Shield Your Body LLC The NCB from SYB The NCB from SYB The NCB Makes Grounding Your Body Safer Ground your body more safely with the NCB. Great for use with grounding mats, grounding sheets, EMF canopies– & more! Powerful protection for your grounding conductor: Eliminates ground current EMF Eliminates dirty electricity EMF Reduces electric field EMF Just plug the NCB into the wall, and then plug your grounding product into the NCB. That's it! 120V AC 15-20A: Designed for the North American grid. Available only in the United States & Canada. Live somewhere else? Consider the NCB Pro. US Patent Pending Note: You only want to use the NCB on grounding products for your body (like grounding mats and grounding sheets and EMF shielding canopies) but not for your actual appliances (like your refrigerator or electric stove). Each purchase of the NCB includes a complimentary 15-minute consulting session with its inventor, Andrew McAfee. (A $99 value. Booking details sent via email 15 minutes after your purchase.) NCB-015

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