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How EMF Affects Your Sleep and How to Fix It

In this archive of our August 18, 2022 webinar, Certified EMF Expert Cathy Cooke helps us understand how we can improve our sleep, by reducing our EMF exposure.

In this webinar, Cathy:

  • Explain how her years of insomnia brought her to EMF
  • Explain the biological, physiological and psychological importance of sleep
  • Dive into the specific ways that EMF impacts sleep
  • Cover how to minimize EMF in the bedroom for a better night’s sleep

And, we explain everything that’s included in Cathy’s new Sleep Easy Method course, available here on the SYB site.

Webinar Replay


R Blank 0:01
Okay, everyone, thank you very much for making the time this evening, or this afternoon, depending on where you are, to join us on today’s very special webinar, how EMF affects your sleep and what to do about it. We know you have a lot of things going on in your life. So we really appreciate the time that you’ve set aside to spend with us today. So very quickly, what we’re going to be covering today, we’ll get into intros that takes generally about a minute just to give a little more time for people to show up into the room, and so you know who you’re hearing from, then we’ll get into the main content, which will take about 25 minutes, then we have a special announcement and offer for all of you who are attending live. This offer is only good for people who are attending live. And then we’ll get into q&a and q&a on an SOP webinar generally runs anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on how many questions you all have. So very briefly about me, my name is R blank, and I’m the CEO of shield your body as well as the host of the healthier tech podcast, formerly taught on the faculty of the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering. And along with my father, Dr. Martin blank, I was co author of overpowered about the science of EMF health effects. And this all follows about a 20 year career in software engineering. So today we’re going to talk about a really important topic, sleep. If you want to experience truly optimal health, you must have optimal sleep. Sleep is when we heal and repair for the following day. It’s when our nervous system gets a break, detoxification increases, and we have the opportunity to rejuvenate our bodies once Oh, right. Thank you, Kathy, I forgot to turn on my video. Thank you for the reminder. So when sleep suffers, your your entire body suffers sometimes leading to serious chronic health issues. In fact, poor quality sleep has been linked to a wide range of negative health conditions ranging from heart disease and stroke, Alzheimer’s type two diabetes, reduced immunity, hormone dysregulation, and increased anxiety and depression among many others. quality sleep is so critical for your overall well being. Yet sleep disorders are at an all time high. We can blame our sleepless nights on many things. But I am confident that our increased EMF exposure is one of the biggest reasons why many of us aren’t sleeping as well as we should. Because this is such an important topic. I wanted to bring our senior EMF consultant Cathy cook to do an entire webinar focused on this specific topic. In fact, Kathy is an expert on sleep. And so I am going to let her take it from here.

Cathy Cooke 2:57
All right, thanks, R. Let’s see, I’m gonna get my screen set up I think you need to give me

R Blank 3:04
Yeah, you are now empowered Kathy.

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Cathy Cooke 3:07
Fantastic. Thank you very much. Actually, I want to go back here and do this. Okay, let me get this all squared away here. Okay, so, um, as I said, my name is Kathy and super excited to be here with everyone today to talk about my favorite topic, which is sleep. So for those of you that don’t know me, I’ll just introduce myself quickly so you know who I am and why I’m presenting this topic to you today. So as are said, I’m Cathy Cook, and I’m a board certified holistic nutritionist, and a certified building biology environmental consultant, and a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist with the building Biology Institute. So in my practice, as a building biologist, I assess buildings for anything that could be causing health problems. So this could include indoor air quality, mold, chemical off gassing ventilation, combustible gas products, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, radon, and, of course, EMF exposure. So I’ve combined holistic nutrition and building biology to address both the body and the environment to help my clients achieve optimal health. So I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, but I currently live in Boise, Idaho. And if you’d like to learn more about my work, you can check out my website, which is on the screen here whole home and body health.com. And so for anybody that’s not familiar with building biology. I also strongly recommend that you check out their work at the building biology institute.org Because they’ve got a just a ton of resources over there. And I find their entire website to be really helpful and full of information. Okay, so let’s jump into our very important topic today, sleep and how EMFs may be impacting you. So I am extremely passionate about this topic because it was sleep, or rather lack thereof, that shaped my entire career and really my entire life. So as a child and young adult, I actually slept very well. So good. In fact that many people, I had some kind of illness thought that I had some kind of illness because I slept pretty much all the time. And I was actually diagnosed with narcolepsy in my 20s. That diagnosis got removed since then, but in short, I could sleep anywhere, anytime. As much as I wanted, as long as I wanted, like it was, it was no problem for me. But then at the age of 30, everything changed. And I suddenly began to have very severe insomnia. So it was this huge switch, a 180 degree switch. And when I say severe, I mean, I could go for days without sleeping at all. Some nights, I might sleep for an hour or two, and some nights, not at all, I mean, literally not even a minute. And if you know what it’s like to not sleep for days, then you know how devastating this can be. So poor sleep affects every single part of your life, from how you feel to how you perform at work, to your relationships to how you eat, how you exercise, your mood, I mean, literally everything. And let me tell you, when I wasn’t sleeping, well, all of those things were greatly impacted. And I know that it is really no way to live. So when all this started, I was living in Alaska, and I was working for the Red Cross. And really, I was living my dream, both living in Alaska and doing such important work like disaster relief, and helping other people learn life saving skills like CPR and first aid. I was really loving my life. My work was more than satisfying. Alaska was just beyond amazing. I had great friends, a really strong community in just so much going for me. I just completed my EMT training, and I had plans to become a paramedic. Like what more could I want. But then, I started to feel awful every day because I wasn’t sleeping. And I couldn’t very well try to save someone’s life when my own mental faculties were severely challenged due to poor sleep. So even though I was living the dream, I felt awful. And you know, it clearly that it just was no way to live. So when this all began, I started to research. And I read everything I could get my hands on, when it came to sleep. And after many months of thinking, it would just go away, it only got worse.

And to be honest, in those first few years, I didn’t come up with much that actually helped me. The standard medical system didn’t have much to offer here. I tried every natural sleep aid that exists. I did all the things you hear about chamomile tea, warm milk before bed, a warm bath, physically exhausting myself, you know, all of these things, but none of them worked. None of them really did anything for me. And so this went on for years. And with each passing day, the more and more determined, I became to find answers. I could not live like that, eventually, a full nine years after this started, I decided to enroll in a holistic nutrition program, because I knew I was going to have to get to the deep biochemistry level of how the body functions in order to figure this out. And so I went all in. And I learned a ton about how the body works. It was it was it was a great move. And you know, I love my work as a nutritionist. So eventually, I had everything dialed in with everything I had learned and I had the best diet in the world. I balanced my blood sugar, I was at loads of antioxidants. I was meditating regularly exercising every day, I was doing all the things. Yes, still, I was not sleeping like I should have been. So I did make a lot of improvements during this time. But there was still nights when I didn’t sleep at all. And you know, that was unacceptable to me. And clearly there were things that I was missing. So fast few would have fast forward a few years. And I finally started to take notice of the topic of EMS, which had kept coming up in my research. So after a long period of denial, I finally decided to pay attention. And then one day in 2015 I decided to put this to the test. I did an experiment where I decided to My phone turned off and put in a drawer for a full week, and I unplugged my Wi Fi. And let me tell you, the results were nothing short of miraculous. Not only did my sleep immediately improve, but so did my anxiety, my tinnitus, tinnitus or tinnitus, I say tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears, my irritability and a few other lingering symptoms that I just couldn’t make any improvement on. So that my friends is how I became a holistic nutritionist, building biologist and a sleep expert with a background in nonprofit management and emergency medicine. So it’s like that old saying, I didn’t choose this job, it chose me. And that’s, you know, very true, very true for my situation. Okay, so maybe now you’re asking how exactly are EMFs related to sleep that? Well, what we know through the work of some very talented researchers is that there are several mechanisms by which sleep can be impacted, impacted by human made frequencies. One of the primary ways that EMFs affect your biology is through oxidative stress. So I encourage you to look up the work of Dr. Martin Paul, if you want to dive deeper into the science here. Dr. Paul is one of the foremost researchers regarding EMFs and how it affects you on a cellular level. The basic premise is this increased intracellular calcium ions can act to stimulate nitric oxide synthesis. This leads to the creation of peroxy nitrite, which leads to free radicals and ultimately oxidative stress. So, to put it maybe more simply, you know, all of our cells are supposed to have adequate calcium on the outside, but only a small amount on the inside and that is controlled by voltage gate. And when we come into contact with human made EMFs, those voltage gates are interrupted and they’re artificially opened, allowing for a bunch of calcium to get inside the cell. And from that, we get oxidative stress. So, in addition to this pro oxidant activity, other researchers like Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Martin Blanc, Dr. Reba Goodman, among others have made some astonishing discoveries about how EMS heighten the body’s stress response. And we all know how devastating chronic stress can be and how that directly can impact our sleep. And we also have evidence that EMFs can weaken the blood brain barrier. So given these mechanisms caused by EMFs, what kind of biological responses can we expect?

