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Webinar Archive: 5G Health, Safety & Protection

Here is the archive recording and transcript of the SYB Webinar from April 3, 2020, hosted by SYB CEO R Blank covering the key and critical information for you about 5G health, safety and protection.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Transcript

R Blank 0:03

Greg, already here. Definitely, I think he might be unmuted. So you might want to just check that. Okay, everyone, welcome. Thank you so much for for coming to today’s webinar. And I’m really glad all of you could make the time to attend. It’s on 5g safety and protection. Quick outline for what we’re going to cover today, I’ll do a very, very quick introduction of me. Then we’ll move into a discussion about what 5g actually is, how 5g is regulated, what we know about the health risks, and then what you can do for your safety and protection. Finally, we’ll move into q&a. And I’ll that’s when I’ll also give all of you the special offer that I promised when I invited you to to attend. So about me, my name is R Blank, you get a lot of emails from me. So thank you for being on my list. I’m the CEO and founder of s y be taught on the faculty of the University of Southern California therapy School of Engineering. Along with my father, I was co author of overpowered, which is a book about EMF health effects and science, and prior to 20 year career in software engineering. So I told you, that would be a quick intro. So now what is 5g? Some of you may already know this, I’ll go through this as efficiently as I as I can. But for some of you, this will be just helpful to contextualize what we’re about to talk about. So 5g is the fifth generation of cell phone networks. That’s what the G stands for is generation. And it replaces 4g. So you see here on this slide, and evolution, one G is what was created in the late 70s. 4g, which we’ve been using now for about 12 years was introduced in 2008. And that’s what introduced truly mobile broadband, what made browsing on on mobile phones practical and fast enough to for you to not get super frustrated. So to best understand what 5g is, I think it’s helpful to look at how 5g is different from prior technologies. wireless devices like cell phones use electromagnetic radiation known as EMF, they use this to communicate, I have a whole separate webinar on planning on that subject. So I don’t want to get into the nature of emf into too much detail. But I will do a really quick explanation. Because a lot of people have heard the term EMF, but don’t fully understand what it is. And it’s central to understanding what 5g is. emf is a force, as its name suggests, is made up of electricity and magnetism. Now some emf is natural, like sunlight, visible light and sunlight are forms of emf. And the earth also has a magnetic field. And lightning emits EMF. And for the first several billions of years of life on Earth, those were essentially the only forms of emf that existed. But then in the 19th century, as we harness the power of electricity, that began to change. And today, every device that runs on electricity, and every device that communicates wirelessly admits this force. And I just want to take one minute to highlight that for the, for all of human evolution. Until the late 1800s, we were exposed to no human made EMF. And since then the amounts we’ve been exposed to each generation have been increasing exponentially. Now, there are different types of emf, as I just said, visible light, as you see here in the center of this slide is one type of emf. All these different types of emf exists on a spectrum. And here we see a visualization of the electromagnetic spectrum that I made for the overpower book. And I’m showing it here to show you that there are different types of emf. And they have different amounts of energy, which is to say they have different frequencies. And you hear these terms energy and frequency when it comes to EMF energy and frequency mean the same thing. And we measure frequency in a unit called hertz. And you’ve heard this before as well, right? You may have heard that your Wi Fi router is 2.4 gigahertz or your cordless phone is 800 megahertz. That’s because those are the frequencies that those devices are using. The further to the right, you go on this chart, the more energy to emfs. So you see here all the way at the far right we have gamma rays, those have the most energy

and they do a lot of damage. x rays have less energy, they still do a lot of damage. And then we also have UV rays, all of these that have more energy than the sun in the visible light bc from the sun, we call those ionizing forms of emf. And those, like I say, can do a lot of damage. They can ionize atoms, they knock electrons loose from your atoms. everything to the left here of visible light on this chart is what we call non ionizing radiation. And they’re called non ionizing because they don’t have that much energy to knock electrons loose. And it was thought because of that for a long time that they were safe. Now, and science in the past several decades has shown that that was a faulty assumption. But this is how we define EMF, there’s not non ionizing, which is the type that is used for wireless communication. And then there’s ionizing which is the type that you use, for example, to get an X ray. Most existing cell phones use 4g or fourth generation networks to communicate. And in most countries, 4g phones communicate with frequencies between 600 megahertz to six gigahertz. So given that, where does 5g fit in? Now here we see another visualization of the electromagnetic spectrum. And this one is vertical instead of horizontal. But it’s the same, the same spectrum here on the left. And here, in fact, let me just jump back. The part you see here with the radio and the TV, going all the way up to the cell phone and the Wi Fi. You see I called that radio and microwave. And that’s because that part of the EM spectrum is often referred to as radio frequency, or microwave. So in this chart here, that’s called radio wave spectrum. And that’s the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that’s used for wireless communication. Now here we see 5g. So 5g, and this chart is in the E book that you’ll be getting at the end of this. After this webinar is done. 5g will use some of the same frequencies as 4g. And you can see here at the bottom, you can’t see my mouse, but it overlaps with bands used for wireless networks, you see those red arrows, it overlaps, but then it goes much higher, it goes up to what airport scanners use, and then even higher than that, and that’s because 5g can go up to 300 gigahertz. And these are what are known as millimeter waves. And you’ve probably heard that term before. And what’s important to realize about millimeter waves is that they have never been before used in widespread consumer application. So I said we were going to cover the differences. What makes 5g different. The first big difference that I’m going to highlight is that 5g devices will use much more energy to communicate more energy than has ever been used in consumer technology. But that’s just the start. 5g The reason that 5g uses higher frequencies is to enable more bandwidth. So 5g doesn’t only operate with more energy than 4g. It’s also designed to carry a lot more information. It’s expected that the average download speeds on 5g will be around one gigabyte per second, which is really fast. For comparison, the average download speed of 4g is 30 megabit per second. And what that means is that 5g is estimated to be almost 300 times faster than 4g. So so far, we have more energy, more bandwidth. Another critical difference that we need to understand and cover here is that 5g is for more devices. 5g isn’t just designed for downloading movies faster on your phone. It’s also designed to connect many, many, many more devices. So it’s not just phones, its cars, and watches and homes and hospitals and the utility grid. 5g is designed for a connected grid that has orders of magnitude more devices, each of which is a new source of this type of emf radiation. And the fourth big difference I want to cover is more antennas, because as I mentioned, five to uses higher frequencies. And the higher frequencies don’t travel as far as the lower frequencies like 4g. And as I mentioned, 5g is designed for more devices connecting at

much faster speeds. For these reasons, the networks require many more antennas to function, many, many more. And this is something that you might hear, it’s called network densification. And you’ll start seeing these so called small cells pop up in new places, like on the top of streetlights, like in this photo. So we are we’re all used to seeing these 4g cell towers with 5g. It’s not going To look the same way, and they’ll start appearing on everyday infrastructure, like you see here, light poles and, and street signs and traffic lights. So that’s from a top level How is 5g different? We’re talking about more energy, more bandwidth, more devices, and more antennas. And not just a little more, we’re talking orders of magnitude more. And all of this combines for massive leap in EMF exposures. And it’s in a whole new segment of the EM spectrum that most of humanity has never been exposed to before. And that’s the concern, why so many people consider 5g to be so much more dangerous than prior versions of wireless technology. So the next question I want to tackle is How is 5g regulated? There are different approaches to 5g regulation in different parts of the world. In the United States, 5g is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, the same organization that regulates 4g and all wireless devices since the 1990s. So in the US, 5g is regulated the same way as all prior less tech, prior wireless technology, even though it’s so much different, and our exposures will be so much greater. So how does the FCC regulate wireless technology, it comes down to something called the thermal effect. And I will have a link to this as well, and the E book that you’ll be getting to describe this more. But the thermal effect, in short boils down to, if a device doesn’t emit so much EMF that it burns you, it is safe. And that’s that’s right. Because enough EMF, even the the, the non ionizing types can heat and cook tissue. And that’s actually exactly how a microwave oven works. Microwave ovens use the same type of microwaves as a cell phone or a cordless phones, but they have so much power that they actually cook your food. So if you have enough EMF, it can actually cook you and the FCC is concerned to protect you from being burned and cooked by the wireless technology. But so as long as a cell phone doesn’t emit a so much power, that it actually cooks you, the FCC considers it to be safe. But as I’m about to discuss, science has demonstrated a massive range of negative health effects from exposure to EMF at power levels much lower than what are covered by the thermal effect. But before we get to that, I did want to note that not everywhere has taken the same regulatory approach as the United States. So here, I’m going to cite the example of Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium and Europe. And they haven’t definitely ceased the rollout of 5g because the wireless companies could not say how much radiation people were exposed to. And there are dozens of municipalities and governments around the world that have suspended or restricted the 5g rollout, or initiated investigations and research to begin that process. And I have links to to more information about global opposition to 5g in the E book that you’ll be getting after this webinar. And one reason I want to point it out this global opposition to 5g, I want to make sure to cover it in this webinar. I’ve been involved in EMF protection for almost a decade. And I was exposed to this world through my father who’d been involved for 30 years before that. And when I started swipey, most people just weren’t that concerned. Sure, there have been some concerns about EMF going back and cell phones and causing cancer going back to the 1990s. But in general, it was a fringe concern, and not getting much attention. But with 5g, the situation is really different. And not only are you seeing more and more people, people like you getting concerned. But you’re also finally starting to see governments take action in a way that they have never done before with wireless technology. So what is everyone so concerned about?

