SYB Flex Shields


Protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful EMF radiation with Flex Shields.

Our Flex Shields are designed to be easily applied to any flat surface (such as your baby’s crib, or the wall behind your smart meter) to deflect and shield you from harmful EMF radiation from devices like WiFi routers, smart meters and baby monitors.

  • Deflects up to 95% of Radio & Microwave EMF Radiation, Per UCLA Testing
  • Each Flex Shield is 6″ x 6″ (approx. 15cm x 15cm)
  • Can Easily Cut to Custom Shape & Size
  • Easy to Apply; Simply Peel and Stick to Any Flat Surface


SYB Flex Shields are great for many uses and are easy to apply to most any surface. Combine multiple Flex Shields, or cut a single Flex Shield to a specific size and shape that you want.

Watch how powerful our SYB Flex Shields are:

Each FlexShield is 6″x6″ and comes in a pack of 4 FlexShields.

Radiation from wireless communication (such as from WiFi, baby monitors and smart meters) has been linked with many negative health effects, including cancer & infertility; the World Health Organization designates this type of radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogen. Testing at the UCLA Center for High Frequency Electronics shows that our Flex Shields deflect up to 95% of EMF radiation. (Learn more about how we test.)

Flex Shields are made from a conductive, non-woven fabric, composed of silver, nickel, silicone and copper, with a special adhesive tape custom applied to one side of the skin, to stick to any flat surface.

Simply peel the back of the Flex Shields, and stick on whatever surface you want.

Q: Hello. I currently use a laptop at work. If I put this tile directly on the desk and then put the laptop on top of it, it will stop radiation from going through the desk? Or will it reduce radiation all around the machine also? I would like a little more information. Does this protect from SAR or RF levels? Thank you. I currently use a Pongcase.
— Asked by Andrew Jacobs on May 31, 2015
A: SAR is one way of measuring RF radiation— specifically, it is a way to measure how much RF radiation is absorbed by the human body (as opposed to, for example, how much radiation is emitted by a device). We have a brief explanation of SAR posted on our site; perhaps it will help clarify: So, if a product (such as our Tiles, or Pong Case) reduces SAR, that means it protects against RF. Our products shield against RF (also known as microwave, or MW) radiation. They literally deflect the radiation away. We have more data about the shielding effectiveness of our products posted here: And, to answer your other question, yes, it will deflect the WiFi radiation from your laptop away from the surface of the desk.
Q: How thick is the Stick-on 6″ Tiles to Shield EMF Radiation in mm?
— Asked by Jek on July 12, 2015
A: Tiles are approximately 1mm thick.
Q: You mentioned "And if you stick it (the Pocket Patch) on the back, you would actually deflect more radiation into your head when speaking on the phone" - is it also true for the tile? I would like to line my cell phone case with the tile. Will it work? When the sticky side is facing me, is the tile protective? Or should the sticky side be (somehow) facing the phone?
— Asked by Wang on December 7, 2016
A: Hello: Thank you for your question. The answer is yes, the principle is the same with our Tiles, as it is with our Pocket Patch. If the Tile is between you and the source of the EMF radiation, it will shield you. But if, for example, you apply our Tiles to the back of your phone, then hold your phone up to your head, it may likely increase your exposure, because the Tile would deflect radiation back towards your head. Our Tiles and Pocket Patches are shields that deflect EMF radiation. So as long as it is between you and the source of the EMF, your exposure should be reduced. I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you have any others. Have a great day! Michelle SYB Customer Service

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