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5G Satellites, Space Broadband and The EMF Exposure Health Impact

People have been talking about 5G for what seems to be forever. But all indications are that 2020 is going to be the year that it really happens. The carriers are rolling out 5G in most major cities. But what really has people like me concerned is not the rollout on the ground, but in space. 5G satellite internet coverage is coming, and it’s coming fast.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless networks. It’s replacing the existing 4G/LTE networks that we’ve been using for about the last decade. 

I’ve written a separate post about what is 5G, but, the short answer is that 5G differs from 4G in that:

  • 5G operates at much higher level of energy of EMF radiation than 4G; these electromagnetic frequencies have never before been used in consumer products.
  • 5G requires many more towers, and closer to the ground. So you’ll see a lot more of these cellular antennas and base stations popping up everywhere you go.
  • 5G is designed to facilitate an explosion in the number of devices connected to the network. The so-called internet of things that runs on 5G is not just cell phones, but smart cars, smart homes, smart meters– there will be a massive increase in the number of devices that will be connecting to and communicating over the 5G networks.
Featured Video: 5G Explained in 3 Minutes

So, with 5G, you will have EMF radiation with much more energy, communicating over many more towers, between exponentially more devices. The exposures are unprecedented and will continue to grow into the future. 

And, all of this is being done without any studies into the potential long-term health risks of 5G exposure.

But Then There’s 5G Satellites

All of that concern– everything I just expressed– that’s all based on terrestrial (or ground-based) technology. Just like with 4G.

Several companies are already launching satellites into low earth orbit to provide 5G internet access– eventually to the entire planet.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has a division called StarLink. StarLink is one of the firms that is already launching internet satellites into low-earth orbit. As of early 2020, StarLink has 240 satellites in orbit, it already has permission to launch 13,000 more (it needs to launch 6,000 by 2025 to fulfill its licensing obligations), and has expressed plans to deploy an additional 30,000 more. 

That’s 43,000 of these satellites. In fact, Elon Musk believes this enterprise will grow so significantly, that he has expressed his desire to spin StarLink into its own company, separate from SpaceX, with an IPO.

SpaceX’s third launch of 60 StarLink satellites on January 29, 2020

And recall, that’s just from one company. OneWeb – a competitor to StarLink – is already launching low-earth orbit satellites as well. OneWeb CEO Adrian Steckel “estimates satellites will be rolling off assembly lines smoothly” from here on out.

“SpaceX and OneWeb are both basing their satellite internet businesses on the same ethos: rather than connecting people using traditional ground-based technologies — such as cables and cell towers, which still don’t reach billions of people around the globe — a hive of satellites orbiting a few hundred miles up can blanket the entire planet in high-speed internet service.”


Some estimate that there will be 50,000 of these satellites in low-earth orbit by 2024. And that’s just the first step. As more competitors enter the market, as more people connect with their 5G devices, and as time passes, that number will surely rise– particularly in the absence of any regulations limiting the number of these devices or their emission levels.

EMF Exposure from 5G Satellites Will Be Inescapable

Now, I often encourage people, like my customers, explaining that, with the increasing rollout of EMF emitting technology seemingly out of our control, not to panic. 

That it’s what we do with the technology closest to our bodies that matters the most. 

And that’s because the power of EMF diminishes exponentially with distance. So the more distance you create between your body and the source of EMF, the lower your exposure.

Swiss Healthy Life and Living Foundation for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
A general view shows the newly opened Swiss Healthy Life and Living Foundation for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) apartments in a remote part of Leimbach, on the outskirts of Zurich, on April 3, 2014

And if you want to live a life with less EMF exposure, you can move to areas with fewer sources of EMF. Rural locations often have much less EMF exposure. And there are even EMF free zones around the world for a more complete escape.

And I regularly talk with customers who have developed sensitivities to EMF. They suffer from electrohypersensitivity. And many of these people sacrifice a lot– most of their lives– just to escape to places with less EMF in the environment. 

Just last week, I spoke with a customer of mine, Kathy, who later in life, developed electrohypersensitivity. Close to retirement, gave up her career and spent a great deal of her savings to move to a remote area of the Smoky Mountains. Just so she could live a more normal life, without the constant ill-effects of EMF exposure.

She, and many like her, are terrified of 5G satellites and the global exposures they will bring. As we proceed through the 2020s, there will be fewer and fewer places on earth where one can escape exposure.

And it’s not just that this network of 5G satellites will lead to more EMF exposure, making escape increasingly impossible, it’s also that these: 

“satellites will be located in the Earth’s magnetosphere, which exerts a significant influence over the electrical properties of the atmosphere. The alteration of the Earth’s electromagnetic environment may be an even greater threat to life than the radiation from ground-based antennas.”

What Can You Do About 5G Satellites?

I still recommend reducing your personal exposure to EMF from the devices that are immediately under your control. I still believe that the best EMF protection is free.

But the exposures from 5G satellites requires a different level of response, above and beyond that. 

And there are three things you can do. And I’m going to address them in level of effort required, from least to greatest.

1) Sign the 5G Space Appeal

Arthur Firstenberg is an American activist who has campaigned since 1996 on the negative health effects of EMF radiation, which he calls the ‘largest biological experiment ever.’

More recently, he has organized the 5G Space Appeal, which reads in part:

“the deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law… If 5G is built, radiation levels will increase 10- to 100-fold, virtually overnight, everywhere. There will literally be no place on Earth to hide from it.”

The 5G Space Appeal has already received hundreds of signatures. And you can add your name here. And I would strongly encourage you to do so. (If you wish, you can choose to sign your name privately, so that it is not published on the site.)

So please read it, sign it, and share it. And if you have the means, consider donating to the cause.

2) Vote With Your Wallet

Another thing you can do that won’t cost you any money– in fact, it will save you money– is by boycotting 5G technology.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t go out and get a new cell phone when you need one. I completely recognize the economic and social benefits of modern technology. But with 5G, the number of devices that will be wirelessly connected to the network is going to explode. 

Everything ‘smart’ that you buy over the coming years will be connecting to these networks. Smart homes, smart locks, smart cars– “smart” everything will be running on these connections. And the truth is, while cell phones are incredibly handy, do we really need a smart lock? Or a smart hair brush? Or a smart thermostat?

So, don’t abandon technology. But also, stop buying “smart” stuff you don’t need. The fewer 5G devices that you buy, the lower the demand, and the slower these satellites and other 5G network connections will be rolled out.

3) Join the Protests

5G has spurred citizen action around EMF health and awareness like I’ve never seen before. 

People are actually rising up in protest. On January 25, 2020, Stop5GInternational organized a Global 5G Protest Day. There were hundreds of protests in major cities all around the world, and

And by the way, these protests can work! For example, the city of Brussels (the capital of Belgium) has indefinitely halted the rollout of 5G. 

So, if you are so motivated, I would encourage you to join these groups around the world that are dedicated to stopping (or at least, slowing) the rollout of 5G technology, including 5G satellites. You can find the group in your area on this page, and most have contact information for your local organizers.

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