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EMF Medical Conference Talk 2021: Deciphering EMF Protection Product Claims

We all know EMF radiation is harmful. And EMF protection products are one way to reduce the risk. But which ones actually work? And really, what do they do? You’ve all read the claims. “Blocks up to 99% of EMF”. “Neutralizes harmful radiation.” “Harmonizes EMF.” There are so many different claims out there, it can be overwhelming to know which ones work– sometimes it can be hard to know even what the product is claiming to do!

Join SYB CEO R Blank as he leads you in a deep dive to help you understand EMF protection. You’ll learn:

  • what different types of EMF protection products do, and claim to do.
  • what to look for to support product claims.
  • how you can verify these claims for yourself– and why you should.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Transcript

Okay, everyone, we will, we will get started. Thank you very much for for taking the time to attend, I welcome you to the webinar. I’m really glad all of you could take the time during this amazing conference to join me. It’s really a privilege to be here. I’ve given a lot of talks and webinars. And I really think this is probably from a subject matter perspective, the most important one I’ve written yet. So I hope you find value in the information and roadmap to share. So first, a very, very quick overview of what we’ll be doing today, I’ll start with an introduction, then we’ll get into the main content, that should be no more than half an hour. And then then there’ll be time for q&a. So as a as I said, the intro super quick, my name is R Blank. I’m the CEO of shield your body, formerly on the faculty of the University of Southern California viterbi School of Engineering. Along with my father, Dr. Martin Blanc, I co authored overpowered, which is about the science of emf and health. And this follows a 20 year career in software engineering. Now, as I mentioned, I co wrote overpowered with my my father, Dr. Martin Blanc. I did that in 2012. And that’s really when I got into this area. Now, while that book, and my father’s entire career was about raising awareness of emf health risks, my involvement in emf is more about solutions. How we, as consumers can make technology safer to use for us and for our loved ones. A big part of this is about education. And I’ll speak to that more later in this talk. But another big part of it is protection EMF protection products, which which brings us directly to the question, what actually is EMF protection. Because there are a lot of options out there, especially with the growing awareness of emf as a real health risk. There are a rapidly growing number of products out there claiming to protect you from EMF. There are electronics accessories, like phone cases, and apparel like underwear, and their pendants and stickers and neutralizers and harmonizers. There are supplements that claim to reduce a reverse damage. They’re expensive devices and gadgets that claim to protect your entire home. So as a starting point, the first thing I’m going to say is that EMF protection is entirely unregulated. It’s like the Wild West. And that’s unfortunate. It’s really unfortunate, in my opinion, it’s something that that really needs to change. But that for the time being leaves the industry very susceptible to misleading claims and false advertising to questionable people and companies selling snake oil and false promises. And even among the companies that sell legitimate solutions, many lie and deceive about how well their products work or intentionally mislead with their testing data. So when you see a new product that claims to be a type of emf protection, the various pardon me, the very first thing you should do is answer the question. What does the product actually claim to do? I know this might sound obvious, but it’s actually pretty Central. Because there are a lot of products out there that make broad claims like protects you from EMF. But what does that even mean? Does it claim to block EMF, does it claim to neutralize EMF, does it claim to make the EMF somehow less harmful to you? Does it claim to repair damage to your body from EMF, these are all different things, but they all fall under the broad topic of emf protection. So that was the first question. The next question is, is the product claim actually backed by science? Is there any science that can explain how the product works? Is there any science that can be used to test that the product actually works? Are there ways for you to test how the product works? Now, before proceeding any further, I do want to be very clear. Got stuck on the slide. A lack of science does not mean the product doesn’t work. I have a lot of customers 1000s of them, who in addition to using my products use other products without any demonstrable basis in science, things like pendants and crystals things like neutralizers and harmonizers. And they say these products work for them. And so I want to be absolutely clear. Just because a product doesn’t have supporting science does not mean it doesn’t work. It just means that you can’t prove the claims with science, which makes it very hard for someone like me to support or endorse it, or even really evaluate it. But if a product works for you, then definitely keep using it. If a trusted friend tells