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Radiation Blocking Underwear: Keeping Your Swimmers Afloat

Modern technology is the best. Look at the smartphone: every piece of knowledge accrued by man, countless games, songs and movies, conversations with family across the world or even in the same room – that’s just a snapshot of what today’s gadgets can provide. They offer near-impossible levels of convenience and practicality, and our SYB radiation blocking underwear is here to protect you from them. 

That’s right: underwear to protect you from your own smartphone. And your wifi router, laptop and all the other sources of EMF radiation which constantly targets your body.

Not sure if we’re serious? The link between EMF and male infertility is a strong one, and the prevalence of radiation is on the rise. Without being melodramatic, our radiation blocking underwear could be the last line of defense for your healthy sperm count.

Day-to-Day EMF Exposure Explained

When Edison invented the electric light bulb, he also produced the first artificial EMF (electromagnetic radiation). Today, all electronic devices emit this same type of radiation. While some devices are safer than others, we are constantly shrouded in an invisible cloud of radiation.

And when it comes to EMF and male fertility, it’s well-established that cell phone radiation can cause sperm damage. Up to a 40% reduction in both quantity and quality, in fact.

As you would expect, proximity is a primary factor in how much effect the radiation has. The closer you are to the source, the more dangerous it becomes.

Manufacturers & “Belt Clips”

You might wonder why big manufacturers like Apple and Samsung don’t advertise this danger – except they do!

To quote the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Health and Safety Warranty Guide verbatim:

“For body-worn operation, this device has been tested and meets FCC RF exposure guidelines when used with an accessory that contains no metal and that positions the mobile device a minimum of 1.5 cm from the body. Use of other accessories may not ensure compliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines.”

Most manufacturers state around 2cm separation from the body is required for safe use. They are actually assuming you carry your device in a belt clip, 1-2cm from your body. Let’s be honest – we don’t do that anymore. Cell phones are in pants pockets 90% of the time, separated from your junk by a wafer-thin stretch of underwear.

That’s where we come in.

The SYB Solution

SYB Boxer Briefs to Shield Against EMF Radiation
SYB Boxer Briefs, Radiation Blocking Underwear

Manufacturers have told us that cell phones are only radiation-safe if a few centimeters from the body. Research tells us that laptops and wifi routers also produce dangerous amounts of radiation and heat. This radiation damages sperm count, sperm health and fertility. And that’s why we created the SYB Boxer Briefs.

Our radiation blocking underwear is a product of science, not superstition. By weaving a mesh of silver microfibres through our cotton boxer briefs, we create an effective Faraday Cage which prevents over 99% of all wireless EMF radiation from passing through. That’s how EMF shielding works from SYB.

This simple scientific principle guarantees that even if you sit with your phone on your crotch – which we can’t socially recommend – your swimmers will be safe.

But EMF shielding is not everything we need from a pair of boxers.

But Wait, There’s More!

Made from 53% cotton and an ultra-light 42% silver mesh, these boxer shorts are as comfortable as anything you’ll find from designer brands.

They’re stretchable, machine-washable and offer unique temperature regularization properties to help keep things cool when using laptops – another area which is commonly linked to damaged sperm.

Even better: the same EMF-repelling silver fibers that line our boxers also make them odor-killing to prevent bad smells or dirtiness, and anti-bacterial to improve hygiene and health.

The reality is that wearing a pair of SYB boxers offers you the same level of comfort and support as any high-quality underwear, but only ours have the built-in technology to protect you and your fertility from harmful radiation.

Putting on underwear is the simplest thing in the world, and using SYB boxers is a no-brainer.

How it Works – The Nitty Gritty

EMF shielding has been around for over 180 years, since Dr. Faraday invented his cage. All you need a surface made from a conductive material (in this case, silver). Then, electromagnetic (EM) waves (like those from your wireless devices) are reflected away from that surface. This is due to how the metal distributes electrons along its surface.

Our radiation blocking underwear performs this exact function and pushes EM waves away from your body. We line our boxers with microscopic silver thread. This forms a protective mesh, working just like a Faraday cage. Years of detailed research and effort have gone into creating this unique underwear line, and the end product is one that we’re extremely proud of.

Check out SYB Boxer Briefs and see if you’re ready to make a positive investment in not only your health, but your future.

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