So here’s just a few single strand DNA breaks, double strand DNA breaks, breakdown of the blood brain barrier, like I just mentioned, male and female infertility, numerous cognitive issues, mood disturbances, sleep disruption, cardiovascular events, and the list goes on. So studies have shown that the increase in both calcium ions and nitric oxide can happen get this everybody, it can happen in less than five seconds. Right? So take a second to think about how long you actually spend on your phone every day. Is it more than five seconds? For most of us, it probably is. I know we have a very educated audience here. So for some of you, you might not use a cell phone, which is amazing. But most people are definitely on their phone for longer than five seconds a day. So really, we all need to know that this constant exposure to non native EMFs can cause a host of issues and for many of my clients disturbed sleep is it’s really the most common symptom. So studies have shown that even very weak EMF exposure can disrupt melatonin production. And you can find these studies online you can look them up on PubMed. You EMFs are widely known to cause nervous system disruption making it more difficult for you to relax and unwind at night. EMFs can also increase anxiety and irritability which directly affect sleep quality. I also have numerous clients that experience headaches, heart palpitations, and musculoskeletal issues from EMF exposure. Clearly these will affect your ability to sleep well. And really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. So you can see how important it is to reduce your EMF exposure if you want to get the best sleep possible. Okay, so now the question is, of course, how do you do that? So I realized that you know, many people on the call today A probably are already familiar with the four main fields, the slide that we have here, but everyone might not be. And it’s a good idea to do a quick review anyway, because these can get very complicated. So there’s four main fields that we’re worried about with EMF exposure, and that’s electric fields, magnetic fields, radio frequency, and dirty electricity. So author, also worth noting are the peripheral fields of static electricity and blue light. We’re not going to get into those too much in this webinar, because it’s a whole nother thing. But we will go over each of the four main fields in depth. So they all need to be addressed. And they each come from different sources, and have their own mitigation strategies. So you can’t just unplug your Wi Fi and turn your phone off and call it good and think you’re done. There’s so much more to it. Those are just the two of the obvious things that a lot of people do, which is great. But let’s be honest, for a second, how many of us are actually doing that? A lot of you probably are. But I know a lot of people that feel like they can’t do that for some reason, or they just haven’t made the step yet. So I know that there’s a lot of us with some room for improvement. So if you truly want to get great sleep, you have to take things a bit further, when I’m doing a home assessment, I can spend up to two hours in a bedroom alone, because it can really get this complicated. But there are some really big steps you can take right away to get you most of the way there. So I want to walk everybody through these steps right now. All right, so we’re going to start with radio frequency. And so I already mentioned the two big ones, which is turning off your Wi Fi and your cell phones. So that’s the absolute minimum that you should be doing. If you’re not already doing it, I’m going to kick you off this webinar until you get that done. I’m kidding, of course. But really, it’s so critical that you take these two steps it I mean, we’re going to talk about a lot here today. But these are the two biggest things that you can do immediately, at least unplug your Wi Fi at night and keep your phone out of your bedroom, preferably off. So the best approach to this is to hardwire your internet. So you don’t really even have to worry about the Wi Fi, which this means you don’t even have Wi Fi you just have internet through a hardwired connection. And you’re done. And you don’t have to worry about it. And anybody can do it. And I do it. I’m hardwired right now. And I’m coming to you live. It’s easy, and it can be done. So what other radio frequency devices might you have inside your home besides just your Wi Fi and your cell phone.

You could have cordless phones, smart meter, wireless earbuds, smart speakers, really anything with Bluetooth, fitness trackers, a wireless mouse and keyboard, baby monitor, appliances, tv, gaming system, pillows, tampons, thermostats, literally any electronic device these days can be enabled with radiofrequency and I’m telling you that you would not believe some of the things that I find in my clients homes. And often they have no idea that these items even have radiofrequency on them. So, manufacturers are putting Bluetooth or Wi Fi capability on almost any device they can. I’ve seen them on diapers, mirrors, pacifiers, bras, cribs, pepper, spray stuffed animals, I’m telling you guys, I could go on and on, it’s amazing. So the key with all of these devices is pretty simple. Don’t use them. Every single item that I just listed can be purchased. Without this technology, it may be a little, you have to do a little digging sometimes to find some of the larger appliances, but you can. And of course your health is definitely worth it. So if some of these items are present in your living space, but are beyond your control, which I realized can happen, then I would encourage you to book a consultation with someone like me or someone you know, in your area that can help you shield them or figure out how to minimize their impact. Because even though they may be in your living space, there is a lot you can do to minimize their their effect. And of course, I would encourage you to purchase a good radio frequency meter so that you can identify all the items that might be in your home, you know, items that you’re not even aware of. So my favorite meter is the safe and sound Pro two. I have this listed on my website with a discount code if you want to check that out. And I’ve got some other meters on there as well. So, now that we’ve gotten some of the obvious items tackled, let’s talk about the other three EMFs that a lot of people don’t even know exist or feel. Maybe a little too novice to really tackle Okay, so first we have the electric fields. And you will find these in your bedroom or anywhere that you have something plugged in. And anywhere really that that wires run through your walls. So this is the sheer consequence of having electricity in our homes and wires through our walls. So some of us think that the electricity just kind of stays on the wire. But that’s not actually true, it kind of rides along the wire, and it makes this big field around it. And sometimes it can come out into your living space about eight feet. So I know it seems normal that we do this, but it’s actually not, it’s not normal at all. So remember that electricity is really only about 100 years old or so. And it’s not normal for our bodies to live next to electrified chords, we didn’t evolve this way. And a good percentage of the world still does not live this way. So it’s common for us in the Western world. And it seems normal, because that’s all most of us have ever known. But it’s not natural to how we evolved, or how we’ve lived for millennia. So unplugging everything in your bedroom, is a really good start. Okay, so no lamps plugged in next to the bed, no power cords going underneath the bed, I see that all the time people running, you know, extension cords and things under the bed to get more things plugged in, just imagine you’ve got a big field on that cord. So nothing plugged in around the bed, preferably nothing plugged in, in the bedroom itself. Now, if you want to take it a step further, I recommend turning the breakers off at night. My bedroom breaker is permanently off, I don’t need any electronics in the bedroom. So I just leave it off permanently. And it’s that easy. Now, if you do need to have some electricity in your bedroom, and you want to turn the breaker off at night, this can get a little tricky, because sometimes turning the breaker off can actually increase the fields due to a cancellation effect. So you really must verify this with the meter first, and I see this regularly, I was doing an assessment yesterday. And this exact thing happened, we turned the breaker off to the master bedroom and the field went up. And the homeowners were like I don’t understand. And so what’s happening here is when two circuits are next to each other, so there’s a bathroom on a different circuit right next to it.