you that a certain product works for them, even though there’s no science to support the claim, then by all means give it a shot especially If you’re not finding relief with other means, but in general, I only recommend products that are based in demonstrable science and have testable claims. And by and large, those are shielding products, which is the type of product that my company shield your body specializes in. Now what is EMF shielding? EMF shielding is based on fundamental universally accepted scientific principles that are almost 200 years old. Ever since Michael Faraday created his first Faraday cage in 1836. electromagnetic field the electromagnetic shielding works by creating a mesh of conductive or magnetic materials to form a barrier that obstructs an EM field. You can think of emf shielding like a window shade, except instead of blocking sunlight, these shields block and deflect EMF radiation. So how is this type of shielding tested, we’ve all heard the term SAR before stands for specific absorption rate. That’s the type of test they use to pretend to regulate cell phones. Sar is a measurement of absorption, how much emf is absorbed by a surface such as your skin, your body. So SAR is by measuring the absorption, it’s measuring how much EMF it’s it’s a way of measuring how much EMF a device emits by measuring how much of it Have you how much of it you absorb. Now, when you’re talking about tests for EMF shielding, it’s a different type of test, you’re talking about attenuation tests, and attenuation means blocking. So instead of telling you how much EMF something is emitting, or how much you’re absorbing, and attenuation test will tell us how much EMF radiation is being blocked. And on this slide, we have here a couple of shots actually, of some of the very first test that si p commissioned many years ago of one of our first products at the UCLA center for high frequency electronics. So on the left here, you see there was a there’s a frequency emitter, then we have some of our material. And then here on the right, we see the engineer measuring using a spectrum analyzer. So that’s that’s what a an attenuation test looks like. There are four key elements to an attenuation test that we all just saw on the last slide, so you need a controlled environment. So you don’t have any pollution, EMF pollution, impacting the results, you need an EMF signal emitter that can emit very specific doses of precise frequencies of emf, then you need your shielding product or material. And finally a frequency analyzer to see how much of the emitted EMF makes it through the shielding material. And it produces results that looks something like this. And I actually I forget which of my products this is I I bought. But this is this is the data from one of my attenuation tests for one of my more recent products and tells you the frequency, it gives you the shielding effectiveness. Oftentimes This is measured both in a unit called decibels, which is it’s the same unit actually as audio, you’ve probably heard of decibels audio, but decibel doesn’t actually relate to audio decibel is about a ratio. And so when you see it in attenuation testing, it’s reflecting a ratio of shielded power. And but because decibels don’t make sense to a lot of people, oftentimes you will see the decibel converted into a percentage which makes more sense to people. And so companies like mine published the results of attenuation tests performed on our products to show you that our products actually work. And these tests are important to consumers. Because EMF as we all know here at this conference, it’s a complex subject. And a lot of people do not know how to test EMF shielding for themselves. So naturally, consumers are going to rely on tests like these. But what an EMF test means might be different than what you think or assume it means. So let’s dive in and learn a little more about EMF attenuation testing. Now, attenuation tests do in fact, tell us how much EMF was blocked by a product. But that is very far from the whole story. Because really attenuation data tells us how much EMF was blocked under very specific circumstances. And that’s a really important clarification. So to to illustrate what I’m talking about, let’s take a product claim. Test show we blocked 99% of us EMF radiation. Now we see a claim like this and you see it all over the web, or on Amazon or wherever you’re shopping, you’ll see a claim that looks just like this. Now, when we see that claim, our minds interpreted to mean, test show that we block 99% of all EMF radiation. And then completely subconsciously, our minds add, in all circumstances to the end of the phrase without even realizing it. So even though the original claim was test show, we blocked 99% of radiation. We read it as test show we block 99% of all EMF radiation, in all circumstances, co different the stated claim is from the ones we imagined in our minds when we read it. Now, that’s not all, because the original claim would be more properly stated as test show, we can block up to 99% of emf radiation in a very specific set of circumstances. So what does specific circumstances actually mean? Well, there’s the key point, it refers to the exact conditions under which the test was conducted. What type of conditions of give you some examples conditions? Like, what was the EMF source? Was it a cell phone? Was it