Shield Your Body LLC SYB Boxer Briefs SYB Boxer Briefs The World's Most Protective Underwear. Made with SaferBody™ Silver 42. Laboratory tested for 5G, up to 26 GHz, to Shield Your Body from up to 99% of harmful EMF radiation. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-odor. Made from 42% silver, with 53% cotton and 5% nylon. The entire brief is made from EMF shielding fabric, providing you with complete 360° protection, unlike inferior alternatives. Made in Canada, with high quality North American workmanship. Machine washable. 4.83333 stars, based on 30 reviews 850010461380
Great product overall - by ,Feb 22, 2021
5/ 5stars
Quality product, works as advertised unlike competitor brands (tested it at home myself), comfortable design, arrived without delay. Highly recommended.
Genuis Design - by ,Feb 6, 2021
5/ 5stars
Most EMF protection underwear concern themselves too much with just the main “parts”. As if we have phone holsters over our “guys” and not back pockets where we stuff them into… Anyway I digress. These boxers are genius in their design because the silver actually goes /into/ the fabric, meaning protection all the way around, yes, even on your touche. I don’t know why people haven’t thought of this before but it’s certainly the only design that makes sense to me. I’m a very happy customer of SYB!
Glad I ordered - by ,Dec 18, 2020
5/ 5stars
Comfortable and easy to clean, with, of course, excellent rf protection. Timely service, too. Thanks, SYB!
Impressed - by ,Dec 14, 2020
5/ 5stars
Impressed! It is much more comfortable than you would expect for something with metal (silver) weaved into it. It is a pair of boxers upgraded for comfort and protection. Well-deserved 5 stars.
5/ 5stars
. . . has been beyond what I had expected. First of all I must mentioned that this review does not reflect the boxer shorts because they are still on back order due to COVID issues. However, I did receive the Baby blanket I ordered. The blanket is way, way, beyond a 5-star rating. It's made from all natural materials which explains its softness ( I wish they offered a blanket for my queen bed). I am using the blanket on myself being I am a senior. The odds of getting this blanket out of my hands is the same as getting a rifle from a Marine LOL. I anxiously await the arrive of my Boxers sometime in mid- November. China may have given us COVID but SYB has given me a quality product NOT made in China. To me that fact ALONE makes SYB a company that can be trusted to provide quality items. Concerning the customer care SYB provides I would vote 10-Stars. COVID has created supply issues whick affects manufacturing and warehouse availability. Without getting into the minor details concerning my 2 item order I leave the reader with these comments: customer support means JUST THAT. It was Stephanie that showed me how a company can exhibit to a customer that the customer is important. Resolving customer anxieties is a PRIORITY at SYB should any problems with an order arise. I know because I have issues with anxiety. The only issue I have with SYB is that it is a small business providing limited products at this time. Having talked with Mr. Blank he indicated that more items are in the planning stages and that new products will be added in the future. The CEO is available so if you have any suggestions for products I am certain he would appreciate hearing from you. I am not related to the owner or any SYB employees. I was not given a free product in exchange for this review. I am simply a customer who made a choice from the many companies offering EMF protection clothing. SYB may be a small company but they sure do offer the customer a quality product with fantastic customer relations. To me, that makes for a reliable company. I just hope I never have to take SYB up on the option to return an item for any reason. I mention this because I am SENSITIVE to many synthetic materials and dyes. I took a chance buying from SYB but I couldn't have made a better choice from among the other online companies. For any potential buyer who hesitates buying protection because of the prices of EMF protection clothing keep in mind that silver isn't cheap, but it sure is protective. I am hoping that within a few years SYB will have an much larger selection of clothing and bedding items. Until then I intend to wear and enjoy the products I already purchased. While I am waiting I feel relieved that my bodily organ issues are getting the opportunity to heal themselves, free of constant EMF bombardment. By the way, this is for all those who are TV addicts. Be aware you are sitting in front of one of the strongest household EMF producers. Your bodily organs are getting fried. Myself? Not any more. I've got my body COMFORTABLY wrapped in my Baby Blanket. Thanks SYB for your concern for our health and well-being. Competition may be fierce but as long as customers can provide you with similar comments that I have made you will certainly succeed. And most importantly, stay away from using synthetic materials/dyes (like other companies) because many potential customers do have sensitivity issues to deal with when buying clothing. Thumbs Up ! all the way.
Worried about comfort at first - by ,Oct 6, 2020
5/ 5stars
Wasn’t sure if this would be comfortable because I don’t have experience with “EMF shielding fabric”, had no idea what that would feel like. The description says about half the material is cotton though, a natural fiber, so I figured it would be alright since most of my existing underwear is cotton anyway. Glad to report this doesn’t feel like anything out of the ordinary, just regular underwear, which is good because it makes sure you keep wearing it. No problems washing this either. It’s a great buy.
Quality you feel! - by ,Sep 30, 2020
5/ 5stars
The SYB boxers use high quality fabric and materials. I’m usually very sensitive to dyes and synthetics and even more so if they’re low quality (sweatshop produced) but I’ve not had any adverse reactions so far with these new boxers. There are no wonky parts such as misaligned portions or assymmetrical (one leg hole too tight vs the other, etc.) areas. Highly recommend this!
You Get What You Pay For! - by ,Jul 15, 2020
5/ 5stars
SYB can look pricy but what you’re paying for is protection around your entire genital area, including your backside, hips, part of you kidney, etcetera. This is not like the cheap mass-produced “radiation underwear” where they stick some plastic in the crotch and call it a day. You are paying for research and thoughtful design, along with good workmanship and above all, COMFORT. No regrets getting this at all. My health is always an investment!
For my teen - by ,Jun 28, 2020
5/ 5stars
I can’t comment on how this feels like when worn since I bought this for my teen son. God knows he always has a bunch of devices and gadgets on him at any given time, always in his pockets or in front of them... We gave him 3 to try out. So far I’ve been seeing them in his laundry baskets so it’s a sign he’s wearing them lol! This makes me feel better as a mom :)
All the basics + more - by ,Jun 16, 2020
5/ 5stars
The boxer basics: comfort, breathability, good fabric, well-made. These boxers tick all the boxes but has the added benefit of radiation protection. It sounded gimmicky at first especially if you don’t know much about EMFs, so it is important to read and understand why wearable tech like this is a MUST in this hyper-tech world. SYB gets this and I’m glad they are out here giving us products I’m sure will soon be household names!