And there was the living room underneath. So all that wiring is in close proximity to each other. And they may be going they may be flowing in opposite directions. And when that happens, and they’re both charged, they’re going to help to cancel each other out with those electrons. So when you turn one off, and you get that cancellation effect to go away, then your numbers can go up. So that’s why it’s really important for you to have a meter to verify this first, because a lot of people just flip it off, because that’s what they’ve been told. But you got to verify. So a good electric field meter or a body voltage meter can help with this situation so that you know for sure that your levels are going down. Or it can help you to identify which other breakers you need to turn off to. So you might have to turn off the bedroom breaker along with the hallway or the bathroom or the garage or whatever it might be. Okay, so once you’ve tested that and you’ve established which breakers to turn off, you can install a kill switch to make it really convenient. This is a box that an electrician installs at your breaker panel, and then you’ve got a remote so you hit a button and you just disengage the breakers from that remote and it’s really convenient. So I don’t recommend flipping your breakers on and off every day is that can create a safety hazard over time. So we don’t typically recommend that. But these kill switches are make it very convenient. Or just keep it off permanently if that’s an option for you. Okay, so I also want to encourage you to pay attention to the electric field you’re exposed to during the day. So even though you’re creating a lovely low EMF sleeping environment, those accumulations during the day will add up and cause disrupted sleep even if your sleeping environment is clean. So you need to pay attention to where you’re spending time during the day as well. And for many of us were getting the highest exposures at our work or office environment. So we did it actually an entire webinar on how to reduce your fields in your office, which I would strongly encourage you to watch especially if you’re spending lots of time on a computer. It’s posted on the shield your body YouTube channel, so I would recommend that you go check Get out if you haven’t seen it already. It’s a really good webinar packed with tons of great information. So I’d strongly recommend that. Okay, so you know, just trust me, all of these fields can really dramatically impact your sleep, you might feel like a big task right now. But really, once you do it, I mean, I just can’t tell you how worth it it is to just do it. Alright, so now let us move on to the magnetic fields. So Admittedly, this one can get a bit complicated, as magnetic fields can be a little bit elusive, and sometimes difficult to track down. So you definitely need a meter for this one, otherwise, you have no idea if they exist in your home or not. So some of the common sources of magnetic fields come from could be overhead power lines, or buried power lines. It could be wiring errors throughout your house, it could be current on your water pipes can be current on your gas pipe or your cable line, or from point sources like appliances. Like, you know, I often find them on refrigerators, things like blenders hair dryers, electronic toothbrushes, electronic shavers, things like that. So like I said, there’s no way to know whether you have magnetic fields from your power lines, or on your water gas line, or any point source without testing it with a meter. So this is why a professional assessment is really important. Or getting your own meter to test. You can however, limit your exposure from point sources, even without testing. So for example, I don’t ever want you to place a Bed Chair couch or something like that, on the other side of a wall, where a large appliance or a breaker panel is, so you want to get several feet away from a point source like this. Actually, just last week, I did an assessment for a physician, friend of mine, who had a refrigerator in the couch, where he spent a lot of time was on the opposite wall, the refrigerator, and we were getting huge magnetic fields on the couch, where you know, he would nap sometimes and work sometimes. And so, you know, just moving the couch away on to the other wall was preferable or away from the wall, a couple of feet will help a lot. So really make sure that your bed, you know, anywhere you spend time is not on the other side of a large appliance like that.

Okay, this also is true for digital alarm clocks. So I know that that might be hard to believe that such a tiny little small in you know, simple device could be dangerous. But actually, these small digital alarm clocks have some of the highest magnetic fields I measure. So if you have to have one, I suggest you put it on the other side of the room, even better get a battery powered clock, you can actually use the alarm on your phone, as long as the phone is in airplane mode with Wi Fi off and Bluetooth off as well. Okay, I also suggest limiting your exposure to things like electronic razors and toothbrushes. Now, mind you, the amount of time that you’re using them is minimal. So it’s not a huge deal. But if you’re sensitive, and you have a non electric option, then why wouldn’t you just use the safer version. And just like with electric fields, remember to keep wires and other devices at a distance from you. So many cords or plugs can have transformers. And the like your computer charger, for example, in these transformers can have really high magnetic fields. So you got to keep them away from your body. If you’re going to you know, charge your phone, charge it in another room, you don’t need to hold your phone while it’s charging, right, you don’t need to have it next to your body. So again, do your best to keep electronics of any kind out of the bedroom. Right. So if you do have a meter, and you find that you have high magnetic fields from sources that you can’t identify or control, then you really need to have an assessment with a building biologist so that they can help you solve the issue. It can get pretty complicated. But you know if if this does exist for you, you really want to invest in solving the problem. So you don’t want to spend 24 hours a day bathing in these magnetic fields. Okay, so now let’s go to dirty electricity, or D for short. So D is an altered sine wave. And that happens on your home’s electrical wires from different electronic sources. And you can get an altered sine wave so the sine wave is like you’re in the US 50 or 60 Hertz in Europe. 50 hertz, so it’s that cycle or electricity comes in 60 cycles a second up and down really fast. And when that sine wave gets altered, you get this dirty Electricity, which also can come out from your wires from the wires in your walls about eight feet. So, you can have this D from the grid itself, you can have it from your neighbors and your neighbor that you share a transformer with, or from your own devices that are inside your home. So, common sources include LED light bulbs, computer chargers, phone chargers, solar panels, full power amps, energy efficient appliances, like furnaces, or mini splits, TVs, internet routers, all kinds of electronic devices. So again, just like with magnetic fields, you really have no idea if you have elevated levels in your home or not unless you test. But there are some decent dirty electricity meters on the market, like the gram Stetzer meter greenwave meter, which are both about $130 or so. And that will enable you to test your wires and see what’s going on. Regardless, if you test your di or not, there are still some excellent things you can do to reduce your exposure. Now, if you’re going to turn your breakers off at night, like we already discussed, that’s a great first step, it should eliminate most of the dirty electricity that that’s on the wires for those circuits that you turn off. So again, another plug for turning your breakers off at night. Now, if you can’t do that, if you can’t do that yet, because I ultimately really want you to then start by again unplugging everything in your bedroom, every like everything in the bedroom, because even if you’ve got something plugged in on the other side of the room, it’s still going to impact all the wires. So it doesn’t just the dirty electricity isn’t isolated to that source, it’s going to get on all your wires and impact you way on the other side of the room too. So if there are some imply appliances that you really must have, I still want you to keep them as far away from the bed as possible. But if you can get battery powered versions, definitely do. So there’s there’s most things you can get battery powered these days. So if that’s an option for you definitely do it. Okay, ultimately, it is a really good idea to test.

And I’ve got actually a really good tip for you now that I’m thinking about it, if you don’t have a meter, you don’t have an oscilloscope, like this picture here on this slide is my oscilloscope that I use, if you don’t have one of these, you don’t have a gram Stetzer or greenwave meter, you can use an am radio. And it is a really awesome tool to have, you can pick up a small handheld ham radio for 2025 bucks. And what you do is you tune it down to 520, the lowest am radio station and you listen for static. And you’re going to hear just a normal a you know radio static. And as you move it around the room, or wherever you are, as you get close to a source, you’re going to hear that static go crazy. So it’s a really good way to identify where that dirty electricity may be in your room. I do have a video on that on my YouTube channel too, if anybody wants to watch that, but it’s pretty easy. Just listen to the static changes, and you’ll hear it because it’s pretty obvious and then you’ll know where the dirty electricity is. Okay, so the same principle applies here as it does for the other fields and distance is your friend. Okay. So dirty electricity can come from point sources even though it’s all in all your wires, it can be more concentrated on some of these points sources like you know, the refrigerators or the the charging cords, etc. So make sure that there’s a you know, a big distance between where you spend time in all of these sources. If you need to move your bed to the other side of the wall, or even a foot or two out from the wall, I definitely encourage that my bed even though my breakers are off, my bed is still about two feet from the wall kind of in the middle of the room. Because I couldn’t eliminate my field as much as I wanted for various complex reason reasons where I live. So my bed is actually away from the wall and it’s fine. It’s not a big deal. Um, okay, so another thing when you’re sleeping, make sure that you don’t have any lights on inside the house. So I know that people like to keep a light on maybe outside or in a room for a nightlight. But these lights can create field. If they’re incandescent bulbs, it’s probably okay. But it’s still not great for sleeping because you’re going to get that blue light. So I encourage you to do that. orange light bulbs to block the blue light, or they’ve got some great battery powered night lights, I would suggest those for sure. Okay, so all of that to say, you know, in short, you, you want to power down as much as possible at night with all of these fields, right? We don’t, we don’t really need electricity going when we’re sleeping. Okay, so these are just the initial steps that you can anybody can do right away to reduce your exposure while you’re sleeping. Now, I do realize that in some cases, you may have elevations that are beyond your control. Like, you know, maybe you live in an apartment building, or in a townhouse and you’ve got a neighbor’s Wi Fi close by, or you live near a cell tower, or you live with people that won’t accommodate the changes that you’d like to make. I totally recognize these are all valid issues. So in these circumstances, you may want to explore some shielding options like a bed canopy, maybe painting, if it’s done well, you can use metal screen like on the Windows, you can use shielding fabric or a number of other tools to at least protect your bedroom. So again, these shielding practices can get a little tricky. So if you want to explore those, I definitely suggest you reach out to a building biologist, book a consult with me, or you know, somebody that so that we can help walk you through this and how to do it appropriately to get you the best protection.

