discussion of the SYB Phone Pouch to learn how these two technologies can combine to provide full, comprehensive EMF protection.

There’s no doubt that modern technology improves our quality of life, but the health risks cannot be underplayed. By adapting your smartphone use to reduce radiation, you get the best of both worlds: unrivaled technical performance, minimal exposure.

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