Portless iPhones and Why They Matter

Portless iPhones and Why They Matter

Rumor has it that by 2021 iPhones will no longer have any ports. We’re entering the era of the portless iPhone. So what is a portless iPhone, why should you care, and what can you do about it?

What’s a Portless iPhone

As its name suggests, a portless iPhone is an iPhone without any ports. Like the audio jack for headsets, or the lightning port for charging. Why does this matter?

We all know iPhones got rid of the headphone jacks awhile back. But they still have the lightning ports– which you can use to charge your phone, or plugin a headset.

What does that mean for you? It means that everything you do with your phone, will have to be done wirelessly.

Of Course Cell Phones Emit a Ton of EMF, So What’s New with Portless iPhones?

Sure, cell phones have always been a major source of EMF radiation since they were created – it’s fundamental to their design. And over time, the number of sources of EMF inside your phone increased. First it was just cell calls. 

Then cell data. Then GPS. Then wifi. Then bluetooth. Then NFC (near field communication, used for things like Apple Pay). 

So your phone is actually a source of multiple separate, simultaneous types of EMF. (And I talked about this before, when the iPhone 8 introduced wireless charging.) And sure, they rolled out bluetooth headsets– but we didn’t have to use them. We could still use wired headsets if we were concerned about our EMF exposure.

And then they rolled out wireless charging. But again, we didn’t have to use wireless chargers if we were concerned about EMF radiation. Continuing to use wired headphones and wired charging are choices that you and I have. But, not for long, it seems!

Once Apple gets rid of ports, you will no longer be able to use wired headsets. You will no longer be able to use a charging cable. You’ll have to use wireless options for everything.

In other words, technology is trending to the point where making use of every single function of our phones will require that we be exposed to EMF radiation!

Taking Back Control From Portless iPhones

Once I read it, I realized I shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, this is where technology has been heading.

But at the same time, it still shocked and upset me. Because the tech companies are chipping away at our ability to use this tech with less EMF exposure. It’s like removing all the seatbelts from cars. Or manufacturing cigarettes that can’t be used with filters.  Not only are the cell companies not doing anything to mitigate our EMF exposure– they’re actually making it harder for us to protect ourselves!

And I find that infuriating.

But then I remembered SYB Healthy Living Tip #75, and I thought this was a good opportunity to share it with all of you.

See, while the move towards portless phones may be inevitable, you still have control over your phone’s EMF emissions.

Yes, we all know that we can enable airplane mode to disable almost all EMF emissions from your phones. But did you know you can enable and disable specific, individual wireless settings? 

For instance, say you need to make or receive a call, but that’s it. So you can leave your cell on, but disable bluetooth, wifi and cell data! That’s a massive reduction in your EMF, while still allowing you to use your phone. Same thing if all you need is wifi. You can turn off your cell connection, cell data and bluetooth, and still use all of your phone’s functions (especially if you are using wifi calling, which is Healthy Living Tip #86).

So remember, even if you (like almost all of us) need to use a cell phone, you have tremendous power over your phone’s EMF emissions.

Vote With Your Wallets

That’s just part of it. Another thing you can do is vote with your wallets. In fact, I just ‘upgraded’ from an iPhone to an Android. In fact, in the 12 years I’ve had a smart phone, this is the first time I decided not to buy an Apple iPhone.


In part, because I could get an Android phone that works with a normal, standard 3.5mm audio jack – so I can easily use my SYB Air Tubes or my Sony headphones with the SYB H.A.R.D. anti-radiation adapter when I listen to music. 

I oppose the cell phone companies dropping the headphone jack. So I voted with my wallet and switched to Android.

And you can do the same thing. As portless phones are introduced in the market, opt to get other phones. Phones that still give you more control over your EMF exposure.

So remember: while we’re surrounded by an increasing amount of EMF from an increasing number of sources, it’s what you do with the devices closest to your bodies that matters the most. 

And you still have control over that.

Remember: the best EMF protection is free.

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