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Webinar Archive: 5G Safety & Protection

Here is the archive recording and transcript of the SYB Webinar from December 3, 2020, hosted by SYB CEO R Blank covering the key and critical information for you about 5G health, safety and protection. In 2020, the most asked about questions I’ve received are about 5G– what it is, where it is, and what can be done about it. So, for my final webinar of 2020, I’ll be covering 5G in detail– what we know about 5G health risks, 5G safety and 5G protection. And, I also announce our newest SYB product– the SYB Neck Gaiter: stylish and versatile, lab-tested EMF and 5G protection.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Transcript

Okay. Well, welcome to the webinar, everyone, I am really glad all of you could join me during this busy holiday season. By now, the SI B webinars have become such a regular thing that sometimes I don’t realize that I’ve only been doing them for about nine months. And in fact, the very first webinar that I gave for s y B was in March, it was on this same topic, and it was really popular at the time. And in fact, all year long five G has been the most asked about topic we’ve had at swipey. So for the final webinar of 2020, we’re really happy to have the opportunity to get back to this topic with some fresh and updated information. So before we get into the meat here, I’m gonna Oh, also, quick note that there is a chat pod. And there is a q&a pod. If you have questions, please put them in the q&a pod. If they’re in the chat, I won’t see them. But the chat is enabled for all of you to chat if you’d like. Okay, so today’s outline is, first we’ll do a really quick intro, then we’ll get into the main content. And I’ve broken that into four sections. What is five g? How is 5g regulated? What are the health risks of 5g and how to think about them. And, of course, the most important part of the discussion, 5g safety and protection, concluding with a special product announcement. And then I’ll get into q&a answering as many of your questions as possible. Again, you can use the q&a pod to do that. And I know that some of you also pre submitted some through Google Forms. So thank you. Okay, so I’m going to turn off the camera while I get into the presentation. So very quickly about me, my name is R Blank. I’m the CEO of shield your body, formerly on the faculty of the University of Southern California viterbi School of Engineering. Along with my father, Dr. Martin Blanc, I co authored overpowered, which is all about the health effects, the science, about the health effects of emf. And this fall is a 20 year career in software engineering. Okay, as I said, it was gonna be a really quick intro, and it was just to give another minute or so for people to get into the room. So today, I’m really happy to have the opportunity to talk with you about 5g, I don’t have to say that 2020 has been a really kind of wild year. For for all of us, everyone on this webinar, everyone around the world. And it’s been wild at sci fi as well. And what the one of the most significant topics that we’ve been asked about the most has been five G. And now before I get into the meat of the webinar, I want to start with a quick definition. Five g is the fifth generation of cell phone networks. That’s how it gets its name five G, fifth generation. So you see here on this slide, the history of cell phone technology. One GE the very first cell phones used it used one G, the first generation, those were the analog phones that we see those huge big bricks, first coming out in 1979. Then 12 years later, we got to GE which brought text messaging, then, seven years after that we got 3g, which was really the first mobile internet. Then 4g came out 10 years after that in 2008, which really accelerated our use that and literally accelerated it sped up our internet connections from our phones, it made the web and email much more usable from our mobile devices. And then in 2019, although it really didn’t, that that’s when it first came out, it didn’t really start rolling out widely until this year, we got five G. So that’s what 5g literally means. It’s the fifth generation of cell phone networks. And that’s how it fits into the evolution of cell technology, which has been around now for for quite 40 over 40 years now. Now all year, a lot of people I’ve talked to have assumed that 5g is essentially everywhere. Now while the rollout really picked up a lot of speed this year. It is not everywhere. So far, it’s focused in larger cities, generally in developed countries. But it’s nowhere near ubiquitous yet to get a pretty decent idea of where 5g is. And if it’s near you, just Google for the ookla Oh, okay, la five g map. And you’ll get this website. I have the URL on the screen as well. And you can search everywhere in the world and it’s zoomable, and you can go into like your area or where your your parents or your kids live.

Now it’s also important to understand that just because five G’s in your area, it doesn’t mean that You have it. In fact, you probably don’t have it. Still today, most phones don’t support 5g, you need to go out of your way to get a 5g phone. And they still tend to be pretty expensive. So in order to actually have 5g, you need to have a 5g phone in an area that actually has 5g coverage. And since I still get a lot of questions about this, I want to point out that five G is not five G. Five G is a marketing gimmick from at&t. One that was so misleading that they were sued over by Verizon and settled for an undisclosed amount of money. Five G is basically turbo boosted five G. So if you see five g on your phone, you don’t actually have five G. Okay, so now that we know where 5g fits into the evolution of cell technology, to best understand what 5g really is, it’s helpful to look at how 5g is actually different from 4g and older technologies. wireless devices like cell phones use electromagnetic radiation or EMF to communicate. I have a whole separate webinar on that. So I don’t want to get into too much detail here. But I am going to do a very quick explanation of this because a lot of people have heard the term EMF of sorry, 5g. A lot of people have heard the term EMF but don’t fully understand what it is. And it is really central to understanding 5g. emf is a force as its name suggests, that’s made up from electricity and magnetism. That’s how the term is electromagnetic field. It’s made up of electricity and magnetism. Now some emf is natural, like sunlight. Visible light is a form of emf, and the earth has a magnetic field too. And lightning emits EMF, right. So that’s all by way of saying, there are some natural forms of emf that have been around the planet. Since long before humans were here for the evolution of all life on Earth. For the first several billion years of life on Earth, those were the essentially the only forms of emf that existed that is visible light, the Earth’s magnetic field and lightning. But then in the 19th century, as we harnessed the power of electricity, that began to change. So first, you formed the light bulb, Edison created the light bulb, then they created the grid that powered the light bulb, the light bulb is a source of emf, the power grid that powers the light bulb is a source of emf, once you have this grid in place, like a platform, they started building appliances that you could also run off of this grid, each of those is a source of emf, then eventually, they figured out that you could use EMF to communicate wirelessly so you got radio, you got television, you got radar. And today, every device that runs on electricity, and every device that communicates wirelessly emits this force. Now, there are different types of emf. And those different types exist on a spectrum, what’s known as the electromagnetic spectrum. And here we see a visualization of that spectrum that I made for the overpowered book. And I’m showing it here to show you that there are different types of emf and they have different amounts of energy, which is to say they have different frequencies. Frequency here is measured in hertz. So just like a radio station might operate at a certain number of kilohertz, right? It’s the same, or you have a five gigahertz Wi Fi router. That’s that’s what hurts is, and it’s a measurement of how how fast the frequency is a bad signal. And it Nat is how much energy that signal has, the further to the right that you go on this chart, the more energy the EMF has. So you see all the way at the right you have gamma rays, which we all know are very dangerous, also x rays just a little bit to the left of that. And those have a tremendous amount of energy so much that even a tiny little dose is really harmful and in fact, can cause real damaging and in some instances kill you. Then as you go to the left, right, you see you hit UV rays, those are harmful you want to minimize those but they won’t, you know kill you in an instant dose, then you get visible light but below that you have infrared which has less energy than light. Then you have radio with microwave and then all the way to the left you have electrical extremely low frequency or elf and and that’s what you get from appliances and light bulbs and power lines.

