The SYB Silver Silk Bandana: Fashionable EMF Protection At Last

SYB Silver Silk Bandana, Fashionable EMF Protection
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As the prevalence and intensity of wireless products continues to grow unchecked, more and more shielding solutions are hitting the market – our full product catalog demonstrates the wide range of options available. But while many companies produce functional EMF protection apparel, fashionable EMF protection has been harder to come by. Until now.

The SYB Silver Silk Bandana is one of the most versatile and attractive products we’ve ever made. From its wear-it-with-anything neutral color, to its various folding options and its 99.9% shielding effectiveness, our bandana has it all.

Real Silver, Real Silk

If you’ve never used EMF-shielding products before, then you might be surprised to find silver woven into the fabric. The thing is, electromagnetic signals cannot pass through a mess of conductive metal material – that’s the simple basis of all our protective apparel and technology.

Of course, in order to keep our bandana smooth and soft, we use ultra-thin silver threads to create an incredibly subtle mesh. The SYB Silver Silk Bandana is made from 65% fine silver thread woven into silk, which is how we are able to deliver up to 99.9% deflection of all incident radio frequency EMF radiation. Coupled with soft and extremely strong silk, our bandana is comfortable, easy to reshape, and highly durable.

Multipurpose and Versatile

What immediately stands out about our bandana is its size: 27” x 27”. While this is fairly large compared to most stock bandanas, we designed it this way to offer maximum flexibility to our wearers. For a start, our solution can be used by everyone, even those with massive hair!

More importantly, the SYB silver silk bandana is multipurpose; this is what makes it truly fashionable EMF protection. There are dozens of unique ‘folds’ you can use while covering most of your head, and it’s also possible to make a face mask, a small turban, a scarf, or a hijab. In fact, your creativity is virtually limitless: whatever your style, our bandana lets you take control.

Use our SYB Bandana However You Want!

The bandana is unisex and – at least for now – it only comes in the one color. It is soft and comfortable against your skin, and while you’re wearing it, you’d never know it wasn’t a ‘standard’ piece of headwear.

Unrivaled EMF Shielding

We’re delighted to be offering fashionable EMF protection to our customers. We recently announced our new SYB over-ear air tube headsets, another stylish and effective product.

As we said, the key to achieving up to 99.9% shielding is the mesh of finely-woven silver throughout the bandana. Whenever a cell phone, or wifi hub, or a set of wireless headphones are in operation, they emit EMF radiation. The dangers of wireless radiation are fairly well-known and every one of our products is designed to shield you (and your family) from those harmful effects.

What happens is that the EMF signals are emitted everywhere from the wireless device. Any waves which would normally pass through your head are deflected by our silver silk bandana. And we’ve done the tests: it really does deflect up to 99.9% of all incident radiation, ensuring that you experience nowhere near a dangerous level of exposure.

But at the end of the day, most of us won’t wear ridiculous, space-age headgear no matter what promises we make about its shielding effectiveness. That’s why we’ve designed the silver silk bandana: fashionable EMF protection which you can wear with pride and confidence.

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