EMF Radiation Protection Clothing: What Is It and What’s Best?

EMF Radiation Protection Clothing: What Is It and What’s Best?

There are countless wireless devices in our modern environment, all emitting EMF radiation. And perhaps you’re wanting to take some measures to protect yourself from the potential negative effects. There are many ways to do that, and wearing EMF radiation protection clothing is one of them.

But you might have some questions, like: what is radiation protection clothing and how does it work? And what’s the best EMF protection clothing for me?

That’s what we’ll look at in this post.

What is Radiation Protection Clothing?

With a rapidly increasing number of EMF sources around us, radiation protection clothing or EMF shielding apparel is an effective method of lowering your EMF exposure.

Radiation protection clothing manufacturers make these products look and feel like regular clothes that you wear on your day to day life. The only difference is that these clothes are made using EMF shielding fabric, which is a mix of materials such as copper, aluminum, silver, stainless steel, and nickel with natural or synthetic fibers like cotton, rayon, silk, or polyester.

This unique blend of metal and fiber creates a fabric that turns these clothes into powerful EMF shields, which stops electromagnetic radiation from entering the body by deflecting it in the opposite direction.

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Do You Need Anti-Radiation Clothing?

When Edison invented the electric light bulb, he also produced the first artificial EMF (electromagnetic radiation). Today, all electronic devices emit this same type of radiation. While some devices emit more EMF than others, we are constantly shrouded in an invisible cloud of radiation.

We do not yet have mainstream scientific consensus on exactly what this means for our health. For some health issues, research has yet to establish a solid link to EMF as a cause. But for others, there are piles of studies showing a strong correlation.

The reality is that studying the effects of EMF radiation is complicated. If you take the body of research as a whole, however, it’s becoming increasingly clear that EMF exposure is harmful. How that applies to each person depends on many factors – the type and duration of exposure, the cumulative effect over time, and their own genetic makeup, to name a few.

In short, the evidence is real enough for the WHO to classify EMF radiation as a Class B carcinogen, and for thousands of scientists around the world to appeal for stronger safety measures (the UN appeal and Stop 5G movements being just two examples).

And that’s why it’s worth taking precautionary measures. Many of those measures, as we always say, are free. Like keeping more distance from your devices and limiting your use of them.

For times when that’s not possible, radiation shielding clothing is an excellent option. You wear clothing anyway! So all you’re doing is adding a layer of fabric that deflects EMF rays away from your body.

Now, let’s take a look at three of the best radiation protection clothing options from SYB, starting with two that protect your neck, head, and brain: the SYB Neck Gaiter and SYB Bandana.

Effects of EMF on your Neck and Brain

In this EMF-infused environment, protecting your sensitive organs from prolonged EMF exposure is crucial.

For instance, your brain unconsciously detects EMF in your surroundings, even if you don’t see or feel it. It then absorbs that EMF, which creates simulated impulses making your body’s systems unnaturally perform tasks that can be harmful to your health.

Researchers also say that such absorption can increase your cortical reactivity, which could, in turn, result in issues such as impaired memory function, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and epilepsy. 

In addition, EMF-induced neck pain is also one of the issues that people frequently report.

And that’s why we created the SYB Neck Gaiter.

Introducing The Multi-Purpose SYB Neck Gaiter

The SYB Neck Gaiter is one of the latest additions to our EMF shielding product catalog. It’s versatile, and features strong EMF shielding abilities that will help you minimize your exposure from all types of wireless electromagnetic frequencies around you.

You can use it as a headband, wristband, bandana, or neck warmer. On top of that, you can also use it as an alternative to a mask.

Besides acting as a powerful EMF shield, the SYB Neck Gaiter is also super stylish. So, there’s no reason for not using it everywhere.

SYB Neck Gatier, 90% Silver EMF Protection
The versatile SYB Neck Gaiter can be worn in a wide variety of ways.

Powerful EMF Shielding 

The new SYB Neck Gaiter is designed with a luxurious blend of 90% silver and 10% spandex. Silver is one of the metals with a high EMF conductive ability, and it’s used throughout the EMF shielding industry.

It’s also perfectly safe for everyone, as the materials we’ve used in the neck gaiter are hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. You can wash it in the machine without any worries – it won’t lose its efficacy.

On top of that, the SYB Neck Gaiter is 5G tested. It shields EMF operating on a frequency of up to 40 GHz.

Fashionable EMF Protection: SYB Silver Silk Bandana

As the prevalence and intensity of wireless products continues to grow unchecked, more and more shielding solutions are hitting the market – our full product catalog demonstrates the wide range of options available. But while many companies produce functional EMF protection apparel, fashionable EMF protection has been harder to come by. Until now.