Traditionally, the wireless industry rolls out new technology without performing studies into the long term health impact. Those studies come later, after the technology has already been released. This was the case with the first cell phones with Wi Fi with 4g and now we see it’s the case again with 5g. This is why cell phones are referred to as the largest biological experiment ever by Dr. Leif Salford and many agree despite the absence of studies into the long term health effects of 5g, Dr Joel Moskowitz of the UC Berkeley Public School of Health as explained, we have no reason to believe that 5g is safe. And despite the absence of any long term studies into 5g again, that’s why it is so irresponsible to be rolling out this technology into so many devices and cities. But despite that, it is possible to make some educated guesses about what we already know about the negative health effects of emf exposure from prior and current generations of wireless technology. EMF exposure from devices like cell phones has been linked to a wide range of negative health effects in humans, including immune system suppression, cancer, infertility, sleep disruption, and leakage of the blood brain barrier, which is a very important part of your body that protects your brain against things like viruses. Sometimes it surprises people to hear that there are literally thousands of studies literally thousands that demonstrate negative health effects from exposure to cell phone radiation. And the reason it can surprise people to hear this is because you’ll often hear this presented on the news like it’s debate, like a he said she said, like the jury’s still out. But it is, it really, really isn’t. Now I’m working on a new post that I will aim to summarize a lot of these health effects and that I hope will explain this in more detail for you. But rather than go through all of these health effects in this webinar, I’ll point you to the bio initiative report, which is a survey of thousands of these studies. My father was a was a contributing author to the bioinitiative report. They review all of these studies and summarize the various health effects that are consistently reported at different doses of emf. And I really want to highlight this at doses far below what current safety standards permit. In fact, they report negative health effects at doses far below what a single cell phone emits. And that brings me to what I call the fundamental flaw in EMF safety standards like cell phone emissions guidelines. Even if these standards were sufficient to protect your health from EMF radiation. They’re designed to protect you from a single source. The standard say how much radiation a single cell phone can give off. But we’re never exposed to radiation from a single source anymore. We’re surrounded by cell phones and Wi Fi networks and computers and baby monitors and smart meters and power lines and kitchen appliances were surrounded by all of these 24 seven. And these safety standards completely ignore the cumulative exposures from multiple sources. So the safety standards and regulations that exist, they completely ignore the fact that real measurable negative health effects occur at levels much lower than safety standards permit and much lower than the thermal effect thresholds that were exposed to these unhealthy levels of emf from numerous sources simultaneously, and that we’re exposed to them cumulatively over the entire course of our lives, and not just a single moment in time. So let’s bring this back to five G. And this brings us back to the specific design element I want to highlight, which is supporting more devices with more antennas, and the vision of the future advocated by technologists and wireless companies. And it’s increasingly not the vision of the future. It’s the vision of today, everything in your life is going to be smart, everything in your life is going to be connected, and everything in your life is going to emit EMF. And this emf is going to be in addition to what you’re already exposed to which is which is today in today’s world, a very high base level of electromagnetic radiation.

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So 5g means an order of magnitude explosion in the number of sources of emf in our lives. And that’s an order of magnitude explosion in the amount of radiation we’re exposed to all the time. So at this point, we’ll jump back to the slide we covered earlier and I used it earlier to show you how 5g will use newer frequencies of emf with more energy. These frequencies that have never before been used in commercial applications, much less in such a widespread rollout. And while the initial deployments of 5g will be close to 4g frequencies future versions of 5g will make use have what’s known as millimeter waves. Like I said that term earlier. Now, I want to be clear, we don’t know exactly what this will mean in terms of public health, because there haven’t been any tests on this type of technology. Which again, I will just say is why it is so irresponsible to roll it out, because there’s no testing. But in addition to what we already know about the types of impact that EMF has on the human body, there is one very concerning aspect of millimeter waves in particular, that has been demonstrated. And this is the one specific scientific experiment study that I’m going to discuss in this this presentation. And that is that 5g health risks may be amplified. Because of how according to one study, five g EMF radiation interacts with the human body. The study led by Dr. URI Feldman at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He found that human sweat ducks acts act as an array of tiny helix shaped antennas when exposed to millimeter waves. The findings suggest that human skin not only absorbs, but actually amplifies the radiation from millimeter wave networks. And this suggests that the impact of 5g radiation on our bodies may be amplified, as well. So now we’ll get to what I consider to be the most important part of of this webinar and what I think most of you are most interested in. What can you do to live more safely in the face of what is happening with 5g. And in a little bit, I’ll get to what you can do on the personal level for your own protection. But before that, I want to address some of the easiest ways to make a bigger difference in the fight against 5g. Step one, is to do what you’re doing right now, which is to learn as much as you can about 5g and how it is being rolled out near you. The more you know, the more educated you will be about what 5g is and what you can do about it. Step two, it’s also relatively easy. Tell people as you learn more about 5g and how it’s being rolled out in your region. Share what you learn with friends, family and colleagues. Odds are increasing that they have heard something concerning about 5g probably more than one thing. But they don’t really understand the issues like you do. So don’t browbeat them. Instead, just let them know what this technology is, what it can do to them and their loved ones, and what all of you can do about it. Step three is to contact local officials. And I really want to highlight the local part of this slide. Because the FCC is not going to do anything about 5g. The opposition that is being the opposition to 5g that will be successful that is already being successful is happening at the local level. So you need to contact your local officials like your mayor, your city council, your county council to express your opposition and learn more about the status of the 5g rollout in your area. In the book that I’ll be sending you once this webinar is over, I’m including a link to a sample letter you can use when contacting government officials with your 5g health concerns. And this next one is very important too. As more and more devices come out with 5g connections and capabilities, you can object by not buying them and suggest to others in your life to boycott 5g as well. The fewer people that buy 5g devices, the slower it will roll out. So vote with your wallet. And you’ll be amazed at how powerful this tactic can be as it spreads. Now we’ll get to what you can do on a personal level.

The first thing to remember is that while 5g is a new and untested type of emf, it is still a type of emf, that means it behaves like EMF, which means a lot of the same ways you protect yourself from EMF also work on 5g. So even if 5g is installed in your city, even if you can detect dozens of networks around you, and even if you live in an area that’s extremely polluted by 5g, what you do with your own devices and at your own home matters a tremendous amount and I’ll explain why in a minute. So you’re going to want to develop some habits that can drastically reduce your exposure to EMF habits like these are completely free and they are the best way to reduce your exposure and shield your body. These come down to two rules. You want to minimize your use of 5g generating technology and you want to maximize the distance Between your body and the tech when it’s on. And there are a lot of ways to do this without sacrificing your enjoyment of modern technology. I’m just going to cover a couple here. But there’s a include a link to a lot more examples of ways that you can adapt the tops these behaviors in your life. So one simple example, is not sleeping with your phone. If you sleep with your phone, you’re being exposed to cell phone radiation all night long when you’re not even using the phone. So don’t bring it to bed, or turn it into airplane mode when you do, since we all sleep for about six to eight hours a day. If we’re lucky, that’ll cut your exposure to your phone’s 5g radiation by 25 to 30%. Another example of minimizing use is to put your phone in airplane mode. Airplane mode was originally created for when you’re flying in a plane as we all know, but obviously you don’t need to fly in a plane to use it. When your phone is in airplane mode, you’re virtually eliminating its EMF radiation emissions. So when you don’t need to make or receive calls and texts turn on airplane mode. And I explained this on my blog, there’s actually still quite a lot you could do with your phone, even when it’s in airplane mode, you can play games, you can listen to downloaded podcasts, you can set the alarm and use the clock. So there’s still a lot you can do with your phone when it’s in airplane mode. But you’ll really slash EMF emissions. So that was minimizing. Remember, you want to minimize use the Nexus to maximize distance. And this chart, let me explain this chart. minimizing your use is the best way to cut your exposure and protect your health. But no matter how much we cut out the tech, we all still need to use some modern technology. It’s just how today’s world works. And that’s where maximizing distance come in, comes in, you want to maximize the distance between the EMF emitting technology in your body. And why does this matter so much, because the power of emf radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. And that’s what’s visualized here on this slide. And what that means is each time you double the distance, let’s say you have your cell phone in your body, each time you double the distance between your phone and your body, you’re cutting your exposure by 75%. That’s huge. And that’s why distance matters so much when it comes to protecting yourself from EMF radiation. So a couple of examples of ways you can maximize the distance This one is really important, don’t carry your phone in your pocket. When your phone is directly against your body, it’s likely one of your biggest if not the biggest sources of your personal EMF exposure. It’s such a big source that even several cell phone companies like Apple warn you not to carry your phone in your pocket, because if you do, your exposure can exceed federal regulations. So don’t carry your phone in your pocket, or turn it into airplane mode if you do. Another example is to always use speakerphone or radiation free headset, just like you shouldn’t carry your phone in your pocket, you also shouldn’t hold your phone up to your head. In fact, this is even more important because when you’re making a call, your phone is emitting much more EMF radiation in order to send and communicate with the antenna or cell tower. So you should use a speakerphone or an anti radiation headset to keep the phone as far away from you as possible.