Um, Okey dokey. So this is a lot of information that I kind of just threw at you guys. And so I you know, it may be a lot for some of you to get started on. There’s definitely a lot more that you could do. But I don’t want to overwhelm anybody if you’re not already. So once you get some of these steps dialed in, then you can take it to the next level. And if you’re already there, and you’re ready for the next level, you want to jump in more, I suggest that you check out some of the articles on the shield your body website, you can check out some of mine. And I’ve got many dozens of videos on my YouTube channel about all this stuff and how it works. And then, you know, we did creating a sleeping sanctuary webinar a while back, which goes a little bit deeper into some of these concepts, which you can also find on the YouTube channel, it shields your body if you want to go a little bit deeper. Okey dokey. So I hope that you took lots of notes, and you have some action steps and you’re ready to make some of the steps in your own bedrooms. But I also want to be very clear here that mitigating your EMF exposure is not the only thing you have to do to get good sleep. You know, there’s, there’s a lot to sleep. And remember, I had to completely overhaul my diet, my physical routine, my nervous system. And actually, I had to address a bunch of other stuff as well. Now mitigating my EMF exposure was just one piece of it for me. And it was huge. And while I did experience better sleep right away, I had a lot of other work to do before I can get to the place where I am today, which is getting great sleep night after night. So throughout my years of research, I learned I had actually numerous infections I had to address, I had to get a handle on my circadian rhythm. I had some brain inflammation from previous concussions that needed addressing, I had been exposed to moles. And while my diet was great, that was actually not a good diet. For me personally, I was doing a lot wrong. So I had to keep fine tuning and treating myself until I got my body back into balance. So it was a lot of work. But I was committed. And I knew there were answers out there. And I deserved to live my healthy, abundant life just like everybody here does. So the interesting and also sad thing that I’ve noticed is that my story is not uncommon. In my practice, actually, I’m seeing more and more people with sleep disorders than ever before. You know, our fast paced Ultra connected world is just not conducive for rest and good sleep. So that is the background for a really special announcement that we have for everybody on the call tonight. So to make that announcement, I’m actually going to hand it back to our

R Blank 39:41
Thank you Kathy, doing the stuff here that I need to do. Thank you. Great presentation as always, and there was a question in the chat about whether a recording will be made available. The answer is yes, it will be posted to our website. add to our YouTube channel by tomorrow. But the special announcement that we have for everyone here only applies to the people who are attending live. So as Kathy just hinted, we have a special announcement for everyone here tonight. And that is that s YB is proud to have teamed up with Kathy, to bring you the sleep easy method. This is si B’s first online course, Kathy created the sleepeezee method covering everything she learned and did over the course of her 15 plus year personal journey to create consistent good quality sleep night after night. Kathy has seen firsthand through her consulting how this method can totally transform people’s lives. Sleep is everything we all know when you don’t sleep well, you just don’t have a good quality of life. So what does this consists of over five and a half hours of videos, more than 20 pdf guides and handouts, eight bonus expert interviews over a dozen blood sugar balancing and gut healing recipes. This program has everything you need to know on how to reset your body back into a state of health so you can finally get the sleep that you deserve. This course has eight modules, which covers everything from EMF to circadian rhythm entrainment to learning about your optimal diet, to managing your stress, to good sleep hygiene to balancing your hormones, and so much more. Kathy has put her life’s work into this program. And we’re excited to be working together to give access to so many people to help you achieve the quality of life that you’ve been seeking. Maybe you want to perform better at work, maybe you want to get back into shape. Maybe you want healthier relationships, maybe you just want to feel normal again, this program really has it all, Kathy and I want as many people as possible to get their hands on this information in one place so that you don’t have to spend over 20 years wading through all the conflicting and bogus information out there, like Kathy did, this program is 100% science based and quite simply gets results. The value of this course is well over $3,000. We’ve seen other courses price to $5,000 and even higher, and they don’t have all the great information that Kathy has put into the sleepeezee method, Kathy and I knew that if we priced it at what it’s worth, not enough people would have access to the information. We know that $3,000 is a lot of money, especially with how much we’re all spending on basics these days, like gas and produce, even for information that’s as important and essential to the quality of your life as the sleepeezee method. So we talked about making it available for just $500 which is more than fair for all the value in the course, and the results you’ll see. But again, with everything going on in the world right now, Kathy and I wanted to give more people access to this vital information. So we decided to make this intensive workshop available for just 299. I mean, that’s an incredible value. Because it includes eight modules over five and a half hours of video lessons 20 over 20, PDF handouts and articles, Kathy’s personal recipe book, all of this coming from a certified building biologist and certified EMF expert, which you can experience from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule, with one full year of access. But wait, as they say there’s more because tonight only for those of you in attendance on this webinar. And I want to underscore this deal is only for the people attending this webinar. We’re making the sleep easy method available for just $99. And remember, we’re offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the amazing information you’re getting, just contact us for a complete refund. Nothing to return, no hassle. So remember, this is for tonight only you can get Kathy Cook’s amazing sleep easy method for just $99 you want to visit the URL you see on the screen, that shield your body.com/sleep Easy. And then enter the coupon code sleep well at checkout. And again, remember this this expires at midnight tonight Pacific time. So to get the best sleep in years act now. And so with that we have time to get into QA Q and A question and answer. Let me just give me one second here to get things set up. And

okay, we have a few questions for those of you who haven’t seen it. There’s a q&a pod. And so you just have to click q&a and it’ll bring it up for you. And then you can post your questions. So we’ll start here and I have part of the sort of this one already ready. But Kathy, I’m gonna ask you to take the other part. So Lee’s Beth sense greetings everyone as a Belgian living in Southern Wales within our home and knowing that EMF are damaging to the health of humans does do radiation levels also impact plants? And, and even the foods in our cupboards? So in turn, I mean the answer in terms of plants, and this is where I’ll get started Kathy, and then hand it over to you. The answer, in terms of the plants is yes, there’s a lot of science on that. And it’s actually impacts, plants, animals, insects, there’s a tremendous amount of science on this. And we have a blog post, which I’m going to put in here into the chat pod for everybody, but it’s shield your body.com/emf-plants. And that covers some of the bigger studies on this question. Now, when it comes to food in the cupboards Kathy, that’s where I am drawing a blank.

Cathy Cooke 46:05
Yeah, well, you know, um, I think it probably does. So there’s not a lot of really good research to make concrete conclusions on this, because there’s just no funding for it. But there’s been, you know, plenty of just kind of anecdotal research about, you know, somebody puts a bread piece of bread next to the Wi Fi router in one, you know, in another location that’s, you know, far from any sources and the piece of bread next, though, router will get really moldy really fast, you know, I mean, much faster than the control piece, etc. So, I don’t see any reason why it would not. I mean, it makes sense if it’s affecting all of us on a cellular level, if it’s affecting, I mean, a lot of our foods plants, right, and I’ll or it’s or our food is animals, and, of course, both animals and plants. So it certainly makes sense to me. You know, it’s not generally living, we’ve picked it or killed it, or whatever it is that we have. So that’s a little bit different. But you know, there’s a lot of bacteria on our foods. That’s where food goes bad. There’s mold and bacteria just naturally occurring. And we do know that EMS will aggravate mold and bacteria. So it makes perfect sense to me that it will affect our food as well.

R Blank 47:28
Yeah, and the one thing I’ll add to that, and I don’t have any of the studies handy, is that I know that there is research into the impact that microwave ovens has on to the molecular structure of the food that we cook in microwave ovens. Now, that’s a much higher power level of EMF than what we’re talking about here with ambient, but it is it is non ionizing EMF exposure.