The SYB Silver Silk Bandana is one of the most versatile and attractive products we’ve ever made. From its wear-it-with-anything neutral color, to its various folding options and 99.9% shielding effectiveness, our bandana has it all.

Real Silver, Real Silk

If you’ve never used EMF-shielding products before, then you might be surprised to find silver woven into the fabric. The thing is, electromagnetic signals cannot pass through a mess of conductive metal material – that’s the simple basis of all our protective apparel and technology.

Of course, in order to keep our bandana smooth and soft, we use ultra-thin silver threads to create an incredibly subtle mesh.

The SYB Silver Silk Bandana is made from 65% fine silver thread woven into silk, which is how we are able to deliver up to 99.9% deflection of all incident radio frequency EMF radiation.

And yes, it’s been tested and verified to work against 5G as well.

Coupled with soft and extremely strong silk, our bandana is comfortable, easy to reshape, and highly durable.

Multipurpose and Versatile

What immediately stands out about our bandana is its size: 27” x 27”. While this is fairly large compared to most stock bandanas, we designed it this way to offer maximum flexibility to our wearers. For a start, our solution can be used by everyone, even those with massive hair!

More importantly, the SYB silver silk bandana is multipurpose; this is what makes it truly fashionable EMF protection. There are dozens of unique ‘folds’ you can use while covering most of your head, and it’s also possible to make a face mask, a small turban, a scarf, or a hijab. In fact, your creativity is virtually limitless: whatever your style, our bandana lets you take control.

Use our SYB Bandana However You Want!

The SYB Bandana is unisex and – at least for now – it only comes in the one color: a luxurious silk with a golden hue. It’s soft and comfortable against your skin, and while you’re wearing it, you’d never know it wasn’t a ‘standard’ piece of headwear.

Unrivaled EMF Shielding

We designed our SYB Bandana with a simple goal in mind: to provide fashionable EMF protection to our customers. And we’re proud of the results.

So how does this anti-radiation material work?

As we said, the key to achieving up to 99.9% shielding is the mesh of finely-woven silver throughout the bandana. Whenever a cell phone, WiFi hub, or a set of wireless headphones are in operation, they emit EMF radiation. Every one of our products is designed to shield you (and your family) from the potential harms of that radiation.

What happens is that the EMF signals are emitted everywhere from the wireless device. Any waves which would normally pass through your head are deflected by our silver silk bandana. And we’ve done the tests: it really does deflect up to 99.9% of all incident radiation, ensuring that you experience nowhere near a dangerous level of exposure.

And yes, the SYB Bandana is 5G-tested– up to 26 GHz. And you can view the independent lab results right here.

You can also test for yourself and, in fact, we always encourage you to do so. In fact, here’s what that looks like.

Watch as we test the SYB Bandana with multiple EMF meters

But at the end of the day, most of us won’t wear ridiculous, space-age headgear no matter what promises we make about its shielding effectiveness. That’s why we’ve designed the silver silk bandana as fashionable EMF protection which you can wear with pride and confidence.

Radiation Blocking Underwear: Keeping Your Swimmers Afloat

Modern technology is the best. Look at the smartphone: every piece of knowledge accrued by man, countless games, songs and movies, conversations with family across the world or even in the same room – that’s just a snapshot of what today’s gadgets can provide. They offer near-impossible levels of convenience and practicality, and our SYB radiation blocking underwear is here to protect you from them. 

That’s right: underwear to protect you from your own smartphone. And your WiFi router, laptop and all the other sources of EMF radiation which constantly targets your body.

Not sure if we’re serious? The link between EMF and male infertility is a strong one, and the prevalence of radiation is on the rise. Without being melodramatic, our radiation blocking underwear could be the last line of defense for your healthy sperm count.

EMF & Your Sperm

And when it comes to EMF and male fertility, it’s well-established that cell phone radiation can cause sperm damage (visit that link if you want to read up on the research). Up to a 40% reduction in both quantity and quality, in fact.

As you would expect, proximity is a primary factor in how much effect the radiation has. The closer you are to the source, the more dangerous it becomes.

Manufacturers & “Belt Clips”

You might wonder why big manufacturers like Apple and Samsung don’t advertise this danger – except they do!

To quote the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Health and Safety Warranty Guide verbatim:

“For body-worn operation, this device has been tested and meets FCC RF exposure guidelines when used with an accessory that contains no metal and that positions the mobile device a minimum of 1.5 cm from the body. Use of other accessories may not ensure compliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines.”