So those were just a couple of examples of ways that you can reduce your exposure to 5g for free starting right now. And without buying any new gadgets, including anything for me, they’re the same bits of advice I’ve been sharing for years because they work on all EMF generating technology. And I have dozens of these tips posted for free on my website at the URL you see here on the slide. And I’d encourage you to really spend some time going through them. Because the best way to protect yourself from EMF and 5g is to avoid that exposure in the first place. And these are the ways that you do that. But no matter how many of my soI be healthy, healthy living tips you adopt. If you want to participate in the modern world, you’re still going to be exposed to EMF and 5g radiation. That’s just what the world looks like today. And that’s where good 5g protection products come in. Like the ones I make and sell here at si B. I’ve been making EMF protection products for several years long before the 5g rollout began. This means that when I created most of my catalog, we didn’t test 5g frequencies because there was no need to. And in fact most of the labs that perform these types of shielding effectiveness tests did even have the equipment that could test for 5g. Because no communications equipment was using these frequencies. And actually most of these labs still don’t have the right equipment to perform these tests. But we searched and we found a couple. And so now we’re in the process of going back and having our products retested to ensure they are as effective on the new higher 5g frequencies. And were going through our catalog as time and budget permit as a as a small company. So far, we have tested our s YB, phone patch, swipey, 5g phone shield, and si B headset anti radiation device or hard. And the results were stunning. And you can read the lab test results on my website. But the answer is yes, these products do provide powerful 5g protection. Let’s start with the heart. This is this is our newest product. And I’m really excited about this one, it turns any headset into an anti radiation headset. Remember, as we just discussed, you should never hold your phone up to your head, you should always use a speakerphone or a headset. Now using a regular headset is better than holding your phone up to your head much better. But even then regular wired headsets still conduct some radiation from your phone up to your head right into your ear canal and exposing your brain to the stray radiation from your phone. So you just plug the heart into your phone, and then plug your headset or headphones into the heart. That’s it, heart will filter out all the straight EMF radiation, even 5g frequencies up to 20 gigahertz. And what’s really great about this product is the sound quality. Now, I also make and sell air tubes. I’ve done that for many years. And if you don’t know air tubes are more traditional form of anti radiation headset. But all air tubes, because just the way that the technology works, they have inferior sound quality, even even good air tubes like mine are. So air tubes are good for making calls. I use mine all the time, I still use my ear tubes for making calls. But they’re not good for listening to music or movies or anything where you want to appreciate actual good sound. The hard doesn’t only not degrade your audio, it actually improves your audio by filtering out the EMF interference. So you can get great EMF protection, and the same high quality audio that you love from your favorite headset. And it’s really it’s the only product like this that’s available today that you can buy. And like I say I’m really excited about it. also excited that my top two cell phone protection products also work against 5g. So that’s the 5g phone shield and the phone pouch. Both of these are designed to make it safer to carry your phone. Now remember, we just discussed this, you shouldn’t carry your phone in your pocket. But a lot of people do. Sometimes we find we don’t have a choice. And when we do as we just discussed, that can be a huge source of your radiation exposure. So with the phone pouch, you just put your phone in the pouch and then carry the pouch in your pocket or on your belt. And with the 5g phone shield, you just slide that into your pocket between your phone and your body. Both of these work by deflecting the harmful radiation away from your body using shielding technology that’s universally accepted. And that I explained in much greater detail on my website.

And both of these work on 5g frequencies, they’ve been tested up to 20 gigahertz. So now we’re going to get to that special offer that I promised. So right now, if you order any, any of these 350 sorry, let me there’s an offer button. That should pop up under the offers tab. Now you can link to it. It’s also just this URL. And this this link is good until midnight tonight pacific time. But it’s only the this this code expires today. I’m not making it part of the if you’re watching this as a recording, it’s a replay this code will not work. But for those of you who are here in the room right now, the code 5g webinar will save 20% on any order of any quantity of these of my phone shield, the heart or the phone patch. I’ll come back to work I’ll show the code again on the screen. But I just want to say I want to highlight for those of you who don’t already know this, any order of my products or my website includes free shipping, a lifetime warranty and 30 days 30 day returns. It’s a risk free decision. I’m trying to make it really easy for you to get some lab tested 5g protection. Also, before we get to q&a, I wanted to remind all of you that if you haven’t gotten this ebook already A copy is going to be emailed to you, as soon as the recording of this webinar is complete, so keep an eye out. So remember that this special offer expires at midnight tonight pacific time. So if you’re interested this is this is a great time to get the 5g protection that I offer here at sob. And now I will take some questions. So, there I’m still here. Also, before I do, I just wanted to show you in case you were wondering what these things look like, this is this is the hard and you just, you just plug it into your phone, and then you plug, I have a headset here, I’ll show you. And then you just plug your headset into it. And that’s it. That blocks all the radiation from being conducted up the headset. I also have my phone pouch here. And selling this for many years, it’s a very popular product. And you just slide your phone into it. You keep the back of it between your phone and your body, the park with the belt hoop. Keep that between your phone and your body. And that will make it safer to carry your phone. The 5g phone shield also makes it safer to carry your phone. You see I have a pretty big phone here. I’m using the large 5g phone shield for demonstration, but it’s big enough. And you would put this in your pocket with the 5g phone shield between your phone and your body. Okay, with all that, let’s see who’s here in the room. Let’s get to some questions. Okay, how does Arnold gas let me click start answering. There we go. How does the phone field cover work to protect us. So I have a if you go to my website under the about menu, there’s how it works, you can click that there’s a longer explanation there. But what it boils down to is if you weave conductive metal into a certain pattern, it will bounce back emf radiation, it’s the same principle that’s using Faraday cages. So this principle is about 200 years old. It’s just nowadays the technology exists to make these metallic fibers super thin. So they can be woven into, for instance, the back here, my phone patch, but it’s the same exact scientific principle. And not only do we have the lab tests up on the website, I have a video showing how you can test this for yourself and what the results look like with consumer grade EMF meters. So you don’t have to take my word for it. You can you can verify my claims for yourself. Wendy asks, Do you think there’s a connection between 5g installed in China, Italy in Washington and the high number of patients who have covid 19? I get this question an awful lot these days. So I wanted to answer it. My answer is we know that EMF weakens the immune system. And we know that and I have a post about that on the blog. If you’re on my list, you may have gotten an email from me. I think I sent that out earlier last week. There’s a lot of science demonstrating that EMF weakens the immune system. We know that 5g is untested. And so we don’t know what the effects are. More over, there’s a scientist, his name is Dr. Sam mill. And he wrote a book called dirty electricity. And he talks about the diseases of civilization, the types of diseases we see today that we never had before in human evolution.

And he maps these the incidence of these diseases, two inventions like the the electrification of the United States and the rollout of certain types of wireless technology. So there’s a lot of science that shows that, that the introduction of new EMF emitting technology can introduce new disease and population. That said, in my opinion, there is no science yet linking 5g to COVID-19. But I think that’s part of the problem is there’s no science yet on 5g. They’re rolling this out without testing. And that is really the concern. And that’s what I try to keep telling people this really needs to you shouldn’t just be rolling at these massive exposures of untested frequencies without without proving that it’s safe. I mean, it’s it’s it’s insane when you say it that way, but that’s that’s the case. Arnold asks again. What can happen if a person uses 5g without the phone shoulder? Well, I tried to cover that in the healthcare section. I also have a separate post up about the health risks that we can guess that we have from 5g But again, I want to come back to this is untested stuff. So all we have to go on is what we know about prior versions wireless technology and how those aren’t too For instance, incidence of infertility and cancer. And we also know that when you carry your phone in your pocket, and it’s on, that’s a really large source of your personal exposure. So that’s how I would answer that. That’s why you would want to use a product like my 5g phone, children my phone pouch.

Okay, still scrolling through the questions. J s, how can I protect myself from EMF while using a heating pad. I don’t know of any ways j, the heating pad emits. I don’t know how to jump to a specific slide here. But if you go back to my slide on the electromagnetic spectrum, heating pads emit, they don’t emit radio frequency or microwave, they emit electa, extremely low frequency. And when you’re using it assumed by a heating pad, you’re talking about like an electric blanket, or something. So I would recommend not using that, because that’s really hard to shield against. And they do make certain kinds I’ve seen where you can, for instance, boil water, and put that into a kind of a pad with a bladder in it. And you can hold that against your body. I’ve seen other kinds that you can microwave, and they heat up and then you can hold that against your body, just make sure to stand away from the microwave while you do it. But that that’s how I would advise against using a heating pad that runs off of AC power.

Arnold’s asked again, another good question or no got in the room early that let that be a lesson all of you get in the room early if you want to ask questions. When 4g was being rolled out, didn’t have the same rumors like 5g, no. awareness of emf was not as high. And it may seem difficult to appreciate because we all experienced this on a day by day basis. So every day, it seems just a little, you know, basically the same as yesterday. But the amount of emf in our environments on a day to day basis today than 12 years ago, is it’s a massive growth. Just think about if you turned on a Wi Fi, your computer’s Wi Fi 12 years ago, how many networks Did you see? versus how many do you see today? And that’s also before we had nest thermostats and smart locks and smart refrigerators. And I’ve seen smart kitty litter balls. So So to answer your question, no, there wasn’t the same level of concern. There probably should have been. But there was also much less exposure overall than there is today.

Let’s try to get to some other people here. Cat asked what are the best ways to protect children from the harm of 5g? Well, I’ll answer this in two parts. Number one, the same thing, the same things I said about answering sorry about protecting yourself, apply to your children. And but I would add to that, that it’s even more important with children. And I have a post on my blog, which I can email you guys. But children and babies and fetuses are much more vulnerable to damage from EMF radiation. And for a variety of reasons. Number one, for instance, they’re their skulls, their bones and skulls are thinner skulls provide a natural degree, some degree of shielding, there’s their their cells are dividing much more rapidly because they’re growing. And so any damage done to a cell gets multiplied, because the damage is done in the cells that that come from that cell. And because they have a whole lifetime ahead of them. Those of us who are older don’t have as much time as less. So the damage we have today. We don’t have to live with for so long. And because this stuff to me accumulates over time. I am working on content, specifically to address protecting children in the home. And I hope to have that out to you guys soon. I hope that answers your question.

