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Webinar Archive: EMF Protection for Children at Home During Quarantine

Here is the archive recording and transcript of the SYB Webinar from April 16, 2020, hosted by SYB CEO R Blank on the risks of EMF to children’s health, and how to minimize and address them.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Transcript

R Blank 0:013
Okay, cool. Okay, everyone got a good afternoon. Sorry about that I just needed a mic check. Before we get started, thank you very much for coming out and attending this webinar on EMF radiation, health risks and safety for children. Quick outline what we’re going to be covering today, I’m going to start with a very, very quick introduction about who I am, then we’ll get into the main content. And we’re going to cover a few topics one, why are children at greater risk than adults from damaged EMF radiation to the issue of tech use and addiction? Three, what are the health effects that we see for how cell safe cell phone safety standards ignore children? And then what I think is the most important part is how to protect children from EMF, especially at home, especially these days, when so many children spending so much time at home. Then, I’ll give you all a special offer, like I promised for attending today’s webinar, and we’ll have some q&a. At any time during my presentation, you can post questions in the question pod down below. I won’t see them until later. But you can post them and then Stephanie, for my team is also in the room. And she will try to answer some of them as well as as we’re moving along. So I said very quickly about me, my name is R Blank. I’m the CEO of shield your body. I formally taught on the engineering faculty at the University of Southern California. Along with my father, I co authored the book overpowered about EMF health effects. And I had a 20 year career in software engineering prior just starting shield your body. So getting into the meat, why is it that children have a greater risk from EMF radiation? Now in some ways, and pardon me, you’re gonna see me turn down because my notes are down here, they’re not on my screen. In some ways, children are small adults, but in other ways, they are materially different. They’re different biologically, chemically, and physiologically. So let’s take a couple of minutes to look at some of these critical differences that make a child more vulnerable than an adult. And a quick note, on several of the slides that are coming up through this webinar, I’m going to reference scientific studies because this is a webinar I’m not linking to them from here. But they are all linked to, from the ebook that you’ll be getting an email once the recording of this webinar is done. So you’ll get the ebook right after this when the recording is done, and all the links I’m talking about will be in there.

Obviously, children are smaller than adults. And that means that their heads are smaller to why does this matter when it comes to radiation? Well, let’s say for example, that a specific dose of cellphone radiation penetrates three inches into your head, and the child with a smaller head that penetrates more deeply into their brain and exposes a larger portion of the brain. As you can see here, on this slide, where I think you can see all the captions were on the left, we see how much the same self same amount of cellphone radiation how much on the left penetrates into a five year old brain, the middle, a 10 year old brain and on the right and adult, and their skulls are thinner. This matters because bone does provide some natural shielding against EMF radiation. So a thinner skull means less of that natural shielding to protect their brains. Now children’s brains aren’t just smaller, they also have a higher level of water content when compared to an adult. And this means that their brains conduct and spread EMF radiation more effectively and widely than an adult brain. This amplifies the damage of exposure to electromagnetic fields. Sir, trying to advance There we go. Children, as we all know, are obviously growing, it’s one of the things they do the most stuff and they do it fast, which means at the cellular level, their cells are dividing and multiplying much more rapidly than you have in an adult. Exposure to EMF radiation, like from a cell phone or cordless phone or Wi Fi router or any other source has been shown to damage DNA. This can lead to mutations in your genes. And these mutations are for example, a mechanism by which diseases like cancer can form because children are growing and their cells are dividing so rapidly. This means any mutations to their cells will be replicated and spread further throughout their bodies. And of course, children are by definition, young longer, this means they have longer to live. And this in turn means that they will live with any damage from a source like EMF for much longer, which gives more time for the damage to multiply and spread and impact their bodies and their lives. And so there’s damage will accumulate over time. So when it comes to why the risks are different for children, I covered four main areas, their brains are smaller, and their skulls are thinner. Their brains have a higher level of water content. Children are growing, which means their cells are dividing and multiplying more rapidly, and they’re younger, which means they have longer to live with the cumulative impact of these exposures. All these factors taken together add up to EMF exposure presenting a much higher risk for children than for adults. The next natural question to ask is how much of a concern should this be? In other words, how widespread is cell phone ownership and usage among children? In 2016, it was reported that the average age for kids to get their first smartphone was just over 10 years old. I didn’t actually get one until I was 22, after I graduated college, but these are different times, as I’m sure all of you know. A 2017 report found that around 45% of us children between the ages of 10 to 12 had their own smartphone with a service plan meaning not just Wi Fi. So they’re constantly connected to cellphone networks. And the 2019 survey found that 53% of children in the United States on a smartphone before the age of 11. And a similar survey released in 2020. This year found that 53% of UK youth have a smartphone by age seven, that’s over half of children in England, in the United Kingdom have a smartphone by the age of seven. And by the time they are 11 a full 90% have these devices. This UK study the 2021 that I just mentioned had some other interesting findings. 39% said they could not live without their phone. 57% said they always slept with their phone by their bed 44% expressed discomfort of being in a location without cell service. 42% explained that they are constantly worried about their battery dying. Well, the findings from each of these studies that I just mentioned, vary slightly and and I linked to all of these from the book that you’ll be getting. They all agree that a lot of really young children