Now so you see here this section called radio and microwave, the radio frequency and microwave range of emf. That’s what all wireless devices use to communicate. So you see here you see Wi Fi, cordless phones, radar, television, radio. But of course, we’re talking today about 5g. And I’m trying here to compare it to 4g. So most existing cell phones use 4g, or the fourth generation networks to communicate still, even today, in most countries, 4g phones communicate with frequencies between 600 megahertz to six gigahertz. So that’s to give you kind of a sense of the whole spectrum of electromagnetic energy. Where does 5g fit into that? So that for that, I’ll bring up a different graphic one that I got from the New York Times. Oh, and by the way, after this webinar, everyone who attended is going to, you’re going to get an email from me that will contain a link to an E book, all of this information, including things like this diagram that are in the E book and with links to the source. So here we see the electromagnetic spectrum, a segment, on the left, you see the whole spectrum, except here, it’s vertical. On the last slide, it was horizontal. And on the bottom, here, you see, I think, you can see my cursor, there’s extremely, extremely low frequency, that’s the power lines, then the the blue segment here that’s highlighted, that’s the radio frequency also microwave. Now that’s expanded, it’s exploded here on the right. So you can see here where it says there’s existing cell phones, its this whole band is existing cell phones, and here to the left, and the darker blue, that’s 5g. So what you can see is there’s there’s a little bit of overlap. So 5g and 4g, they overlap a bit, but then 5g goes way up here. And in fact, 5g, right now it’s using the same frequencies as 4g. So we’re in this overlap. But 5g can and eventually will go up to 300 gigahertz. These are also called millimeter waves, which is a term you might have heard in the news or when you’re browsing the web. That’s what they mean by millimeter waves, they’re talking about these much higher forms of energy that go can go up to 300 gigahertz. And these frequencies have never before been used in consumer applications. So I said, we’re going to start this discussion by talking about how 5g is different. 5g is different. In the first difference I’m going to cover is that 5g uses much more energy, more energy than has ever been used in consumer technology. Now, while these frequencies haven’t been used in consumer applications before, they actually have been used before, just not in consumer ones, and one pretty worrying example of how these are used, is something called the active denial system. These are wireless weapons used by military to inflict pain without physical injury. So they Project 95 gigahertz waves at for instance, protesters to decide to disable them because it inflicts so much pain. So now these, the active denial system and other microwave rep weaponry, use a lot more power than a cell phone. But it is a clear demonstration of how these frequencies can impact health. But the fact that 5g has more energy is just the start of the differences. The next one is bandwidth, because the reason that 5g uses higher frequencies is to enable more bandwidth, right? We’re all streaming so much more. We’re all online so much more. We have more and more devices coming online. things that weren’t internet enabled just a few years ago are becoming internet enabled. All that means is we’re all consuming so much more bandwidth. They need a network that can support all that bandwidth. And that’s why 5g is engineered the way that it is. So 5g doesn’t only operate with more energy than 4g. It’s also designed to carry a lot more information. It’s expected that average download speeds on 5g will be around one gigabit per second, which is which is really quite fast. For comparison. The average 4g download speed is 30 megabit, right, so one megabit versus 30 megabit that means 5g is estimated to be almost 300 times faster than 4g, right 300 times faster. All that speed means more power is required. And that power is used to send more data and more data means more EMF because it’s the EMF that’s actually carrying the data. So you have more energy, you have more bandwidth.

I hinted at this. On the last slide, you have more devices. 5g is not just designed for a family Wireless experience. It’s also designed from the ground up to connect many, many more devices. And this, I really think this is really critical to understanding the potential impact of 5g because it’s not just for phones, a lot of people think of 5g as a cell phone technology. And, and it is a cell phone technology. But it’s much more than that part of a flight. It’s much more than that. It’s cars and watches and homes and hospitals, and the utility grid. In another of our recent webinars, this one, just two months ago, or senior svb, EMF specialist Cathy cook, she was discussing a smart tampon, which is just what it sounds like. And, and that’s not a it’s not a joke, this, this product really exists. And it’s a great illustration of how many things are being designed to take advantage of the new 5g infrastructure. So 5g is designed for a connected grid that has orders of magnitude more devices. And each one of these devices are new sources of emf, the example of the smart tampon, you know, that takes a device that never emitted any EMF at all, and it turns it into yet another source of emf in our lives. Now, the fourth key difference I want to discuss is antennas, because 5g uses higher frequencies, as I mentioned, and those don’t travel as far as lower frequencies like 4g. And as I mentioned, 5g is also designed for more devices connecting it much faster speeds. Because we have more devices, and the signals don’t travel as far and they’re carrying more data. That means the 5g network requires many, many more antennas to function a lot more. This is called network densification. And you’ll start seeing these so called so called small cells pop up in new places, like on the top of streetlights. Like in this photo, this does not look like a 4g antenna. This is this is but this is a 5g antenna, they’re almost invisible. So we have more energy, more bandwidth, more devices, and more antennas. that’s those are the key differences between 5g and 4g, and the prior generations of cell phone tech. And all of this combines for a massive leap in EMF exposures. And it’s in a whole new segment of the EM spectrum that most of humanity has never before been exposed to. And that’s what’s really worrying why so many people consider 5g to be so much more dangerous than prior generations of wireless technology. So with all of this increased exposure to the population, how is 5g being regulated? The short answer is barely at all. There are different approaches to 5g regulation in the world in different parts of the world. In the United States. 5g is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC. And it’s being regulated in just the same way as 4g, and all wireless devices since the 1990s have been. So even though this is a completely new technology, as I’ve explained it to you with leading to completely different sets of exposures. It’s being regulated the same way. So what is that same way? How is this stuff regulated in the United States, in terms of human health, the FCC only cares about something called the thermal effect. Now we all know that if there’s enough EMF radiation, it can heat and burn and cook. That’s exactly how a microwave oven works.

And so there’s there’s a point at which there’s so much EMF that it actually burns you, or heats your skin, that heat causes damage, that not only hurts your skin, it can damage cells, it can cause cellular mutations, it can kill cells. So that’s the level that you’re you’re not allowed to sell a device, right a phone, you can’t sell a phone that exceeds the level but that triggers the thermal effect. So if a device doesn’t burn you, it’s okay to sell to you. That’s not an exaggeration. That is true. But as I’m about to discuss, science has demonstrated a massive range of negative health effects from exposure to EMF at power levels much lower than what are covered by the thermal effect. But that doesn’t even cover the scope of the risks because all of these regulations are effectively self regulated. For example, cell phones Can only emit certain amount of emf. But who tests that the cellphone companies do. Same for towers, towers can only emit a certain amount of emf. But who tests for that? The companies that install and run the towers, yes, they have to report the results to the government. But because this is all self tested, you have a ton of room for cheating. And I’ve more information about that on my website. If you just click on learn, and then EMF regulations, you’ll see I have a whole section about this, and how how, in certain instances, they’ve actually been able to uncover this cheating, and see that cell phones have been released onto the market that emit far more radiation than is legally allowed. Now, before we move on to health effects, I did want to note that not everywhere has taken the same regulatory approach as the United States. As one example, the government of Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium, in the seat of the European Parliament, definitely ceased the rollout of 5g, when the company when the wireless companies could not say how much radiation people were exposed to. And there are dozens of other municipalities and governments around the world that have suspended or restricted the 5g rollout, or initiated investigations and research to begin that process. And I’ve linked information about this in the ebook that you’ll be getting after this. And I point this out, because I’ve been involved in in EMF for almost a decade, and I was exposed to this world through my father had been involved for 30 years before that. And when I started swipey, most people just weren’t that worried. Sure, there have been, you know, some worries about cell phones and cancer going back to the 90s. But in general, it was a fringe concern and not getting much attention. But with the five G’s situation, it’s really different. And not only you see more and more people, people like you who are taking the time to attend this webinar, getting worried and taking action and talking to other people about what they’re learning. But you’re also finally starting to see governments take action now not enough to stop the rollout around the world. But really, it’s a big difference from how this stuff has gone in the past. So what is everyone so worried about? Well, traditionally, the wireless industry rolls out new technology without performing studies into the long term health impact. Those studies come later, after the technology has already been released. This is critical to understand, they don’t test this stuff for safety. Before it’s released, scientists study it and the health effects after it’s released. This was the case with the first cell phones with Wi Fi with 4g. And now we’re seeing it’s the case again with 5g. This is why cell phones are referred to as the largest biological experiment ever by Dr. Leif Salford, and many agree, because when the technology isn’t tested for health and safety before it’s released, the release is the actual test. We are the guinea pigs.

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Despite the absence of health studies into the long term health effects of 5g, Dr. Joel Moskowitz from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health have has explained, we have no reason to believe that 5g is safe. And that’s really the standard that should be applied. For decades, the wireless industry has demanded that there is no definitive proof. That’s a real key word for them. There’s no definitive proof that emf is bad for you and your health. Now, the use of the phrase definitive proof is really misleading, and is basically used to hijack and derail the discussion. I have a whole post about that, actually on my blog. But that’s not the point. Because the burden should not be on us to prove that this stuff is dangerous, much less to prove it definitively. The burden should be on the wireless companies to prove that this stuff is safe. And they haven’t. Because as I’ve said, there’s been no long term testing into the health effects of 5g exposures, there could not have been this technology is all brand new. It is by definition being released untested. But it is possible to make some educated guesses based on what we already know about the negative health effects of emf exposure from prior and current generations of wireless technology. EMF exposure from devices like cell phones has been linked to a wide range of negative health effects in humans, right. So we all probably all of us know about the really, really, really terrifying ones like brain tumors, but the effects really span every system in our body and varying degrees of severity. So obviously, brain tumors are terrifying but infertility, that’s also quite worrying for a lot of people, but somehow maybe a little less worrying than a brain tumor. But infertility even lower on the scale is sleep disruption. This year, I think it’s gotten a little more attention, that there are several studies indicating that exposure to EMF radiation suppresses your immune system. exposure in utero that is if a pregnant if a fetus is exposed in a pregnant mother, that has been linked to outcomes, like a, pardon me, I’m Stumbling on the poor academic performance, and even asthma and obesity, by the time a child is 13 years old. You see it in reduced grades, and negative impact on memory. And if you’re interested in learning more, and seeing specific citations of studies, I have a page on my website that covers a lot of this, you just go to learn EMF health effects that what you see here in the screenshot. Now I do really want to highlight that this is the health effects that we see from EMF are documented throughout almost every system in our body. And this is not, you know, at first, this can seem surprising. It’s why does this impact every part of our body? I mean, if you smoke, It only hurts your lungs? Why does this impact every part of our body. And there are a couple of reasons. And again, I go into them in a post that you can find on that page. But obviously, every part of our body has cells. And there is a lot of research demonstrating including studies that my father did, demonstrating that EMF affects cells, it directly impacts DNA, it can lead to strand breaks, it can lead to cellular immune mutations, genetic mutations that can lead to cellular death. Even at lower lower doses that don’t have those immediate impacts. You can see that there’s something called the stress response is invoked by exposure to EMF. So even super, super low doses, your body is interpreting this as as a risk, it’s interpreting it as a potential damage. And every part of our body has these cells, they all share the same cellular mechanisms. And we’re exposed to EMF in every part of our body. Now,

