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Webinar Archive: A New Way to Understand Your EMF Health Risk

EMF meters are incredibly powerful and useful– and here at SYB, we strongly recommend people buy and use them. But, let’s be honest: the units they show you are super confusing! I mean, what’s a milliwatt per square centimeter? And how does it compare to a microwatt per square meter? Or a volt per meter? And does it relate to SAR in some way?

So yeah, you don’t need to understand these units to know if they are high or low. But really, what are these values telling you?

Well, SYB is here to help!

In this webinar from September 21, 2021, SYB CEO R Blank shows you a new way to understand what your EMF meter is telling you.



Hi, everyone, thank you so much for coming out today. And I’d like to welcome you to today’s webinar, which is has kind of a long name, a new way to understand your EMF health risk and your meter. Despite the elegance of the name, this is actually a webinar I’m pretty excited about, it’s been one I’ve been waiting a long time to give you because I do have a special announcement. But first, let’s cover the outline. As you’ll see, so we’ll start with an intro, that’ll be super quick, just give another minute or so for people to show up. Then I’ll spend about 10 minutes talking about the problem that I’m trying to help solve. And then I will talk about the solution that I am here to announce today. And again, this is not a product presentation. It’s not about a new blog post or a video, this is a new thing that I am releasing tonight to you. And it’s going to be here in this webinar. And then of course, we’ll get into q&a. As you’ll see, for just from this outline, the part where I’m presenting is going to be a lot shorter than most of my webinars. So definitely have time for QA. If you do have questions, please remember to put them into the q&a pod, not into the chat pod. If you post them in the chat pod, I probably won’t see them so.

Okay, intro like I said it would be really quick. For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is R Blank, I am the CEO of shield your body. I am also the host of the healthier tech podcast available on all major podcasting platforms. previously served on the faculty at the University of Southern California viterbi School of Engineering. And along with my father, Dr. Martin Blanc, I co authored overpowered, one of the best selling books on the topic of emf and health. And this all follows a 20 year career in software engineering. Okay, so now that you all know who I am, let’s get into the meat of the topic. The thing I’m going to announce to you today is a solution to a problem. So first, let me talk about that problem. If you’re attending this webinar, or watching the recording of it later, then you already know that emf is harmful. We’ve known this for decades. And now here in 2021. There are 1000s and 1000s of studies into this question, and tons of high quality peer reviewed science demonstrating negative health effects resulting from exposure to EMF radiation. Now while our knowledge of emf health effects is already large, and still growing, unfortunately, so are our exposures. It’s been happening for over a century. In fact, I’ve spent the past few months talking a lot about the most recent manifestation of this with the Internet of Things or IoT, where everything in our lives becomes a new source of emf, it’s no longer cell phones and Wi Fi or not just cell phones and Wi Fi. But now it’s smart TVs, smartwatches, smart thermostats, smart fridges, and 5g networks and satellites to power all of these devices ability to communicate, and each year brings greater and greater exposures from more and more sources. One reason this is allowed to persist that most people don’t notice or worry about it is that emf is invisible. And not only is it invisible, it’s also odorless and tasteless. You can’t touch or feel it. So it’s almost impossible to know how much you’re exposed to how much of it surrounds you and your loved ones. Now I say almost impossible, because it’s not actually impossible. You can see how much emf is in your environment with EMF meters, which is why I’m such a big proponent of learning how to test you can buy a decent meter starting from around $160 and test in your environment, at home at work and kids school anywhere you want. And you can see what the exposures are. And I want to emphasize how important I think this is if you care about EMF, then getting a decent meter and learning how to test is super important. And if you haven’t already, you can download my free guide on testing includes media recommendations, usage instructions, exposure limits, all from the URL you see on this screen here. That’s shield your body comm slash test. But even though I firmly believe in the importance of testing, there is a big gap here. The units are meaningless to almost everyone, depending on your meter, and what setting you have it on. It might give you readings and things like Gauss or volts per meter, or milliwatt per centimeter squared, or microtesla or others. And we have no idea what these are, for most people will never have seen or even heard of these units up until the moment we’re looking at our meter. So yes, you can look at a chart like the one you see here on this slide for The building biology Institute to see if your reading is high or low. And that is important information. Don’t get me wrong, but that’s about all an average person can do with a meter. So the problem is, how can we make meter measurements more meaningful to more people more understandable? And while we’re at it, how can we make the science more accessible to people? I mean, people like me keep telling people like you, there are 1000s of studies into this topic. And sure, I can write posts to try to explain some of that. But how can we actually make the science more meaningful to you to your lives to your environment, to your personal EMF exposure? Well, there are no easier quick fixes. This is after all complex stuff. But that’s the problem I’ve tried to address. And today, I’m here to talk to you about one solution that si B has created.

