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In this episode, Anthony interviews our CEO R Blank about how to Shield Your Body from smart tech radiation.




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This is your life

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and it’s ending one minute at a time. I was blind but now I see my shit we don’t need if you had one shot, everything I’d ever read heard seen was now organized and available in khakis.

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The biohacking Secret show R blank Welcome to the biohacking secrets show.

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R Blank 0:28
Thank you so much, Anthony. It’s a real, real pleasure to be here. And thank you very much for having me.

Anthony DiClementi 0:33
My pleasure as well. I’m excited for our conversation. Today, we’re gonna talk about the fifth generation of electronic devices, particularly wireless devices, and the biological and psychological impact that they that they have in our life, but we’ll probably focus mostly on on the biology of it. And most importantly, I think a lot of people feel an immense amount of frustration and learned helplessness around this topic where they’re just like, they just want to throw their hands up, and Oh, what am I supposed to do? That’s everywhere? You know what I mean? Or what can we do? They’re still, they’re still putting the Eye of Sauron towers everywhere, no matter what, you know, you’ve got eminent domain and all sorts of things. So I’d like us to also really give some actionable steps that people can take and kind of if they’re in that learned helplessness phase of the journey, kind of move into a more informed and empowered place.

R Blank 1:27
So x before we do that, I like that goal a lot.

Anthony DiClementi 1:30
Yeah, for sure. Let’s, let’s start with a bit of your background and origin story. I know that your your father, Dr. Martin blanc was very involved in this space as well. So for our listeners that aren’t familiar with your work, let us know who you are what you’re about approaching here.

R Blank 1:47
Sure. Well, I used to be and I guess in a in a past life, I was a software engineer in Los Angeles, and I was teaching on the faculty of University of Southern California Veterinary School of Engineering. And as you mentioned, my father was Dr. Martin Blanc, who was a very significant contributor to the field of research into EMF and health effects. And it was about 2012, he had a contract to write a book, and he was a very good writer. But this book, unlike most of his experience, was really aimed at normal people trying to educate normal people as to all the things that he had learned about EMF and health effects, what the science really showed in his career, which his career was, was quite long as his involvement in in emf in particular was over over three decades. So I, he asked me for some help to write this book, because again, it was intended to reach like I said, regular people. So I hopped in, and I started writing what became overpowered with him. And in the course of writing that book, I had a few really stunning realizations, they just really, which is

Anthony DiClementi 2:52
a great book, by the way. I’ve got it on my bookshelf.

R Blank 2:56
Thank you very much. I yeah. Sorry to cut you off, sides are still

Anthony DiClementi 3:01
overpowered, pick it up.

R Blank 3:02
Thank you. Yeah. So I obviously, you know, he was my father. So I grew up around him. And I kind of knew about this stuff. And I, you know, that’s why we never had a microwave oven. It’s why I didn’t get a cell phone. And so you know, pretty late, and when I did, I knew never to hold it up against my head. But writing this book really hit home a few things. One is that the science showing that these forces are, are effectively toxic that they impact human and the human biology in the biology of all living things. It is very, very strong science, because when you hear it covered, often you’ll you’ll hear like there’s some debate, or that’s a big question, or we need more research. And certainly we need more research. But really the science, we’re talking about 1000s of high quality studies into this question. So it is much better researched and more conclusive than many people are led to believe. But then when you step back and think about it, right, this stuff comes from everything that defines us as a modern society, right? To actually get rid of EMF, as a toxic force in our world, we’d have to go back effectively to 1850 not only giving up cell phones, but giving up light bulbs and refrigerators, right? You just can’t get rid of this stuff. It’s completely impractical to do that. So I realized there had to be healthier and safer ways for people to engage with technology. And that’s where the idea for what became shield your body came from. So that’s, that’s that’s how I went from being a software engineer to running shield your body.

Anthony DiClementi 4:44
I love it. I love it. And I’m excited because more people are recognizing this stuff and talking about it now. And whereas, like if I talked about it in the 2016 to 2018 range, I think it was very much Seen as almost an unwelcome and annoying topic for most people. They’re like, alright, just give me other bio hacks. I don’t want to deal with that, like, Alright, what else can I do? You know, but now, you know, one of my friends is currently on a nature retreat trip where she’s she’s in an area with like Laura no cell phone reception, no connectivity. And she sent me pictures of her doing yoga outside in nature. And she’s like, Oh, my gosh, I’m having so much fun. I love this. Like, I didn’t realize how much of a difference I could feel getting outside of Chicago and in nature. And the tide is really starting to turn. So I mean, I’m of the belief like, we don’t have Wi Fi in either of our homes. My phone’s in airplane mode, most of the day, we got our smart meters removed from a you know, one house and we’re working on the other one, because they just went and put it on without our permission. But we do have like literally lead shielding behind it, directing it away from the house. So it so it won’t go in. So this is also not, I’m sharing that because this isn’t just a nice word salad. This is something I believe in so much and have seen so much of so much compelling research, both in the scientific literature and the real world that this impacts our biology and the way that we sleep and the way that we recover, and how quickly we age that I consider it one of the most important bio hacks that we can implement if we’re if we’re interested in maximizing longevity, and then and and optimizing our physical and mental performance.