have smartphones. And it’s quite clear from these results that a lot of these surveyed children are expressing symptoms of cell phone addiction, and are already disturbed, demonstrating unhealthy habits with their technology. And that leads to increased EMF exposure in all of these children. And keep in mind, all of that data I just shared with you, that’s just cell phones. And while cell phones are a very significant source of emf radiation in our lives, they are not nearly the only source not even close. In today’s world children like all of us are exposed to the same type of emf radiation from multiple cell phones, cell phone towers, cell antennas, Wi Fi routers connected devices, smart cars, electric cars, the sources and exposures keep growing exponentially with the growth in connected technology. So we see that children are more vulnerable to damage from smartphones, and that a lot of children are using these devices. Given those facts. What are the differences we might expect to see at negative health effects for children when compared to adults? Well, let’s dive into some of the details and cover a few different sets of these health effects.

So one negative health effects associated with exposure to EMF radiation, especially from cell phones that people are often very concerned about is brain tumors. A 2007 study published by a group led by Dr. Hunter Lennart heart Dell examined incidence of malignant brain tumors among thousands of cell phone and cordless phone users are Dell and the researchers found not only does cell phone use increase the risk of forming malignant brain tumors, but that the risk increased with latency time. That is how much time had passed since the exposure as well as cumulative use that is how much cell phone time is the person had overall, not just most recently. This matters for children because as I said, they have longer to live. So the risk keeps increasing. The longer you live after cell phone exposure, the more they have more risk to gain just Because they are so young. And I want to emphasize these results are from supposedly safe doses within safety limits of emf radiation, what your cell phone is allowed to give off. That’s what, what the hardshell study covered. And if you look at the data presented in the study, you’ll see that those who began using a cordless phone or cell phone before the age of 20, had a 400% increased risk of forming a brain tumor on the same side of their head that they use their phone. In other words, those who started using cell phones when they were children, had a massive increased risk of forming brain tumors. Of course, brain tumors are not the only type of cancer that’s linked to EMF radiation exposure. And as I’ve mentioned, cell phones aren’t even the only source of emf radiation. Among the many other sources in our lives are the power lines and electrical wiring in your home. This is because AC power emits a type of emf called elf or extremely low frequency. The power lines and electrical circuitry that form our power grid also act as a massive antenna that can pick up and conduct straight EMF from other devices like cell phones and Wi Fi. Dr. Sam Milam coined a term to describe this dirty electricity. Milam and his colleague, Eric Alexander, published a study showing that the appearance of childhood leukemia between the ages of three and four only appeared with the introduction of electrification. In other words, as the power grid was rolled out in different parts of the United States, that’s when you started seeing childhood leukemia appear in children three and four years old, in those areas following the introduction of the power grid. So the trend is a modern one, which followed the introduction of the power grid and a whole new set of emf exposures in children. Now, cancer is obviously a very concerning risk. But it’s not the only class of health effects that have been linked to cellphone radiation exposure and children. Other research out of the University of Helsinki gives reason to suspect that children are more susceptible to subtle brain effects on subtle effects on brain function. These researchers demonstrated cognitive dysfunction in children resulting from exposure to cell phone radiation. 15 children were asked to perform auditory memory functions with and without exposure to cellphone radiation. And the findings from this study suggests and again, this study is linked to from your ebook. The findings suggest that EMF emitted by mobile phones has effects on brain responses during cognitive processing. In other words, exposure to cellphone radiation was shown to negatively affect brain function and cognition in the children that were in the study. Next, we have a similar effect of memory loss, a peer reviewed study. Sorry, a peer reviewed study, released in July of 2018, suggested a link between exposure to radio frequency EMF, like you get from a cell phone and memory performance in teens. The researchers analyzed data from nearly 700 Swiss teenagers, and they tracked the EMF exposure and memory performance in these teens over the course of an entire year. The study found that exposure from cell phone radiation over the course of a year have a negative effect on the development of memory skills in adolescence.