Let’s see. I’ve answered some of these already. Bill asked what Dr. Joel Moskowitz his credentials are. He is the he’s I believe he’s the director of the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley. But if you actually Google 5g health risks, his his he has a very, very eloquent and extensive post in Scientific American. That goes into more much more detail. about what’s known about these health risks. But yeah, he’s from UC Berkeley, Public School of Health.

Arnold, so how does EMF destroy ourselves? And how does the body react to EMF in a defensive manner? Great questions, I’m actually working on content to answer that very quickly. EMF can have multiple effects on our cells, one that I talked about quite a bit is, it’s been shown in these studies go back decades now, Doctor, doctors lie and sing performed studies in the 90s that showed that EMF, just power levels that you’d get from a regular cordless phone can destroy and damage your DNA. So it can lead to mutations in your genetic code. And some of those mutations cannot be repaired by your body. And when the DNA is damaged in that way, back that creates that well, that creates real damage to your cells and its ability to multiply. And if it does multiply, that damage is then multiplied through your body. How does body react to EMF in a defensive manner? another great question that I’m actually working on right now. This was work that my father did, which shows that EMF, again, even at these very low levels that we’re talking about here, it triggers what’s called the stress response in our cells to our bodies, just down to the cellular level, interpret EMF as a stress that has to be dealt with. And that has, that has other implications that that go beyond that. In terms of in terms of your health, and I do plan to very soon post more information about that. Dave, David asked if there’ll be a replay, I hope. So. That’s what we’re shooting for. As soon as I finished going through these questions. The server is supposed to start processing a replay and it should be automatically emailed out to all of you and it’s done. Cat asked, Do I have to do my products of scientific data to support the dissipation of emf? Yes, they do. I’m sorry, I’m in the wrong window. There we go. If you go to my website, and if you go down to the footer, there’s a link that says laboratory test results. So it’s under the about menu, it’s on, on every page in the top nav under the about menu, or if you’re on the home page in the footer, but just click the link that says laboratory test results. And you’ll get the data for each of my products. So yes, we publish the lab data for our products. Jackie asks, How much protection do the pouches offer, they can deflect up to 99% of the radiation away from your body. Again, we do post the lab data on the website. So at different frequencies, you know, can jump around between 96% and 99%. How much it actually protects you in real life can vary because of variability in terms of what frequencies your phone is using to communicate at a given time how much power your phone is emitting, because if you have a weaker signal, your phone actually emits a lot more power than if you have a strong signal. So there’s a lot of variability in real life, just how this technology is used. So I can’t say exactly how much is being protected. But it’s it’s it’s a lot this is this is real technology. Again, the lab data is on the website, and I show you how to do the testing for yourself. There’s an E book that I send to every customer that explains how you can test this stuff for yourself.

DMS, how is it that the flex shield or laptop pad doesn’t interfere with the laptop or anything you stick it to? Good question. Even though those aren’t the products I’m talking about in this webinar, the answer is the same. Although before I answer I will say the flex shield is not designed to be stuck to electronics. It’s designed to be stuck to things like flat surface like a table or a desk or a wall. But the principle is the same. And the answer is because it shields on one side only as we can muster one useful backup. Yeah, my camera’s still on. Let me go a little larger. So it might actually be easier to to illustrate with 5g phone shields the same principle of the phone pouch. This is the shield. So when you hold the phone against it and let’s say it’s in your pocket, so it’s against your body. It’s deflecting the radiation away from you. So the shielding is on one side only. So all of my products that are designed as accessories to electronics. This is different from the apparel Because the apparel is meant to protect is meant to wrap your body. But anything that’s an electronics accessory is designed to shield on one side only. And that’s how the phone can still communicate even while it’s protecting them. It’s the same principle with the laptop pad. Same principle with the fleck shields and the poster frame. And, well, all of the products you see on the website. Okay, oh, I lost my picture. Hold on the worst thing in the world. Okay, so going through questions. I see a lot of you are still in the room. I really appreciate you guys sticking around for this. Okay, I answered that question. On Yes. What about laptop protection? Yeah, just to note, I don’t know how many of you noticed this. I I had to cancel the laptop pad webinar and about about laptop EMF health effects and promoting my laptop pad. And that was due to to everything that was going on with with the pandemic and the quarantines. But I will reschedule that. But um, yeah, if you’re asking for a coupon or discount on the laptop pad, you can just email me, and I’ll take care of that.

Julie says it looks like the heart isn’t compatible with your phone. Yeah, so the heart does. Where did I put it? I think you can all still see me, the heart uses what’s known as a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. So a traditional headset jack, if you’re using an iPhone, unfortunately, will not work. If you’re using an Android that has what we call a USBC adapter port, you can buy a USB C adapter, and then then the hard will work. And and not only will you still be able to hear you can talk, if your headset has controls like volume or answer button, that’ll all still work. So you can use it with an adapter for USBC. But unfortunately, not with lightning, so will not work on the more recent iPhones.

Stephanie asked if I protection for Android, I do all of this technology. Well. So I just said that the heart that that would be the one that’s really model specific. And that does work. Again, with a USB C adapter. Those things cost about $10. You can get them on Amazon, you can find them in a lot of places. So this will definitely work with Android. But all of the shielding technology, it does not care what model phone you have. This is an Android. I switched from iPhone to Android recently, actually, specifically because I I wanted an audio jack. So that’s why that’s why I switched. But it the shielding products that I make they don’t care what brand of technology that you have. Anya asks, Do I ship to the UK? Great question. I should have said that. Yes. If you order from my website that includes free shipping in the United States and Canada, in the UK, in Europe and in Australia. And there’s no import duties because we ship from within those countries. So we offer fast free shipping around the world, to those countries specifically. Although these days, the fast part, just bear with us, you know, because we use the same shipping channels that everyone else is using and they’re so in the United States shipping is fine. Right now very fast. But in other countries due to all the quarantines and the shutdowns, there might be a bit of a delay. But yes, we offer free shipping in the UK, Canada, Europe and Australia as well as the United States. Maybe Alaska is Bluetooth hands free headset dangerous. I never like saying things are dangerous. But I do have a post on the site if you just look. In fact, if you email me I’ll just send you the direct link that would be easiest. But Bluetooth is a any Bluetooth device emits the same type of radiation that I’ve been talking about this entire webinar. So that’s radio microwave frequencies. Now Bluetooth is much less worse with much less power than a phone. So holding a bluetooth headset up to your head is exposes you to less power than holding a cell phone up to your head. But you balance that out with the fact that a lot of people keep these Bluetooth headsets in you know all the time. Sorry Stephanie just messaged me that she lost me am I still am I still being heard.

Sorry. Get to continue. To answer if. Yeah, I’m here. Can Can someone just type in a question to? Okay, thank you. Everyone else can hear me. So, sorry, let me find that question. I was answering Bluetooth headsets, right. So Bluetooth headsets, you couple that with the fact that people tend to carry these on their head all day long, or at least four hours at a time. So it might be less power, but the exposure is longer. In short, it’s another source of emf. And if it’s one that you can eliminate, you should eliminate it. So I never use a bluetooth headset for that reason. But I have a post on my site. So again, if you eat me after this, I have a post I can point you to that answers that in more detail. Uh, Kimberly asked, What is the best way to find out about the local 5g rollout? That is, I think I put the link in the book. Is this? Yes. The best resource that I know of right now. So Well, first off, one of the best ways is to just get in touch with local officials and ask them, they won’t hide it from you. They may not know a lot of the technical details. But that’s a that’s a good way to find out now in terms of what antennas may exist near you. I definitely have a link to that in the book. there’s a there’s a thing called the ookla. Oh, okay, LA, the ookla five g map. And you can bet that is the best tracker that I found. It’s on speed test dotnet. But again, the ookla Okay, la five g map. And that that keeps track of a lot of these 5g deployments around the world, not just in the United States. The other thing I was going to point you to is a website called stop 5g And that’s a group that organizes protests locally around the world. So let’s see what were the URLs I said? So there was the ookla. Okay, LA, just google ookla. 5g map, and the other was stopped five g

Here’s a result from the web.

Sorry, my phone thought I was talking to it. Guess Mukhlas sounds like Google?

Anya asked, Can you tell us where we can buy 5g home shielding products? Please? Great question. I have not seen 5g testing coming out from other companies yet. So so. So I mean, even with me, you see, it’s only on a small portion of my catalog. We’re working to have more of my catalog tested. And as soon as that happens, I’ll be able to say yes, for instance, my poster friend liner works with 5g right now I haven’t had those tests performed. So I don’t know. And I haven’t seen those tests from other companies either. So I’m not at this point able to refer any other 5g shielding products. But if you find one that you’d like me to look into for you just email me and I’ll be happy to answer it for you. In terms of General Insurance of general home EMF protection, like wall coverings, rolls of fabric, bed canopies, less EMF. If you’re in the United States, less emf is a great store. It’s less EMF comme le ss, EMF calm and they have a huge catalog. And they’ll include things like rolls of fabric and window coverings. But again, I haven’t seen any five G’s results from those products yet. Mabel asks, Are EMF protection protection stickers effective? I have not seen any. from any of the ones I’ve seen. I have not seen any science to support the claims or efficacy. That’s my my short answer to that question. With other other companies that sell shielding products like si B my company we sell shielding products, because they’re EMF, they’re literally their EMF shields. They’re not just EMF protection, their shields and any company there so there’s other EMF shielding products from other companies that that are that work and are effective, not just mine. But in terms of devices like the protection stickers I’ve not seen anything that would that would convince me that they that they have the efficacy of the protection. harried asked what’s the name of my blog, it is shield your body calm and the blog is just slash blog, but if you go to shield your body calm you’ll see the link To the blog, from the homepage, my homepage has a very minimal design. See, all the key navigation is down in the footer. But if you go to any other page on my site, you’ll find it. But yeah, shield your body comm slash blog. Thank you. Nathaniel asked, What about laptops to bad EMF and Bluetooth? I think I got that a little bit in my earlier questions. And I really, I really do need to do another separate webinar on those subjects, both laptop and Bluetooth. Those are both, I think each should get their own webinar. But yes, I mean, they do add EMF, everything in your life that runs on electricity, or communicates wirelessly admits EMF. And so all the things I’ve been talking about in terms of the ways to use the tech more safely, they apply to everything. So with the laptop, ideally, you want to use it less or keep it further away from you when you do, of course will laptop up keyboard, so there’s a certain limitations, just that reality imposes. But in general, yes, all of this tech is, is emits EMF. And it all adds to our cumulative exposure over time. And everything I’ve been talking about in this webinar about 5g that adds a whole new bunch of exposures to what we already have. So it’s important. If you’re concerned about EMF health, it’s important to cut out the sources that you can control.