R Blank 6:34
Yeah. And it’s also one of the easiest to really make a big difference in so yeah,

Anthony DiClementi 6:39
for sure you do it once and then you’re pretty much set up. And then you tweak a couple of habits like you get rid of your smart meter, you go from Wi Fi to fiber optic connection, and you know, get getting a what is it a router or modem, I get those switched up, but one that’s not transmitting, and you’re done. And you have a faster internet connection. Yeah, you’re sleeping better your biology doesn’t have this constant chronic stressor that throws off everything. But I think where people kind of have a tough time is because we’ve also got big telecom involved here. And they’re clearly rolling out infrastructure that requires people remain ignorant to the health effects of this technology. And so you’ll hear a lot of people say, oh, there’s no evidence to support that. Or they’ll use sound bites like Yeah, but don’t you know, it’s none thermo it none thermo, it’s not mad for you, you know, and and the sound bites that they’ve clearly been spoon fed, but are almost nonsense when it when it comes to what’s really going on at the cellular level. So my question here is what? Let’s say you’re in a court of law, and you need to prove that this technology is bad for you. What are the foundational studies that you go to and pull from that in a court of law could turn things in your favor?

R Blank 8:03
Sure. Oh, that’s a that’s a really good question. And my father would have been fantastic to answer that, because he did actually testify and present to parliament’s in Canada and in Europe. But when when I when I talk, because I don’t I don’t testify. But when I talk, and I’ve tried to explain these issues to people. So first of all, you know, incontrovertibly, the World Health Organization designate designates this as a class to be carcinogen. That means, back in 2011, they determined that there was sufficient basis in science to consider this a possible carcinogen. Now, there’s lots of other types of damage, right, that that’s specifically about carcinogenicity of the cancer causing ability. But even the World Health Organization 11 years ago, came to that conclusion, and there’s a lot of move to actually get them to promote from to B to A or or one. But getting to the science, right? One of the studies I talked about most frequently and we talked about an overpowered was, was actually a couple of studies done in the 90s by a doctors, Henry Lai and Narendra Singh. And they showed at the time they were studying cordless phones, not cell phones, because this was the 90s but they showed even brief exposures to cordless phone radiation, which is very similar to cell phone radiation led to significant notable increases in strand breaks, DNA strand breaks. So what does that mean? DNA is made up of, of two strands, right? And a strand break means that one or both of those strands has broken now if one of those strands Well, let’s actually start if both of those strands break, the cell will kill itself it’ll engage in apoptosis process of cell death, and believe it sounds bad, but the Believe it or not, that’s the preferred outcome. Because if only one strand breaks, the cell has mechanisms, right? That’s one of the reasons you have two strands is you can actually reverse engineer the broken strand from the still intact strand. And it’s in the process of doing that, where mutations can occur in the DNA. And that can mutations are a primary mechanism through which disease manifests in the body. So that is one and that is not only very significant finding, it’s one that has been repeated. It’s peer reviewed, and repeated many, many, many times since then, that was that is I rely and who in the red dress sing si ng h. So it’s l a i, and si n g. H, just so people can know that that is, I believe one of the most compelling pieces of information that comes out of a lab of regarding this stuff. Now. There’s that’s that’s lab science. Now, lab science is very important, right? Because it can answer very specific questions. And it’s easily repeatable. So you can have another group try to repeat it somewhere else. And if they do, well, that strengthens the findings. But lab science doesn’t answer questions like, does it cause cancer, right? Because you can’t just stick a person or rather 10 people, or 20 people, or 30 people in a lab for 10 years and 20 years and 30 years and give half of them a cell phone and the other half don’t and see which ones get cancer it’s super impractical, but also incredibly immoral to do that. And so you can’t answer those bigger questions about disease in a lab to answer those bigger questions, you turn to a form of science called epidemiology, where you study the incidence of disease in human populations. And there is a very significant study published in by by a researcher named Leif Salford, and he did a very large scale study of of cell phone use. And that was in, in in 2007. And that actually had a lot of findings in it. But it was it was a really big study, which is why when it comes to epidemiology, you want as large a subject set as possible to get as valid a set of findings as you can. And it had a lot of different findings. But for instance, one of them is those who began using cordless or cell phones before the age of 20 had a 400% increased risk of forming a brain tumor on the side of the head where they carried their phone. So again, that researcher was leaf, Salford, L E, I F, Sal F fo rd, and that that’s also both the the licensing and the Salford studies are referenced in overpowered. And for right for the purposes of answering this question, I’ll give you one more. And this is by a doctor Sam Milam, who published a book not too long ago, maybe 12 1314 years ago, and it’s called Dirty electricity. And it’s a really significant book. And he did a lot of really important work. And what he found what he did, is he went around, again, another epidemiologist. And what he did is he went around the country, the United States, and he measured and investigated death records, before and after the introduction of the electrical grid in a given area, right, because in the United States, the process of electrification took time. It’s not like you snapped in the whole country had power, the power grid was deployed to different places at different times. And what he found was that there was a whole set of what he calls the diseases of civilization, which include things like ALS,

as well as as leukemia, childhood leukemia, right, and before the introduction of sorry, I should say ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Before the introduction of electrification, these diseases did not exist, right. So, for instance, when it comes to childhood leukemia, that’s the incidence of leukemia and children between the ages of three and four, that did not happen until the power grid was introduced into an area and then you started to see children dying from childhood leukemia, and there’s a number of these diseases of civilization that he identified. And in area after area around the country, you found that these diseases of civilization did not exist. And then they introduced the grid, and then they do exist. And further, they still don’t exist in areas that didn’t get electrified. So that would include for instance, Amish populations. So those are three

Anthony DiClementi 14:54
Amish populations.

R Blank 14:56
That’s correct. And they still don’t

Anthony DiClementi 14:58
fascinating. Great So,

R Blank 15:00
I mean, you could go on and on with an answer to that to that question, but those are three really powerful. Two are actually studies. And then one is a book, which includes research.

