All wireless devices emit harmful EMF radiation, listed as a Class 2B Carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

Fortunately, the best EMF protection is free. And you can start right now. 

With my free guide.

The Best EMF Protection is Free: SYB

Shield Your Body from Harmful EMF

All wireless devices emit harmful EMF radiation.

Fortunately, the best EMF protection is free.

And you can start right now, with my free guide.

The Best EMF Protection is Free: SYB

Shield Your Body from Harmful EMF Radiation

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SYB provides a growing library of educational resources – articles, videos & webinars – to help you learn about, and Shield Your Body from, the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

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How Gabrielle and Nia Radically Reduced Their EMF Exposure

I get it. EMF can be confusing and intimidating– even frightening. And I’m here to help you.

Hi. My name is R Blank and I run SYB. Inspired by the life’s work of my father, Dr. Martin Blank, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists, I’m here to help you by making technology safer for you and those you love.

Maybe your sleep is being disrupted. Maybe you’ve started to feel ill when you use your phone too much. Or maybe you’ve just read the news and are concerned about EMF– but not entirely certain what to think or what you can do about it.

And I understand. EMF involves complex science, the news is designed to scare you, and the wireless companies want to confuse you. And even though you’re surrounded by EMF, you can’t see, taste, touch or smell it, which can make it seem scarier, even as it makes it easier to dismiss and ignore.

Accurate, understandable and actionable information about EMF can be really hard to find.

I have good news for you: SYB can help. Right now.


Just like we did with Gabrielle. 

Gabrielle’s husband, Brian, was experiencing a persistent, dull leg pain for the first time in his life. This had gone on for months, and it was getting worse. And it started interfering with his work and his sleep.

One day, Gabrielle realized the pain started right about the time Brian got a new phone– and the pain was right near where he carried his phone in his pocket.

Brian’s phone was for work. And he had to carry it with him all the time during work hours– he didn’t have a choice. 

After doing some research online, Gabrielle was increasingly convinced that Brian’s pain was due to his phone. But they were stuck– he couldn’t do anything about carrying his phone, since it was required for his job.

After some more Googling, Gabrielle found SYB and ordered our Phone Pouch, and she made Brian start carrying his phone in the Pouch.

Within two days, Brian’s leg pain disappeared. 

Gabrielle contacted me. “Thank you so much! Since he started using your Phone Pouch, my husband doesn’t have leg pain for the first time since last year. And he’s able to sleep better. Really, this has made all the difference. Thank you.”

Now, you may have heard in the news that EMF exposure is linked to serious health conditions like cancer and infertility– and that’s true. There are literally thousands of scientific studies that show this.

At the same time, many symptoms of damage from EMF exposure can be less serious. Like mysterious pain, inability to focus, and disruption in sleep. 

And some good EMF protection– like the kind of products I make– can help. Like Gabrielle and her husband learned first-hand. 


But sometimes you don’t even need to spend any money to get protected. Because a lot of the best EMF protection is actually free – once you know and understand the sources of EMF and how you can adjust your usage of this technology.

That was the case with Nia. 

Nia found SYB because she “was looking for a convenient way to turn off WIFI at night because I work on my PC 40 hours a week. Also looking for affordable, effective ways to reduce exposure to EMF.” 

In other words, Nia wanted help to cut her EMF exposure. 

But she didn’t want to spend much (or any) money.

Nia found one of my blog posts, explaining not only why you should turn off your WiFi router at night, but multiple ways to make this easy to do. 

With that quick tip (and the information about how best to do it), Nia instantly reduced her exposure to WiFi radiation by a third– the time each night that she’s asleep.

She found it really helpful, so she immediately downloaded my free guide to learn more ways to reduce her exposure to harmful EMF radiation.

The next morning she emailed me: “Your information is easy to understand and apply and doesn’t require investing tons of money. As important as this is, I can’t spend a lot of money on this right now, so I really appreciate your generosity and help!”

Don't Delay; Get Started Now

Gabrielle and Nia are just two of the tens of thousands of people that I’ve helped, with my EMF protection products and my free information about how to reduce your EMF exposure.

You can sleep better. You can live with less pain. You can live with less fear. You can live healthier.

And you can start right now

And it doesn’t cost any money. 

So download my free guide with 5 ways to begin slashing your exposure to harmful radiation. Just enter your email address below to get started right now. You’ll be glad you did.


Our Founder & CEO, R Blank
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