Cathy Cooke 47:49
Well, you bring up a good point there, though. It is higher level. But you know, now we’ve got smart refrigerators and smart ovens. And I mean, we’re bringing that power to our food source closer and closer to our food sources. Anyway. So

R Blank 48:07
yeah. Okay, so next, we have anonymous attendee who asks, What happened? So Kathy, answer this however you see fit? What happens over time, if one sleeps night after night, and their bedroom that has a big fridge, stove circuit breaker or other related directly on the other side of that same wall?

Cathy Cooke 48:28
Yeah, well, so um, we don’t know, because it affects every single person differently. You know, it’s like smoking, one person could smoke two packs a day, every day of their life, and be perfectly fine and live to, you know, an old age where another person can do the exact same thing and die very young from lung cancer. So it’s a similar thing here. We don’t know how a specific person is going to react to this exposure. But, um, on the worst case scenario, I mean, you know, there, there is plenty of research showing that magnetic fields, you know, that’s what I would be concerned about here, magnetic and electric fields, that over time, a large exposure can lead to some of the things that we mentioned DNA breaks, you know, which could lead to things like cancers, you know, cognitive decline. So we’re looking at things like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, blood disorders, like lymphomas, I mean that, you know, I’m not trying to scare anybody, you know, and that by no means, does that mean that that’s going to happen to somebody, but there are increased possibilities of that happening happening with long term exposure.

R Blank 49:48
Thank you. Another anonymous attendee asks, What if the Wi Fi router is not in your condo or apartment, and so you cannot turn Send it off. Is there a mitigation strategy?

Cathy Cooke 50:03
Yeah, so um, so I’m going to assume that, you know, you’re let’s say you’re in a condo with four individual units and the routers in the middle, or you all share it or something. That is a challenging situation. So there’s a few things that you can try. One is if if this is a small enough community, you can have a conversation with the people that use that router and talk about maybe getting something like a low EMF router, which would be like the JRS eco router, I do have a link to that on my website, if anybody wants to check that out. But that router, pulses with about 90% less frequency. So you still get your signals, everybody would still get their signal, but it’s not as harmful on a biological level. So that is one thing that you could try. Another thing is if you have access to that router, you could get an Ethernet cord to it and then get that Ethernet cord to your device. And that actually will help dramatically because remember, this is all about distance. So if you’re if if you’re just using Wi Fi, because you have the Wi Fi router, and you’re like, well, there’s no point in hard wiring, I would disagree with that you still want to hardwire your device because you’re getting the radiofrequency coming out of your device and the router. So if you’re able to get an Ethernet cord to that router and plugging your devices, that would be hugely helpful. And then the last thing that you might be able to do is shield a wall or something where you know, to where the router may be penetrating your living space. Now, I can’t give real specific recommendations on this without testing it. I do again have a video on this. I was at a client’s home who was in a townhouse. And she was on the corner unit. In her name her she shared a wall with her neighbor where she was getting a lot of penetration from the router. And we used a aluminum vapor barrier to shield her entire wall to block that radiofrequency from coming into her unit. So that may also be a solution. But again, that gets a little bit tricky with without testing. But all three of those things could help a lot.

R Blank 52:31
Thank you. Okay. Marnie asks, Have you ever found a relationship between restless leg syndrome and EMF, her Arla, she reports that her RLS feels like electricity gone crazy.

Cathy Cooke 52:47
Yeah, Marnie? That’s a great question. I, I have not found very direct research studies on this topic, but I have thought about it a lot. Because I have felt the same way. I when I before I mitigated my EMF exposure, I thought I had RLS you know, my mom has it, I thought, Oh, I got it too. But when I mitigated I’ve, I haven’t really ever felt that again. It’s it’s also RLS can largely be mineral imbalance, you know, iron, calcium, you heavy metals that can make us react with that feeling. And when we’ve got heavy metals in our body, then they are going to react more strongly to the EMFs. So again, this is a situation where, who’s going to fund a study on the I mean, I wish that there was a lot of money to fund this kind of research. But unfortunately, there isn’t always so we don’t have a lot of, you know, double blind, placebo controlled whatever blind studies on it. I didn’t say that. Right. But I personally feel very strongly that there is a very direct connection between the two. So yeah, if you’re able to reduce your exposure, I would be very interested to see if that helps you.

R Blank 54:20
Thank you. Okay, I did not read. Okay, so another anonymous question. If we have a few laptops in our bedroom that we put that we put it all on sleep setting before we go to bed every night. And we leave them charging directly in outlets, four feet from our feet and five feet from our head is sleep setting with outlets that that far away have little to no effect on our bodies while sleeping. So they’re asking what I gather is four and five feet of sufficient distance to mitigate impact.

Cathy Cooke 54:55
They’re charging. Well,

R Blank 54:59
we have While laptops plugged in, yes, charging directly outlets, or at

Cathy Cooke 55:03
four to five feet is typically a pretty good distance. You know, most things will drop off within a couple of feet, but not everything. I mean, I’ve got, I don’t mean to be like be plugging my YouTube channel. But I’ve got so many videos on this, I did a video recently on a space heater that went like almost eight feet, I was getting fields from it really far, that’s an anomaly. It’s not usually like that, usually four to five feet away, is okay, I would prefer a bigger distance. But the problem with this is that it’s charging. And so the charging very well could be putting dirty electricity on your power lines. And then those the wiring in your walls that can go out about eight feet. So it’d be cool if you could charge them. unplugging them, I mean, you know, if you could charge them say, say you power down an hour or two before bed, charge them then and then unplug it before you go to bed. That would be the better thing.

R Blank 56:09
Thank you. Not sure I fully understand this question. But Alexandra asks, is it good enough to have lamps plugged into a strip? I can turn off?

Cathy Cooke 56:22
Yeah, yeah, I know what she’s saying. Yeah, it’s good. So um, so you have a power strip, and then you got your lamp plugged into the power strip, and then you just hit the power strip off. So I recommend that a lot for people, it generally will completely take care of that electric field. However, I have seen one or two weird circumstances where it didn’t work. I don’t know why I’m assuming there was something wrong with the power strip. So you know if that could happen, generally, yes, that is a very good behavior. But it’s always worth checking just to make sure.

R Blank 57:03
Thank you. Okay, so anonymous asks, Does the shielding canopy and I assume the questions about the s YB canopy, because no other brand is is specified? Does the s YB bed canopy over the bed work for all types of EMF or just RF frequencies? So the answer to that is the laboratory testing that we have on the canopy? Is that is on RF frequencies. And actually, just before I finished answering this question, I’ll just post this link just to make sure everyone knows where they can see our our test data, which is here, and I’ll put it in the chat pod. But if you just go to our website, shield, your body.com. And on the testing menu, you click laboratory test results, you’ll see the test results for all of our all of our products. Now, the reason the the answer to that question is a little bit more involved is Kathy is actually going to be performing testing on this because we have not in not in a laboratory but outside of a laboratory, we have results with consumer grade meters that indicate it might be protective against magnetic fields. But in order to get a more definitive answer on that, once Kathy is done with some upcoming travels, the plan is for her to actually look into that question in more detail. But the bait the the clean answer to that question is the laboratory testing data that we have on the canopy is just for our frequencies? Kathy, is there anything you’d like to add there? Um,

Cathy Cooke 58:41
no, that I mean, well, yeah, I guess I’m talking. So that means there must be. So this is the main thing and you know, there there it does get really complicated with electric fields for shielding that it can but it has to be done properly. So grounding or you know, getting rid of the electric field source from turning off breakers, etc. So it does have multiple benefits to it. But right radio frequency is the main thing.

R Blank 59:10
Thank you. Okay. Ah, okay. So I think the thing to do here, Kathy is I’ll find him the link on the building Biology Institute. But give me a second here while I pull this up. So Nathan lives in a small 1974 home in Florida. Before he invests in the sleep easy method. He desperately needs a building biologist to find and fix issues. Kathy, do you recommend anyone in Florida and how much can Nathan expect to pay? Yeah,

Cathy Cooke 59:47
so I’m there. I have a couple of colleagues in Florida. It depends on where in the state that you are. Um, and yeah. Okay, so you’re putting the link in there to find the building. Biology find an expert.

R Blank 1:00:01
Yeah. Should I do a BBC or EMRs? Yes. EMRs? Yeah.