Anthony DiClementi 15:12
Yeah, it’s very helpful. And I do think that we’re probably going to see a lot of legislation around this in the coming years and decades, as more and more people are like, Get this out of my town, get this away from my home, it’s sort of equivalent to

R Blank 15:29
you know, one thing, one thing your listeners might actually be interested in? Well, while the big companies that we’re talking about publicly will say one thing, on the other side, there multiple large scale insurance underwriters that are refusing to provide insurance to cell phone manufacturers against future health claims. So that includes the Swiss are E and am best, the leading underwriter for Lloyds of London, right. So multiple, these are big, legitimate insurance underwriters. This isn’t like Bob’s underwriting, this is serious stuff. And they are refusing to write policies to ensure cell phone companies against future health claims because they know what is going to come. You can add that’s huge companies themselves are mouthing different words.

Anthony DiClementi 16:22
Yeah, I mean that that is a huge piece of evidence with right there. So that’s Swiss, our E and then and then am best. We’re underwriting and boys. Yes, Lloyd’s of London. Okay, thank you one of those

R Blank 16:35
is underwriter for Lloyds of London that their underwriters for multiple firms.

Anthony DiClementi 16:39
Awesome. And then there’s also the Ramdas Dini study, I believe that out of out of Italy, that was a fairly large. Also, also, I believe, epidemiological study, if people wanted to look that up, it’s ra ma ZZINI, which is, I believe, the world’s largest study on cell tower radiation and its connection to cancer.

R Blank 17:07
Oh, okay. I’ll have to let Ivan I haven’t heard of that one. I’ll have to look that up. But another, since you mentioned Italy. Another fact that your listeners might be interested in is that it’s actually legal precedent in Italy, that cell phones cause brain tumors. So it has been ruled by multiple courts in Italy. So it is like I say it is now legal precedent, that cell phones cause brain tumors that all came from a guy’s case, he claimed disability from he wanted to get disability reimbursements and payments, because he claimed that the cell phone that he had to carry for work had caused his brain tumor. And multiple courts found in his favor.

Anthony DiClementi 17:48
How often do have any idea how often precedents like that can be carried over between different nations, like the finding in Italy can be used in the United States, piggybacked off of I

R Blank 18:01
don’t know. Yeah, I mean, don’t impact laws and another but I know they can influence in certain proceedings. Certainly, it would have impact within the EU more than it would in North America.

Anthony DiClementi 18:15
That makes sense. I was actually doing a an interview the other day, and it was on blood sugar. But I pulled up a fascinating study from 2008, called Dirty electricity elevates blood sugar among electrically sensitive diabetics, and may explain explained brittle diabetes. And just a quick quote from that, based on estimates of people who suffer from the symptoms of electrical hypersensitivity, which they put around, they say three to 35%. I think it’s much more than that. And I’m not even quite so sure about that term itself. But he says, as many as up to 60 million diabetics worldwide may be affected. exposure to electromagnetic pollution, in its various forms may account for higher plasma glucose levels, higher blood sugar levels, and may contribute to the misdiagnosis of diabetes. So we’re not just talking about cancer here, we’re talking about many of these chronic and degenerative diseases that are plaguing our culture, and that people are, you know, yeah, Food plays a part exercise plays a part. But if you’re not looking at your electromagnetic environment, if you’re living in a high rise in a city, you know, you’re going to be exposed to much different levels of this electromagnetic pollution than someone who’s living in nature in the country. And, you know, maybe has off grid power. Yeah, totally mean, meaning they’re not hooked up to the power grid. And they’re they’re getting they don’t have the associated smart meter on their home.

R Blank 19:44
Yeah. Well, you brought up you. You just touched on about eight different things, each of which I could talk about for for a while, but let me step into at least one of them, which is I think it was really important what you said right, because cancer gets a A lot of the attention for obvious reasons, it’s terrifying. And we have no cure, really, in almost every instance. It doesn’t mean it’s lethal in every instance. But we have no cure. And, but what people need to realize is that cancer is just one of the sets of negative health outcomes that have been linked strongly from science to EMF exposure, right? So you have, obviously, brain tumors, but it’s not just brain tumors. When you have thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, these are all forms multiple different types of forms of cancer, I already mentioned leukemia, different types of cancer that are linked to EMF exposure, but it goes beyond that, right, you have a disruption with the endocrine system. So one of the one of the ones I talked about a lot is the science showing that EMF exposure, suppresses melatonin production in your body to, which then leads to Yeah, poor sleep, which then it becomes this vicious cycle, where whatever, you don’t even need to have damage from EMF, you could have damage from any number of other different toxins in your life. And if you’re not getting good sleep, your body isn’t recovering and healing properly. From those exposures. You have anxiety studies pointing to increased rates of anxiety among people, again, linked to EMF exposure. You what the science shows is that in almost every system where you investigate the question, there are negative health outcomes stemming from EMF exposure. EMF does not impact just a single system. It impacts multiple different systems, it doesn’t impact everyone the same way, in part, because everyone’s exposures are quite different. But also because everyone’s physiologies are quite different. And they might be exposed to any number of other different types of toxins in their life that are different from the ones that you and I are exposed to. So the way the damage is manifest will be different from person to person. But really, when you look at any biological system, you see negative health consequences from these exposures. And I would just throw in at the end there. It’s not just in humans, you see negative health outcomes throughout the animal kingdom and throughout the plant kingdom, where, you know, trees and plants they can’t grow when they’re in the presence of of high levels of EMF, birds, their navigational capabilities are thrown off by EMF, anything that relies on Magneto ception for navigate sea turtles you have with bees, if you Yes, sea turtles is another one. With bees, there’s a very colorful, or how shall I say? Powerful study where when you put a cell phone in front of a hive, the hive never comes home and dies. Right? You see these impacts throughout all living things. And you know, I know if someone’s a skeptic, hearing what I just said, they’ll say that’s not possible. That’s crazy. But EMF every all forms of life depend on EMF, right? Our brains communicate to our body and control our body using EMF signals. Our body communicates itself back to the brain using EMF signals. I mentioned to the lions sing research into DNA integrity. All living cells share DNA. So if this force has the ability to harm DNA in that way, again, it should not be a surprise that you can see damage manifest in every system in your body, because all of these systems are based on cells that have DNA, and so on and so forth. Yeah, can you elaborate