sometimes it surprises people to hear that there are literally 10s of thousands of studies into the negative health effects from exposure to EMF and cell phone radiation. And it surprises people, because you’ll often hear this presented on the news like it’s a debate, like the jury’s still out. But it isn’t, it really, really isn’t. For a top level overview of the science landscape, I’ll point you to the bioinitiative report, for which my father was an author a cut one of the authors, which does a survey of thousands of these studies to this, this report, in which it has a single page that you can read you go to bio initiative, org, click on conclusions. They review all of these studies and summarize the various health effects that are consistently reported at different doses. And this is this is key doses that are far below what current safety standards permit. All of this science demonstrates negative health effects at really, really low doses of emf doses far below what a single cell phone emits. Now, I want to highlight that, because when we’re talking about 5g, we’re talking about much more than a single cell phone. We’re talking about an environment with ubiquitous, densely packed sources of emf. There’s one other aspect of the science that I wanted that that’s been clearly demonstrated that I really want to cover, which is the existence of a dose response relationship. A dose response relationship means the stronger the dose you receive, the more of a response that you get, just like the more alcohol that you drink, the more drunk you get. That’s a dose response relationship. And a really large body of emf science shows a dose response relationship between your EMF exposure and the negative health outcomes. So for example, the longer you talk on your phone with it up to your head, cumulatively, right, the more and more hours that you do that, the higher your risk of developing a brain tumor. And that brings me to what I believe is the most fundamental flaw in EMF safety standards, like cell phone emissions guidelines. Even if these standards were sufficient to protect your health from EMF. They’re designed to protect you from a single source. The standard say how much radiation a single cell phone can give off How much a single Wi Fi router can emit. But we’re never exposed to radiation from a single source anymore. We’re surrounded by cell phones, and Wi Fi networks and computers and baby monitors, and smart meters and power lines and kitchen appliances. We’re surrounded by this stuff 24 seven. When you actually think about it, it’s completely insane how this stuff is regulated, the FCC acts like being exposed to radiation from a single cell phone for 10 minutes, and being exposed to radiation for hundreds of cell phones for four hours, or four days or four weeks carries the same risk to your health. But that makes no sense. Obviously, the more sources of this stuff there are that you’re exposed to, the greater your risk to your health will be. But that’s not how this stuff is regulated. It’s only regulated that a single cell phone can damage so much EMF, that it heats you and burns you. So safety standards and regulations for EMF ignore the real, measurable negative health effects that occur at levels lower than safety standards permit and lower than the thermal effect. They ignore that we’re exposed to these unhealthy levels of emf from numerous sources simultaneously over the course of our lives, and not just a single moment in time. So what does that mean for 5g? Well, that brings us back to one of the basic design elements of 5g, supporting more devices with more antennas, everything in the world is converting to being smart. Everything in the world is converting to being connected, everything then becomes a source of emf. And this is in addition to the EMF that we’re all already exposed to. So 5g means an order of magnitude explosion in the number of sources of emf in our lives. And that’s an order of magnitude explosion in the amount of radiation we’re exposed to all the time. And since we know that EMF has a dose response relationship with health risks, exploding the number of sources means exploding the increase in the risk to our health. And that’s before you consider the fact that 5g will be operating at a whole new set of frequencies. So let’s take a second and look back at the frequencies. Remember this slide I used earlier to show you how 5g will use newer frequencies with more energy.

Now, and I as I discussed, right, while the initial, right, the initial deployment, I think again, you can see my mouse, the initial deployments here will overlap with 4g, in the future, they’re going to go up and up and up into the millimeter waves. Now I want to be clear, we don’t know exactly what this change in energy will mean to us in terms of public health, because there hasn’t really been very much testing on this, which is again, why it’s so completely irresponsible to roll it out this way. But in addition to what we already know about the types of impact that EMF has on the human body, there is one aspect of millimeter waves that has been demonstrated. And that is the fact that according to one study, these millimeter waves interact with our body in a different way than for instance 4g EMF waves. This study found that human sweat ducts act as an array of tiny helix shaped antennas when exposed to millimeter waves, which suggests that human skin not only absorbs millimeter waves, but actually amplifies the radiation. And this suggests that the impact of 5g radiations may be amplified, as well. Now this is just one study, I’d link to it from the E book that you’ll be getting after this webinar. So you can read up on it further. And it’s a great example of the types of surprises that lay ahead, because the wireless industry is rolling this out without long term testing. Now. Now we get to what I think is the most important part, pardon me, I’m just going to take a quick sip of water. And that’s what you can do to live more safely in the face of what is happening with 5g. Now before I get to what you can do, at the personal level, I want to address some of the easiest ways to make a bigger difference in the fight against 5g. So first is to learn like what you’re doing right now by attending this webinar. Learn as much as you can about what 5g is what it isn’t because there is a lot of misinformation out there from both sides, or rather from all sides of the discussion online. So you want to learn as much of what the real science is telling us and learn as much about the real state of the deployments that are out there. They’re in the world right now. And attending this webinar is a great start, the more that you know, the more educated you will be about what 5g is and what you can do about it. As you learn more about 5g and how it is being rolled out in your region, share that what you learn with your friends, family and colleagues. Odds are increasing that they’ve heard some pretty worrying things about 5g, but they don’t understand the issues like you do. Maybe they also think that some of its crazy stuff. And because there has been a lot of crazy stuff said about 5g, particularly this year, and that makes it easier for skeptics to dismiss the real concerns. So what you want to do is talk to the people in your life people that you care about people that you’re friends with your family, your loved ones, you don’t want to browbeat them. Instead, let them know what this technology really is, what science says it can do to them and their loved ones, and what they can do about it. And in fact, I spent a big chunk of this year developing materials to specifically designed to help people like you talk about these issues, more productively. So if you just visit shield your body comm slash advocacy, you’ll see there’s ebooks, there’s resource materials, there’s videos, there’s a there’s actually a 20 minute video course, on the best ways I found to talk about these issues with people. And so I really encourage you to talk to people, but also to put in a little time to learn how to talk to people, because you want to talk to them in a way that gets them engaged and gets them understanding the issues in a way that they want to at least do something and not dismiss all of this knowledge. Next, contacting local officials, this is the best way to oppose the rollout of 5g is at the local level, the federal government is not going to do anything about it not anytime soon, not until there’s more localities that are doing something about it. So you contact your local officials like your mayor, your city council, your county council to express their opposition and learn more about the status of the 5g rollout in your area. In the ebook I’m sending after this webinar, there is a link to a sample letter you can use when contacting government officials about your worries about 5g and, and and its deployment.