Where do you carry your phone?

Want to Slash Your EMF Health Risks?

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Now, before showing you the solution, let’s think for a moment. What would it mean to make meter measurements more understandable? After all, most people like you and me don’t really want to understand these units in the way a student of physics would, or a student of electrical engineering needs to right, we’re looking for something else to understand. People like you and me who are interested in EMF enough to go out and buy a meter and learn how to use it. We’re all interested in having a better understanding of our health risks from these exposures. Recall, as I mentioned, at the top, there is a huge collection of science into this question, huge. So the solution, the thing that would really help people better understand their meter readings would be to more strongly link those meter readings to the science. But what could that look like? And that brings me to this special announcement I told you this would be this would be quick. tonight. I’m pleased for all of you here to become the first people in the world to learn about the svb EMF health effects app. Now, first thing I’ll say is this is a web app, it means you load it into a browser, just like a website, you can do it on a on a computer, on a phone on a tablet, you but you don’t need to download and install this on your phone, just visit shield your body comm slash FX in any browser, and you can use it. So what does it do? Well, when you type in that URL, and you visit the app, you’ll see this screen, it’ll look a little different if you’re visiting on mobile. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a few small buttons with links to explain a bit more about the app. And then also a few other buttons to make it easy to share this app on social media or email. And I would ask all of you to please do so to help us get the word out. Then you’ll see some controls. The first is measurement unit. By default, it’s set to Gauss, which is fine if you’re trying to look up based on readings and gaps. But if you’re meter reporting, if your meter is reporting results in other units, then you’ll just click on that square where it says Gauss, and you’ll see a whole bunch of options for units that you can search in. One cool part about this is the apple actually automatically convert the units if they are convertible. So for instance, if you enter Gauss, the apple also search results in Tesla. And if you enter milliwatts per centimeter squared, it’ll also search results for microwatts per meter square, the app will do all of that conversion for you, so you don’t need to worry about it. So select whichever units you want to search for. Next, enter the actual level under the reading. So here in this screenshot, we see the four and then what you would do and that’s so in this screenshot, where we’d be searching for for gaps, and then we click get results. Then you’ll see a list of studies with exposures at or below the level you entered. The list shows some key information about the study, namely the title, the topic, and what exposure showed the effects. Now in that list, you can then click on any study. And then you’ll get a page with additional details about that study, broken down into the various parts of the abstract to be more easily understood. So that includes the conclusions the author’s the citation, the problem that they were investigating all the information that we could get out of the abstract. And then there’s a button up here called view study and that will link you out to the actual study. One other feature we’ve built in is that when you’re doing a search, it will tell you where on the building biology Institute guidelines that level is. So if the search you’re doing, you know, the building biology institute says is of extreme concern, you’ll see that if it’s a moderate concern, you’ll see that if it is of no concern, you’ll see that and so on. So it’ll translate your readings into the building biology exposure recommendation. Also included are the igner guidelines. So ignor is the International Committee on non ionizing radiation protection. That so that that’s what ignorant is, and their exposure limits what they recommend. They are far, far too high. But they are the basis for many international regulations. So this apple also tell you if the level you’re searching is beyond what ignor says is recommended exposure level.