Most manufacturers state around 2cm separation from the body is required for safe use. They are actually assuming you carry your device in a belt clip, 1-2cm from your body. Let’s be honest – we don’t do that anymore. Cell phones are in pants pockets 90% of the time, separated from your junk by a wafer-thin stretch of underwear.

That’s where we come in.

The SYB Solution

Manufacturers have told us that cell phones are only radiation-safe if a few centimeters from the body. Research tells us that laptops and WiFi routers also produce dangerous amounts of radiation and heat. This radiation damages sperm count, sperm health and fertility. And that’s why we created the SYB Boxer Briefs.

SYB Boxer Briefs to Shield Against EMF Radiation
SYB Boxer Briefs, Radiation Blocking Underwear

Our radiation blocking underwear is a product of science, not superstition. By weaving a mesh of silver microfibres through our cotton boxer briefs, we create an effective Faraday Cage which prevents over 99% of all wireless EMF radiation from passing through. That’s how EMF shielding works from SYB.

They even work against 5G. That’s right. They’re laboratory-tested up to 40 GHz! And we’ve posted the test results right here on this site for you to see.

This simple scientific principle guarantees that even if you sit with your phone on your crotch – which we can’t socially recommend – your swimmers will be safe.

Watch as we test the SYB Boxer Briefs with commonly-owned EMF meters.

But EMF shielding is not everything we need from a pair of boxers.

Comfortable & Anti-Bacterial

Made from 53% cotton and an ultra-light 42% silver mesh, these boxer shorts are as comfortable as anything you’ll find from designer brands.

They’re stretchable, machine-washable and offer unique temperature regularization properties to help keep things cool when using laptops – another area which is commonly linked to damaged sperm.

Even better: the same EMF-repelling silver fibers that line our boxers also make them odor-killing to prevent bad smells, and are anti-bacterial to improve hygiene and health.

The reality is that wearing a pair of SYB boxers offers you the same level of comfort and support as any high-quality underwear, but only ours have the built-in technology to protect you and your fertility from harmful radiation.

Putting on underwear is the simplest thing in the world, and using SYB boxers is a no-brainer.

How Anti-Radiation Underwear Works – The Nitty Gritty

EMF shielding has been around for over 180 years, since Dr. Faraday invented his cage. All you need is a surface made from a conductive material (in this case, silver). Then, electromagnetic (EM) waves (like those from your wireless devices) are reflected away from that surface. This is due to how the metal distributes electrons along its surface.

Our radiation blocking underwear performs this exact function and pushes EM waves away from your body. We line our boxers with microscopic silver thread. This forms a protective mesh, working just like a Faraday cage. Years of detailed research and effort have gone into creating this unique underwear line, and the end product is one that we’re extremely proud of.

Check out the SYB Boxer Briefs and see if you’re ready to make a positive investment in not only your health, but your future.

Radiation Protection Clothing FAQ:

What can you wear to protect yourself from radiation?

There are several choices available in radiation protection clothing. However, it completely depends on the source that you’re trying to shield from. For example, radiation protection clothing is great for when you are outside your house and you have no control over the EMF sources. But, when you are at a place where you can control the EMF source (like your home), you might prefer to use solutions that lower EMF emission in the room where your devices are present (like the ones SYB make and sell).

Does anti-radiation clothing actually work?

Yes, if it’s from a trustworthy brand and made from high-quality materials. Products like those from SYB have also been thoroughly lab-tested for their EMF shielding properties and all the test results are publicly available on our website. If you have access to an EMF meter, it’s also a good idea to test for yourself.

but be sure to check what percentage fiber and metal the fabric is made of. which is standard for anti-radiation clothing and provides a good amount of protection.

What is EMF shielding fabric?

EMF shielding fabric is a mix of special fiber (such as cotton, rayon, and polyester) and metal (such as copper, aluminum, silver, stainless steel, and nickel) which works as a powerful EMF shield.

What is the best EMF protection clothing?

To protect yourself from EMF radiation, you need products that are based on science and thoroughly tested for effectiveness. For clothing, that means metal-threaded fabrics of high quality and construction. On top of that, you’ll want your clothing to be comfortable, washable and fashionable. After all, the best anti-radiation clothes are the ones you’ll actually end up wearing!

Does EMF protection clothing protect against in-flight radiation?

Yes, EMF protection clothing does protect against in-flight radiation, as the fabric used in these clothes are designed to be a powerful EMF shield.

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