Now this one, I think is actually the most important. I mean, I think learning to talk about it’s also really important, not just the willingness to talk about it, but to really learn how to talk about it in ways that are effective. But Step four is to boycott and boycott makes it sound perhaps a little more political than I intended to. But just don’t buy this stuff. Right. As more and more five g things come out, don’t buy it. Don’t buy the five G phone, don’t buy the five g thermometer or a thermostat. Don’t buy the wireless tampon. Don’t buy this tech that you don’t need and doesn’t isn’t important to your life doesn’t add value to your life. And it just fuels the market for 5g tech. The fewer people that buy 5g devices, the slower it will roll out. It doesn’t stop the rollout, it slows it down. But that makes a big difference. So vote with your wallet. This is a really powerful tactic. And it’s one even better, it saves you money because you’re not buying something. So but it really is powerful. If fewer and fewer people are buying this stuff, it will just roll out that much more slowly. So that’s what you could do with kind of a broader level. Now what can you do it a personal level? Well, the first thing to remember is that while 5g is a new and untested type of emf, it is still a type of emf, that means it behaves like EMF, which means a lot of the same ways you protect yourself from EMF also work on 5g. So even if 5g is installed in your city, even if you can detect dozens of networks around you. And even if you live in an area that’s extremely polluted by 5g, what you do with your own devices and in your own home matters a lot. So developing some of the habits that can drastically reduce your exposure to EMF can really help habits like these are completely free and the best way to reduce your exposure to 5g and EMF and it comes down to what my father calls the two key rules. The first is to minimize your use. I flipped the images I’m sorry, but minimize your use is on the right Maximize the distances on the left. So the two key rules are minimize and maximize, you want to minimize your use of five g generating technology. And you want to maximize the distance between your body and the tech when it is in use. There are a lot of a lot of easy ways to do this without sacrificing your enjoyment of tech. And that’s what I’m going to get into a couple of them right now. So minimizing use, minimizing your use of this tech is obviously the best way to cut your exposure, right, if you don’t have the Wi Fi on or on in your house, you’re not going to get that exposure, you don’t have to protect yourself from it, right, because you’re cutting it out at the source. So obviously, you know, there are people who do give up cell phones completely, there are people who switch their houses fully over to Ethernet, not in my experience, not everyone is willing to do that. But there are still ways that you can make big differences in that in those exposures. So for example, do not sleep with your cell phone, or if you do turn it into airplane mode. If you sleep with your phone, you’re being exposed to cell phone radiation all night long, when you’re not even using the phone. And this is during your sleep, and which is meant to be restful regenerative, it’s very important to have high quality sleep for your health. This type of radiation disrupts your sleep, so you don’t bring your phone to bed or turn it into airplane mode, if you do next, is to put your phone into airplane mode, even if you’re not sleeping,

but when you’re not using your phone, airplane mode on your phone was originally created for when you’re flying in a plane. But we all know you don’t need to fly to use it. And when your phone is in airplane mode, you virtually eliminated its EMF radiation. So you don’t need when you don’t need to make or receive calls and texts turn on airplane mode, you can still do all sorts of things on your phone, if you need it right you, you can use it as a clock as an alarm clock, a bunch of games are still probably playable ebooks that you’ve downloaded podcasts that you’ve downloaded, you can listen to them, your phone still serves a lot of purposes. And in airplane mode, but it You almost entirely cut off the EMF. Now those are examples of ways to minimize use. The next is maximizing distance. Now minimizing use is the best way, right because then you’re cutting off the exposure. If you’re if you turn off your phone, if you get rid of Wi Fi, you don’t have that exposure in the first place. But if you are using these technologies, the next best thing you can do is to maximize the distance. And and the reason this matters so much is because the power of emf radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. That means each time you double the distance between your body and your technology, you’re slashing the power by 75%. So even standing you like, if you’re right, that this is why you’re not supposed to stand next to your microwave oven, we should, I mean, I’m not going to judge but you shouldn’t be using a microwave oven to begin with. But even if you do use it, if you’re standing right next to it, right, you’re getting a huge dose from that microwave oven. If you stand even six feet away, you’ve made a huge difference reduction in what your exposure is better yet, if you’re standing in the other room, when your microwave oven is on, you made an even bigger difference. Distance really matters with this stuff. So you want to be as far away from the source of emf when it’s in use as possible. So one example of that is to not carry your phone in your pocket. When your phone is directly against your body, it is likely one of your biggest if not the biggest sources of your EMF exposure. Even many cell phone companies including Apple tell you not to carry your phone in your pocket. Because if you do your exposure can exceed legal limits. But everyone does this. I see people do it all the time. I see it in movies and TV all the time. And to me it’s more jarring at this point than seeing people smoke because it the anti smoking lobbyists had such success that I I know when I see someone smoking a movie, it’s really meant to tell me this, this character is really scummy. You know, it’s meant as an artistic point. But when I see people put their phones in their pockets, and then it’s just thoughtless. It’s just like, oh, that’s where you put a phone. And it really it really bothers me. And the same is true by the way for women with bras. I see this done all the time, especially a gyms, women put their phones in their sports bras. When it’s right in your pocket or in your bra, you’re getting a really, really big dose. And so you might ask, Where can you carry it? Well, if you have to carry it in your pocket or in your bra, turn it into airplane mode. It really makes a huge difference in your exposure. So another example is to never hold your phone up against you Head, I never, I never, ever do this, no one in my life, you know, because this is one of those lessons that I’ve really been able to hit home with everyone that I care about. Never hold the phone up to your head, always use speakerphone, or text instead of call or use a headset, preferably an anti radiation headset. And it’s for the same reason when you’re holding the phone right up to your head, it’s directly against your body, not only is it directly against your body, it’s really close to your brain in a part of your head that doesn’t have the sculpt protected because the ear canal doesn’t have a skull between the phone and your brain. And of course, if you’re talking on the phone, that means your phone is broadcasting. And so it’s it’s an even bigger source of emf than when you’re just carrying it in your pocket. So these are examples of a few ways that you can reduce your exposure to EMF for free starting right now. And without buying any new gadgets. And they work on 5g just like they work on earlier versions of this stuff. It’s the same information that I’ve been sharing for years, because these are the two key rules. And they work on all EMF generating technology, minimize and maximize, minimize your use of emf tech, and maximize the distance between your body and the tech when you do use it.

But no matter how many of these tips that you adopt, if you want to participate in the modern world, you’re still going to be exposed to EMF and 5g radiation. That’s just what the world is like today. And the amount of emf in the environment is going to keep growing. And that’s where good 5g protection products come in. The type of products that can protect you against EMF in the environment, right? It’s one thing to tell you don’t carry your phone in your pocket. But what are you going to do about that cell tower that went up down the block that’s not in your direct control. So you need solutions to help protect you against these sources that are not in your direct control because there are more and more of these sources of emf and 5g in the environment every day. Now I’ve been making EMF protection products for several years long before the 5g rollout began. This means that I didn’t test 5g frequencies. When we performed our EMF testing on our products, there was no need. But because of 5g in 2019 I started testing any new product. So any product I started launching from the second half from basically about a year ago, 13 months ago, we started testing all of them on 5g frequencies. And then throughout this year, I went back and I’ve had almost my entire catalog retested against 5g, even the products are released 3456 years ago. And the results are quite impressive. You can read more about them on my website. But the answer is yes, my products do provide 5g protection. Now this includes products like my phone pouch, my phone shields and the hard headset adapter. These are now all five g tested. But it’s not just the accessories. It’s also the apparel like my bandana, my boxers and my baby blanket. And this is I really like increasingly feel it’s really important. The power products are really important. Because things like my my phone pouch, and the hard and the air tubes and all of these products, they’re good, they work, they’re important, but they’re also helping to protect you against sources of emf that are in your control. The apparel is really the only type of solution that can protect you from sources that are that are not in your direct control from like your neighbor’s Wi Fi or a nearby cell tower, or your neighbor’s smart meter. EMF proof of peril is an increasingly important part of your protection arsenal. So that brings me to the special announcement I have for you. Because I promised that I’d be making a special product announcement. It’s my latest 5g protection product. This is actually the final product that I am launching this year. And I want you all to know that you are the very first people in the world that I am telling this to. I also want you to know that I’m really excited about this one. Because it’s really well designed, it looks really good. And it’s so useful. It can be used in a lot of different ways. And because it’s yet another product in my catalog that can help protect you know, that can help protect you from sources that are outside of your control, right this product does that and because you’re attending this webinar, all of you are going to get a special discount on it too. Okay, so you’re probably like Enough already. What is it? Okay, so, so so so are you ready? Is everyone ready? I think Okay, good. So I would like to introduce you to the SI B neck Gator. Now some of you may not know the term next So, so let me let me explain. A neck Gator is the name for what some people call a buff or a neck tube. It’s a type of fabric that’s designed to be worn dozens of different ways you can wear it as a headband as a beanie as a scarf as a facemask as a balaclava, you can wear it literally dozens of different ways. And of course, because it’s 2020, I would also note, it can be used as a facemask, which a lot of us are wearing these days. And because it’s so flexible, it’s great for both kids and adults. It’s a true one size fits all product. And it’s a great unisex design that looks great on men, it looks great on women, girls and boys, anyone can use it. However, you’d use a normal necator except mine has the added superpower of emf and five g protection. And it just to be clear, it protects the part of your body that it’s covering. So if you wear it on your head, it’s protecting your head, if you work around your neck, it’s protecting your thyroid. And I do mean powerful protection.

