Real EMF Protection for Babies: the SYB Baby Blanket

EMF Protection for Babies
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The risks of EMF radiation to adults are becoming more and more established every year, but parents should be even more concerned with the constant threat which wireless devices pose to young babies. To quote the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Children are disproportionately affected by environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation.” In light of this knowledge, and the fact that wireless devices are multiplying at an unprecedented rate, EMF protection for babies has never been more important.

What is the SYB Baby Blanket?

SYB Baby Blanket to Shield Wireless Radiation

Here at Shield Your Body, we have designed a range of EMF-shielding devices and apparel to help reduce your exposure to the electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other wireless devices. Our baby blanket is a similar feat of engineering, uniquely designed for babies and expecting mothers.

The SYB Baby Blanket is a stylish, comfortable blanket made right here in the USA and Canada, and is designed to provide effective, unobtrusive EMF protection for babies. Partially woven with ultra-thin silver thread, it deflects up to 99% of incident radiation away from the baby.

Our blanket is available in two styles – pink with white polka dots, or navy blue with white polka dots – and each is perfect for both girls and boys. Thick enough to provide comfort, but slim enough to fold up into a day bag, you can bring your blanket to work, on public transport, or anywhere else you need to be.

How do I Use it?

The SYB Baby Blanket is designed to provide EMF protection for babies, and it can be used in two ways:

  1. Parents can wrap the baby in the blanket so that any local wireless radiation is directed away from its young body.
  2. During pregnancy, expecting mothers can snuggle up under the blanket and use all of her devices without exposing her baby.

Our blanket makes a fantastic investment at the early stages of pregnancy since mothers can still watch Netflix on their laptops, or have long phone conversations, without the risk of  exposing their baby to harmful radiation.

How Can a Blanket Provide EMF Protection for Babies?

SYB Baby Blanket to Shield EMF Radiation

It’s a question we get all the time – the answer, of course, is that there’s more to our Baby Blanket than meets the eye! While it is a soft, high-quality cotton flannel blanket, what you don’t see is the fine internal mesh of metallic fibres which spans its whole area.

EMF radiation is physically repelled by these minute fibers, like a laser pen bouncing of a mirror. As a result, any incident radiation which lands on the blanket is deflected away, rather than passing straight through, as would be the case with a normal blanket.

The scientific principles behind this technology are incredibly simple, but also superbly effective. Watch our video demonstration to see how the SYB Baby Blanket deflects up to 99.9% of radiation.

Redefining the Idea of the Safety Blanket

There is no shortage to the health risks babies and young infants could face as a direct result of using cell phones and tablets, or even lying next to a wireless baby monitor. While our Baby Blanket does deflect up to 99.9% of radiation, you’ll need to take practical steps to further limit your children’s exposure to harmful electromagnetic emissions.

Our blog is a handy tool for staying up-to-date with the latest discoveries in this field – such as the connection between EMF and miscarriage – and if you have young children, or are expecting, it’s always worth investigating non-wireless solutions for your technology at home.

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