And while you’re using the app, if you have questions about what the units mean, what they measure, or about testing in general, like what meter to get, just click this button at the top of the app, to get your own copy of my free ebook. Now in its sixth edition, how to test EMF for yourself. It’s a great informative guide chock full of testing tips, meter recommendations, unit explanation, safety limits, and more. I also want to underscore this app is 100%. Free, you and anyone you know, you can just load the link in a browser and use it to your heart’s content. Now, before switching over to questions, let’s talk about what’s actually included in the app. For this first version, we are working from a collection of studies selected and reviewed by Dr. Henry Lai, from his work on the bio initiative report. And as you might imagine, getting the data ready for the app is a time intensive job, right? Because it’s not just copying and pasting, we actually have to go through all of these study abstracts and pull out the key information. As of right now, at this moment, there are 587 studies in the app, we’re working on more by next Monday, there will be more in the app. And the week after that, and the week after that. Now, we don’t include just any study for a study to be included, it must report a specific exposure, because that’s the whole point, right? To show you what studies are associated with what meter readings, right? So you take a meter reading, and then you can look up the science that’s associated with that meter reading. And for that reason, we can only include studies that include a specific exposure in the results. So what does that mean about what’s not included? Well, in short, it studies without specific exposures. But what that means is this app won’t tell you your risk of forming certain diseases, especially the more concerning ones like cancer or even in fertility. That’s because studies that investigate diseases generally don’t report specific exposures. They are what are called epidemiological studies that happen out in the real world, not in a lab. They’re based on things like behaviors, for instance, how much you use your phone, or where you carry your phone, or location, like, you live within 100 meters of a cell tower, or you spend eight hours a day in a high EMF office, right. So they’re based on behavior or location generally, just like in this table here on this slide, which is one part of the data included in a 2007 hard Dell study on tumor risk from cell phones. This is a really important study, but it’s not in the app. As you can see, here, Dell links the time spent on the cell phone with tumor risk. And so his study showed that the more time you spend on the phone, the greater your tumor risk, but it doesn’t report any specific exposures. And in fact, most science into disease uses these same types of methods, similar types of methods. So no, this app cannot tell you what your odds of forming cancer are, or any other type of disease, because those diseases are outcomes, as outcomes are not studied in the lab. Instead, this app focuses on specific biological effects, demonstrably in a lab based on specific exposures that are reported in the study. So the studies in there now are focused on things like melatonin production, or the effects on DNA, or on oxidative stress, and so forth. And so, that is the newest swipey EMF health effects app. And this webinar is the first time I’m showing it to the world. So you are the first to know now this is just the first version. It isn’t even really version one. It is more of a public beta. It doesn’t perfectly solve the problem I’ve laid out. But I do think it’s a real start. And it’s a unique approach to helping people understand their meters more and making some of the vast body of science on EMF and health more accessible to you. You, I hope you find value in this app. And if you do, I really would ask you to please share it far and wide. And if you have suggestions, ideas or thoughts on other features we could incorporate, please let me know. Because like I said, this is just a first release beta, I think there’s a lot more an app like this could do to be helpful. And so I want to hear your ideas of what that looks like, you all know how to reach me, you can even just reply to the webinar confirmation that you got, because that’ll go straight to me. And with that, I, I will take any questions you might have, just give me one second here, just switch screens.

Okay. So anonymous asked, Do you have closed captions, if so please enable them. We can’t do that in real time. But we do generally do that in the archive that will be posted. So by tomorrow, this, the recording of this will be posted to YouTube, that’ll be slash shield your body. And we try to put closed captioning in all of our recordings there. Thank you. David, says this is pretty sweet. Thank you, David, I, I appreciate the positive feedback. We’ve been working pretty hard on it. And it’s actually at some other point, I’ll go into the history of it. But this is the idea for this actually is older than fyp. itself. This was something similar to this was the first thing I really wanted to do before what I ended up creating SBB in its place. So thank you very much. I hope you use it and find value in it. Now, there was a question that was submitted in advance here. A couple? Okay. How do we raise awareness, especially in the medical communities? A very good question. Not an easy answer. would say that. One thing that you could do is there was a conference earlier this year, actually, we were, we were a sponsor of it. It’s called the EMF medical conference. It’s not every year. So it was it was done this year. I don’t know if it’ll be done next year. And that was designed specifically for speakers to present information and knowledge in a way to appeal to the medical community. So it addressed topics relevant to the medical community, it had established and respected doctors giving a lot of these talks. That entire conference, the archive of that is available, I don’t have the URL handy here. But if you email me, I’ll happily share that with you. That is a fantastic place to start. Also, I hope, a resource like this can contribute to that process. Because the stuff the science that we’re including in here is high quality science. And it’s a way you know, it’s one thing to say there are 1000s and 1000s of these studies out there, it’s another to actually make it easily available and accessible to people answer relate it to readings, they can see on a meter in a way that you can’t just do that by searching on Google Scholar or something like that. But yeah, email me and I will get you information on the EMF medical conference. Okay, let’s see. Martin also says fantastic app will be Thank you so much, Martin, the positive. The positive feedback does mean a lot. Like I said, we’ve been working hard on it. And we’ve also been working hard on making the site better so that the more people who hit the app, it still runs well. So thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Sherry, I think I’m sorry, if I say Sherry or Sheree is asking, could you have a list of example, EMF readings on your app, for instance, what’s an average EMF for phone, TV car Wi Fi computer that is related to an idea already on my wish list, but I am going to actually copy that and paste it in my idea doc right now. Yes, something like that would be possible. And I think it’s a really good idea. So I just put that in, in my notes. Thank you very much. That’s a great suggestion.