Anthony DiClementi 23:47
a little bit on that because people these days, especially in the biohacking space, are increasingly interested in knowing their biological age, not necessarily their chronological age, like how many years they’ve spent on this planet, but how old they are at the cellular level. And we’ve seen telomere testing. So telomeres being like those end caps on our DNA that come off each time DNA replicate, we’re seeing telomere testing being used a lot as a proxy for one’s biological age, meaning like the shorter your telomeres are, the older you are biologically, can you elaborate on how these double stranded DNA breaks resulting from wireless electricity or EMF however, you want to put it impact the length of telomeres,

R Blank 24:39
so that is outside of my area of knowledge, I will just say, you know, once a cell engages in apoptosis, it dies. So that at that point, it’s not replicating any longer. And so if you know, however long the telomeres were at the end of its life, that wouldn’t impact anything else in the body.

Anthony DiClementi 25:00
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for sure, I had a situation in late 2019 where I had a home in Florida I had before I even engaged in a deal there. I did pretty significant testing with a with an EMF specialist we checked you know wireless radiation we checked electrical radiation we checked magnetic radiation. You know, there were some powerlines by the property but they were relatively weak. We checked how well the home would ground you know and allow me my body to disperse the voltage from electricity and I woke up one morning and the city of Delray Beach was installing the highest voltage power lines allowed by the city on my property. They were taking the old ones down and putting the new ones up. Then the measurements for magnetic radiation were coming into my office into my living room into my bedroom. It was it basically was like, if I owned oceanfront property, you know, a smaller body of water is probably even more relevant. And like a chemical company came in dumped a bunch of chemicals that were now like washing up on my beach, you know what I mean? And I dug into it, talk to a few friends and experts, and they basically said, your best options to move like you can’t really effectively healed from the power lines. And I would just get out of there. So I had to, I had to, you know, along with some stuff that my family was going through my dad having Parkinson’s, I had to take a bath on that property, because there was nothing I could do about it. So there’s a part of me that’s thinking in the future, let’s say I get property somewhere, because it’s far away from the I have sour on towers that they’re putting up everywhere as part of the infrastructure for this wireless digital surveillance and control grid. If someone were to put up one of those things near my property, I don’t want to go through the same issue. You know, we’re like, oh, I guess you got to move again. Right? So that’s part of the reason that I’m asking about some of these, these studies and things that that have already shown and proven the dangers of this. But like, what would you do in that situation? Let’s say you bought like a nice piece of land, where the frequencies were good, you were excited about it. And then they put a tower, right on the border of your property?

R Blank 31:31
Yeah, so I’ll answer that. But before I do, I’ll just say there’s given the what you just explained to me, there is a website, I would recommend that you check it out. And it’s called scientists for Wired tech. So scientists, then the number four, and then wired tech.com, and it’s run by this fellow out of California, who’s had quite a lot of experience, engaging in this type of regulatory appeal and reform. And he has a lot about what science he cites, what legislation he cites, and so on, and so forth. So that that will be a really good site for you. And me, I would sell and move if the electromagnetic exposure profile of my home got to a point where I was no longer comfortable living there. Because well, a I’m very comfortable living in, in kind of rural spots. I mean, I don’t know how many people are watching, but you can see out my my back window, I don’t live in a city. So

Anthony DiClementi 32:38
yeah, like I like to hear, like some, where are you at? You look like you had some palm trees? And you know,

R Blank 32:46
yeah, yeah, no, I’m actually in Panama. Oh, nine. But but it also is relates to what you were saying earlier, which is, it is hard what was particularly with certain types, like, if you’re talking about a cell tower, that’s one thing, but if you’re talking about, you know, super high magnetic fields admissions off of a new power line, that is really hard to shield against, and, you know, it would just be easier to find a different place. And then also, engaging with the type of battle you’re talking about, is a very, it’s a very long draining process. No, I don’t, I certainly don’t discourage people from doing it. And, and there’s websites, like I just told you, that are set up that with lots of great information, and I, I encourage people to become fluent in this language, and to engage in this type of work. But personally, I would just want my home to be a calm place. And so that is how I, you know, personally would would approach it, but but those types of Vic is particularly in the United States, those types of victories, they are possible, but they take a long time, and a lot of energy and effort.

Anthony DiClementi 34:02
Yeah. Which I think is lends itself to us figuring out a way to, for people to band together and, and pull resources and not try to do this, like, you know, 1000 different times in different counties all over but you know, do it right, just a few times, and then be able to have that precedents that then you can that then you can lean on and so it’s it’s replicable for our fellow men and women, you know, so I think I’m just planting these seeds because it’s, it’s, you know, I want us to be thinking about that and moving strategically as things continue to unfold. Because they are moving at a quick pace. And it you know, what you describe to there’s, there’s a it’s, it shows the importance of being mobile. You know, there’s a lot of people now that are getting like they’re like converting Sprinter vans and you know, getting Harvey’s and that sort of thing like one of my friends out in California. You’ve just got one where worst worst case scenario, you can, you can pick up and move, you know, until we kind of see where the dust settles and where these things are all going to be at, then there’s also ways you know, when you get a lot of the tech out of your home, and we’re going to talk about some of the strategies and ways to shield yourself. But you can, once you’ve kind of done that, you can also feel your home, like I know, Hardie board, which is a form of concrete is relatively reflective, you can get metal roofs that are relatively reflective, which become increasingly important with like the satellites, the Elon Musk satellites that they’re putting everywhere, and all these other companies that are that are, you know, causing this electrification from space. So, I mean, this is this is really great.