If you look at the test data, again, which is posted on my website, but summarized here on this slide, it has over 99% shielding effectiveness at every frequency. And as you can see, for this product I have tested up to 40 gigahertz. How do I get such powerful test shielding protection by making it from 90% silver. That’s right, it’s 90% silver, the other 10% is spandex, which is what gives it the elasticity and flexibility that you need to use it as a gator. Now, of course, because it’s made from so much silver, it’s not an inexpensive product to make. So we’re selling it for $89. And it is worth every dollar. But because you are here in my webinar, to help me celebrate this latest product, this last product launch of 2020 I’m going to give you a big discount, a really big discount. So you just enter neck 25 at checkout to save 25% on the neck Gator. So not only can you be one of the first people in the world on and enjoy the swipey neck Gator, but you can get it for a one time price that everyone can be jealous of. I also want to highlight for those of you who don’t already know, any order of products from my website includes free shipping, a lifetime warranty and 30 day returns. It’s a really risk free decision. And I’m making it really easy for you to get some incredibly functional, super stylish, very powerful lab tested five g protection for your head and neck. Now before I wind up and get into the q&a, I want to remind you that all of you will get a copy of my ebook, five G’s safety and protection. It’ll arrive in your inbox after this webinar is completed, so keep an eye out. So remember, this offer expires as soon as the webinar ends. Not tomorrow. Not later tonight. As soon as the webinar ends, so does this coupon. So if you’re interested, you’re going to want to act now. So you just go to shield your body calm slash NEC, add it to your cart, go to checkout, put in the code NEC 25 and 25% will be taken off your order. Okay, so now I will get into the to the q&a. Let’s see. I’m sorry, I have to load up the pot. This is my first zoom webinar, everyone. So I appreciate you having the patience and coming back to me. Let’s see. What is the safe distance? No, that’s okay. So Kristen asks, Oh, I think I can click this button. Kristen asks, What is the safe distance between a 5g Tower and a house? I live in Windsor, Canada, and Detroit has three towers? You know, that’s a great question. And it’s not as super easy. I wish I had, you know, I wish I couldn’t tell you, you know, it’s a mile, or it’s four miles, there is no clean answer to this. The answer is the further away the better, right? Because every additional amount of emf that you’re exposed to is going to increase the risks of forming some of these health outcomes that we see documented by science. Now, I also want to be clear, right? It does. I’m not trying to tell everyone that because of 5g, everyone’s going to get brain tumors. Yes, yes, there are people who form brain tumors, from exposure to cellphone radiation, and Wi Fi radiation and so forth. But just because some people do doesn’t mean everyone will. But it also just because you know, you don’t form a brain tumor doesn’t mean it’s not impacting your body doesn’t mean it’s not disrupting your sleep. It doesn’t mean it’s not giving you anxiety. Right. So there’s a whole why, as I touched on earlier in the webinar, there’s this wide array of potential health effects that have been documented from These things and they’re not all the most terrifying ones, but they all really do impact your health. Now, the other part of that answer Christian, that I would give you is I would encourage you to learn how to test and I have a part of my website, if you go to shield your body comm slash test, there’s, there’s a bunch of information there about testing, I record there’s an E book or recommend some meters that you can buy, not from me, I don’t sell meters, but I do recommend some others. And, and, and, and figure out what your exposure is in your environment. Just the 5g towers that are four miles away may not be the biggest sources in your environment, it may turn out that the power lines in front of your house are bigger. And so the real goal is is trying to figure out where your biggest sources of exposure are coming from and what you can do to address those. Thank you, Kristin. Okay, so I’m going to

Oh, Stephanie, I see you answered Mark Martina in the chat. The the air tube headset can be used with a USB C adapter or lightning adapter. But your the the the air tubes and the heart only come in 3.5 millimeter. But, but they both work with USB C adapter so you can convert them for Android. Okay, I’m going to jump over quickly here to some of the people back asked if we shipped to the UK. Yes, we do. Heather ass Oh, I shouldn’t be dodgy people typing into the chat. Because some people typed into the QA which is where if you have questions, please type them there. But that is it. Heather has a really good question here. Which is how does the net Gator work? Does it reflect? Yes, every every product I make and sell with the exception of my headset product. So other than the headset products, every product I make and sell whether it’s the phone pouch, the baby blanket, or the net Gator or the sling bag, any product in my catalog, it’s made with shielding material. And what shielding material is is it deflects it deflects EMF radiation. And I have an explanation on my website about how this works. If you go to shield your body calm, and then you look under the about menu, and it says I’m sorry, I’m just trying to load it up just to get the exact wording. It’s how it works. It’s the second option item under the about menu. And it explains this that this technology is about 200 years old. Since Michael Faraday invented the Faraday cage, and he showed that you can use certain formations of metal or metal fibers to deflect radiation away from, in this case from your body. So all of my products are EMF shielding products, and they all work by deflecting radiation in the opposite direction. Okay, so let me Let’s see. How do we ensure textiles made? This is so this is a question submitted in advance some of you submitted because the emails I sent out submitted questions in advance how do we insert textiles made from 100% micro silver micro fibers protect us from EMF. So how do you that’s a good question. How do you ensure that that anything protects you against EMF that anything works the way that that for instance, I say my gaiter works, the only way you can be like well, I published test results. These are independent test results from from labs. But you know, other companies do that too. I still say the only way to know for yourself. Okay, I’m seeing a little pushback here. I’m cutting way. Zoom has so many windows open. Okay, I see a little pushback here from Harriet. And from Natalie. Okay, so I will I will let the coupon run for an hour after the webinar. But as Kristen said, you don’t actually have to leave the webinar, you can go into another window, but I will leave the coupon valid. I’ll make the change so it lasts for an hour after the webinar. So you still you have chance to get your to get your Gator and still fully pay attention to the q&a. Okay, so getting back to the question, how do we ensure that textiles made from silver protect us from EMF, how do you ensure that anything protects you from EMF the way the manufacturer claims, the only way that you can know is to test and I’m a big advocate of that and that’s why I have a I have a lot if you go to shield your body comm slash test. You’ll see. There’s blog posts, there’s ebooks, there’s videos, there’s Meteor recommendations, there’s expensive donations of how to do this stuff. I’m a really big advocate of this. Actually, hold on, I should have had it next to me, but let’s give me a second.

So I can’t actually see what’s on camera or not. But, you know, this is one of the meters that I really recommend. It’s a trifield tf to it. I think it retails now, maybe for about $180. And it’s, you really need to spend at least 160 $180 to get a decent meter. Because if you’re, if you’re spending less than that, the meter is probably not going to be very good. But once you have a meter like this, you just turn it on, and you can take levels. And again, my ebook tells you, you know, gives you guidelines for what, what safety limits are, what the building biology institute says safety limit should be, what you should be targeting. And it’s also how you can tell if, if your protection is working. So if you take the phone pouch, for example, right, you would measure the phone alone, and then you’d put the phone in the phone pouch, and you take another measurement, and you’d see you know, is the measurement cut down. And that’s that’s really the only way other interesting like, which you know, a lot of people do, but I still encourage everyone to test and that’s really the only way that you can know if your EMF protection is working. Next question that was submitted here. Is there another g after 5g that will be coming out soon? You know, whether it’s soon or not? I can’t say if you look if you remember that, that chart I had at the start of the presentation. You know, there’s a new GE about every 10 years I have read that they are working on six g i don’t actually know what six g entails. And at this point in the development they probably aren’t sure themselves. But yes, there will almost certainly be another g whether it takes 10 years or maybe this time it comes out in five or six i can’t i you know i don’t know yet but there definitely will be do any shielding products to sleep in? Need earthing? The community seems to be undecided on this. We have a sleeping bag from another company, I actually sleep less well in it. Okay, that is a really good question. We actually had a pretty big discussion on this. This is an ongoing discussion that we’re having. But it came up in one of the last webinars that Kathy gave for us. And you know, one of the big worries about earthing is on point and you can’t see what I’m pointing to but you know, when you when when you’re earthing and mote most people when they do earthing or grounding their earthing or grounding into a power outlet. And when you do that into a power outlet, you’re obviously you’re connecting to the grid, which means that there’s you know, yes, you can be earthing in the direction towards the grid, but you’re also conducting things like dirty electricity from the grid to the product that you’re earthing or grounding. And that right now, you know, that’s why I don’t I am not, I am a big advocate of earthing with the earth. So if you can walk barefoot, on the beach, or barefoot in, in the forest, or you actually if you are able to run the grounding cord out your window and earth into the ground, those are all good if you can ground or Earth into the earth itself. I’m an advocate of that. Other than that, I have I have too many questions about about what I brought up before in terms of the bi directional flow of dirty electricity and issues like that. khana asked, Can a person sleep in this Gator? Yes, you certainly can. Let’s see another question submitted in advance. Since living in Vegas for about six weeks, I see 5g towers everywhere. I get head buzzing and chest pain, especially in both ear pain in both ear canals. This gets worse in heavy traffic. It’s horrible. If I go to the strip, it goes away when hiking in the desert. This is an s been absolute hell, I don’t know what to do and where to go. Well those you know I obviously I am not a doctor and even if I were I couldn’t I couldn’t give a diagnosis over you know, text question that was submitted. But I will I can say these symptoms are similar to ones that other people report who have what’s known as sensitivity electrical sensitivity. electromagnetic hypersensitivity, also sometimes called EHS, and I do have a post on my site about that, you know,