In the past few years, an increasing number of studies have identified a strong correlation between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and exposure to EMF radiation. In 2017, a pair of researchers surveyed all the published science on this question and concluded quote, symptoms of retarded memory, learning cognition, attention and behavioral problems have been reported in numerous studies, and are similarly manifested in autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders as a result of exposure to cellphone radiation. So those researchers found that there were there were multiple studies linking exposure to cell phone radiation with behavioral disorders, including ADHD. Now, with so much evidence accumulating, demonstrating the links between cell phone radiation and cognitive function, memory loss and behavioral disorders, you would expect to see impact in overall overall impact and academic performance. In fact, that is what we find. And it’s not just because of the physiological effects of cell phones. It’s also because cell phones are quite simply a massive distraction. A 2017 rector’s study found that students who use their cell phones and other devices for non academic purposes during lectures performed measurably worse at end of term exams. So I just covered pardon me, I just covered health effects in different classes, we have the increased risk of brain tumors, the increased risk of childhood leukemia, decline in cognitive function and memory loss, increased incidence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and the decline in academic performance. And these are all areas in which there is real published science, demonstrating that children are at greater risk than adults to exposure from cellphone radiation, and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. Now, I mentioned I was going to cover cell phone safety standards. And I do I think this is important. I have a couple of slides on this. But before I begin, I want to be clear, I feel and many others feel that the regulations that govern cellphone radiation are vastly insufficient to protect our health. But for the sake of argument, let’s just assume that cell phones safety standards were sufficient to protect us they’re not but just for a moment, let’s assume that, even if that were true, these regulations are clearly inadequate to protect children. See, in the United States and in much of the world, the Federal Communications Commission or FCC uses a measurement called SAR to regulate cell phone radiation. This stands for specific absorption rate, SAR. In other words, cellphone radiation is regulated based on how much radiation you absorb when you use your phone. But actually, that’s not quite true. Because SAR isn’t based on how much you absorb. They’re based on how sorry, it’s based on how much radiation is absorbed by a dummy in a lab that approximates a 240 pound man. But the vast majority of children do not weigh 240 pounds not even close, I checked, the average weight of an 11 year old is just at 1.5 pounds, about 75% lighter than the weight of the dummy that is used to approximate cellphone absorption, radiation absorption. And as I discussed at the top of the webinar, children are primed to absorb more of this radiation to begin with. In other words, not only are children more vulnerable to health risks and damage from cellphone radiation, but cell phone radiation, safety, cellphone radiation safety regulations are fundamentally and completely inadequate to protect children from this damage.

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I hope I hit that point home because I think that one’s really, really important. So now we get to what I think is the most important part of of this presentation, which is how are you supposed to protect your children from EMF, while children may be more vulnerable to damage from EMF health effects. Fortunately, it’s just as easy to protect them from EMF as it is an adult. Now, that’s why B, we make some of the best EMF protection products in the world. And so sometimes it surprises people, when I tell them that the best EMF protection is free, not my products, not anybody else’s products, the best EMF protection is free. And you can start protecting your children right now. Because as with any form of pollution, the the absolute best protection is to reduce your exposure to that pollution in the first place. And when it comes to EMF, there are two simple rules to make that happen. minimize and maximize. You want to minimize your use of emf generating technology. And you want to maximize the distance between your body and that technology when it is in use.