R Blank 35:45
For anyone interested in Yeah, for anyone interested in whole home shielding, or large, maybe not a whole home but significant parts of your home, I strongly encourage engaging the services of an expert such as a building biologist with an E in EMF specialization, they call it an EMRs. These people are trained, certified by the building Biology Institute, and they are trained in this type of mitigation. Because if you try to do it yourself a First off, just be aware, it’s very generally quite expensive. And it which is fine, except it’s then also easy to get wrong. And you won’t even necessarily know you got it wrong, unless you have the tools to measure and diagnose. And then you’ll have to rework it. So that’s why I strongly recommend people engage the services of one of those types of specialists in advance to help plan that type of large scale shielding implementation.

Anthony DiClementi 36:41
Yeah, and we’ll get we’ll get that link and share it as well. There’s also a company called shielded healing. There’s a gentleman by the name of Brian, I don’t know as I am. Yeah, yeah. But that’s Brian Hoyer. Yeah, so feel shielded healing is pretty good in the space and well versed and Dr. Joseph Mercola, kind of told me about him, we haven’t connected yet and had him on the podcast, but I’d like to at some point. And and yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s one of those things where it unless you really have the equipment, and you’ve been doing this for years, I would highly recommend not trying to do it yourself. Because, at least on the building side, because I have been doing it for years. And I do have equipment, and I know that it would be a mistake for me to try to do it. I’d be in over my head. And you want more you want more sensitive equipment than you know, an EMV rd 10 meter, which like works, but it’s it just tells you like if it’s if it’s bad, or it’s okay, it doesn’t, it doesn’t tell you if, if your home is not is not properly grounding, and allowing voltage to disperse from your body and things like that. Exactly, you know, yeah. And there’s stories about people who will like set up, bed canopies, right, they’ll be living in like a high rise. So they’ll get themselves silver lined bed canopy, but they will remember to put like something down on the floor. And then what happens is they created a situation where you’re good comes in from the bottom, and then reflecting back down onto you. So like you’re actually getting hit twice. So that’s just one example to hopefully impart the importance upon our listeners of engaging in experts finding finding someone who’s certified by the building Biology Institute, or you know, a company like like shielded healing, and in doing this, so suppresses melatonin, jacking up your sleep recovery, your cognitive performance, and all things that sleep is good for this, you know, exposure to these, these, this electrical radiation does the opposite. We talked about cancer, we talked about diabetes, we’ve talked about accelerating aging, and potentially even shorter telomeres from accelerated cell replication, anxiety, depression, what can we do about it? Well, I got your

R Blank 38:59
exposure. But so and you and I were chatting before the recording, and you were saying something that that I also have a lot of experience with when when you first talk to people like when you’re talking to people and this is their first or they’re really hearing about it, the first they’re engaging with this information. They often see people become just hands up, I give up overwhelmed like, Well, okay, what am I supposed to do about it? This stuff is everywhere. So there’s, there’s one characteristic of EMF that I really like teaching people because I think it’s super important. And that is the power of EMF radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. So just as an example, if you hear I have I happen to have one here, it’s not on but I have one. If you have a cell phone, and it is you know, an inch away from your body, and then you take it and now put it two inches away from your body, the power of your exposure was just cut by 75%. So for many people, this isn’t universally true. But for many people, even if you live in an apartment building, and you can pick up, you know, dozens of Wi Fi networks, and you look out the window, and you see five cell towers, for many of those people, even with all of those exposures, it is often the technology that is closest to them and most in their control, that is the biggest source of their personal exposures. So well, you can’t get rid of all EMF from the environment. Without taking really drastic life action and moving to the middle of nowhere, right, you can make massive differences in your own personal exposure, and thus your own personal health risk from from this this force. And so cell phones, in fact, I just used that example of of the proximity of the cell phone to your body, for a lot of people. And I don’t know, this might not be true for your listeners. But for a lot of people carrying their phone in their pocket or in their bra or in their breast pocket in some some way directly against their body is often going to be one of the biggest, if not the single biggest exposure in their lives. And again, that’s even with all of these, you know, tech around you Wi Fi networks, cell towers. And it’s because these cell phones, they are super powerful, they are designed to transmit signals that can go for miles. And when you’re holding it right up against your body, you’re getting a full dose of that thing. And generally for extended periods of time. So if there’s one change that people can make, I strongly encourage it to be that don’t carry your phone in your pocket or your bra. Or if you do put it into airplane mode, while you’re carrying it now you won’t, you won’t send and receive data or messages or calls when you’re in airplane mode. But that’s fine. People need to need to get less of that stuff in their lives anyway for a whole bunch of other reasons, in terms of what science is showing us about anxiety levels, and focus, and so on and so forth. But MIT, so that’s the Yeah, exactly. It’s having I mean, our relationship with technology. I focus a lot on EMF. But our relationship with technology has gotten to the point where more and more and more people, this is completely noncontroversial to say something like, I need to use my cell phone less, because more and more and more people realize that our all of our relationships with all of the various technology in our lives has just gotten to this point where it’s just not always healthy. And they are willing to be open to and receptive to that type of messaging. But again, back to emf in particular, you know, we have the phones and pockets that it or bra that is the number one thing that I tell people, the number two, now you mentioned, for instance, in your home, you got rid of Wi Fi and replaced it with Ethernet, which is a fantastic thing to do. But, you know, I know from dealing with consumers all the time, that that you know, a lot of people aren’t willing to take that step where they live in a place where they’re not even in control it, they can’t lay fiber optic cables in the walls and so forth. So the thing I recommend those people do is turning off Wi Fi at night, when you are not when you are sleeping, and not even making use of the Wi Fi. When I when I when people try that tip.