really what what there are, there are some institutes and location doctors and hospitals a growing number still small that actually treat EHS. But the best thing you can do is to cut down these exposures in the first place. And, you know, there, it’s a growing number of people who are reporting these symptoms. And for some people, they can be really debilitating. And I really feel very, very, a great deal of sympathy because, because, you know, I’ve heard from so many people who have these symptoms, and they, you know, some of them have to retire or move to the middle of nowhere, just in order to basically endure day to day. I do know that there are some, like I said, you know, there’s the the Women’s College in Toronto is one I have some posted on the website. I didn’t memorize them, that that do specialize in treating EHS. One thing I can say, though, is I It is my experience, that cutting out EMF anywhere will reduce your EHS symptoms everywhere. So for example, what I mean by that is, you know, let’s say, like you said, it gets worse when you go to the Vegas Strip. And that makes sense, because there’s a lot more EMF at the strip. And there’s not much you can do about the EMF at the strip, right? But but at home, you can cut out EMF at home. So even though it’s not at home, where you have the worst symptoms, if you’re cutting out the EMF exposure at home, that can in some instances, reduce your symptoms in the places where you do have the worst reactions. Okay, let’s see. Linda asks, What can be done to protect pets and wildlife? Well, those are two different questions. So it gets back to the fact is, you know, obviously, in this webinar, and a lot of my webinars, I talk a lot about the human impact of emf. But the fact is EMF impacts all living things. It’s not just humans, it’s also other animals. It’s also insects. It’s also nature for certain trees, and bushes and algae every remember I was describing to you earlier why EMF can impact so many different parts of our body? It’s because because it impacts the cell and it impacts DNA. Well, that’s that that basic building block of life is shared by all life. So EMF has these impacts on nature. If you go to that page, I mentioned on my website, the EMF health effects. It talks about there is a there I do have a post about nature in particular, but when you come back to pets and wildlife, right, those are two the two questions there, the pets are domesticated, the wildlife are out in the wild. So you if you want to protect your pets that’s at home that’s in your control. So you know we do have some people who use the baby blanket to to shield their pets at home, for example, or the bandana. Wildlife is different, right? Because that’s, that’s out in the wild. And you know, you’re not going to buy him a neck Gator. So that’s when it comes back to the more advocacy task, a tactics that I was discussing, which is learning how to talk about this, getting your neighbors on board with the understanding these issues and wanting to do something about these issues. And then, you know, wherever the sources of the let’s say they’re, you know, they’re trying to put up a new tower in a forest or in a park, you know, getting people on board to oppose that through your advocacy work. That’s the only way that I know of to protect wildlife, but protecting pets, that’s just like protecting a child, which is you know, using the same, you know, turning off Wi Fi at night or, or getting rid of it completely, you know, not using a microwave oven that’ll protect your pets just like it protects you. And then also shielding products work on pets as well. Thank you. Susan asks, What are the top three choices we can make to protect ourselves and our families? Okay. Hmm. Well, not to overcomplicate it, that answer is going to be different for everyone, right? Because people’s exposures are different. They live in different areas, they have different lifestyles. But that said, it really you know, if I had to come up with the most generally applicable rule that I have found is always about cell phones. Don’t care Your phone in your pocket,

don’t or your bra, let’s, let’s keep that as one rule, don’t, don’t carry your phone right up against your body. Don’t sleep with your phone, and turn your phone into airplane mode when you’re not using it. Because, again, you know, I talk here in this webinar, I talk about a lot, all of these sources of emf around us, you turn on Wi Fi in your computer, if you’re in a city fortunately, right now, I’m not. But if you were in a city, you turn on Wi Fi, you know, you see 50 Wi Fi networks, and you’re like, Oh, my, what am I gonna do? You know, how do I protect myself against all these Wi Fi and it you know, these are real issues. But my point is, you know, no, even given the exploding number of sources that, that that are, that are in our lives, it’s this device for so many people is the biggest source of these groups, because these are really powerful sources. And, and, and we’re with them all the time, right. And when I say I mean, they have to, they have to transmit signals miles, they have to be able to transmit miles in order to make a cell phone call. And so and everyone has them, and they’re on almost all the time. And so many people have bad cell phone hygiene. They’re carrying it in their pocket when they should they’re sleeping with it. And because it’s so close to your body, when you do these things, the dosage is really, really high. So the top three things that I would say were those don’t carry your phone in your pocket or bra. You put it in airplane mode when you don’t need it on and don’t sleep with it. Kathy, okay, Kathy’s in the room. Hi, Kathy. Kathy points out, so naturally antibacterial. So that’s an added bonus. Yes, thank you, Kathy. That’s true. I should have mentioned that. And all of our apparel products use silver as the as the shielding metal. So that’s why you’ll see silver in not just in our Gator, but in our bandana, in the pocket patch in the men’s boxers, and so forth. But Hi, Kathy, see you Nice to see you. Most materials have a smell? Is there a smell with the neck head shield? You know, there shouldn’t be I’ve learned in my years of working in EMF, you know, a lot of my customers have sensitivities. That, that, that that aren’t that that that the average person doesn’t have. And so some customers sometimes will come. You know, this has been particularly true with the flex shields over the years. And so some customers find that they need to air them out for a day or two. But the silver, we’ve never had that feedback about any of our silver base product, which is like I was just saying our apparel based products. So there really shouldn’t be Susan, I, we’ve never had that feedback on any of our peril. Thank you. Mary asked, How do we know that these are working? Again, you know, I would hear let me let me just show unfortunately, I’m sharing my really small screen. So I don’t know how this is gonna work. But give me a second. I’ll see if I can bring this over. No, hold on. Okay, I have to go out of this. And go into here. So because the window is so small, you’re seeing the mobile menu. That’s the same menu on desktop, and mobile just looks a little different. So you go to learn, and then you go to EMF testing. And that brings up this page. And this page has the ebook that you can download. That ebook explains how to do testing. It has meter recommendations. I have a blog post infographic and a video explaining how to do this. There’s a links to my own product testing that I’ve done. So it’s all at shield your body comm slash test. I consider anyone who has worries about EMF, anyone who wants to minimize their EMF, anyone who wants to cut the EMF and protect themselves and their family from EMF testing is a critical skill to have. And I know that no

spending $180 on a meter. It’s not nothing. But when when when these issues are important to you. This is the only way to know for sure how much EMF you’re being exposed to. And that’s when you have the information. It can be you know, it can be as simple right? As simple example is, you know, you can take measurements in your living room and you can realize that if you just moved your couch five feet over towards a different wall, like the levels are completely different and you don’t have to move and just moving your couch Your chair a few feet, you know, because you spend a lot of time on the couch or in your chair can make a really big difference in your exposure. But you wouldn’t know that unless you test it because this stuff is invisible. And so if EMF matters to you, you want to test and the only way to know if a product like the ones I sell are working, is also to test. So I am a big, big advocate of learning how to test and getting the right equipment. Okay, let me Sorry, go back to the slides.

Are we Yeah. Cool. Okay, let’s see where we are here.