So minimizing your use of emf technology is the absolute best way to protect yourself from EMF because then you’re not exposed in the first place. while minimizing your use is the best way, no matter how much we actually do that we’re still going to be exposed to EMF because that’s just what living in the modern world is like. Everything increasingly is a source of emf. And so that’s where maximizing distance comes in. You want to maximum As the distance between the EMF generating technology and your body when it’s in use, why does maximizing distance matters so much, because the power of emf radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. That’s what’s pictured here on this slide. That means each time you double the distance between your body and your technology, you slash the power of your exposure by 75%. So if you double the distance, you’ve cut the power of the exposure by three quarters. So those are the two rules. Now let’s look at a few ways that you can put those two rules into practice to create a safer environment for your child at home. The first is to use a wired network. Of course, parents are making increased use of the Internet to educate their children. Because we’re all home now. And children more and more children are being homeschooled than ever before. It’s by far the most convenient source the internet for finding information, guidance, learning materials and support from teachers and other parents. This means internet usage is increasing, and the Wi Fi will stay on and be utilized for much longer than usual. And of course, Wi Fi is incredibly convenient. You can access all that great information from any number of devices like your laptop, a computer, a tablet, a phone, and ereader television. So many different devices have Wi Fi, and you can use them anywhere in your house. But Wi Fi also has a downside, because Wi Fi has the same uses the same type of radiation to communicate that a cell phone does. So continuous exposure to Wi Fi can be harmful to you and your children. And it can be the source of various diseases. Wi Fi is not good for your health. But obviously we can’t quit using the internet completely either. So the best alternative is to use a wire connection with Ethernet cables like what’s pictured here on this slide. Even if you still need wireless, even if you can cut down on how much of the day the Wi Fi is on, and you switch to Ethernet cables for just part of the day. That makes a difference in the cumulative exposure. Now relatedly even if you can’t turn off the Wi Fi at all during the day, at least try to turn it off at night. This includes your router, your Wi Fi router, Wi Fi modem, as well as the Wi Fi on all of your devices like your cell phone or your iPad or your television. Whatever devices you have in your house that use Wi Fi turn them off at night. Because if you’re like most people, you don’t actually use or get any benefit from your Wi Fi at night when you and your family are asleep. But most people still keep the Wi Fi turned on. turning it off at night is a great way to make a huge difference in your family’s exposure. And when the Wi Fi is on, try to keep it as far away from where you and your family spend time as possible. Remember, remember that distance chart we’re the power diminishes exponentially. So every inch matters, and can make a really big difference in your overall exposure. Remember, all of these are tips that are designed to be used at home right now with with your children. Now parents tend to give their children high tech gadgets like mobile phones, laptop computers and tablets at a very young age. This allows their children to use these gadgets to use up sorry to learn new things and increase their intelligence and it also helps distract the children and prevent them from bothering their parents too much. These gadgets can provide significant educational value. But if you’re interested in exposing your child to less radiation, then use non gadgets whenever possible things like books and pencils and other traditional tools. Not only does this reduce your child’s exposure to radiation, researchers are also finding other benefits such as improved motor skills, improve sleep, enhanced cognition and memory.

Parents should not allow children under six to use tech gadgets even for educational purposes. This is because ages zero to six are the most important for their development. And the virtual world distracts from real world experiences. In addition to the damage that comes from exposure to the radiation of these devices. It’s also necessary to limit and monitor the tech use in children who are between the age of six and 12 as well as in teens. Delaying getting your child to smartphone is a great way to make progress towards that goal. There’s a whole movement called wait until eighth, which is based around getting parents to wait until the eighth grade to get their kids a phone. The longer you wait to get your child to phone, the less radiation they’ll be exposed to. And the lower their lifelong health risks will be from that radiation. And we have one more here. Oh, sorry, that was the last one. But I have a whole post with recommendations just like these designed to help you reduce your child’s EMF exposure at home, especially these days, while homeschooling during quarantine. And in fact, all of these tips like the ones I just shared with you, the ones that are linked to from the E book, they’re very similar to the advice that I’ve been sharing for years, what I call the swipey healthy living tips, because they work on reducing exposure for all EMF generating technology, regardless of age. And I’ve dozens of these tips posted for free on my website at this URL, shield your body comm slash Healthy Living again, the link will be in the E book. And I’d encourage you to really spend some time going through them. Because really the best way to protect yourself from emf is to avoid these exposures in the first place. And a lot of them, I think you’ll find they’re actually really easy to implement. Once you realize that it’s something that you can do that’s within your power to take that control and cut that exposure. Now, if you follow all of my healthy living tips, and even some that I haven’t yet had time to publish, you’ll make a huge difference in your EMF exposure. But no matter how many of my tips you adopt, if you want to participate in the modern world, you’re still going to be exposed to EMF. That’s just what the world is like today. And that’s where good EMF protection products come in, like the ones I make and sell here at us. Why be there are two main situations where EMF protection is your best option when you can’t or don’t want to follow the healthy living tips, or when the source of the radiation is outside of your control. So let’s look at a few of these situations, and how my products can help protect you and your children from EMF radiation. For example, one of my healthy living tips is to not carry your phone in your pocket. This one can make a really big difference in your exposure. But I have customers who have no choice. For example, there are some people whose jobs require them to carry their phones in their pocket all day long. Other people don’t have anywhere but pockets to carry their phones. And that’s why I make the swipey 5g phone shield and the swipe phone pouch. These products make it safer to carry your phone in your pocket. The pouch is for you to carry your phone just put your phone inside the pouch, and then carry the pouch in your pocket or on your belt to shield you from up to 99% of your cell phone’s radiation emissions. The phone shield is similar to the pouch, but it’s designed for people who don’t want to use pouches. So you just put the 5g phone shield in your pocket between your phone and your body to deflect that radiation away from your body. Both of these effectively turn your pocket into a powerful cell phone radiation shield and make it safer to carry your phone. And both of these products are lab tested to shield against the new 5g frequencies up to 20 gigahertz. Another great example is the laptop pad. Because just like with phones, you shouldn’t keep the phone next to your body you shouldn’t keep the laptop next to your body. In fact I’ve content on my blog and a video. You may not realize the the manufacturers actually tell you to do not to hold this stuff up against your body. Also, it’s in the fine print if you read the manuals. But sometimes you need or want to this is especially true I find during quarantine when a lot of us are working in areas that were never intended for work like our sofa or a chair without a desk nearby. So that’s why we make our laptop pad. It makes it safer to use your laptop in your lap. Just place your laptop on top of the laptop pad to deflect your laptops, EMF radiation and heat emissions away from your body and reproductive organs.