a Wi Fi router? Was it a frequency emitter, like you saw in the earlier slide from UCLA, where was the EMF protection product placed in relation to the source, what tool was used to measure the EMF levels, where where was that EMF measurement tool placed relative to the signal generator and the shielding product, what frequencies what specific frequencies were measured, because the performance will be different at each one. And then a really important one, what product was actually tested? See, I’ve seen a company that tested one of their products in the lab. And the results were good. But they then use that single test to claim that all of their products are lab tested to provide the same degree of protection, when they’re all actually made from completely different materials. And they just didn’t bother to test any of their other products. And that’s pretty misleading. And you have to actually read their actual test, which can be hard to find to actually figure that out. So you need to take the time, and check what was actually tested. Now, these are just some of the aspects of a test that make the test unique. And that lead to the unique results that were generated in the test results like you can you saw in the earlier slide, and like I post on my website, if you change any one of these factors, the test results can and likely will vary. Sometimes quite significantly, the way a product is tested in a lab could have little relationship, or no relationship at all, to how you would use the product in real life. In fact, I would go so far as to say, lab testing almost never tells you exactly how EMF shielding will work for you. In your real life. The testing environment is too artificial and too unrelated to how you will actually use the product. Now, that’s a strong statement, and I believe an accurate one. But that doesn’t mean lab tests are useless, far from it. Because if a company can’t show that their products shields in a lab, then that almost certainly means their products won’t shield at all in real life. So you need to avoid shielding companies without testing data for their products. And you also need to remember that when a company can show test, show tests that demonstrate 99% or 99.9% of emf radiation was shielded in the lab. That means the product probably does work. But it doesn’t mean that’s exactly how well it will work for you. Instead, it may block 60% or 75% or maybe even 90% the odds that it will block actually plot over 99% of your personal radiation exposure in your real life circumstances are very, very slim. The real world and the variety of technology are both too complicated for that. So you need to keep that in mind when you see EMF protection product claims. Which brings me to my key message it’s the one I always tell people it’s in my it’s so important to me it’s even in my email signature and that is the best EMF protection is free. EMF protection products like mine at shield your body and others that you can find online. They are a second line of defense, good ones, like the ones I make and sell, they’re good, they’re useful, they can protect you. But they don’t solve the EMF problem. None of them do not a single one. So the best EMF protection is free. And that comes down to the two rules, reduce your use of emf emitting technology, and keep that technology as far away from you as possible when it’s in use. It’s that simple. It’s those two rules. And that is the best form of emf protection, because then you’re reducing or eliminating your exposure in the first place, and you don’t have to protect against it any further. No EMF protection product is going to be as effective as reducing your exposure in the first place. Now, does that mean you shouldn’t use EMF protection products. Now obviously, as someone who makes and sells EMF protection products, I don’t believe I recommend that. So while the best EMF protection is free, good EMF protection products like mine can further reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. And that leads me to my final point, and it’s an absolutely critical one. You need to make sure to use the product, the way it’s designed to be used. This is absolutely vital. Because if you don’t use the product the correct way, it may do absolutely nothing. Or even worse, it may actually increase your exposure. Here I’ll go to an example of my phone pouch, which is I’ve been making and selling my phone pouch for now. Geez, 666 years, it’s my most popular product, sell it sell it in over 30 countries around the world. And it’s a little pouch that’s designed to make it safer to carry your phone, the rear of the pouch is lined with EMF shielding fabric. And the front is just regular neoprene. So this allows you to carry your phone more safely by deflecting radiation away from your body. But without interfering with your phone’s reception or battery life. And my phone pouch works it really works for that specific purpose. So it makes it safer to carry your phone. It does not, for example, make it safer to sleep with your phone. But even though I clearly explained its purpose in use, everywhere, it’s listed people still buy it to sleep with their phones, and they think it’s protecting them. But it’s not, it doesn’t help in that situation at all. So what’s important to remember is to pick the EMF protection that works for your specific needs. If you carry