Jim asks for a high quality, affordable EMF meter, one that we can use to test their devices and also test the air around us. I have an ebook on my site. If you go to shield your body comm slash test, you can download it there. And that ebook not only instructs you how to perform home testing, it also recommends several meters. But when people ask me for just one just off the top of my head, what’s the one that I recommend? It is the trifield tf two. And that’s because it has reasonable accuracy for a reasonable price. And it measures multiple parts of the EM spectrum. So not just the wireless radio, sorry, not just the radio frequency and microwave from wireless, but also the extremely low frequency from things like AC appliances and power lines. And that I think right now runs about $160, you might be able to find some decent meters for maybe 150. Once you start going below that, it’s not even in my opinion, it’s not worth it. So if you’re looking for something that can give you useful insight into your EMF exposure, and to weather products like mine are working, you need to spend, you know, like I said at least $160. That’s, that’s that’s where where the good meters start kicking in. And again, the one I recommended was the trifield tf two, but I recommend others in my ebook, so you can check that out.

Dawn says screen is on your offer cannot see you I apologize. The offer is five g weapons. So the coupon code is five g webinar. And but if you just go to the offers tab, I see that Oh, the coupon code isn’t in the offers tab. I apologize for that. I can just add that.

And let me save that. Okay, sorry. The coupon code is now in the offer itself. So the offers tab, which is next to the Questions tab here. And then she said not able to see demonstration products. Is there anything on my website like that? Yes, especially for the 5g phone shields. I have a whole video explaining and walking you through that product. But on all of the products I have a video showing a test testing with with consumer grade meters, the type that you would buy for yourself to verify your product claims. Thank you. Sue asked the link for the product offers not available for me to click I’m sorry about that. Yes, use the code, you can just go to my website. shield your body calm, you can navigate to any of the product pages. But the if you go to the offers tab here in this room and click the shop now button, it should take you to the page that lists those three. But yes, just go you can use the coupon code yourself on the site. You don’t need to follow the specific like it works. Again the code expires in 10 hours so midnight pacific time. Great question Patricia. Just hard work on earbuds connected to your computer and I should have said that so thank you I should have had you review my deck before I gave the webinar. Yes, it works. On when your headphones or earbuds or whatever headset you’re using is connected to your computer. Yes, I use mine that way a lot. So any do it’ll work on a tablet too. It works on any device. Okay, I just want to see if people are still in the room. Wow. Some of you are leaving, but a lot of you’re sticking around. I really appreciate that. So as long as people are sticking around, I’m going to keep answering questions. So

Anya answered that from another person. Marie Claire, I answered that so that can the can the heart be used with iPhones, if there’s no headphone jack? Not right now, unfortunately, I’m sorry about that. It’s just Apple makes the lightning connector very difficult to work with. And so it’s not just the hard that can’t reliably be used with with lightning adapters. It’s if you if you look at reviews for lightning adapters on the web, you’ll see a lot of people have issues using that adapter to work with other headsets. It’s it’s, it’s just not possible right now. I’m sorry about that. Stu asked, Did you say that sweat glands are how the frequencies are activated during 5g? Yeah, sort of I talked about how this one study pointed out that millimeter waves interact with sweat glands in a way that can amplify the fields. So I have more information on that in the E book that you’ll be getting once this webinar is over. And if you have questions, feel free to answer me. Mohammed s 5g is being rolled out in my country Malaysia, will my phone shield help protect me against the current 4g? Yes, you know, another thing I should have said thank you, Muhammad. Yes. The 5g phone shield, the phone pouch, and the hard all work on 5g frequencies they work on Wi Fi frequencies they work on Bluetooth frequencies. Again, if you if you care about the details on that sort of thing, you can look at the test results on my website and see the shielding results for specific frequencies. But yes, it works on all of the common wireless frequencies that you’d get from modern devices. Natasha asks about my bandana, which is a great product. I love that product. If I use the SV bandana, as a scarf and sitting in my desk with a laptop, will my body still be exposed to EMF on the parts of the scarf is not covering? And the answer is yes. So the bandana, I like all of my products, except for the headset products, they work a little differently. But all my other products were talking about the 5g phone shield, the baby blankets, boxer briefs, anything their shields, so they’ll only protect the part of you that they are covering. They’re not like they did. They don’t they don’t project a field that would protect you in any way. They’re just shields. And so they’ll protect the parts of you that they’re covering. I hope that answered that. If I don’t get to your question, and before time runs out, because I know I’m keeping a bunch of you late now. Feel free to email me. Those of you who’ve already tried emailing me know that I’m very accessible over email. It’s R Blank, shield your body calm and happy to get to all your questions if I don’t get to them now. Veronica asked, I don’t see anything for pets. You know, I’ve been asked that before. I would love to, you know, I have a lot of products I want to bring to market and doing them as quickly as I can. You know, again, we’re being a small business we can we can only you know launch or we can launch but but I would love to get to something to pets. But right now. I mean, the bit the baby the baby blanket would be a good insurance solution in terms of wrapping your dog, but you know, she couldn’t walk around in it. It would be when she’s lying down. You could wrap her in the baby blanket. That’s that’s one option. but not right now. We don’t have any products specifically for pets, but it is something I’m actually thinking about. Kyle asked, Is there a link between tinnitus, which is the ringing of the ears and EMF? And the answer is Yes, there is. And this science goes back decades. It goes back to the 1960s and you can Google it. I have some info on my site, but you can google it yourself. And you can look for something called the fray effect. It’s fr ee why it’s named after a scientist named Dr. Alan Frey who was doing work for the US military in the 1960s and noticed ear ringing as as a symptom of microwave sickness that soldiers were getting from exposure radar. So yes, there is definitely obviously there are other causes of tinnitus. back emf exposure is an established symptom of sorry established cause of tinnitus or tinnitus is a symptom that is established from EMF exposure. On your piece on children, babies, yes, that is coming, probably next week, but stay tuned. And you can, if you don’t get it, you know, feel free to email me, I’ll send you information.

Cynthia asks about a schwannoma tumor removed from the wrist two years ago, have I heard about the connection between computer and cell phone use to schwannoma tumors? I haven’t heard about it in the hand. But I have heard about it. I don’t remember that science off the top of my head. But that is that is something that has been documented. So if you email me after this webinar, I probably won’t be checking email again today. But tomorrow, I’ll get to it and I’ll try to find the references but yes, that is established.

Cat asked how concerned should we be about 5g from satellite? Should we all be EMF proofing our homes to provide a safe spaces? Great question, not one with an easy answer. Personally, I am very concerned about 5g from satellites. Because that’s effectively an unregulated set of exposures. And it’s happening right now they’re already starting to deploy these satellites. They’re planning 10s of thousands of them in just the next couple of years alone, just I believe just Elon Musk’s company. The Division of SpaceX called starlink is planning 10s of thousands of these in the next couple of years. starlink has also recently received a license to install 1 million antennas in the United States on the ground to relay those signals. My opinion is this is essentially entirely unregulated, and it’s just it’s exploding. And the part of it that really concerns me and while still trying to be polite here aggravates me is you know, there are people who have real sensitivity to EMF, I mean EMF affects all living things, but the more and more of it that’s in the environment, more and more people are developing these sensitivities. That’s in my opinion incorrectly. deigned, but often referred to as electro hypersensitivity EHS, and the reason I think that’s wrong is because I think it’s just the body reacting to, to EMF, and these people are a little more sensitive, but they’re not hypersensitive. And some of these people who suffer from EHS have it’s so bad that they have to modify their whole lives and move to these EMF free zones that exist very few of them, but they exist. And they, they they make these massive considerations, just so that they can function without all of the symptoms of VHS. And with rollout of 5g satellites, in particular, that’s going to make that increasingly difficult for a population that already has a very hard and and is growing populations growing as the as the amount of emf in the environment is growing? The number of people who who suffer from EHS is crying. Now, should we all be EMF proofing our homes to provide a safe spaces? that’s also part of cats question here. That is a really difficult question. I mean, ideally, yes, but there’s a few problems with that. One, that’s incredibly expensive. EMF shielding is very expensive. So when you talk about doing your, your whole house gets really expensive. And then with the technology that you might want to use in your house, the shielding will bounce it back in. And so we can lead to unanticipated increases and exposures. So yes, there will be a way there is a way to do it and to do it, right. But it’s expensive, and it’s difficult. And so a lot of people more and more people will probably have to resort to shielding their homes. But it’s it’s not just a simple thing that you can just flip a switch and it’s done. So I that’s my best answer to that question.