Cathy Cooke 1:00:08
Well do BBC because that includes mmm says

R Blank 1:00:11
north of Tampa. Ah,

Cathy Cooke 1:00:15
man, I was just, I was just gonna I was so close to coming there next month. It didn’t it didn’t turn out.

R Blank 1:00:23
Nathan, I just posted a link in the chat pod that has a list of building biology, environmental consultants. And their locations.

Cathy Cooke 1:00:34
Yeah, yeah. And, and as far as how much you’re gonna pay? Boy, it’s all over the board. I mean, some I would say on the low end, about $100 an hour on the high end. Depending you say a small home on the high end 1500 to 2000 just for a couple of hours. They are there. Everybody charges wildly differently. Unfortunately. So it depends on you know, the experience that you get with the building biologist, you know, more some people are more experienced than others, etc. So, and we do you know, we travel, I mean, there, there is going to be people around that you could also pay for travel expenses to get to you. So, yeah, there’s definitely we could find someone for you.

R Blank 1:01:29
Excellent. Thank you, Catherine. Thank you, Nathan. Okay. Oh, okay. So another anonymous thoughts about temperature of room ideal total sleep time, how to reset circadian rhythms, use of sound machines or music? Now, that’s obviously a broad question, Kathy. So you don’t have to go into detail on everything. But let’s start with temperature of room and total sleep time.

Cathy Cooke 1:01:55
Yeah, so all of these things actually get into in the course, with with a lot more depth, but, you know, temperature is going to be different. It’s temperature, sleep time, going to be different for each person. But generally, you want the room cold. And, you know, I mean, ideal sleep time is very, very person dependent. So, you know, typically, that’s somewhere between seven to nine hours, how to reset your circadian rhythm. I mean, I’ve got an entire module on this, inside the course. And it is, again, something that, you know, is kind of dependent on your habits, and where you live. But you know, you want to get into rhythm with the Earth’s own rhythm. Right. So you want to think like the earth think like the sun? Yeah, I would suggest I mean, like I said, the program, Scott, just some really good content around that. And then the use of sound machines or music. Again, person dependent. I prefer quiet. I prefer that people get used to I wear earplugs. It’s weird for us, but I prefer people do that. So that you don’t become reliant on a on a specific outside. Exposure. And sound machines can also, I mean, if you’re you, if you’re listening to music, you’ve got an EMF president to some degree, so I prefer people get used to silent.

R Blank 1:03:37
Thank you. Yeah, I’m a big fan of earplugs and eye shades. So I use both of those every night then of course, you become dependent on earplugs and eyeshades. Well, it’s true, it’s good. So Leslie asks, for people with limited funds, can aluminum foil be used for shielding EMFs from power strips? If so, how?

Cathy Cooke 1:04:02
Not really, aluminum foil is going to be too thin. For for power strips. You basically what you want to do is buy a shielded power strip, they exist. So you There’s a website called Electro health.com that has shielded power strips, and that’s the best thing you can do. The aluminum foil won’t do anything for like the magnetic fields that come off it but again, you know, distance is your friend here. So keep your distance.

R Blank 1:04:36
Thank you. Okay, this one is going well, I’m curious. It doesn’t have a clean answer. So I’m wondering how you’re gonna answer it. But it’s Nathan again from Florida. Who asked what’s worse cell phone or Wi Fi router?

Cathy Cooke 1:04:53
There are we can’t we don’t know without testing them because they’re all different.

R Blank 1:04:58
Yeah, and the use cases are different. to write because your cell phone is going to be on you, or near you, for extended periods of time. Whereas a Wi Fi router kind of stays in place. And when you leave the house, it doesn’t leave the house. And so I mean, the basic idea is these are both strong sources. And you want to minimize that your exposure to them when possible. So you want to you want to reduce it as much as but both of them as much as possible.

Cathy Cooke 1:05:24
Yeah, yeah. And I see that Nathan says, you know, he’s worried about the negative health impacts. And you’re turning 40. Like, that’s, that’s quite young Nathan, at you. It’s awesome. I’m really happy to hear actually, that you’re taking this seriously and beginning to make changes. And I feel pretty confident that you’ve got time to, you know, to mitigate some of that stuff that you were exposed to, you know, getting good sleep and healthy behaviors. And, you know, so I actually have a whole thing, a pretty comprehensive document on supplementation in the program on how to mitigate the oxidative stress that has happened from our exposure. So that would probably be pretty valuable for you to.

R Blank 1:06:17
Sorry, Thank you, Kathy. Someone reported that the coupon wasn’t working. And so I am working now to fix it. Let me

Cathy Cooke 1:06:24
why. Why are you? Jim? So why don’t you

R Blank 1:06:27
are you see them? Okay, great. Yeah, please do? Well, I get this taken care of, and whoever anonymously reported that, thank you.

Cathy Cooke 1:06:35
Okay, so, um, another anonymous attendee says, How do you mitigate magnetic fields? If you cannot turn off the breakers? Oh, boy, big question. Okay. So it depends on the source of the field. Okay, so is the magnetic field coming from a wiring error inside the house? Is it coming from your outside power lines, you know, how you how you figure out the source is you use your meter. And as you get closer to the source, you’ll see those readings go up. So if I’m outside, and I have a high magnetic field, and I walked toward the power lines, it’s gonna go up and up and up to a point. And so a power line will have an arc around it, so I’m gonna have a higher field in the arc, and then I might pass under that arc, kind of underneath the power lines, and it might go down a little bit, but, you know, you get the general idea that as you get closer to the source, you’re going to figure out where it’s coming from. So if it’s from your power lines, your neighborhood distribution lines, there really isn’t anything you can do about that, that’s outside of your control, if it’s from inside your home. Um, if it’s a wiring error, then when everything is like, if all the lights are off, and things are unplugged, it should go away, because magnetic fields are from current flow. So if I’ve got a light here, I’ve got a light over me, it’s not turned on. So there is no current flow coming from it. But the second that I do turn it on, if there was a wiring error here, and now the current starts to flow, then I will see the magnetic field. So if you’ve got things, you know, lights are turned off, you’re not running, you know, space heater or something that’s going to draw current, then it it won’t be there. If it’s from like a point source, like a refrigerator or something like that, then you just have to get distance away from it. So that’s a big question. And it really depends on on the source. You know, that’s, I mean, that would be a good example, if you’ve got a really specific question, you know, book a console with me or talk to somebody that can help you figure out what the sources so we can help you mitigate it.

R Blank 1:08:54
Thank you. And Cathy, which question was that?

Cathy Cooke 1:08:57
How do you mitigate magnetic fields if you cannot turn off the breakers? Right,

R Blank 1:09:00
thank you. Okay. And now just to tell everyone that coupon is now working and I apologize for that error on the site, but at the coupon is now working? So thank you, anonymous attendee who reported that okay. Can you be that sensitive to that the canopy bed will not work. I get the kind of gist of the question. I’m not exactly sure specifically what the question. So I guess maybe, that it’s You’re so sensitive that the canopy won’t work.

Cathy Cooke 1:09:38
Yeah, that I would, I would guess, if people react, people can react to canopies, you know, and for different reasons. So there could be a couple of things going on. It’s kind of it’s a very much a catch 22 Because it’s the sensitive people that need it the most Most, but it’s the sensitive people that could also react the most. And so one idea one thought behind this is that when you remove someone from the Schumann Resonance, the Earth’s own magnetic field that people don’t feel well. Um, so if you’re sleeping in a Faraday cage, you’re not going to be in contact with the Earth’s own Schumann resonance. Another thought is, some people don’t feel well inside a canopy, if there are high electric fields still present. So again, I don’t recommend a canopy unless you can control those electric fields. By turning off your breakers, or in some situations, you can ground the canopy to a stake in the yard. And then, you know, I know I mean, what Arthur Furstenburg which many people on this call may know him, they may be familiar with him. And his work, he wrote the invisible rainbow. He doesn’t feel good inside. He’s extremely sensitive. And he readily admits that he doesn’t feel good inside of any kind of shielding thing, because his own body’s magnetic field is so strong that it kind of bounces back at him and he doesn’t feel good. So that’s that’s an anomaly. I mean, you know, that’s, that’s on the extreme end. Most people do fine. But it is possible for various reasons that somebody who is sensitive might not react

R Blank 1:11:31
well. Okay, thank you. Okay. Michael asks, What can we attach to a portable infrared sauna we have set up in the small bedroom studio, and I meant a brand or two a portable Infrared Saunas that have as close to zero or actually zero elf EMF RF as possible.