Oh, I forget whose question i Dina David. So Dina asked a question about raising awareness to medical communities. David just posted that in the q&a pod. I don’t know if any, if everyone can see that. So I’m going to paste it here in the chat. It is EMF conference. Two 20 Thank you, David. Okay, Celeste pass. This is not about testing, but I’m going to start at home 10 hours a day on the computer, I’m looking for some lighter color blue light glasses. Which classes do you like? Well, everyone’s gonna think it’s, uh, this question was a plant? Actually, I like the sci fi blue light glasses, they are clear all day daytime glasses. You probably haven’t seen them on the site yet, because we haven’t published it. But we are about to start taking pre orders on that. So though that’ll probably be on the website by next week. So I would I would for for daytime. for daytime blue light glasses, I would recommend ours for nighttime, blue light glasses, you can one one brand, I have a good opinion of his true dark. So thank you, Celeste. Let’s see. So another question that was submitted in advance? I’m not gonna have a great answer for this one here. But I just found out that we have an electrical substation less than a quarter mile from our house, what can we do to protect ourselves? So that’s a really long answer. And we actually do have some information on that, hold up, hold on, if you would, one second, I just have to find the link, if I can have to load this up

by Google Sheets can really take a long time. Especially when you’re keeping a webinar or waiting for an answer that

I okay, I’m not going to take up any more time here, we do have a post about that, that I need to find the link for which which I can which I can do and send. If you if you email me again, just reply to the zoom emails that you got about this webinar, I will send you that link. But the part that I would say that relates to this webinar is as a first step before even investigating how to protect your home, because at that point, you’re talking about pull home protection, that was the post I was gonna, I was gonna look for for you. Before even doing that, I would strongly recommend that you purchase a meter. So that’s what what I’ve been talking about in this, this whole webinar is getting a meter. If you go to shield your body comm slash test. You can download the ebook, there’s meter recommendations in there, I don’t make or sell meters myself, I just recommend others. They are not affiliate links, I don’t make money off of the recommendations. There’s just ones in there that I recommend. And then take tests in your home, you know, focus on where you spend the most time like in your bed. Or if you have children in their bedroom. Or if you have a home office in the home office, find out what the levels are. The fact that there is a substation that close to your house, it could be a significant source, it could also be less than you think there could be higher sources coming from within your house that you have more control over. So always as a first step, especially before doing something like the fifth trying to figure out a way to protect your whole house. Always as a first step, I strongly recommend buying a reasonable quality meter and learning how to test with it. And then also you can come back to this app and see what the what the results are. So less Thank you. Don, great question. Does the app measure Gramps steps or units for measuring dirty electricity? It does not. Nor does it use greenwave units. This app doesn’t have yet anything on dirty electricity and or anything on body voltage. Those are things I want to find a way to cover. It’s just those exposures. The specific exposures really aren’t reported. They’re not how do I say this? A substantial body of science reporting specific exposures in those units does not exist so far, at least as far as I’ve identified. And so that’s why we were not able to build in support for dirty electricity or body voltage in this version. It is on the radar I it’s not coming anytime soon, because first we need to figure out what a solution would look like. But that is a great Question and it isn’t on our radar. Thank you don

Martin bank, this app will help people VHS will bring more awareness. Thank you. I hope so EHS is a really serious it’s a really serious problem for people who have it. It’s a really serious issue for society at large in a way that I think is only just starting to come to light EHS stands for electro hypersensitivity for those of you who don’t know, and the easiest way to think about it is an allergic reaction to levels of emf that most of us aren’t aware of. And one of the things if you spend some time going through this app, one of the things I think you’ll notice is how much science there is showing biological effects at super low levels. Right? We’re the sciences painting a picture here that even if we’re not aware that our bodies are being impacted by exposure to EMF, that our body is reacting at levels that are really, really, really low, like way below what current safety standards allow. And I do think that that does speak to to the issues we are seeing with the IHS Thank you, Martin. So Celeste asks, are we more concerned with RF or EMF when testing? Good question. So EMF stands for electromagnetic field. And it exists on a spectrum of different energies. And RF stands for radio frequency, that is a type of emf. There’s also on a lot of these meters, the ones I recommend, they’re either RF, or they are elf, which stands for extremely low frequency. That’s also a type of emf. So RF comes from wireless communications, also sometimes called microwave. And elf comes from anything that runs on electricity. So that includes not just your computer, but also your blender and your refrigerator. For certain devices, like microwave ovens are sources of both. In terms of the health effects, I think both are, are are pretty significant. I don’t think one is more of a risk than the other, we’re seeing bio effects from exposures to all of these. In terms of the deployment of the the crazy kind of rapid, I would say reckless deployment of wireless technologies, that is really a situation about RF. So all of this new smart technology, you know, smart doors and smart thermostats and smart fridges and smart cars and all of this stuff, that would be RF, but in terms of your personal exposure, particularly in your house, both are sets of sources of concern. Thank you.

