Shield Your Body LLC SYB Bed Canopy SYB Bed Canopy Shield Your Body – all night long – with the powerful SYB Bed Canopy. Made with SaferBody™ Silver 100. Laboratory tested for 5G, up to 26 GHz, to Shield Your Body from up to 99% of harmful EMF radiation. With included floor matting, you get complete protection in all directions. Easy and effortless entrance and exit through overlapping slits (1 on twin; 2 on king). Grounding is not required. Hypoallergenic & non-toxic. Includes hardware for easy ceiling mount. Machine washable. Material: Canopy: 100% silver. Floor mats: 30% stainless steel, 30% polyester, 40% cotton. Want a smaller, more portable canopy? Try the SYB Serenity Canopy. Available in the US only. Adult signature required for delivery. 4.88 stars, based on 25 reviews 850010461137
QUALITY - by ,Jun 11, 2021
5/ 5stars
Was looking for a complete solution (I love my sleep) and I found it. High quality material and build, took about an hour to install all the brackets and canopy. I have a queen sized bed so I ordered the king sized to make sure I had "enough room" ... lol buy for the size of your bed, I have enough extra room to include my dresser :) Looks like it's going to last a long time, making it a good investment in my long-term health.
Canopy - by ,Jun 3, 2021
5/ 5stars
Fantastic!! Works exactly like the ad said. Sleep like a baby. Thank you.
SYB Bed Canopy - by ,Jun 1, 2021
5/ 5stars
Since I start sleeping in SYB Bed Canopy, felt a better restoration of my body, and awake ready for the day, with more energy and with less stiffnes of my body. I just to think that I sleep well, but after use de Bed Canopy, now a really sleep better.
Really like this! - by ,Apr 26, 2021
5/ 5stars
My bf and I really like this because it's easy to install and easy to wash you don't need to do anything special to any of your phones even if you use this in the same room it comes with floor mats to protect you from all possible sides it's a convenient way to protect you without being an obstruction.
Wellness for the whole family - by ,Apr 25, 2021
5/ 5stars
We recently moved to an area that has a lot of cell towers, and there was a spot in our room (right by our heads) that measured dangerously high. My husband and I would instantly get headaches when laying down at night. We are also a co-sleeping family, so I can only imagine what this was doing to my kids. I am incredibly grateful for SYB and their quality bed canopy. The canopy fits over top our king bed, and the crib that's right next to all four of us sleep without harmful EMF penetrating our body. We measured the EMF on the inside of the canopy, and it was nearly zero! As opposed to the outside where the peak was about 15 - yes 15 I'm not exaggerating! Incredibly grateful for honest businesses like SYB that genuinely care about your well-being. Will be recommending to all friends and family who want to achieve total health and heal during their sleep. Thank you SYB!
Lifetime Guarantee - by ,Apr 7, 2021
5/ 5stars
Excellent that this comes with a lifetime guarantee as it’s certainly not cheap. But I don’t think I’ll be having any problems with it any how: the product is good quality, no corners cut in producing it. The additional frame is also sturdy and does what it needs to, hold the canopy up. My wife thinks this also adds a dimension of extra privacy with the soft mood it creates while you are within the canopy. We’re pleased with it.
Best recommendation - by ,Mar 19, 2021
5/ 5stars
A mutual friend recommended this to my girlfriend when she mentioned we were taking more and more steps to include EMF protection in our lives. I initially thought this seemed a little much but decided any amount of protection is better than none so we ordered one. We set it up the very day it arrived and immediately plopped inside for a nap. That was the BEST sleep either of us have had in a loooong time! Now we look forward to our “cozy canopy” and we’re able to spend more time with each other away from devices and their EMFs!
Very HQ! - by ,Feb 4, 2021
5/ 5stars
This is a very high quality canopy! The sheen of the fabric and the fineness of the stitching make it obvious that this is not some mindlessly produced thing. I’ve washed this more than 5x and there are no signs of wear of fraying in any part. This is money very well spent!
Feels like the canopy bed of my childhood dreams - by ,Jan 23, 2021
5/ 5stars
When I was a kid I badly wanted a princess-themed canopy bed…. Now that I’m older and have my own money, I’ve finally gotten myself that canopy bed-even though it could use a bit of work in the princess department hahaha! Nevertheless I’m happy to have found a product that protects me while I sleep. I think I want to get my parents one as well.
“Install it and forget it” is true! - by ,Jan 18, 2021
5/ 5stars
The first few nights, I was a little conscious about the canopy being there. I kept worrying my cat would shred it, or maybe it’s affecting my phone on the nightstand (anxious about emergency calls) or I won’t be able to get out of it quick enough should something happen… Eventually you just forget about all of that and it becomes quite normal stepping in and out of the canopy. The slits are generously proportioned so you don’t need to get into any awkward positions to get in and out. I’m really pleased with this and don’t know what I’d do without it!

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