Jenny asked, What about shiny silver material without help if we cannot get your mask? You know, it depends if it’s actually she if it’s designed to shielding, because it’s not just enough that it’s silver, it has to be woven in the right way, in order to form to get that Faraday shielding effect. And then you know, so I know that mine works, you know, different ways at different frequencies. Not just any material will work. But, but it’s possible. De asks if your laptop pad is under the computer on a desk, does it bounce back into your hands and arms? etc? The answer is yes. And this is important for people to understand that this is how all shielding material works. That includes my laptop pad, which, which, like I have here, I think you guys can see me on camera. So does that bounce radiation in the other direction towards your hands? The answer is yes. And the principle behind the laptop pad is that it’s deflecting the radiation further away, I’m sorry, away in the opposite direction from your reproductive organs, which when people are like using it on on your lap, and so forth, but it does, it does increase the exposure your hands on Unfortunately, because of how laptops are built, there’s no real option for that. So the best protection is to use an external keyboard. Because then you can keep the laptop further away from you. You don’t have to worry about shielding under you, you don’t have to worry about shielding over because it’s further away from you. So using external keyboard mouse that get the radiation just further away from your body. That is the best solution. I talked about that in my my webinar on laptops. But great question. Thank you D. Christian asked if someone is allergic to silver, I was I had not heard I’ve not heard about that, um, I’ll have to Google that. You know, one of the one of the reasons we use silver in all of our apparel is I mean, as Kathy pointed out, it does have other benefits like antibacterial, anti microbial, anti odor. But it’s obviously it’s a lot more expensive than other things that that work that for shielding that, you know, we don’t use it in our phone patch, for example. Because the phone patch doesn’t come in contact, the shielding material in your in your phone patch doesn’t come in contact with your skin. So we have more flexibility in terms of what we can use. The the key reason we use silver is because it is hypoallergenic. And I was not but I guess people can’t I you know, it’s possible. I have to do a little bit of research into that. I’ve never heard of people having allergic reaction to silver, but it may well be that that’s the case, I have to look into it. But definitely many, many, many, many, many fewer people are allergic to silver than are allergic to other metals that are used in different types of emf shielding. Thank you. Sara asked, How do you wash it? That’s a great question. I should have pointed that out. So let me just pull up the answer. I mean, so it is machine washable. And I just want to pull up the care instructions right here so I don’t get it any mistakes. MACHINE WASH on cold water. With sorry, machine wash with cold water on delicate setting. Or hand wash with cold water. air dry only. So you don’t want to it’s machine washable. It’s not machine dryable you want to use cold water on the delicate setting or handwash. And then air drying. So but thank you. That’s a great question, Sarah. Thank you. Um, Kristen has a question about earthing. I think, Stephanie, if you want a pointer to to Kathy’s Home Office Webinar, please. You can put the oh you just did. So okay. So Kristen asks if you have an earthing mat under a laptop already, can you do double duty with an EMF protection mat to solve the dirty electricity issue? Stephanie just posted a link in the chat pod to Kathy’s A webinar from last month. I would, I would encourage you to listen to that. She covered a lot of those issues in some good detail. Thank you. Patricia asks just the Gator only protect the area it’s covering. Yes. All shielding works this way. Well, yes. So

all apparel works this way. Let me say that, right, because like, I have here, my, my swipey boxers, when you’re wearing them, it only protects the part of your body that it’s you know, the boxers are covering the same with the Gator. Same with the bandana, because it’s all shielding material. And so it’s it doesn’t like project a magic field and protect your whole body. Unfortunately, if I could, if I could, if I could create a product that did that, I would do that. But it’s so it’s a shield, and it’ll deflect radiation away from the part of your body that it’s covering. Now the reason I say that a little bit different, the apparel specifically I mean, all shielding works the same way. But if you’re carrying your phone, in the phone pouch, for example, it’s blocking the back of your phone. So it is only shielding that one surface, but it has a protective effect on much more of your body. Because the the you’re you’re blocking it at the source. So the apparel is really optimized for protecting against EMF, it’s coming from other sources, and it can really only protect a specific area of your body. But with the the electronics accessories that can have a much bigger impact, because you’re putting you’re shielding it at the source. I hope I explained that. Well. I thought I answered a question out there. Click Done. Let’s see.

Gary yes how to test clothing before and after. Not entirely sure what that refers to. But we do have a video. Now I want to be clear, I put out testing videos with all of my products. Those really are for demonstration purposes only. In terms of the actual shielding power, I always go back to the lab tests. But I also encourage people to test my products themselves. So I do the same thing. So I know I don’t I might be able to load a video into this room. But I don’t know this is my first time on zoom. But if you go to the neck here, let me go to presentation mode here. If you go to the neck Gator page, and you see this little video window here, if you click that, that’ll load a video which you can play. I hope I don’t break my internet by doing this. Okay, I’m breaking something. But anyway. Oh, there it is. So you can play the video. This shows you testing the Gator. So you you like you test the phone. And then so you take a test on a phone. And then you take the the meter away. And you put the phone in the Gator. And then you test it again. And you can see the reduction. So that’s how I recommend doing these tests with with apparel. Thank you, Gary.

Gary asked why am I not answering your questions? Because I hadn’t gotten there yet. Gary. Let’s see.

I don’t know how to say this name. I’m sorry. Roxanna asks a good recommendation of for Wired keyboard and mouse. So a good wired keyboard, a mouse. I know Kathy has those. So again, if if you wanted to go to a to that webinar that Stephanie posted the link to in the chat pod. She talks about them there. And Kathy if you’re on the chat still and you wanted to chime in and answer for racha for a good wired keyboard and mouse. Thank you.

Okay, Nika asks, What are the most important places on your body to protect with apparel? That’s That’s a really good question. Um, you know, it depends which parts of your body You, you, you particularly that well, so there’s two questions. There’s How much do you value that part of your body and then also how vulnerable is that part of the body to damage and You know, on, on men, well, on all humans, I think the head is is, is, is should be basically number one, right because that’s where your brain is, that’s where your eyes Our eyes are also quite vulnerable. Because there’s no natural shielding there, that’s very delicate material that your eyes are made out of. So the head is really number one, and then a men. Number two is the reproductive organs. Now, reproductive organs on women are also important, but they are, they are further in the body. So they have more natural shielding on men, they are for lack of a better term dangling out there. And, and very vulnerable to this type of damage now, on women, so on women, I would say, you know, if you’re pregnant, it’s it’s the fetus, right? So, in fact, when you’re pregnant, you probably care more about the fetus than than the head. But so on men, it’s the head and the reproductive organs on women, it is the fetus if you have one and then the head. And then it’s, you know, it depends if you’re experiencing, you know, symptoms in a certain part of your body, you’d want to protect that part of your body. But it’s it’s the head the reproductive organs and and, and the uterus.

Thank you, onika. So Martina asked if I will offer a coupon today for all the other products on my website. I so this webinar, it’s really all about the neck Gator, but I’m going to type something here into the chat pod. And that is the code is healthy 2020. And that works through Christmas Eve on my site to save 15% on any order. So So feel free to use that code. It’ll work even if if you want to buy yourself something by your friend something. You know, it’ll work multiple times on multiple orders. It doesn’t run out until Christmas Eve and then it does run out. But the big discount today is on the neck Gator. Let me get back to my deck here. Let’s see. Okay.

So Gary says, Yeah, how do you stick the meter under the clothing? I think the the video I played answered that Gary, but if it didn’t even have played properly through zoom or whatever. So just go to the site. And check it out on the Gator in the bandana. Those are both really good examples of how you how you can test a peril using an EMF meter. Thank you. Why Kwan asks, Are there any electronic smart meters out there that can measure 5g? Thank you. Okay, great question. I should have predicted this. And the answer is yes. With a limited, yes. But I need to pull up the information off of my computer here. So give me a second. If you download the ebook that I was keep telling you about if you’re going to shield your body comm slash test. Okay, we

I need to jump to the right page here.

Where are the meters? Ah, okay, so I’m trying to look for the part of my ebook here. on five G.

