The Best EMF Protection is Free

“How can I protect myself from EMF?” I get that question all the time.

And it makes sense, because SYB is all about helping you to protect yourself from EMF radiation– that’s our mission. So it’s natural that people ask me this. And sometimes it surprises people to learn that I say the best EMF protection is absolutely free

That’s why I’ve assembled these Healthy Living Tips for you: so you can start right now and take back control over your exposure to EMF radiation.


R Blank

I’ll say it again. The best EMF protection is free. 

That’s right: free. 

It costs nothing. And you can start RIGHT NOW.

So, if you’re interested in starting to live healthier and reduce your exposure to EMF – without investing in any new devices or gadgets, or even spending anything at all, read on!

Get your free ebook now.

It boils down to two simple rules.

You can start learning them this short, two minute video.

My free ebook discusses these two rules. I give you twenty specific Healthy Living Tips for ways you can start living healthier.

And once you understand these two rules, and see all these examples, you can start applying them throughout your life. 

You’ll be amazed at how many things you can do to start living healthier, by reducing your exposure to EMF radiation. 

And it doesn’t cost anything– it’s completely free.

You can start right now – take back control over your exposure to EMF radiation.

Get your free ebook now.

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R Blank

R Blank, Founder & CEO

Hi. My name is R Blank and I started SYB to help people live in a healthier balance with modern technology.

I write these ebooks to help people like you learn more about EMF. If you have any questions – any at all – please let me know. 

I’m more than happy to answer.