Cathy Cooke 1:11:56
Well, I personally, so building biologists have, we don’t the Institute does not recommend products. They stay away from, you know, getting involved with specific recommendations. But individual building biologists have their own favorites. I personally am a big fan of the radiant health sauna. I have spoken with the owner of that company in many times. And they worked with a building biologist to make sure that it was truly low EMF and low VOC. I have tested many, and I think they’re awesome. I was, yeah, I was all primed to buy one this year. And then inflation happened. And that was kind of a bummer, but they’re great. I do. I’m full disclosure here. I’m an affiliate for them. Because I’m so passionate about that sauna. And I think it’s so awesome. But I do have a link to it on my website with a $500 off coupon. It’s it’s pretty much the only one that I recommend because I think it’s just fantastic.

R Blank 1:13:08
Thank you could you add a word or two on earthing products? I’m thinking mostly about how we need to Earth shields and canopies. Okay, well, in terms of So, grounding, larger shielding, whether you’re talking about painted walls or canopies. That’s kind of a bigger can of worms. Which, Kathy, I will if you’ll give me a second while you answer the rest of the question. I’ll pull up some of the webinars that we have on that topic. But can you speak to earthing products in general?

Cathy Cooke 1:13:45
I thought you might have something to say about that. Yeah, so um, yeah, I mean, earthing is really important. And however, there’s a difference between earthing ourselves the body and earthing products, or, you know, earthing our canopies and stuff, which I know are is going to talk about and find that but the problem with earthing products, like sheets, or mats that you then touch your body to is that when you earth it, when you plug those into an outlet in your wall, you are coming into contact with what we call contact current, and you are bringing all the dirty electricity and the noise on the wires in your walls to your body directly. And, obviously, that’s not good. So we don’t like to do that. We we, if you’re grounding a canopy, however, and you get it to a stake in the yard, that’s much better. Or I don’t know if you want to talk about our other solution if you want me to. Oh, go for it. Yeah, so or so shield, your body actually sews what’s called The nuisance current blocker. And this is an item that was developed by one of my colleagues, Andrew McAfee, who’s just a brilliant building biologist. And he created this device for this reason. And so if you wanted to use like a grounding sheet or grounding mat or something, you can plug this in CB, then uses current blocker into an outlet and then plug your ground grounded item into that in CB directly. And that will help to avoid some of those negative implications that I just mentioned. So if you’re going to ground something, a product like a canopy, either you plug it into the NCB, or you can try to get it to a stake in the yard, otherwise, I’m not a fan of plugging them directly into an outlet.

R Blank 1:15:47
Thank you. Okay, Marnie asks, Should I plug my CPAP machine into a battery backup, rather than a power cord, the machine is very close to my head, since I’m connected by a tube to supply oxygen.

Cathy Cooke 1:16:00
Yeah, that’s CPAP. ‘s are tricky. So I can spend a lot of time, a lot of time during assessment trying to figure out how best to set up this machine. And they’re all different. So you know, batteries can have fields on them, just like a power cord can. And unfortunately, this is a situation where you’re gonna really have to test to figure out what’s best for your machine. Oftentimes, what I will, I will have I bring with me when I’m doing assessment, like shielding products, like shielded tape, or conductive tubing. So recently, I helped the client with this. And what we decided was the best thing to do is we had the CPAP as far away on the nightstand as possible. And then I put the, the hose through some conductive tubing, and we tightened the tubing on both sides. And then I grounded the tubing to an outlet to drain the electric fields away from the tube. And so sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But you know, yeah, I wish I could give you a really clear answer, but you’re gonna have to do some trial and error on that to figure out how best to manage it.

R Blank 1:17:19
Thank you. Okay, anonymous asks, is there an online network to hire very EMF, sorry, very EMF aware electricians to redo existing wiring, or if we build a home,

Cathy Cooke 1:17:34
I sure wish there was. That would make all of our lives a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, there is not. There, there is one, I have one building biology colleague who was also an electrician. And he is amazing. And he is in high demand. His name is William, and he lives in Arizona. And he’s fabulous. Because he can just go through and do this. And he knows what’s going on. The large majority of electricians that I have encountered aren’t really interested in this because they’re very busy. And they just don’t have time for it. However, every once in a while, I’ll land on electrician that thinks it’s super cool, and they want to learn. And you know, we can, when I’m going through a new build consultation with the client, we will find an electrician that is open. And then we will discuss, okay, I want you to do this, this, this and this and why and they’ll pick it up really easily don’t understand what we’re doing. So it’s typically an area where you know, the best thing to do is do a new build console with somebody like me or a building biologist. And then we can work directly with your electrician to say this is how we want it to be done. So that’s that’s typically the best way to do it.

R Blank 1:19:00
Yeah. And to that I would add, there is one referral I have, but this person is neither an electrician or a building biologist. Although he is about to be an electrician, and that is Andrew McAfee who invented the NCB the nuisance current blocker. He’s based in North Carolina, but he sometimes travels and I’m gonna put his URL in the chat pod right now. And that is home EMF tracing.com. And he also is aware of other electrician, not there’s not as Kathy said, there’s just not all there’s not a whole lot of electricians who are aware of EMF and there’s not a whole lot of EMF, people who are expert or sufficiently skilled at electric electrical wiring. So it’s a very difficult kind of place to find that overlap. But that is another resource for you.

Cathy Cooke 1:19:52
He’s He’s a building biologist. Isn’t that?

R Blank 1:19:56
I don’t really I didn’t think that he was I know He teaches he helps teach at the some of the courses at the building Biology Institute, but I do that he’s a BVI, BBC. Okay, okay. Okay, there’s one more question currently in the pot and if you’re holding it up, if you have a question and you haven’t typed it in, now’s the time because when we finished the last question is when we finished the questions. Speaking of earthing, I was wondering if certain mattress cover materials are inherently harmonious with our bodies for laying on our latex mattress every night. Also, any words on earthing strategies to consider when returning from MRIs CT scans? Yeah.

Cathy Cooke 1:20:43
TMF Yeah. Okay, so certain matches get well, I mean, all right, natural materials, you know, organic cotton. So linen. I mean, those are the materials that are going to be the best. We don’t want any synthetics. If you’ve ever done, you know, laundry with a polyester shirt, and you take it out in that cracking that static electricity, oh, it drives me absolutely insane. I don’t have any synthetic materials in my bedroom or my clothes or anything, because of that static electricity. So, you know, I don’t know if it goes further, like, you know, silk is going to, you know, have some synergy with the late techs or I don’t know, but in general, you know, organic cotton is probably going to be the best thing that you can find. For sheets, or mattress cover. They do make organic mattress covers in organic cotton. So that’s what I would suggest.

R Blank 1:21:50
Thank you. And yeah, Kathy, just to that I would add Kathy was a guest on Season One of our healthier tech podcast. And after that interview, Kathy I went out and I bought a ton of linen clothing because you know, I spend a lot of time working just so I just I most of the time now I’m wearing linen cloth, linen, linen clothing whenever I can. So and that, that that came out of the chat with you. I was very moved as well as vegetables for breakfast. That was another thing that I I eat a lot of vegetables, but it never occurred to me that I could eat them for breakfast too. So you had a real impact on me. All right. So everyone, and there’s still a lot of you in the room. So we got one one in under the wire here, Kathy. So Susan asks, is there a product you recommend to use when traveling and aren’t able to turn off the Wi Fi like a sleeping bag?

Cathy Cooke 1:22:49
Um, yeah, there are so less EMF cells, a travel sack, which is like a little sleeping bag, which is a full enclosure, and then it’s got mesh, like at the top for your face head area. You could try something like that. You know, I suggest trying it out before you travel because some people like it, some people don’t. Dr. Mercola also sells a tent. It’s like a travel tent. I’m I have tested it. And I’m not a huge fan of it because it had very high electric fields because the material is very conductive. So I’m not ready to recommend that one yet. But I have not tested the maybe it’s called a black bag that I say that a black bag, I think unless you have I have not tested that one either. So I can’t make you know, I can’t attest to its effectiveness. But I believe it’s mostly cotton and it’s not really conductive. So something like that could be worth a try.