Scott says, what is currently the best good enough consumer meter on the market. And where do I purchase? by good enough? I mean, very good, not just $1,000. So okay, so you can’t get the guy, that’s no problem. So the very best RF meter that is for consumers is called the safe and sound. Sorry, the safe and sound pro two. So that costs about $385. And you can purchase that from safe living technology. So that’s Now that’s the very best consumer grade RF meter, there’s actually cheaper meters that I also recommend. So there’s two in particular that I can remember, one is called the trifield, TF two, and the other is called the cornet, EDI, 88 t, plus, I know long name, not easy to say or write down. So that was the trifield, TF two and the coronet EDI 88 t plus, both do RF and elf. So in one meter, the TF two costs, I think, Jen, I mean, it fluctuates, but it’s about $160 and the cornet I mentioned cost about $180. Those are both fantastic meters for the value that you’re getting. They’re sufficiently accurate. They give you both RF and elf in the same meter. And those are the ones I would recommend. Thank you.

David, thank you for quick video for this. That’s great. I will email you have a video I did on this but it’s more of an explainer. And then I’m happy to chat with you about ideas for it. That would be great. Thank you. Betty says I have a body meter. Is that showing me reading for electric fields or magnetic fields or so? I’m not entirely sure which one you’re talking about. But and I should move this over here. So it looks like I’m, I can look at the camera while looking at the questions. What I under from what I understand if your question, you actually have a body voltage meter. So that’s reporting results in body voltage, which is not electric, and it’s not magnetic. I touched on that a few minutes ago. And my answer to the dirty electricity question, which is body voltage is not currently in this app. And that is because I, I’m not aware of a substantial body of science, linking biological effects to specific body voltages. If you’ll hold on one second, though, I do have more information about body voltage. So I’m going to paste it here into the pot I was and then so Betty, I just there, I just pasted a link into the chat pod. That’s where I would point you for more information. Thank you. Okay, Celeste, I live in an apartment and I get everyone’s Wi Fi in my apartment, how can a person deal with that? That is difficult. That gets back to what I was trying to find the post about earlier, which I’m just not able to find the link, I apologize. But at that point, you know, because if you’re trying to shield from all of these different sources in your home or your apartment, you know, that becomes really difficult because then you’re talking about what I refer to as whole home shielding. And that involves, you know, putting shielding in the walls doing paint. A lot involves doing a lot of things, which is a expensive, and then B it’s also easy to get wrong. And if you do it wrong, it won’t protect you, it could even make things worse of it. We do have information about it, though. So if you email me, I will reply to you with that information, the one product we have. And it’s actually exactly why we added this product to the catalog, the one product that we have that could help you it won’t help you all day long. But it will help you all night long. And that is the bed canopy. And the bed canopy we I added to the catalog specifically to have a product that can protect you all night long from all those different sources in your environment. So your neighbors Wi Fi nearby cell towers, all these cell phones that are every all these sources of emf in your environment, the bed canopy can protect you. Again, it’s not all day long, unless you spend all day in bed, but it would protect you all night long, which is about a 30 year life. And it’s a very important part of your day, because that’s when your body is supposed to be resting and rejuvenating for the next day. So you can find that on our on our website. We actually have a we have three different sizes. We have a king, we have a twin, and we have what we call a serenity, which is a lot easier to hang. So that’s, that would be the one product answer I have to that. But if you want to email me, I will send you that link that I’m having trouble finding right now. Thank you.

Okay, I think that about Oh, Aaron loves the canopy. Thank you, Aaron. I really appreciate that. That I think does it for today. So I said everyone, this would be quick webinar. And it was this is actually the fastest webinar I’ve ever done. I hope you liked the app. If you have ideas, even complaints or ideas for new features, please email me and let me know. This is again, this is a beta. I mean, we’re not going to be overhauling it tomorrow. But it is something we will be continuing work on. And already there’s features in there that weren’t originally in the design. It’s just when I showed it to the building biology to a building biologist, they suggested integrating the building biology levels in there. And I thought that was a great idea. So that got added. So we are adding features. So thank you, and if you like it, please do share it. Let’s get let’s help get the word out. So thank you, everyone. And oh, before signing off marriage has asked will there be a replay? Yes. Tomorrow, it’ll be posted to our YouTube channel. So that’s slash shield your body. So all of our webinars are up there and this one will be up there as well. Thank you very much everyone. Have a wonderful night. Bye


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