your phone in your pocket, go for the sob phone patch or 5g phone shields. But if you sleep with your phone, then the picture frame is a more effective solution for you. You have to pick EMF protection products that will actually work for you the way you need it to. So to recap, when evaluating the claims of emf protection products, think about what actual claims is the company making what data does the company present to support their claims? What does the data actually say? What was actually tested, and above all, use the product as intended. And to this, I would add just one more thing. I am like many here, I am a strong advocate for people to learn how to test EMF for themselves. This is a really useful skill when evaluating the effectiveness of emf shielding products like mine. But it’s also super important when you’re trying to learn more about your exposures in general in your life, in your home, your office, your bedroom, your kitchen, everywhere you go. As we all know, emf is odorless and tasteless. You can’t touch or feel it. So the only way to know how much you’re exposed to is to test for yourself. And I have a free guide that I’ve written and updated several times over the past few years. It’s actually now just just now in its sixth edition. And you can download it for free here at my booth or at shields your body comm slash test. It has explanations of the different types of meters. It has meter recommendations and it has useful guide of do’s and don’ts to get started testing at home. Now before we get to QA, I didn’t want to remind everyone that si P is offering a special coupon to attendees of the mF medical conference. So you just go to shield your body calm and enter medical 20 at checkout. This works to save 20% on all of my products. That includes my shielding accessories, my shielding apparel, even the bed canopy, which is one of my newer products that’s in the demand just it’s been it’s been surprisingly good. I but overall I’ve been in business since 20 And the catalog is large, there’s a lot of options there. And there’s 20% discount works on all of them through February 8, so you have a little time. I also want to highlight for those of you who may not know already, any order of my products includes a lifetime warranty and 30 days, no questions asked returns. So it really is a risk free decision. And so with that, I thank you so much for taking the time to attend my talk. This is a really important subject, and I really appreciate your interest in learning more. And final note, I really, really appreciate the EMF medical conference, giving us the time and space to share this information. And so with that, I will open it up to some q&a. And for those of you in the room, there is a q&a pod. And, but I am able to pull it up. Let’s Stephanie, I’m going to promote you to panelists. Can you see if you can pull up the QA pod, please? There’s already a question I see. But I not able to. Let me exit screen sharing real quick. I’m actually what were you asking you when you promoted? Me? I clicked out? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear? Okay, we have one question is what is the best bedroom shielding? And this is from Courtney Gilardi. Okay, so there is I’m actually really glad we posted this Cathy cook, who is a certified building biologist. And oh, there’s my question part it was in the other window. Who sorry, certified building biologist and electromagnetic radiation specialist who, who provides consulting to my customers, she just published a post yesterday. So I’m going to let me restore my screen sharing here real quick. Because unfortunately, there’s no simple answer once you get to whole room or whole home or whole apartment. shielded shielding, there’s just no one size fits all option. So we have a post here and I’m actually go I think you all can see what I’m sharing. And I’m gonna paste the URL into the chat pod. So people can link directly to it where Here we go. I’m going to paste the answer in as a response to Courtney there. And so I would recommend that this post that you start here because there’s no one size fits all option. Once you start again, once you start shielding a whole bedroom or a whole house, the issues can get just a lot more complicated in generally revolve involve consulting from certified specialists, like a building biologist, the one product I have that that I would point to for to consider. And it’s it’s not an inexpensive product, because it’s a very large product involves a large amount of silver, but it is my bed canopy. And so this is great because you can set it up in any bedroom we have a twin size and king size. And it also includes floor shielding, so you can get a full cube of protective shielding around your bed. And, but what’s really important is once you do this, you can’t use any electronics when you’re in bed, which everyone tells you you shouldn’t be doing anyway. But it’s really important once you use a bad canopy like mine. I’m gonna just pause you for one second. Yeah, yeah. Miss galardi we Cathy cook has invited you to come into the next break. If you come find us at she’ll do your body, you’ll see a place to join our our meeting and you can come in and ask your questions. And we’ll have some fuller answers pertaining to your your first question and our Do you see the second question? What is the best shielding for newly installed cell tower in the neighborhood? 