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SYB Boxer Briefs

SYB Boxer Briefs


The World’s Most Protective Underwear.

  • Made with SaferBody™ Silver 42. Laboratory tested for 5G, up to 26 GHz, to Shield Your Body from up to 99% of harmful EMF radiation.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-odor.
  • Made from 42% silver, with 53% cotton and 5% nylon.
  • The entire brief is made from EMF shielding fabric, providing you with complete 360° protection, unlike inferior alternatives.
  • Made in Canada, with high quality North American workmanship.
  • Machine washable.
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Lifetime Warranty, 30 Day Returns, and Free Shipping over $100
Lifetime Warranty, 30 Day Returns, and Free Shipping over $100
  • FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100. (View shipping costs on smaller orders.)
  • WE SHIP TO 30 countries throughout North America and Europe. (Ordering from another country? Buy from us on eBay for Global Shipping.)
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on every order– the strongest warranty in the industry.
  • 30 DAY RETURNS no questions asked.
  • All prices are in US dollars.


The World's Most Protective Underwear

SYB Boxer Briefs to Shield Against EMF Radiation

Our SYB Boxer Briefs are an incredibly comfortable way to block up to 99% EMF / EMR radiation from cell phones, laptops, wifi routers, bluetooth and other wireless devices from your body and reproductive organs. 

Shield Your Body from harmful electromagnetic radiation with our SYB Boxer Briefs.

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Real Science

Our radiation blocking SYB Boxer Briefs is a product of science, not superstition.

By weaving a mesh of silver microfibres through our cotton underwear, we create an effective Faraday Cage which prevents up to 99% of all wireless EMF radiation from passing through.

SYB Boxer Briefs to Shield Against EMF Radiation
SYB Boxer Briefs to Shield Against EMF Radiation

Even More Powerful

The same EMF-repelling silver fibers that line our boxers also make them odor-killing to prevent bad smells or dirtiness, and anti-bacterial to improve hygiene and health.

The reality is that wearing a pair of our SYB boxers offers you the same level of comfort and support as any high-quality underwear, but only ours have the built-in technology to protect you and your fertility from harmful radiation.

Complete Protection

The entire brief is made from our shielding material, so you have complete 360° coverage.

This means your reproductive organs are protected, at all times, from all sources of EMF, like the cell phone in your pocket, your office wifi, or that laptop in your lap.

SYB Boxer Briefs to Shield Against EMF Radiation


Unlike competing underwear, our Boxer Briefs are made in Canada, with excellent North American workmanship.


Easy to Use

Putting on underwear is the simplest thing in the world, and using SYB boxers is a no-brainer. Just put them on and that’s it! You’re protected!


Smart Design

Because our SYB Boxer Briefs shield you, and not your devices, they protect your body and do not interfere with the reception, performance or battery life of your wireless devices.


Machine Washable

Your new SYB Boxer Briefs are machine washable!

Care: Machine wash on ‘delicate’ setting with cold water, or hand wash in cold water. Air dry. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean.

SYB Boxer Briefs to Shield Against EMF Radiation

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You can earn points for purchasing this product.


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