Mohammed asks, I’ll be ordering the phone shield and the phone pouch from my store Should I specify my phone making model to get the correct size? No, both the phone pouch and the phone shield come in two sizes. The size indications are on the product page. But we also have a sizing chart for both. So you You just click the link, it’s right there at the top of the page, you know, actually, let me just read the final wording Exactly. So if you go to the product page for either the five deform shield or the phone pouch there’s a link at the bottom, but it’s so it’s in the bullets that are at the top of the page, it says, See which size fits your phone. And that’ll take you to a page that has all of these different phone models and tells you which size to get. Good question. Thank you. Chris asked about the satellites. I talked about those just now. I mean, it’s a great question. I think, you know, I said all I can fit into an answer. Just a minute ago, I do have information about 5g satellites on the blog. So if you want, you can email me, I’ll send you the link. But ya know, I found that really concerning. Russell asked how much EMF comes from a Fitbit? I don’t know the answer, in terms of specifically how much but again, so I can look that up, I can find that out. Although you’ll see with a lot of these products, they don’t tell you how much it emits, you either have to dig deep, or you have to do the measurements yourself. It’s it’s quite annoying. But I think the better way to answer that question is it’s another source of emf in your life. And with the Fitbit, it’s, it’s a quote unquote, a wearable they’re designed to wear, you don’t just hold it up to your body, you keep it attached to your body. So you’re getting an extended exposure. And all of these devices emit EMF at levels much higher than where we start seeing negative health effects at the cellular and system level. So when it comes to something like the Fitbit, the answer is do you really need it. And if you get a lot of value out of it, you know, and I’m not saying you don’t need it, I’m saying a lot of people who were and don’t need it. But some people may get a lot of value out of it. Maybe it is making them healthier, maybe it is giving them the information and the feedback that they need in order to exercise enough or whatever the case may be. So if you get value out of these devices, use them. But if you don’t, don’t use them. And I’m encouraging people to use a higher level of discrimination when determining which tech to adopt in their lives. But in terms of Fitbit, specifically, I would have to look that up. I don’t even know offhand, I believe that’s a blue Bluetooth tech. But I’m not, I’m not sure. I will say you know, these Apple watches are especially the newer ones that have cell phone connections, that is much greater concern to me, right, because the original Apple Watches didn’t have cell phone connections. So they connected over, I believe it was Wi Fi, or possibly Bluetooth two, I don’t actually have an Apple Watch. And it’s been a while since I’ve used one. But the ones with self cell phone connection uses so much more power than a Wi Fi connection. And you’re walking around all day with this stuff on. So in general, I really advise against wearables, just in general as a blanket statement, unless again, you need one an example of someone who could use, you know, because people with heart conditions atrial fibrillation, you know, that can be really hard to measure. And if you know if you go to the doctor to see if you have atrial fibrillation or an irregular heartbeat, and it might not appear when you’re at the doctor. Right, so how do you know if you suspect you have atrial fibrillation? How do you know that you do? Well, you know, some of these wearables now detect that? And if if you’re talking about detecting the presence of a serious heart condition, and there’s a piece of wearable tech that can do that? Yeah, I say that’s a really good use of that wearable tech, and you should do it. But in general, so really trying to hit home on you know, this tech tech is good. Tech can do a lot. It brings a lot of value into our lives, but only use it when it brings value into your life. Don’t when it doesn’t don’t just buy it. Because it’s a cool gadget and trust. I used to be a gadget guy. I was I was a software engineer. for 20 years, I worked for Apple. I used to be a real gadget guy. And I’m trying to be an evangelist for giving up the gadgets but using the ones that work and that makes sense and that add real value to your life. Okay, preaching over.

Su as an LED lamp post was installed outside my condo, which I’m sure is 5g, its energy actually shakes my body, or at least that is my experience that I didn’t have living here before was installed. Could its frequencies be better Writing like sweat glands, how would I ever protect against that? So someone actually asked a similar question by email to me, just I think it was yesterday or maybe the day before. And it’s true. In the his case, he suspected a 5g antenna had been put up across the street, and he described a bunch of symptoms that, you know, I can’t say whether someone has microwave sickness or is demonstrating symptoms of because of electro hypersensitivity, but I can say that those symptoms are consistent with what is reported. And sensations of your body shaking, that is among the symptoms that can be reported from electro hypersensitivity. How would you protect against that? So the one thing you can do, and it’s really hard, like I said before, to do whole home, EMF protection, it really is very challenging, and expensive. But there’s a part of your home that you spend a lot of time in, and that’s your bed. And so I recommend, if this if these exposures are creating problems for you to seriously consider getting an EMF that can be and there that they are also not cheap, because shielding material is not cheap. Trust me, I work with this stuff all the time. This is expensive stuff. You’re weaving microscopic silver threads of silver into this fabric. That’s how it’s so expensive. But you can get a canopy for your bed And that wraps your entire bed. And that shields you all night while you sleep, which is like a third of your life. And that can make a huge difference for people and that again, less EMF the site I mentioned earlier, that is a good source for that. So less EMF calm. Mars just placed an order Easy, breezy. Thanks so much up great webinar. I really appreciate that Mars that brought a smile to my face. Thank you. Same to you, Anya, thank you very much for for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Renee asked, and this is a good question. The functional deflects. So does it increase the exposure of someone standing next to you? Or would it be just the same amount they’d receive anyway? This can this is a really good question because it relates back to the fact that the power of emf radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. So as you deflect the radiation away from your body, yes, that does lead to more radiation going in the other direction. But by the time it hits somebody else, it is significantly I mean, really significantly diminished in power. So the radiation that you would be exposed to that you are protecting yourself from is so much greater than what you might be deflecting away to somebody else who is even four feet away. That That shouldn’t really be a concern, especially considering how much other really how much other radiation there is ambient just in the level environment around us. hope that answered the question. On he asked, could I please email you read the laptop? Just send me an email remind me that you want the laptops information, and I’ll happily I’ll happily do that for you. Julie asked, Can I make one for the iPhone and can I make some clothes for author These are questions I get an awful lot. Can I make one for the heart for the iPhone? I assume you’re talking about the heart. And the odds of that happening I would have to say are pretty slim. Unfortunately, I’m sorry it’s possible. But the thing is, is that iPhone looks like it’s moving away from lightning to USB C they’ve already done that on the MacBook and the iPad. Europe the EU parliament has recently passed a law forcing Apple to move from lightning to USB C on the iPhone. So the odds of us adding a lightning support for the heart is pretty slim. But when Apple moves to USBC this will work. So can we make some clothes for women? Well, first I would say the bandana is unisex. So I can I consider that to be a unisex products. A lot of women purchased the bandana, but I get your point because we make underwear for men and we don’t get make underwear for women. It is on the list. Trust me. There’s a I would love to and yes, it is a high priority. I just can’t say when but yes. Jackie asked, Can you put a cloth over your 5g antenna at night to keep it from going through the house?

There’s two parts. There’s two parts to the way I want to answer that. So can I put a cloth over the 5g antenna at night? I don’t know which 5g antenna you might be referring to because the ones that would actually be 5g antennas serving your neighborhood. I don’t think you could. You could reach and do that too. And there’s probably a law against obstructing that But there’s a second part of that answer that I want to give. Which is, which is an explanation of why my phone pouch doesn’t shield in every direction. Right. So remember I talked about the phone pouch, if you put your phone in the phone pouch, just shields from pine, not the front. And the reason I don’t make products that provide full shielding, is because when you fully shield the product, well, first of all, in the case of a phone, it actually works. You’re blocking all of the wireless signals. And that would be better achieved by putting your phone in airplane mode. Because when you fully block it, but don’t put your phone in airplane mode, the way that all of this wireless tech works is it’s designed to boost the power output to compensate. So this is why your phone emits more power when you have a bad signal. So if you have if you’re blocking all of the signal, your phone just keeps boosting the power boosting the power boosting power, trying to make the signal. And so you’ll at best, you’ll drain the battery. But at worst, if you’re not getting up perfect 100% shielding effectiveness, you’re actually you could end up being exposed to more radiation. So the the part of that question I wanted to respond to was if you obstruct this tack, odds are you’re not getting complete 100% protection in every direction, it’s going to boost the power output of the device. And you could end up being exposed to more. Su asks the heart is only for when we were using a headset or does it have another function it is only for use when using a headset. Thank you. Eric asked, what about the negative impact of frequent travel and EMF on the airplane? Great question. I’m sort of a separate site. I think I have a post on that. Yeah, I do have a post on that. So why don’t you email me? And I’ll share it with you. But the short answer is what there’s two issues with an airplane. One is that you’re flying at a much higher altitude, right? Remember how I said there’s a certain amount of emf that’s natural, and a bunch of that comes from the sun. It also comes from other stars in the galaxy. And so we call that cosmic radiation. And humans evolved with a certain amount of that. And the amount that we evolved to live with is based on the fact that our atmosphere is filtering out a bunch of cosmic radiation before it hits us. And when we’re flying at 30 and 40,000 feet, we’re getting exposed to much more of it. Then the other part of that is, airplanes also can bounce around the signal. So when there are signals like in flight Wi Fi, it bounces around the cabin. In these, you know, the planets are these metal shields, so bounces around inside. So there, there are studies largely done on flight crews. So pilots and aircraft attendance, documenting increased incidence of certain types of cancers. I don’t remember the studies or which specific type of cancers were documented. But it’s I think, pretty well established that the more you fly, the greater your risk is from from that particular type of exposure. But again, I’m not trying to say don’t fly, anything we do in life is going to bring EMF exposure. So we just have to account for that when we decide how we want to spend our time. Okay, I’m just going to scroll up here real quick. See how many of you are still in the room? Wow, still 65 of you. Okay, so I’m going to, we’re half hour over if you leave, I’m not offended. But as long as there are people here and as long as their questions in queue. I missed you show how you lay down the shoulder on the arm of the chair. How do you bronycon? I don’t understand that question. So you can just email me again, anyone can email me It’s our blanket shield your body calm on Yes. When am I doing the laptop? Or am I doing the laptop webinar? Again? The I, I didn’t actually do it the first time. So I will do and I have it all written. It’s just the past couple of weeks has been really kind of crazy for everybody. And that includes swipey. And I wanted to provide content that I felt was more relevant to the moment in time, but I have the laptop webinar ready. And so yes, I will plan to reschedule it. Jay asked, Do you recommend not using Bluetooth to connect your phone to your car? Yeah, I mean