R Blank 1:23:55
Thank you. Okay, now Marnie asks, and this is about the course because Marnie has already purchased the course. So thank you Marnie. For the module. Okay, so the, the context of this question is that the the course is eight modules, and they are released weekly. So at the time that you buy the course you get the first module, then the seven days later, you’ll get the second module. Seven days later, you get the third module, instead of days after that, you’ll get the fourth and so on. So Marnie says if the modules are released weekly, it will take much longer than a month to find out if it helps, at the money back guarantee is only 30 days. How will this work? And the idea there and Kathy, I’ll pass it off to you when I finish this is, there’s a couple of issues there. One is that it’s too much information to take in all at once. So the idea is to pace out so you actually have the time to get in to the content and learn it and work with it. And then you still have by the time the 30 days are up, you will have had access to or modules, which is roughly half of the course, which should definitely give you feeling as to how well this content is working for you. But Kathy, do you have something to add there?

Cathy Cooke 1:25:10
Yeah, well, that’s exactly right. I mean, it’s, there’s so much information in the course. And yeah, I would, I would sincerely hope but in and to be fair in the course, I did very purposefully put some of the bigger pieces right in the beginning. The first four modules are some of the biggest that are going to make some of the biggest impact for you right away. So I would really hope that after those four modules, you’re going to start to see some improvements. And yeah, I mean, it’s just, there’s so there’s so much information, it’s just too much to give all at once, because then you’d be overwhelmed. And you’d probably not do it. So we really needed to drip it slowly.

R Blank 1:25:59
Yeah. And Marnie, thank you very much for asking that question. I was I’m really glad we had a chance to address that. Okay, so looking at the course may ask what is meant by 20? Plus PDF guides, handouts and checklists? And are there any q&a sessions included? So as of right now, there are no live q&a sessions included? So what you get is the course itself, which is the videos and the PDFs, which are the handouts and articles, Kathy, can you talk about the guides, handouts? Checklists, please?

Cathy Cooke 1:26:31
Yeah, so each module has a video component. And then it has a written guide. So it’s the same information. But some people like to read some people like I mean, it’s just me on the screen talking. Some people like to watch videos, some people like to read, so I wanted to provide you both of those. And then each module, I also included a checklist for you. So that you can take the app, you can just it’s a very simple instead of waiting through, like, this is what I have to do. I gave you a checklist to make it really easy, like I got to do this, and you can check that off. And then this is my next step. And then this is my next step. So just trying to make that as simple and straightforward as possible. And then the other handouts and things. I’ve got a lot of stuff in there. I mean, I’ve got like a questionnaires about you that your hormones. So a questionnaire that will help you identify like, am I having a hormone imbalance here, I’ve got food planning guides, so you know a guy. So I go a lot through the optimal human diet, and why I think that certain foods are better for you than others, and how to balance your blood sugar. So I’ve got a guide on how to balance your blood sugar, and then a food chart to where you can plan out your food for the week, I’ve got guides for you to make sure that you’re getting in your proper exercise and your stress relieving techniques. Um, I’ve got, I don’t know, 15 to 20 different recipes. So just a lot of bonus information to help the content flow better and to help keep you on track, along with additional information to make all of the action steps much easier for you.

R Blank 1:28:11
Thank you. Another question, can the course be downloaded? And the answer there is the PDFs can be downloaded, they can be printed, they can be saved, the videos you need to be online to watch. But the enrollment includes a year of access. Anything to add there, Kathy?

Cathy Cooke 1:28:31
Yeah. And so again, like you know, the videos, you have to watch online, what you don’t have to watch the videos because everything I talked about is in is in that modules handout and guide. So all the information is there that can be downloaded. Yeah.

R Blank 1:28:50
I think we have. I’m not sorry. It’s just jumping around. So yeah, so written summary. We I think this is a follow up to the PDF question. So written summary of what was in the module but no transcripts. Is that correct? That’s good there. There are no transcripts. Right, right. That’s correct. So yes, it’s a summary. But there’s also some ancillary additional information. So for instance, Kathy, I know that your recipes are also delivered in PDF format. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Sharon asks, do I get an email from sob or somewhere else with the course? Yes, once you purchase you get an email from SIV including the instructions on how to access the course but it’s also something you can access once you purchase it you can access it by going straight back to our website and it’ll be in the hold on I’m realizing here I’m sharing screen so I can do this once you purchase the webs of purchase the website once you purchase the course. It will be available right here on the shop dot shield your body.com website. But yes, you will also be receive a confirmation email. And Stephanie, I don’t know if you can Are you in? If you are in the room, could you please can’t see if you can chat directly with Sharon, to get get her information. Thank you. Okay, another question. Can the course is a gift? And if so, how is that done?

Wow. So, yes, you can, and I’m just trying to think in my head how that would be done. Stephanie, can you please? How Stephanie, can you text me how you’d like? Maybe this should be handled? Can Bill, can I tell Bill to email into Hello at? And yeah, let’s do that. I’m gonna ask him, I’ll put the email address in the chat room. And I will have the answer ready for the next time we give this talk? Because that was a fantastic question. But if you could just email Hello at shield your body.com with that question, and 70 knows that you asked it now. So even if we don’t get you an answer for a day or two, we will honor the discount code for you. And great. Okay, final question here. Alexandra asks, Do you recommend any of those EMF medallions that people wear like a necklace? And the answer is no. We do not recommend them. If they work for you. Great if they work for other people don’t tell them to stop using it. But they are not products that we recommend. Kathy, do you have anything else to say there?

Cathy Cooke 1:31:42
Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I’ve seen people get good results with these as far as symptom relief goes, initially, and then they get worse over time, which is very concerning to me. Or they don’t do anything or they make people feel worse, or I mean, it’s entirely possible that you could get something and you do feel better, and it works for you. And that’s awesome. But I really hesitate to recommend them because I’ve seen too many people use them feel better and then feel worse later. And I certainly don’t want anybody to experience that.

R Blank 1:32:15
Yes, thank you. And then. So that was an easy question to answer. So anyone else I know Sharon had a question. Bill had a question about the course about purchasing the course with the confirmation is how to give it as a gift. If you are trying to purchase the course right now or you did purchase it you have further questions, please email Hello at shield your body.com. Stephanie is standing by right now to field any questions that come in. And even if you’re on this webinar, and you’re having some issues getting questions that you need to answer before you can make the purchase, we will honor this discount for for those of you who were here on this live webinar. Another question just came in through the chat pod, I completely missed the start and the replay. And just to say one last time, yes, there is going to be a replay, we’re actually going to work to try to get it posted in a couple hours. But it’ll definitely definitely be up by tomorrow. It’ll be at shield your body.com. And it will also be in our YouTube channel. And I will try to get it so that we have it processed in time to go out to the email that goes out to all of you tomorrow for having attended this webinar. Kathy, any any final words for everybody? Um,

Cathy Cooke 1:33:37
no, it’s great. I’m so glad that everybody came on awesome questions. You have a very intelligent audience.

R Blank 1:33:44
Yes, thank you. I’m very, very happy to have the members of the sob community that we do. So final note to everybody. Again, this is the sleepeezee core, the sleepeezee method course, is it’s really fantastic. It reflects I mean, you all know, not just from this webinar, but for many past webinars, how much knowledge and expertise Kathy brings, and the sleepeezee method she devised and developed over almost 20 years of her own personal research on this question of how to sleep better. This is a really unique set of information. And we all want to sleep better, and the price that we have it at tonight. For those of you live in attendance. This is a very special launch price because this is brand new, this just went live during this webinar. So if you’re interested at all, I highly recommend taking us up on this offer. Again, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with it, you just email in we will refund your order but I do not believe it’s going to be very likely that we will see another $99 price discount on this product anytime soon. So again, if you’re all interested, I strongly recommend that You take us up on this offer. And again, that’s shield your body.com/sleepeezee. And the do of the coupon code, which I have confirmed works is sleep well. And that’s until midnight tonight, Pacific time. Thank you all very much for taking the time out of your week to come join our s yp webinar. And stay tuned for more events later this year. And thank you very much Kathy. It’s always a pleasure, having a chance to hang with you.

Cathy Cooke 1:35:26
Likewise. Thank you and thanks, everybody for coming on. By

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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