Shield Your Body LLC SYB Laptop Pad SYB Laptop Pad Shield Your Body From Your Laptop's Harmful Emissions. Made with SaferBody™ Platinum Steel. Laboratory tested for 5G, up to 20 GHz– and also low frequency EMF– to Shield Your Body from up to 99% of harmful radiation. Triple shielding power protects you from: Wireless radiation (RF, from WiFi & Bluetooth); Low frequency-magnetic radiation (ELF-magnetic, from your device's power supply; Heat emissions. Convenient Design: Thin and portable so you can bring it wherever you go. Features anti-slip grip, and it's easy to clean with a rag or paper towel. Works with all models of laptops, tablets and all electronic devices. Available in multiple sizes and colors. 4.82963 stars, based on 135 reviews 850010461175
Absolute Protection - by ,May 6, 2021
5/ 5stars
I feel very much protected
I like the product, but - by ,Apr 18, 2021
5/ 5stars
I like the product, but there is no real way to tell if it is actually protecting me. But the company is a good one.
Amazing! - by ,Apr 7, 2021
5/ 5stars
I cannot rate this more. I have MCAS and emf is a trigger and this really works. SyB are an amazing company.
SYB Laptop Pad - by ,Mar 31, 2021
5/ 5stars
Seems to be working!
Great! - by ,Mar 20, 2021
5/ 5stars
Great service, great product. Thanks!
Really can feel the difference.... - by ,Mar 13, 2021
5/ 5stars
Really can feel the difference....
Works wonderfully - by ,Mar 6, 2021
5/ 5stars
I can do my taxes with it on my lap and not get antsy or irritated. My legs don’t get hot. I put the pad on top of the laptop when it charges to block the emf. Im not as irritable.
It works - by ,Feb 24, 2021
5/ 5stars
I muscle test and have found test points for various types of EM exposure. I know from experience that the types of EM fields (electric and magnetic) coming from a wired laptop computer come mostly from the keyboard containing portion of the laptop, and not much comes from the screen. Therefore, to evaluate the laptop shield, I first tested my baseline energies without holding the laptop. They were normal. Second, I placed my unshielded laptop on my lap. Of course the muscle testing points crashed, indicating severe exposure. Third, I slid the shield between my laptop and my lap, and levels returned to normal, which for my sensitive body, means very low or no exposure. I also tested my hands on the laptop keyboard, both with the laptop on a table and with it on my lap. Unexpectedly, the levels in both cases were much less than the levels in my body with the laptop on my lap. Levels were also unexpectedly the same with the computer on the table and using the shield between the computer and my lap. I have no explanation for this. Since it is brand new, I have kept the shield in the cardboard envelope in which it is packaged and in the shipping envelope to protect it from dirt and damage, but I don't see why that type of material would affect my results. The caveat could be that electric or magnetic fields do not cause me the more significant discomfort I feel from RF fields. For that I used wired devices only. But I know intellectually that all the fields are potentially harmful, so I took advantage of the opportunity to buy the laptop shield for the rare occasions where I need to hold the laptop on my body and am unable to use the external wired keyboard that I usually use.
Lightweight and easily portable from - by ,Feb 5, 2021
5/ 5stars
Lightweight and easily portable from work to home. Two thumbs up!
Great pc or iPhone shield - by ,Jan 24, 2021
5/ 5stars
It’s the ultimate metal barrier encased in emf padding to absorb radiation. Its a real handy tool to have that I was not aware of before.

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