Where is it? Okay, I think I skipped it. Okay, got it. Okay, here, found it. So these are three meters that test up to eight gigahertz. Now remember, I had a whole big discussion about frequencies and 5g can go eventually go up to 300 gigahertz. But no current deployments are going anywhere near that. To the best of my knowledge. There are no public deployments that go above eight gigahertz right now. They are testing. I believe they are testing some applications that are going up to 26 gigahertz now. But those are not in wide deployment. So when you ask, are there meters out there that can measure 5g in terms of the type of 5g that you would be exposed to today? On the you know, on the street where there’s a 5g network? The answer is yes. And is these I personally have the test 593 it is a fantastic meter. But it costs I I see it’s about $400 on Amazon, but it is fantastic. It’s a triple access, which gives you more reading more accuracy in your readings. I’ve never used the x tech. It looks very similar to the test. I don’t know if they’re the same or not. I mean, there are differences names, and then the hf EP. Si, I’m trying to remember, I think that’s one that Kathy likes, Kathy will yell at me if I’m wrong. But I think this is one of the meters that she likes. And it doesn’t give you specific readings, it just gives you lights. And I’m not a huge fan of that style, but it does save you some money, because it’s just cheaper to produce. And all three of these go up to eight gigahertz. That was a great question. Why Kwan? Thank you. So let’s see. Okay. Let’s see what this Neil asked. I operate cameras that have routers on them for video monitoring, what would be your best recommendation for me to use for protection while having a router next to my head? Um, well, wow. Um, I mean, you want you want to protect? I mean, I’m trying to think, right? Because the, if you could shield the Wi Fi router in some way, you know, so that there’s a sheet like, if you, if you could put a laptop pad in between the Wi Fi router or head is that is going to be pretty effective. I mean, you’re still gonna get some exposure, but a massive reduction. Now I’m trying to understand if that’s even possible with the setup that you’ve done, that you’re describing, it’s not entirely clear to me that that is possible. So if not, then a product like my neck Gator would be or my bandana would be a good solution for you.

Let’s see.

So Kristen updated me she has a friend who’s allergic to silver. That’s interesting. I have to look into that some more. But that, again, you silver is generally considered to be a hypoallergenic material it is it is specifically the reason why we use silver in our, you know, Christian, I’d like to know and you might not know the answer to this, does your friend have the same allergies to copper? And if you know, you can email me that answer. I’d be interested in learning more about your, about your friend’s reaction to these materials. Let’s see how are we doing here? The camera is on my shoulder with the router on it. Okay, so if the cameras on your salt. So, I mean this using a laptop pad. I mean, I don’t know if that’s possible. But if like this, you know, but if it is that that would be really quite effective. But if it’s not definitely, you know, the neck Gator, or the bandana bandanas, a little less expensive, but it doesn’t have the same you know, form fitting Prop, it also doesn’t have as much silver in it. But I would strongly recommend investing in some headgear, even if it’s not mine. That’ll be the best way to protect your head. Thank you, Neil. Um, so Rene asked how do we network among the community of emf and 5g concerned citizens to strategize on a way forward globally, and regionally? There are a lot of groups. You know, one I can recommend that runs events has a lot of good information is the environmental health trusts. That’s, I believe that’s eh, trust. org. And they, like I say, run a lot of events, and they have a lot of good information. And that would be you know, if I had to pick one right off the top of my head to recommend, that would be a good one. Thank you, Renee. Okay. Let’s see, I think I have maybe one or two more questions original submitted. Oh, let me go back. Sorry to bring up the coupon code. Okay. Ah, what can I say to my friends and family who think 5g is nothing to worry about. So that’s why I I’ve made those advocacy materials because I covered a lot of reasons in this webinar right about why 5g is something to worry about. But, you know, knowing those facts and then having a way of expressing them to people so that they listen to you. those are those are two different things. So that’s why I specifically put time this year into creating the advocacy materials. So if you go to shield your body comm slash advocacy. That’s how I would recommend starting to learn the discussions and how to have the discussions. Thank you, Stephanie, for typing that into the chat. Okay, let’s see. Peter asks about. Peter asks about a router cage. So I’m not sure what I mean, I know what a router cage is, I’m not sure if you were, if you were asking about them in general, or if maybe you were giving that as advice to Neil, the thing about a router cage, and this is something that everyone needs to keep. Some people know this already. And it’s obvious. Other people don’t realize this until I say it, which is, you can’t fully block this stuff, and still have it work. In fact, I was just reading. Right before this webinar, I was sharing with Stephanie. About an article I was reading online, these people on Amazon who were selling a Wi Fi, router cage, and then the reviews, they were getting bad reviews, because the people were saying, but it made my Wi Fi stop working. Thinking, yes, it does get, that’s exactly what it does. Because if you’re blocking the EMF coming off your phone, or if you’re really fully blocking the EMF coming off of a Wi Fi router, then it’s not going to work. And that’s why you know, products, like my phone pouch are designed to shield and when it’s up, you know, it’s only the back of the pouch that shielded not the front, because if you fully shield the phone, it’s it’s not going to work. So just put your phone into airplane mode and save all the battery in trouble. And you don’t need to buy a pouch. So when you these cages, you know, when you put your router in a cage, you’re going to end up with the same issue. So

you know, that’s why I don’t make any any, any products that fully shield electronics, because I feel like there’s that’s a waste if that’s what you want to do turn off the device. Thank you, Peter. Heather asked how pure is the silver that’s used in the Gator, it’s so it’s 90% pure silver thread. And then it is 10% spandex. So it’s it’s the product is 90% silver, and in 10% spandex. I know a lot of my customers prefer when I use all natural materials and my products. And the bandana, for example is silver and silk. But when with a gator you needed that kind of stretch. And spandex really was the only viable alternative for that. So but it’s only 10% spandex the rest of silver. Gary says he missed the first part of I talked about shung guide for EMF shielding. No, I did not. I can talk about that real brief shung guide is not an EMF shielding material, right. So there’s different types of emf protection. shielding is one type of protection. That’s the type that I focus on all my products are shielding products, and shielding. They work by deflecting rate radiation in the opposite direction, you can verify there that they’re working with a meter like this. Now, there’s other types of products out there that that some claim have protective properties. So just because they’re not shielding doesn’t mean they’re not protecting you. A lot of my customers use shung guide orgonite and similar products, and they swear by them. And I you know my answer is always if it works for you, you know, keep doing it, definitely don’t stop if it’s working for you. It’s not among the types of products that I recommend to people because I focus my products and other products that I recommend I focus on ones that are backed by demonstrably measurable science. Now I don’t I want to be clear just because something is not measurable and demonstrably by science does not mean it’s not true does not mean it doesn’t work. But in terms of the type of work that I do in terms of my father’s legacy that I work to carry on through si B You know, he was all about about measuring things. And so and you know, that’s that’s so again you know, my answer is if it works for you great I know people who say it works, I there’s no way of proving it in the way that would make me comfortable in terms of recommending it. So that’s my answer. Thank you Gary. Heather says with the silver possibly of nickel in it, no The answer is no. You know I do have products that have nickel in it. The phone pouch, it’s inside the pouch so you don’t see it. But the the shielding material in here is made with nickel copper, cobalt, cobalt. So I I do use nickel, but no the the the Gator is 90% silver not mixed with something else. The bed camp Is 100% silver not mixed with something else? And the bandana is 65%. Silver, not mixed with anything else. Thank you. Thank you Why? Why Kwan? I appreciate that. Okay, so the rate of questions is has wound down a bit here. So that’s and we’re coming up on two hours anyway. And I, there is one more thing I wanted to say to everyone, before winding down. So I’m just going to jump back to the deck. And again, remind everyone that the necator is on sale. Because of the feedback I got through the chat pod earlier in the q&a session, I will leave it up for another hour. So that’ll be until 7pm, Eastern, and 4pm Pacific. So hopefully, you know, if you’re interested in the neck Gator, this is really good time to do it. I if you follow me at all, you know, I don’t often do 25% of sales for my products. But I’m very excited about this one. And it’s brand new, it’s literally today, you’re going to be the first people to buy it and to own it. And I think it’s a great one. So remember neck 25 at checkout. So before signing off, while most of you are still here in the room, I want to take a moment to thank all of you 2020 has been a really what’s the word interesting, and rough year for for all of us. But it’s also been a very significant year for fyp in our history.

Just today, you know with with the necator, we’re now up to 18 products, that means the catalog grew 50%, the mailing list quadrupled this year, traffic to our website has been way up obviously orders are way up the number of countries we’re selling in, continues to grow. And and that’s all happened this year. And that’s due entirely to you and to people like you, as you know, much more than other companies in this space. I focus a lot of si B’s work on education. It’s videos, that’s blog posts, ebooks, emails, and webinars like these. Because I really strongly believe that education is super important to EMF protection. And people need to understand EMF, what its effects are and how to protect themselves, and how to use protection products, because they’re just not magic bullets. They all do something specifically and they have to be used in certain ways. And this focus on education, this focus on science, it’s part of my father’s legacy that I work to carry on through si P and the education only works because people like you tune in, to join in and to participate. So as we wind down this webinar, the final webinar of 2020 I really want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the swipey community for taking the time to participate in our events, and for taking the time to join us and help us build this great community in this very unique type of emf protection company. So it’s all of you under adverse conditions. I wish you all a really wonderful holiday season and Lord knows a better 2021 Thank you very much happy holidays and have a good night.


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