Healthy Living Tip #25: Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode When Moving

Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode When Moving
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You know your cell phone emits radiation. But you might not be aware that some situations cause it to emit radiation at much higher doses. One of those situation is when you’re on the move. Which is why Healthy Living Tip #25 is to put your phone in airplane mode when moving

Healthy Living Tip #25: Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode When Moving

So what kind of movement do we mean exactly? Obviously we’re not suggesting you can only use your phone while sitting completely still.

In this case we’re talking about moving across a large geographic area – such as when traveling in a car, bus or train. The reason for this is quite simple. 

Your phone is emitting electromagnetic radiation whenever it’s transmitting a signal outwards to a cellphone tower. That means that whenever your phone is on it’s emitting some degree of radiation, even if you’re not actively using it.

When you’re in motion, your phone has to work harder to stay connected to the cellphone tower. This is because it suffers from more interference and has to seek out new towers to connect with as it moves out of range of one and into the range of others. 

And when your phone works harder, it emits more EMF radiation. 

If you’ve been keeping up with our Healthy Living Tips series you’d know that putting your phone in airplane mode is an excellent way of cutting down your EMF exposure. That’s why we recommend using airplane mode as much as possible.

This advice is doubly applicable to when you’re in a moving vehicle because the emissions are so much higher. 

Of course, another option is to turn your phone off all together. 

Or, if you must have it on and available to receive calls and messages, try to at least limit your usage. 

Putting your phone in airplane model while on the move is a good compromise, though; you can still check it from time to time, and just flick it onto airplane model whenever you’re not using it. That way, you limit your exposure considerably without giving up complete use of your phone. 

For more ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation, check out more SYB Healthy Living Tips.

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