Shield Your Body LLC EMF Consulting Services EMF Consulting Services Ask any questions you want, and get real answers from a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. Get personal, direct, one-on-one time with an expert from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Meet by Zoom from any computer– and get a recording of your session for your future reference. Don't buy the wrong equipment, or make decisions based on incorrect information – ask an expert! Conveniently book in your own time zone. 5 stars, based on 24 reviews consult-virtual
Give It A Try - by ,May 16, 2021
5/ 5stars
For anyone who is still on the fence about the service, I encourage you to give it a try. You can always read off Google but it is very different talking to a professional and getting personalized recommendations for what you need and your lifestyle. For example, most of the reviews I see here are for homes; however my issues mostly have to do with outside the home since I’m always travelling for work. Cathy was great and I’m glad I scheduled this consultation with her.
Happy clients! - by ,Apr 19, 2021
5/ 5stars
Ended the Zoom call very happy and enlightened! Cathy understood our concerns perfectly and focused her consultation on the items we wanted to hone in on (ex. Kids’ bedrooms, shared common spaces, managing EMF exposure around children, et al). It was very helpful and eye-opening talking to her!
Not only EMF! - by ,Apr 11, 2021
5/ 5stars
Though EMF is Cathy’s speciality, we were very happy when she also gave us a few helpful tips on the indoor air quality (so important now with COVID still going on) as well as basic building biology principles. While we’re still renting, we do plan to renovate our old house back in MO so we will most probably talk to Cathy again to get her input on how to best structure the home. Thank you!
Highly recommended! - by ,Apr 9, 2021
5/ 5stars
The consultation with Cathy was a lovely experience! Scheduling was a bit of a challenge as we’re in the UK but it was worth it. We were able to find a common time that worked for both parties and it made the process very pleasant for us as clients. Cathy gave helpful recommendations on which kinds of shielding equipment would be most helpful for us and the ideal spaces to put them in. Terrific experience, we’d be happy to consult with Cathy again in the near future. Highly recommended!
Learning from the best - by ,Mar 18, 2021
5/ 5stars
Talking to Cathy is getting a crash course from a world expert! She did her best to make sure we understood as much of the terms as possible and answered our questions very kindly. It’s going to take a bit of work to reduce the EMF exposure in our home considering the nature of our work and the limitations of the space, but we’re going to give it an honest shot!
Answered all our questions :) - by ,Mar 8, 2021
5/ 5stars
Cathy was great! She answered all our questions, even the ones that must have been so basic for her, and she was very patient with working with us. We are expecting our first baby later this year and want to make sure that part of our preparation is to safeguard our home from EMF. It’s a lot harder to do once you realise how many EMF sources are actually in your home! We scheduled a follow-up with Cathy and look forward to talking with her again!
Re EMF Consultation Service - by ,Mar 1, 2021
5/ 5stars
The EMF Consultation Service with Ms. Cathy Cooke is highly recommended. You learn a lot about EMF and its effects on your body, where it comes from, and how it manifests inside your home. Ms. Cooke was very clear and thorough with her explanations and gave us useful suggestions
Priceless Investment - by ,Feb 18, 2021
5/ 5stars
I’m not exactly the reading type and do best when someone explains a subject or material to me. The SYB Consultation service with Cathy Cooke is perfect for me as I’m able to get a quick summary of what I need to know, while being able to engage with the consultant and ask questions that are most relevant to me. A great investment in bettering your space. Thank you very much.
Bespoke Recommendations - by ,Feb 12, 2021
5/ 5stars
Cathy does not give you generic recommendations or blanket statements. She takes the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and understand your specific concerns; only then does she proceed to make recommendations that will suit you and make sense for the life you live. It was truly bespoke and I felt heard and seen. Excellent service!
“Easy and Painless” is right! - by ,Feb 7, 2021
5/ 5stars
SYB advertises the consultation service as “easy and painless” and I have to say, they’re right! Our consultant Cathy Cooke was incredibly patient and easy to talk to. She didn’t make assumptions, and she asked questions that helped her get a better understanding of our situation, thus tailoring her recommendations to our lifestyle and home. We appreciated how easy she made it for us. Thank you Cathy!

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