A huge number of them, email me, you know, within two or three days saying they they see right away, what a difference it makes, like that’s not one of these things where you have to take on faith that you’re, you know, your health risk is going down, you actually see it in your sleep quality almost instantly when you turn off your Wi Fi at night. So those are two really actionable, big difference makers that I strongly encourage people to do. Now beyond that, you know, a lot of a lot of people will

Anthony DiClementi 44:04
one one quick thing to add on that.

R Blank 44:07
Yeah. So

Anthony DiClementi 44:10
a lot of a lot of our coaching clients and people in our community use the aura ring for tracking their sleep and want to find quantifying some of their their biometrics. And of course, in airplane mode, you know, they basically wear it in airplane mode, it still captures all of your data and then you only take it out of airplane mode to update and get the you know, your sleep scores and you know how much deep sleep you got how much REM sleep you got. And along with the perceptible energetic cognitive sleep related benefits that come from unplugging Wi Fi at night we also see tangible trackable, measurable improvements in sleep scores particularly deep and or REM sleep. So that for many people that I know some people that joke and they’ll say Like, I don’t I don’t notice anything from anything. You know, they’re just, they’re just like, no matter what they try, they don’t really notice too much, whether that’s supplements or lifestyle changes. And when you can see an improvement in your sleep scores. For many of those types of books, it helps make it real. And like, oh, wow, this, this has been sort of like a Kryptonite under my bed that I didn’t even know was there. And, you know, yeah, it’s theirs. They’re super male. I’m

R Blank 45:29
glad you brought that up. We’re super, we actually had a guest on my, on my healthier tech podcast season. This I’m sorry, this season, who runs a a detox retreat in Indonesia. And he talked about when he started, he used his aura ring. And he talked about when he started turning off his Wi Fi at night, he got 15 minutes more deep sleep consistently every night. And he had been able to determine that with precision, because of his aura ring, which again, as you pointed out, you can use an airplane mode, which is fantastic. There’s also some versions of Fitbit, that I believe function the same way where you can actually use the Fitbit in airplane mode to do all your tracking, and then just connect it, you know, transfer the data out later. That’s how I strongly recommend all of these health trackers be used. Yeah,

Anthony DiClementi 46:18
meet me as well. I’m not sure that was proper English, but so we’ve got phone to phone, me to phone in airplane mode, don’t have it on your body. As I mentioned, mine isn’t always in airplane mode, it helps you match your cell phone communication to where there’s there’s set points during the day where you do it all at once and then you’re back in airplane mode, your productivity goes up, it improves your focus, you don’t have the fatigue and diminished willpower that comes from tasks switching so much throughout the day. Number two, you said was either replace Wi Fi with Ethernet or at a minimum turn off Wi Fi at night, which is something everyone can do. And what else what else? Where should we be focusing our

R Blank 47:07
energy? Well, another big one is to Yeah, another big one is? Well, actually Oh, well, yeah, I’ll do that one. And then go back to what I was saying before, is to not sleep with your phone. So again, if a lot of people this is a habit that a lot of people have, and you shouldn’t sleep with your phone, or if you do at least put it in again, like with the pocket, put it into airplane mode. And I want people to understand, you know, while when your device, your phone or other device is in airplane mode, there’s certain functions that won’t work. Like you can’t get a call. But other things do work. Right. So you can still use it as an alarm clock. If that’s your preferred version of an alarm clock. You can still play, you know, Sudoku. Yeah. Even you know, even Netflix allows you to download movies and watch them offline. So if you’re using it for that reason, so there’s a lot of stuff you can still do in airplane mode, it doesn’t just turn it into a brick. Modify to you know, again,

Anthony DiClementi 48:07
yeah, my favorite Spotify playlists. I had downloaded them. So I could put my phone in airplane mode and still play them. Just I just got a chord in my car, and I just plug in the phone and I can play music. Do you plug in the GPS directions, and you’ve got your music going, you’ve got your directions going, but your phone is in airplane mode, not looking for every tower as you as you drive on,

R Blank 48:30
wherever you are. That’s great. Yeah, because when you’re driving, or in motion, if you’re in a train or in a bus or in a car, your phone is actually admitting, like you were just getting at is emitting more information, because it’s constantly having to scan for new towers to connect to. So when you’re in transit, just like when you have low reception, poor reception, your phone is actually emitting more of this stuff than it does when you’re standing still with good reception. Well, yeah.

Anthony DiClementi 48:57
I mean, sorry, if you’re getting value from this episode, share it up. I mean, this is something that everyone needs to know. And there’s there’s so much misconception and misinformation around it. It’s, you know, send it to your friends, family members, people that you work with, and tell him to give it a listen. And I think it will, it will change a lot of lives. I want to just just mention that they’re sorry to cut you off. Please continue.

R Blank 49:20
Our No, I appreciate that. I’ll give you one more one more what I call these healthier living tips, which are ways to cut your EMF exposure. And this one is really important, which is not to use air pods or Bluetooth headsets. Oh, because, yeah, anything Bluetooth, it’s the same type of radiation as Wi Fi. It’s lower powered usually than Wi Fi because the signals don’t have to travel as far. But when you’re talking about like air pods, you’re putting it right in your ear, which is very obviously proximal to your brain also very proximal to your eye, but it’s also an a part of your head that has no skull To serve as any kind of natural shield between the source and your brain, and you tend, you tend to see people using these for extended periods of time, they don’t just put air pods in for five minutes or 10 minutes, they put them in for extended periods of time. So these exposures are in a really bad place. And, and, and they’re there for a very long period of time. And you just don’t want that that’s one of these examples, where, you know, there’s no safer way of using air pods, right, like with cell phones that are safer ways of using them and less safe ways of using them with air pods. There is no safer way to use them because they have to go in your head. And so it’s one of these devices where I strongly recommend that people not use these products. And instead use wired wired headphones, or anti radiation wired headphones, to listen to your music or do your calls or whatever you’re doing on your phone.