13 of us up here have symptoms. So interesting that we had this question yesterday. Almost. Exactly. Yeah. So again, I would point you to the to the same post so I mean, I really recommend that you that you start there because that’ll explain it. There are very there really is no a one size fits all solution, you can’t stop the cell tower from emitting the radiation, because that’s just how it works. This wireless signals, they require this type of radiation to be transmitted into the environment, if several people are sick from the same source, and there’s, there’s there’s evidence to support that there. There’s the possibility that it might be exceeding its, what it’s allowed to transmit. But there’s other variables involved as well. I, it’s so but in terms of protecting against it, the reason I pointed you Oh, I didn’t go back to the correct page. The reason I point you to the same page is because the only way if you’re really looking for protection against a source like that, and moving isn’t an option, then you’re really looking at whole home shielding, which again, it’s a very complicated and involved effort. And this post is a great introduction to some of the issues that are involved in that, and what steps you’d need to take to even begin really thinking about that. And I’d also encourage you to come into the booth into the in the next break, and Kathy and I would be happy to get into more details about your situation in particular. Thank you. Great question. Angela Garza asks, I noticed your website says that the canopy is 100% silver, could you explain that is the silver exposed? What other materials are used? Great question. So this is how, whenever you see an EMF protection, so I have several products that are made with silver. It’s the ones that generally it’s well, obviously you see it’s the canopy. It’s also my apparel product. So my underwear, the bandana, the neck Gator, all of these are made with silver, because silver is hypoallergenic. It also brings antibacterial anti odor properties. It’s great for certain uses, but it’s a much more expensive material, which gets to your point. So I say that my for instance, my canopy is 100% silver, I say that my boxers are 42% silver, what that means and it’s not just si p it’s any EMF protection company, when you see there’s a certain percentage of silver in the product. That means silver plated yarn. So the bed canopy is made from 100%, silver plated yarn, the plating is 100% pure silver, and it’s covering. It’s covering a yarn. And that’s what the entire but the entire product is made from that it is treated with a against oxidation. So and if you have other questions about the canopy, we’re happy happy to answer them. But that that’s a great question. And that’s standard through the EMF protection industry when you see silver as as, as an as an element in composition. Thank you. I’m just going to interrupt for one second. I would like everyone to know that I did include our link to our meeting for the next break. You can hop in and ask questions. If you have any questions about EMF and and EMF products. please do join us at the next break where it’s usually me R and Cathy and they’re discussing all things EMF, so we invite you to ask your questions. And if you missed I saw some people came in after I started. If you missed this, I’ll be posting the archive or the recording, to our YouTube channel and on our blog. So if you wait a day and just come to the site, you’ll be able to find the full recording of the entire talk. Well, if there’s no additional questions, I want to thank everyone for taking the time. I really appreciate you showing up for this topic and for your interest in SI B. And I wish you a great day and I hope you enjoy the rest of the conference. Thank you very much


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R Blank is the CEO of Shield Your Body, which he founded in 2012. With hundreds of thousands of customers in over 30 countries, and having been interviewed on platforms including Dr. Phil, ABC news television and ElectricSense, R is an internationally followed expert on issues of EMF, health and safety. He also hosts “The Healthier Tech Podcast”, available iTunes, Spotify and all major podcasting platforms. In the past, he served on the faculty at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering as well as the University of California, Santa Cruz. Previously, R ran a software engineering firm in Los Angeles, producing enterprise-level solutions for blue chip clients including Medtronic, Apple, NBC, Toyota, Disney, Microsoft, the NFL, Ford, IKEA and Mattel. He has spoken at conferences around the world, including in the US, Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands, and he is the co-author, along with his father Dr. Martin Blank, of ‘Overpowered‘ from Seven Stories Press about the science of health effects of EMF radiation. He has an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and received his bachelor’s degree, with honors, from Columbia University. He has also studied at Cambridge University in the UK; the University of Salamanca in Spain; and the Institute of Foreign Languages in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Read more about R and SYB or connect with R on LinkedIn.

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