Another of my healthy living tips is to always use speakerphone because it helps you use your phone without putting it right up against your head. So speakerphone exposes you to much less radiation than holding your phone up to your head which you really should just never, ever do. But sometimes you can’t use speakerphone, especially in public or if you’re sharing your quarantine with someone. There might be other people who are getting sick of hearing each one of your conversations. So in cases like these, using a Regular headset is much safer than holding a phone up to your head. But even with a regular headset, the wire still conduct straight EMF from your cell phone into your ear canal, which is directly adjacent to your brain. So that’s why I make the swipey headset anti radiation device or hard with the hard you just plug it into your phone, and then plug your headset into the heart, and all that radio, all the stray radiation is filtered out. Okay, so those were all examples of things of when you want to use EMF protection, even with with sources that are in your control, but sometimes, as I said, they’re out of your control. And increasingly in today’s world, we’re surrounded by EMF from these sources. So for an example, an increasing number of people have smart meters mounted outside their homes. In many of these cases, people do not have the choice to opt out, the power companies require it. And that’s why we make the MIB poster frame liner. The poster frame liner turns any frame into an EMF shield and I this one I really love because you don’t even need to see it because you could just then put art or a photograph or print or painting in the frame. And no one needs to know that it’s an EMF shield. So you just put your liner in the frame, and then put whatever art or content you want in the frame and then hang it on the wall on the opposite side of the wall from the smart meter, we have information on the website about how it’s best to be used. So it’s really great for protecting from EMF that’s on the other side of the wall that maybe you don’t control, like a smart meter, or perhaps your neighbor’s Wi Fi. And then finally, this is also why we make our baby blanket, you just wrap your baby in the blanket to protect his or her body from radiation in their environment. It also works great for pregnant women to protect the mother and the fetus while it’s in utero. And you can also have your baby where the SI B baby beanie at the same time to protect his delicate his or her delicate brain against damage from EMF. So again, this is great way to protect your baby. Or yourself. In the case of the baby blanket, we actually have a lot of adults who buy that from sources of emf radiation that may not be in your control. So that was a lot of information. I appreciate all of you giving me the time to run through that. So I’m now ready to give all of you the special offer that I promised when you registered for today’s webinar. So from now until midnight pacific time, you can save 20% on any order, not not not one or two for not just the products, I just went through any product in my catalog. Just enter the code kids 2020 at checkout. Again, this expires at midnight. So for those who might be watching this as a recording, this code will not work. It’s only for the people who attended live here today in the room. And again, this works at any on any product on my website, which is a shield your body calm. Quickly, you know case, for those of you who don’t know, I want to highlight that any order of products from my website includes free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and 30 day returns, I try as hard as possible to make this as risk free decision as possible for you make it as easy as possible for you to protect your family from EMF radiation. And one more note, before we get to the q&a, reminder that each of you will get a copy of that you’ll be the first actually to get the copy of my new ebook, EMF radiation, health risks and safety for children. And it includes all the links to the studies and information that I mentioned here in this webinar. And it’ll be delivered to you again as soon as the recording is complete. So it might be until tomorrow but as soon as the recording is complete, it’ll be emailed to you. Okay, so with all that. Oh, yeah. So the offer is now back on the screen. Remember to spot tonight at midnight pacific time, so you have to use it within what is that it’s a 130. So next 10 hours that you have the next 10 hours to make your order. But now we’ll move on to some q&a.

