The SYB Pocket Card: Versatile, Simple Radiation Protection

The SYB Pocket Card, Simple Radiation Protection

As major tech companies jostle and try to gain an advantage over one another, smartphone technology is advancing at an incredible rate. They’re becoming bigger and more powerful every year, and with 5G connectivity just around the corner, their radiation output is set to increase too. The SYB Pocket Card is simple radiation protection — the simplest product we’ve ever made — designed to make EMF protection a walk in the park.

What is the SYB Pocket Card?

Here at Shield Your Body, we’ve created a growing range of anti-EMF shielding products which act as barriers between potentially harmful radiation and your body. Our SYB Pocket Card is another one of those products, keeping you safer without interfering with your lifestyle.

So how do you use it?

For us, this is the best part: take your SYB Pocket Card, and put it in your pocket between your body and your phone. That’s it!

A similar product we’ve developed is our unique SYB Pocket Patch, which adds a permanent lining to your jeans, jacket, or shirt. The benefit of the pocket card is that it can be removed and transferred into any piece of clothing, wherever you go. While our Pocket Card doesn’t perform quite as highly as our SYB Pocket Patch, the flexibility is offers is important in today’s world.

How Does it Work?

SYB Pocket Card to Shield Cell Phone EMF RadiationLike all of our shielding technologies, the pocket card works using the concept of a Faraday Cage: wireless signals cannot pass through a metallic barrier. Inside each Pocket Card is a layer of cloth, woven with tiny conductive metallic fibers.

When the EMF signals from your phone hit the Pocket Card, they are deflected away from your body. That’s why you always keep the Pocket Card between your skin and your phone: a huge chunk of the radiation that would be emitted onto your body is now repelled back into the room.

Try picturing light reflecting off a mirror to help visualise the process.

Why Should I Use It?

As cell phone use continues to be linked with infertility, the SYB Pocket Card gives you a fast and easy way to protect yourself. By slipping the Pocket Card into your pocket, up to 60% of radiation from your phone will be deflected away from your body.

Since phones spend most of their time in our pockets – even while in use, thanks to bluetooth – our sensitive organs are continually exposed. Using the Pocket Card (which doesn’t interfere with your phone’s performance at all) helps keep you a bit safer when using your phone.

While some of our products (like our SYB Poster Frame Liner) require a bit of setup on your side, the Pocket Card can be slipped in and out of your pocket at your convenience.

That’s what we’re trying to accomplish here at Shield Your Body: proactive health protection through effective, convenient, and unobtrusive technology. We make it super simple to shield your body from EMF radiation, and our Pocket Card is a perfect example of that!

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