SYB Over-Ear Air Tube Headsets for Enhanced Comfort

Over-Ear Air Tube Headsets

Wireless headphones have become one of the most fashionable and sought-after products in the technology industry. They’re easy, uncomplicated, and they look good. They also add to our already excessive wireless radiation exposure and, used frequently, can put our health at risk. The SYB Air Tube Headset was designed to offer great sound quality and EMF protection. And now we offer our brand new over-ear air tube headsets, redesigned for enhanced comfort and performance.

What Are Air Tube Headsets?

You probably know how traditional headphones work. Your device (let’s say a smartphone) sends an electrical signal through its 3.5mm output which is carried, through your headphone cable, up to your earbuds. Here, the signal is transformed into audio and projected in your ears. Because of how they work, wired headphones actually conduct EMF radiation from your phone into your ear canal – which is one of the parts of your head where your brain is unshielded by your skull. While your resulting EMF exposure is lower than that from smartphone (and we recommend using a wired headset to make calls), it is still yet another source of EMF exposure for your brain and body.

Wireless headphones do the same thing, except they bypass the wires and boost the signal straight to your head. As a result, while wireless headphones don’t conduct EMF from your cell phone, they actually emit more radiation because of the Bluetooth technology used. So wireless headphones lead to a greater EMF exposure than the traditional wired headphones.

Air Tubes eliminate this problem. Our air tube headsets include comfortable earbuds to deliver the audio. But instead of copper wires running up into your ears, the sound waves are passed through hollow tubing and received by a sensor in the earbud. In other words, where traditional wired headphones use metallic wire to carry the sound to your ear, our air tubes use (unsurprisingly) air to conduct the sound. And so our air tube headsets do not conduct EMF from your phone into your brain.

So What’s New?

Over-Ear Air Tube Headsets
Our new over-ear air tube headsets provide a more secure fit for customers who dislike standard earbuds.

Our classic Air Tube Headset is great for sitting at home, or on your commute, but our more active customers have suggested areas where performance could be improved – and we listened.

Because all ears are different shapes and sizes, some users had difficulty keeping their buds in place while exercising and running around. We experimented with a few solutions (including a lapel clip to hold the tubes still) but eventually settled on a neater idea: over-ear headphones.

Not only is it almost impossible for these earbuds to fall out, but they also sit slightly deeper into the inner-ear, enhancing sound quality and boosting bass. We’ve also gone for a pearl-white color across the length of the tubes, giving the product a real premium feel. The earbuds come in 3 different sizes as well, so you can really tailor your experience. We use a standard 3.5mm audio jack to connect to your device, making it compatible with the majority of modern smartphones.

At SYB, nothing matters more than providing the best protection and the highest-performing products to our customers. We’re proud to have heard your feedback and implemented it in our latest design.

Why Air Tube Headsets are the Future

In a world where everything is turning wireless and ‘smart’, Air Tubes offer a safety-conscious alternative without compromising the quality of your experience. Our anti-radiation headphones work exactly like normal models, except that they also cut up to 99% of the EMF radiation that usually reaches your brain.

To look at them, you wouldn’t know that our headphones are anything but normal. In order to maximize the experience, we recommend reading up on our SYB Phone Pouch: by combining the two, you can significantly reduce your daily EMF exposure while still getting full performance out of your devices. We will be releasing an updated version of this product in the near future, again following customer feedback.

Modern technology is a godsend for the way it has transformed the quality of life for billions across the globe. However there are very real health risks from overexposure, and investing in the right technology can give you the best of both worlds. Check out the new SYB Over-Ear Air Tube headset today.

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