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EMF Pocket Patch Turns Any Pocket into a Cell Phone Radiation Shield

EMF Pocket Patch Turns Any Pocket into a Cell Phone Radiation Shield

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More consumers than ever are aware of the cell phone industry’s worst-kept secret: that EMF radiation from smartphones is causing us harm. Specifically, research is pointing towards a growing link between EMF and male fertility – particularly in men. Our specialized EMF Pocket Patch is designed to protect your health, and your future by turning any pocket into a permanent, powerful cell phone radiation shield.

While our EMF Pocket Patch isn’t the only solution to reducing exposure – radiation blocking underwear is gaining huge popularity – its features make it quite unique.

What is Our EMF Pocket Patch?

SYB Pocket Patch to Shield EMF Radiation
Works on Any Pocket!

When it comes to fertility, the smaller the distance between the cell phone and your organs, the bigger the problem. The trouble is that we keep our cell phones sitting in our pockets for huge portions of the day. Thanks to bluetooth technology and earphones, our phones are in near-constant use, even when sitting in our pockets.

The EMF Pocket Patch is an adhesive sheet of hypoallergenic cotton lined with gossamer-thin silver thread. As standard the pocket measures 6.25″x4″, but can be cut to size using a regular pair of household scissors. When used to line the pocket where your cell phone is kept, it can deflect up to 99% of all incident radiation from your body.

And the adhesive is so powerful, that it turns your pocket into a permanent cell phone radiation shield.

How it Works

It’s ingeniously simple. As with all of our protective products, they work on the principle of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation shielding: the EMF waves cannot penetrate conductive materials. Remember that silver thread? It is woven through the EMF pocket and creates a shield, deflecting up to 99% of emitted radiation and preventing it from reaching your body.

It’s a simple premise, pioneered well over a century ago, but it is the most effective anti-EMF protection technology available today.

Using Your EMF Pocket Patch

SYB Pocket Patch to Shield EMF Radiation

If you thought the technology was simple, then you won’t believe how easy it is to implement!

As we’ve said, your EMF Pocket will be delivered as a single sheet (or a pack of 3) measuring 6.25″x4″. One side of the pocket is adhesive, and can be transferred onto the lining of your shirt, jeans or any other pocket. Simply turn the item inside out, locate the pocket and stick on the patch. Naturally you can cut it to any specific shape or size as required.

Shield Your Body offers the EMF Pocket in packs of 3, so you can add protection to all of your favorite items of clothing.

An alternative for those fashionistas who switch up clothes regularly would be our unique SYB Phone Pouch. It attaches to your belt or fits in your pocket, and since one side is lined with a conductive mesh, it is offers both comfort and exceptional EMF protection.

These are just two of our shielding products, each of which is designed to make it safer to use and enjoy modern wireless technology. Keeping you healthy is our number one priority, and creating the SYB Pocket Patch helps us do exactly that.

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