I? Well, it depends if you get value, so if you need to use your phone while you’re driving. certainly don’t want to hold your phone up to your head while you’re drunk. Well, first you don’t want to hold your phone up to your head ever. But second, you don’t want to have to futz around with your phone. At all while you’re driving. So if you need to answer the phone while you’re driving, you know that’s using Bluetooth to connect your your phone to your car is going to be a much safer way of using your phone. But if you don’t need to use your phone, or if it’s an option that you can delay until you get somewhere and then you can use your phone, you know, in speaker mode or whatever, you know, that’s what I’m saying is reduce those sources that you can reduce. And so using Bluetooth to connect your phone to your car, it will increase your exposure. So if you’re getting value out of it, you know, do it but be informed that you’re you know, you’re increasing your health risk by doing it. But you’re also decreasing your health risk if you keep your eyes on the road. So that’s an exam that’s a good example of the type of trade off we all need to make, you know more consciously all the time. Richard asked is and plus have the same risk as Bluetooth. I don’t know what that is. So if you want to email me about that, I’ll look into that. Maybe I’ve heard I don’t know that sounds slightly familiar but I don’t know what Auntie plus is. So okay.

is far infrared heating pad for pain relief? Is it safe to use rated voltage? Okay, so this gets back to an Amar. I don’t know if someone else asked about heating pad. I don’t know if that was you or not. But this is true for heating pads, it’s true for electric blankets, I strongly recommend not using them. They’re basically they’re untested, I mean, they’re tested that they will burn you. And then one more time your house. Um, but you’re, you’re literally I mean, they’re blankets, you’re literally blanketing yourself in EMF, when you do this. And this is not the same type of emf that comes from your cell phone, it’s what’s called extremely low frequency, because it’s an AC appliance. And you because you’re sleeping. Well, at least with a heating blanket, an electric blanket, you’re probably sleeping with a heating pad for pain relief, maybe not the same. But you’re getting the exposure consistently while you use it. So with heating pads, I do know like I said before, there are alternatives, even one that you need to microwave, I strongly recommend against using microwaves. But this is actually a good useful one. Just make sure you stand far away from your microwave and you do it, you get these heating pads that you throw in the microwave. You nuke it for I don’t remember how long two minutes, three minutes, the pad gets very warm, and then stays warm for quite some time you hold that against your body. There’s also some that are cameras, they’re charcoal activated or something basically just snap it and the pad gets hot. That one’s good for pain relief, too. So any kind of pain relief pad, that heating pad that you can use that doesn’t plug into a wall is going to be much safer. JOHN asks, and I think I said it but probably didn’t say clearly enough. That’s hard still allow headsets with microphones and function buttons for volume to work. Yes, everything on your headset will still work. So volume control. Answer call button, the play pause button. Any any buttons you have in your headset will still work through the heart. It’s a it’s a really great product if your phone works with it. I don’t I don’t have favorites with my products. But this one is really amazing. And it’s our newest one. And it’s it’s really just important. Because, too I have my because I guess way to do it. Yes. See. I use my air tubes also. And I love my air tubes. And I use them for calls all the time. And I’ll use them even to listen to news because I listened to a lot of news on my phone. So I’ll use the air tubes. But you know, there’s no air tubes in the world. And I think mine are pretty good. But there’s no air tubes in the world that provide a satisfying audio experience. And you have to use my headphones to get the radiation protection. There’s a lot of companies out there like Bose or beats that have specialized in headphone production for years and years and put a ton of engineering into it to get you great sound quality and the heart allows you to really enjoy that and get the radiation production at the same time. It’s really remarkable. I I love it because I you know I love listening to music and I just hated listening to music on my air tubes. And so so yeah, okay, I think I’ve said enough you guys get it. I like it. Suits talks about antenna that is a great site that’s been around a while. In fact, we ever talked about that in overpowered and we wrote that in 2012. So that website has been around a long time. I haven’t been there in a while. I don’t know about the status of 5g Tower tracking on that site in particular, but I would definitely recommend antenna search as another way to find how many cell towers are in your area. But the other one I mentioned earlier, so Anya posted it in the question pod here. The ookla 5g map on speed test. It’s It’s fantastic.

Paul is saying it’s only giving me $12 off the code. I’m sorry about that, Paul. That should be it. What I wish I’d seen that question or comment earlier. This This. Is anyone else having problems with the Oh, Paul got it. Okay. Thank you, Stephanie. Okay, glad that’s taken care of. That’s why we have a Stephanie in the room. Sabrina asks, Is there anything we can place in the home to protect from smart meters? Yes, there is. I have a product that is designed for that. It’s my poster frame liner. If you want to, because you asked about it in this webinar, if you would like a coupon for that sprayed on, you can email me I will create them. There’s also a product from another company that I can recommend. That’s smart meter guard, they work differently, accomplish similar goals. So So yeah, there’s my poster frame liner. And there’s a company called Smart Meter guard calm. And those are two options to protect you from smart meters. Great question. Dragana, as to shungite Pyramid offer protection from EMF, you know, this is an interesting one, because I’ve actually Well, I don’t know, if I can’t recommend a specific supplier for shung. Guide. But I have started seeing studies that show that shung guide is having some protective effect. And it’s, it’s the first type of this, you know, whether you want because, because like I said before, companies like mine, we do shielding products. And then there’s other companies out there some that do protection, stickers, some that do crystals, some that do gems, some that do harmonizers shungite, is the first one where I think I’ve started to see actual science to support the claims. But I haven’t dug into it very deeply. So I, I need to do that more. Also, I am certainly not in a position to recommend specific suppliers, because even if some guy does work, the quality of the shung guide would matter quite a bit. And so you need to get a good supplier. So I hope that is that’s as best as I can answer that question right now.

Sue mentioned EMF safety. is no store. That’s really good. Yes, I believe there is, you know, I might be confusing. I believe that one’s in Canada. But maybe I’m mistaken. But yes, that is another one. So let’s see. mF is the one that I work with the most. And it’s the one I generally recommend, because they have such a huge catalog, but they’re not the only ones. So you know, I’ve safety stores another and there are some others as well. Will I be shipping to New Zealand anytime soon? Well, Sue, I will tell you, the way things are going right now, we are not expanding distribution channels. For obvious reasons, I feel lucky that we’re able right now to support the distribution that we have. You know, we put a lot of time and energy and money into beefing things up to deal with what’s going on in the world right now. But New Zealand is on the list. I get that request all the time. So as soon as we can, I will, I promise.

Ri Claire asked a question that I don’t have a good answer for but i think it’s it’s important to cover just so you guys kind of have some way of thinking about it. I’ve just looked at the ookla map I see there’s a 5g Tower about six to seven kilometers from my home. Is that far enough away from me not to affect me. So I would say you know, cuz six kilometers is it’s I mean, I’m horrible at these conversions, but it’s under three miles, right? No, wait, wait, actually hold on. Six cam in miles is the search came along? I’m in a metric country right in a tortured No, it’s 3.7 miles so it’s four miles. So I would say you know, the worst effects that are documented are under a mile. So, and 5g it’s all this is a good opportunity to say this 5g travels much doesn’t travel as far as 4g, I talked about that in the webinar. So, so it wouldn’t be a major concern for me. But a couple of provisos saying it’s not a major concern is different from saying it doesn’t affect me. Because our bodies are really sensitive, and to, to really low power levels of emf. And I talked about this on the blog, too, I didn’t talk about it so much here, but really low power levels, our bodies are. And I know, I sound a little spiritual when I say it, but this is actually I’m talking in scientific terms here, our bodies, our bodies of energy, and our bodies communicate on electromagnetic energy. Our entire nervous system operates by sending electromagnetic signals, super, super, super low power, like a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of what a bluetooth headset would operate on. So when you start bombarding our systems with these signals, it starts sending everything haywire. Now, does that mean, you know causes cancer from one exposure? No, probably not. But we’re not getting one exposure. First of all, we’re getting all of these exposures throughout the course of our lives. But just because something isn’t causing cancer or killing you right away, doesn’t mean it’s not doing some damage. So the answer to your question is given everything that’s going on in the world, and I’m not talking about Coronavirus, I’m just soaking up all the EMF that’s in the world that we have to protect against a single 5g Tower, you know, four miles away, wouldn’t bother me that much. But that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you. It also doesn’t mean it’s a reason not to fight back against it. Because that one 5g Tower, they’re like cockroaches man, you get one, you turn around, you got 20, you turn around again, you got 100. Because these 5g chipset towers, I talked about this in the webinar, they are going to be densely installed, they are going to be a lot of when there is one, there will be many, there will never be just one. So that would be my answer. Kat asked, What about EMF exposure in cars? Great question. Something I really need to dive more into myself, and I’m getting it a lot. The answer is I don’t know. And one reason I don’t know is because these companies don’t actually have to send, they don’t have to publish EMF emissions information. And cars were big. So with cars, you know, increasingly, just any car has electronics in it. So it’s going to be a source of emf, then you have these electric cars and hybrid electric cars. So those are more my understanding, by the way, and don’t quote me, but my understanding is that hybrid but again, and don’t quote me because the companies don’t publish this information. But hybrids produce more EMF than pure electric and it’s because of the inverter. But then that’s even before now you get to these smart cars that have actually even before to get to smart cars, you still have Bluetooth and Wi Fi in the car, then leap beyond that is smart cars, which are cars that actually talk to a centralized grid or talk to other cars, that autonomous vehicles will be doing this. So overall, you’re talking about a lot of emf, how much I can’t say how to protect yourself, I don’t believe that that is possible in a car because the the exposures are coming from all around you. Now one thing you can do is EMF clothing. And with EMF clothing, you can protect the parts of your body that the clothing covers. So that would be the one thing that you can do in a car. But EMF clothing is very expensive. Not necessarily always the most stylish thing in the world. You know it’s impractical to expect people to wear enough clothing all the time that they drive.