Anthony DiClementi 51:00
Yeah, anti radiation wired headphones, that that’s interesting. What are you talking about? Like, air tube headphones?

R Blank 51:08
Yeah, yeah. So I actually have give me one. Sorry, I forgot. Yeah, cool. Because I have a I mean, I do have air tubes. So just so people understand what we’re talking about with air tubes, these are headphones, where the standard wire right at a certain point gets converted into air. And because it just has air in the tube, that’s how it gets the name air tube, it doesn’t conduct radiation, which normal wire does. So that’s where air tubes get their name, they’re great, they stop radiation, which is why I sell my own brand of them. But they don’t sound for even the best ones don’t sound very good, because you’re converting the sound to air. So for instance, with mine, I use them for calls and to listen to podcasts. And that’s about it, I certainly won’t listen to music with them. I don’t even enjoy playing games with them or anything like that. But that’s why we have this product, which we call the heart headset anti radiation device. And what this allows you to do is use any pair of headphones. So you can use your like super expensive Bose or or you know, whatever you want. And then plug it into your device, whether it’s a phone, a tablet, a laptop, and what’s in here is a little pack of dielectric gel that filters out the radiation. Otherwise be conducted UP UP, UP UP YOUR up your headset cord. So this serves the same purpose as air tubes. But not only does it sound great, it actually improves the sound quality. And what’s really interesting to me about this product is it was developed not as radiation protection, but as a sound enhancer, right? Because when you filter out all that stray radiation that would otherwise come up the court that radiation is is interference. And so when you filter it out, you actually get better sound quality. So this is the heart which is also on my website at shield your body.com. And we’re the only ones that in the world that that that sell that.

Anthony DiClementi 53:13
That’s that’s really cool. I’m not familiar with that so hard. Is headset anti radiation device. Yes. Very cool. And all of that is available at shield your body.com Yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna pick up one of those and maybe even another pair of

R Blank 53:31
the shoot me shoot me year after this. Just shoot me your shipping address. I’ll get you one.

Anthony DiClementi 53:35
Oh, thank you. That’d be awesome. Yeah, I’ve had a number of pairs of air tube headphones and had a break and you know, not necessarily hold up or, or work that well. Yeah. But yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s cool. I want to make sure to get a good pair. And you covered all my questions there. So to recap, phone, airplane mode, don’t put it on your body. You know, I’ve also talked to a number of people who feel that they sleep better, even with their phone in airplane mode, if you were to compare, leaving their phone outside of the bedroom, even in airplane mode versus having it in the bedroom in airplane mode. I know a number of people feel like they don’t sleep as good even with it in airplane mode. If

R Blank 54:16
it’s totally, there’s actually science into that. Now, I don’t have it off the top of my head, unfortunately. But there’s science into actually keeping your phone if you compare sleeping with your phone, but in airplane mode, versus keeping your phone out of the bedroom, that your sleep is better with the phone out of the bedroom. And it has to do with your emotional and psychological relationship with your phone is constantly anticipation of dopamine release from notifications, you know, things like that. And so I don’t have that science handy. But I have been reading that lately. So there’s actually science behind what you were just explaining.

Anthony DiClementi 54:54
That’s good to know. Yeah, I mean, so we’ve had Dr. Joseph Mercola on the podcast and And he wrote the book EMF ft. For that does a good job summarizing a good amount of the scientific literature and I want to give a shout out to Nick Pineau P I N E au LT who wrote the non tinfoil guide to EMF who’s who’s also been a guest on the podcasts because those, those guys both did a lot to help spread awareness in this area and, and to empower people with some of the, you know, the scientific literature that supports their recommendation, ya know, they’re

R Blank 55:32
both they’re both really great.

Anthony DiClementi 55:34
Yeah, and one, you know, one of the things that I think is worth mentioning here for people that are still kind of on the fence, like the title that that Dr. Joseph Mercola had before he settled in on EMF was EMF extinction. Because he believes that people who do not take into account the real world impact that this technology has on our biology may not be long this world and certainly are going to find themselves cutting, cutting their lives short, to such a degree that there may even be an extinction event where you got people that are savvy to it, and have have made the necessary adjustments and people that just do what the television tells them and want, you know, I want faster connection, a lot more of this stuff. And, you know, I want to be in it all day long. So I just wanted to mention that, you know, the this is, that’s where a lot of the forward thinkers in this arena that also that are also heavily steeped in the science, you know, where some of their mentality is with regard to its dangers and potential consequences?

