Enjoy A Safer Night’s Sleep with Nightstand EMF Protection

SYB Picture Frame - Nightstand EMF Protection

As much as we know we shouldn’t, what’s the last thing we all do just before we turn in for the night? The same as we do first thing in the morning: fiddle with our smartphones. The result is that during the night, our phones are sitting active, just inches from our heads. It’s not just phones either: Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, wireless charging docks – they’re all emitting EMF radiation. The SYB Picture Frame is designed to offer nightstand EMF protection without interfering with your phone use!

But I’m Asleep – Surely My Devices Are Too?

You’re probably aware of the day-to-day risks of EMF radiation. Shielding products like our SYB Phone Pouch and our SYB Baby Blankets are in high demand as they offer protection from wireless devices while they’re in use.

But what about the rest of the time?

The thing about your wireless devices is that, while they’re switched on, they’re always emitting radiation. Take your phone for example. While you sleep, your phone will still:

  • Receive messages and notifications
  • Connect to apps and look for updates
  • Receive calls
  • Maintain its connection to your Wi-Fi and mobile networks

We recommend ditching your phone 30 minutes before bedtime, but most of us still keep devices on our nightstand, or worse under the pillow! It’s not just cell phones either: Wi-Fi routers on your desk, baby monitors inside the crib, wireless chargers instead of USB cables – there are loads of devices.

Here at Shield Your Body, we can’t change your habits; however, we can offer you nightstand EMF protection that doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle!

What is the SYB Picture Frame?

SYB Angled Acrylic Table Top Picture Frame to Shield EMF Radiation, Holds Two 5"x7" Photos
The SYB Picture Frame makes is great nightstand EMF protection for your cell phone while you sleep.

Made right here in the USA, our picture frame is exactly what it sounds like: an attractive 5×7”, semi-transparent picture frame. You can insert a picture onto each side of the frame, and it’s portable, slim, and self-supporting.

Oh, and it shields you from EMF radiation at all times. Let’s look at an example.

Many of us keep our Wi-Fi routers on our desks; it’s a logical placement. However, this is probably the largest source of EMF radiation in the house, and keeping it a foot from your body is not ideal. Pop a beautiful photo of your loved ones into your SYB picture frame, slip it between you and the router, and bam – radiation blocker.

It’s the same thing at night: when you put your smartphone onto the nightstand, place it the other side of your photo frame. Your phone is completely accessible, but now you’re more protected.

How Can a Picture Frame Block EMF Radiation?

Here at Shield Your Body, it’s our goal to help you protect yourself from harmful wireless radiation, and all of our products contribute to that goal. Within each picture frame there is a finely-woven mesh of nickel and copper-coated polyester. This forms a barrier which deflects up to 99% of incident radiation.

Let’s think of the EMF radiation as light. During the day, light streams through a window, just like wireless radiation does from your Wi-Fi router. However, if I close the curtain, the light simply doesn’t get into the house. Our SYB picture frame performs the exact same job, halting (and actually deflecting) any radiation in its path.

The great thing about this product is that your phone still works perfectly. We could lock it in a metal safe when not in use, but as well as being incredibly impractical, your phone would stop working.

We’re only worried about blocking radiation in one specific direction, which makes the SYB picture frame ideal for providing emf protection throughout the house, especially at night.

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