But that is an area I would like to get more into. I would like to learn more about it. Because I am getting that question awful lot. Cynthia asked a similar question. Though she or body reacts painfully when she passes under high tension power lines. How do you protect yourself? Um, it’s the same answer, which is that’s really hard enough clothing would be the way to do that. So you know, we saw a little bit of that at si p we have the men’s boxer briefs. We have the bandana, we have the baby beanie. We’re hoping that more clothing. Less emf is a source for more clothing options. But that would be really the only way to do it. As far as I know. Laura last five years coming to Fiji I don’t know offhand. You can probably look that up on the ookla map, but 5g is going to come everywhere. Basically, it’s just a matter of when, especially with with satellite coverage, 5g will be coming everywhere. Barbara says an ethernet cable plugged into an outlet box a good way to have a wired connection. Yes, yes. Going using Ethernet to go wired with your devices when possible. At is a great way to reduce your EMF exposure, turn off the Wi Fi plug in the Ethernet. And that’s that that makes a big difference. Yes.

Jackie asked if there’s a connection between skin cancer and skin sensitivities and EMF, I believe that there is why don’t you email me after the webinar. And I probably won’t be on email again today. But I will in the morning. And I’ll get to all these questions. That is a good one. I believe there is. But I’d have to look that up. I believe there there is documented incidents of melanoma with respect to radio frequency exposures, but I’d have to find the citations for you. Today is how to protect in the home from the modem, I assume that means a Wi Fi router, I have a product I mean, so the best way is to turn it off. Obviously, a lot of us still need Wi Fi. So the best way then is to turn it off when you don’t need it. I have a whole post about that ways to do it, you can program it, you can plug it into a timer. All that said, I do have a product that is designed as a Wi Fi router shield, it’s my picture frame. And you put the picture frame in front of your router. So the router still works because these routers are totally overpowered. Hence the name of the book I wrote with my dad on power, all of these devices are overpowered, they don’t need as much power as they’re using something out. This is a good opportunity to recommend. There’s a product from a fellow in Europe. It’s Jrs, eco calm, and he makes a low EMF Wi Fi router. So like so if you have a Wi Fi router from your cable company, you can’t change it, you know, my picture frame is a good option. If you can change it. You can you can get his router. And he reprogrammed a Wi Fi router. So that admits about one I believe it’s one 10th of the amount of power as a regular Wi Fi but without degrading your connection. And you can use his low low EMF Wi Fi router alongside my EMF picture frame and also practice the turning off the Wi Fi when it’s not in use. And that would be the best combination.

Bridget says just been charged $31 in tax she’s in the UK. Yes. Remember we ship from within the country? Oh, she answered that. Okay, sorry, answered that. Everyone knows in case you get charged tax at checkout. We are a tax paying business. So the way that we offer shipping locally in these countries, you know we have to register for in the UK. In the case of UK, it’s a vat. And so that saves you on shipping and saves you on import duties. But we do have to pay tax sales tax to the government.

Let’s see. Sue as bed canopy is good. What about coils in the mattress? Should I get a futon or a foam mattress? I say so yes. If you can. I mean, as things go as sources of emf in your life go coils in the mattress are not the worst. But I believe that they are antennas that that capture and direct the EMF radiation into your body at night. And so if you can get rid of a coil mattress, yes, you should. And I have a post on that. I was Stephanie. I don’t know if you gave her that post, but

Oh, cool. Oh, Stephanie did give you the link. Excellent. Thank you. Mohammed asked if that’s my email address. Yes, that is my email address. Sherilyn asks you we invested in safesleeve products when I look at their site. Now I see nothing about 5g testing. Do I know anything about that company? Yeah. safesleeve is a good company. They make cases. Wave wall is another company that we work with quite a bit that makes cases we don’t make cases so but you’re right. I haven’t seen any company other than mine in the shielding space talk about 5g testing. So I can’t speak to their 5g shielding capabilities. But in terms of their products, you know, they’re good. They make sure the products that really work, but I don’t know about their 5g shielding. It bullies shinyanga asked about what about children anyway to protect them? Um, yes, I did talk about that. So you’ll see it in the replay. No worries about asking it again. JOHN, okay, so john is pointing to the lightning to 35 3.5 millimeter headphone jack adapter. So he’s talking about something that would theoretically make this work with an iPhone. And I would say, I just can’t endorse trying that it works for about half the time. But it’s such a gamble, and then you spent money and and then it doesn’t work. It’s because of how how, how Apple has enforced lightning standard. And again, if you look for reviews of even Apple’s own lightning adapter, you’ll see a lot of people complain that their headsets aren’t working, right. So it’s just, that’s why we say not to not to try it with an iPhone, but thank you for the link. JOHN, you’re correct. That should that product should work to make the hard work on my phone. But it can’t reliably do that.

Chris asks about wireless hearing aids, I have not seen that research in particular, nor do I know how much


those emit. But again, it is another so I should look into that I have a long list of things I should look into. So I don’t know when I will. But I’ll put that in the list. Um, but what was I going to add? They are another source of emf. Oh, oh, a timer has come up, we’re running out of time, let me finish answering this and maybe get to one more. They are another source of emf. But again, that’s a good one. I mean, that’s a really good example. Because a, you know, a hearing aid adds a lot of value. I mean, let’s be honest. And it could be life saving value. But it allows you to participate in society. So you know, like I say everything that’s a source of emf, you have to evaluate whether you know, it adds enough value in your life to justify it. I think for a lot of people hearing input. Also, hearing aids tend not exclusively, but tend to be used by people who are older, and people who are older, have less time to worry about that. And that isn’t that isn’t meant to be crude. It’s because of you have to worry about these cumulative exposures over time. And if you’re 20, and you have 60, or 70 years ahead of you, versus if you’re 70 or 80, you have 10 or 20 or 25 years ahead of you, you know, you you evaluate your EMF, you should evaluate your EMF exposure differently, but they will be another source anything wireless will be another source of emf. Don says post frontliners amazing for smart meters. Thank you, Don, I appreciate that. Yeah, any other questions about that? You can just email us we’ll happy to answer them. Sue says I’m right about the hybrid cars with more emitting more EMF and electric cars. So thank you for that. So I like I said I want to get into more research and working around cars, and even have exposure to cars. We’ll see when when I actually have the time to do that. Sue as Jrs what is the rest of the name? It’s Jrs FICO. So j RS EC o COMM And with that, I think, oh, Natasha asks if she can use the coupon on the bandana on the web. So Stephanie, it looks like Stephanie answered, Yes. Okay. Thank you, Stephanie. J s, if so, and we’re really can only get to one or two more. Because there’s a there’s a timer room now creates a lot of stress. Do solar panels on your roof emit EMF, I don’t think they do. Or maybe a little. The real issue with solar power systems is the power inverter because solar panels and batteries, collect and store power as DC. And in order to be used in your house unless you have like an RV that runs on DC. In order to be used in a house. It needs to be converted into AC and those power inverters generate a tremendous amount of emf. So you really want the inverter to be as far away from you as poss in your house as possible. But I don’t think though panels are a significant source.

Maria asked and Stephanie didn’t answer your can’t get the coupon to work on the baby blanket. That’s right, the baby blanket is not yet 5g tested work that’s we’re hoping to get that one done soon. The coupon for today’s webinars only on our 5g tested products. But if you Stephanie, if you can reply to Marie, and you could Marie, you could just email us and, and we’ll, we’ll hook you up with a coupon because you were attending today’s webinar. And I made it to the end of the list with four minutes and 39 seconds left. So well think in how many stayed in the room 54. Fantastic. Thank you so much everyone, for coming today. Once the recording is generated on the server, you will get an email, that email will also include a link to download the ebook. And that I talked about in the webinar. So that’s even better than a copy of the slides because it has a lot more information. And just stay tuned, I’ll be doing more of these. This was my first webinar. So thank you all very much for participating with me today. And this was great. I you know, I enjoyed it. I hope you found value in it that that you stuck around, I think you did. So thank you very much. And if at any point you just email me You can email me directly R Blank at shield your body calm. And check out the website. We have all sorts of links to our social media accounts there. And everyone, please. I know I didn’t really address it today. Because I just want to get into the topic and there’s so much going on. But please stay safe and be healthy. And we’ll get through this. Thank you very much. Have a good day.


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