R Blank 56:42
Yeah, well, I mean, I think part of that speaks to him, you know, personally, I view that humanity is facing extinction with much higher probability from multiple other causes before EMF, and why, you know, my work in raising awareness is so that people can improve their personal health and their personal ability to enjoy life. But when you talk about something like the that devastating potential that that you were just referencing, you know, I think part of what that gets at is just how intertwined the technology is, that exposes us to these forces with our modern society. And so it would be much easier today to stop the next generation of cellphone network and to stop current turning everything into in our home into something smart than it will be in 10 years to undo smarter next generation of cell phone networks. Or to to undo the grids that connect all of our cars and devices and make them work right. This is what because that, because the devices that emit these forces into our world are so fundamentally intertwined into our society, that actually undoing that is going to be incredibly challenging, and will involve real economic costs and possible social disruption to services and products that we’ve all come to kind of rely on. And that’s why it’s much easier to stop it in the first place than it is to undo it later on. And, you know, I’ll compare that with the example of smoking, which, you know, a lot of people compare EMF, to tobacco and to cigarettes, and there are certainly some similarities. But the fact is much worse fan all tobacco on the planet tomorrow. And while a few companies would go out of business, that would be the extent of the damage, right? You can’t get rid of EMF, and the more and more and more of infrastructure, EMF emitting infrastructure that you put into place, the harder and harder and harder becomes to reduce that exposure. And so if and if in 20 years, we find out that certain things were a lot more dangerous than even someone like I was going around saying, you know, we’re in a tough spot, because what are you going to do? Because you’d have to really kind of perform surgery on the entire modern economy and society in order to try to undo that damage. And so I that part of what you were just talking about, I think it is it is important for people to understand. There’s something that my father talked about a lot and we talk a lot. We spent a whole chapter on in overpower and it’s called the precautionary principle. And that is when the potential for harm is so significant, then it’s better to be safe than sorry. And that’s what we are seeing with EMF right that the scientific indicators are such where there is a lot of reason to be concerned. Talk about the possible harm. And when you see that level of flashing red warning, you shouldn’t just the standard of action should not be conclusive proof. But in order for you to take action, and that’s what he believed, should be applied to the EMF issue. And that’s what I believe should be applied to the EMF issue. But I also want to under to underscore that this is a decision every individual person can take, yes, I believe EMF safety standards should be significantly strengthened. But I also believe that that takes a lot of work from a lot of people. And you can actually make those differences in your life right now. And that is, that is really the lesson that I like people taking home after they’ve listened to me spout off for an hour. I like

Anthony DiClementi 1:00:49
it, I like it. And as a general rule of thumb, if something is called smart, if there’s smart in the name, you want nothing to do with it. And it shouldn’t be in your house, you’re either bugging your home, or exposing yourself to these harmful harmful frequencies and two quick resources or just one rather, building biology institute.org That’s where you could also go to find an expert and someone that can help you with this stuff, where you can get a measure a reading on your home, or you can engage them to help you with a build. So building biology institute.org, our this has been a fantastic conversation is there is there, we’ve got shield, your body.com, where you’ve got some of your resources and products that people can buy, you’ve got the healthier type podcast, where else can people stay up to date on things you’re working on? And, and that sort of thing?

R Blank 1:01:37
Sure, yeah. So you mentioned the website. And I thank you very much for that. I’d also just say to people right at the top there of my homepage you can get I write a lot of ebooks, but my main one, which has the top five things that you can do to cut your personal exposure. And then I also in that book, explain why I believe those are the top five. So it’s not just like the five things I picked out of the top of my head. In terms of where else people can follow me, YouTube is actually a great place to follow me and shield your body. We have a lot of great content up on YouTube. And that’s youtube.com/shield your body so, so yeah, shield, your body.com and then youtube.com/shield Your body. And you can also find my podcast on my website. And that’s the health awesome podcast.

Anthony DiClementi 1:02:25
Guys, share this episode up, get it out to people help us spread this information R blank. Thank you so much for your time and wisdom. appreciate having you on.

R Blank 1:02:35
Thank you so much, Anthony. I really enjoyed this conversation. I look forward to doing it again sometime.

Anthony DiClementi 1:02:44
As you may already be aware, my specialty is working with entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes, executives and high achievers to help them unlock ultimate performance in body, mind and spirit. If you want to lose fat, build muscle, activate untapped brain energy and feel 10 to 15 years younger. My proprietary coaching process is the secret behind many of the world’s top performers. Here’s how it works. Over 24 weeks, I will walk you step by step through a personalized process that utilizes your blood work to build you a custom GamePlan for taking your physical and mental performance to their maximum potential. I believe in testing, not guessing and have proven time and again that personalized results crush anything that you can achieve following the one size fits all cookie cutter programs that littered the internet. With regular one on one coaching calls, I’ll guide you through a personalized process for achieving massive, unparalleled results in your life. My proprietary process includes blood labs, testing and Advanced Health diagnostic tools, upgrading your metabolic engine, personalizing your nutrition, optimizing your sleep, upgrading your cognition with brain targeted supplements, smart drugs and peptides, balancing your hormones building strength and muscle mass, detoxing heavy metals, pesticides and toxic chemicals that can slow you down, building resilience and bulletproofing yourself against stress. Integrating time restricted eating through advanced fasting protocols, increasing oxygenation and supercharging. Your immunity and of course tracking and monitoring your progress with science based tools and expert accountability. We also leverage personalized bio hacks that will help you to achieve your physique and cognitive goals faster than you thought possible. And on top of all that for a limited time. I’m offering three special bonuses that you get to choose based on your desired results. So you Pick three from the following five options bonus option number one upgrades sexual health, libido and performance. Bonus option number two, get rid of pain and recover like an athlete. Bonus option number three get rid of parasites Candida, Lyme mold and chronic fatigue. Bonus option number four, get more youthful looking skin, thicker hair and healthier nails. And bonus option number five, fix your gut and optimize digestion, which ties in very well with bonus option number three, there is no faster, more effective way to tap into your full potential get in the best shape your life and have your brain consistently firing on all cylinders. To apply for one of these limited half off spots, go to www dot bio hacker coaching.com B IO H A CKERCO a CH i n g.com Fill out the short form and grab a time for us to talk. Full disclosure I’m offering half off in part because we’re building some cool new case studies and success stories that we can showcase in a infomercial style project that we’re working on. So if you’re at all on the fence, I encourage you to fill out the short form and grab a time for a free consultation with me to see if it’s a fit. After you’ve applied you can also text me to request to have your application moved to the front of the line and that number is 847-989-3743

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