Do we have any questions? Yes, it looks like we have some questions. Okay, great. So let me try to get to these. And Stephanie, if if there’s anything you need me to know, you can just put it in the chat. I’ll see it okay. As 5g been turned on yet at the tower. So IV has been enabled in different parts in different places. You’ll want to look up, hold on, let me I have to use

me A good answer for you. So what do you want to do? I just needed to get this link. I have it on my website too, but it’s not an ebook you’ll be getting. So start answer. Oh, no, that’s not what I meant. Post a comment. Here we go. There this link. Um, so that is a link to the ookla, five g map. And that allows you to track 5g deployments around the world. So you can search in your area, you can search in your friends area, see how much how many 5g towers have been enabled in that area. So for anyone who’s interested in that, that’s what I would recommend. Okay, so I’m going to mark that as answered. Lisa asked, Did I silence your mics in this platform? Only the presenter has the microphone. So sorry. It’s a limitation of the platform we’re using for webinars. Okay, Lan, LAN asks how much five G’s rolled out across the country? And at which level? Health Statistics? How many countries have defeated 5g installations? Okay, that’s a few questions. The first one I answered, which was the link to the ookla, five g map. So you can you can follow that. Sorry, you can check that link and see what the state of 5g deployment is in various places around the world, at which level? So the way I interpret that question is, which frequencies? Oh, I missed. Okay. I’ll get back to that. I’ll get back to Barbara’s other question. I apologize for missing that. The way I interpret that question, LAN is what frequencies are being used. And with, so 5g can go up to eventually 300 gigahertz, which is in the millimeter wave, second segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, very high energy, the initial deployments to my understanding, largely piggyback off of the 4g spectrum, and maybe go a little bit higher. And there was actually just during the quarantine, the FCC in the United States authorized a new chunk of segment, higher energy to be used in some of the 5g deployments. But I actually had last I checked, none of the carriers had taken them up on that offer. So but that could have changed because that information was two weeks ago. But in general, right now, the 5g deployments use very similar forms of radiation to 4g, it’s in the future with future deployments, that they’ll be moving higher and higher up the spectrum. Health Statistics, it’s really too soon to tell because a lot of these deployments are just being turned on now or have only been turned on in the past few months. And you need a lot, you need a lot more time in order to generate that type of data. And that’s part of one of the one of the big concerns that I and many people have about 5g is that there’s no long term testing into what the health effects are, this is being deployed without any safety testing. So we don’t know what the results will end up being. How many countries have defeated 5g I don’t know if any countries in terms of the whole country have defeated it. But there are certain municipalities cities that have have have, I don’t know if defeated is the right word. But for example, in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, they have indefinitely suspended the rollout of 5g and it was because of health concerns. And there are other places around the world where this is happening as well. And we have a list of that on my website if you go to shield your body comm slash five G. We have a lot of information about 5g there and that includes a list around the world of places that have opposed to varying degrees of success, 5g deployments in that area. Thank you LAN. Okay. So Stephanie tells me that Barbara asked, what effects will it have on the human body? Is that 70 is that five g? Or is that was Barbara Yeah. Okay, so Barbara was asking what effects will that have? The well I just said you know, we don’t know that because there’s been no long term testing done but if you go to my again, my website shield your body comm slash five G. Right there at the top, there’s a blog called 5g health risks. I have a pretty long post about what we know about millimeter wave and high energy EMF in that same part of the spectrum as 5g. And so

some of what some of the health risks we we either know or can predict. elsewhere on my site, if you go to shield your bodies calm under the Learn menu, there’s EMF health effects is an option if you click that. The top link is The health risks of cellphones. And in that post, I talk about several classes of disease, including cancer, that that have been linked by, because while 5g might be new, you know, cell phones have been around for a very long time. And at this point, we have decades of data and research to back it up. So there’s now several diseases we know, that are made more likely by exposure to cellphone radiation. And then in that post, I also go through many of the effects at the cellular level, such as the DNA damage that that’s done by this type of radiation. So I hope, I hope that answers your question. I’m sorry, everyone, I’m just gonna go on mute for one second while I take a drink of water.

Okay. Why do all the James asks, Why do all the government’s tell us they have tested for 5g and it’s safe, but all the telecom companies in the UK are free? Okay, well, that. Ah. So, when I’m, I’m not as up to speed in the UK as I am in the US. But when, when the when the FCC says that a cell phone is safe, or that a cell phone tower is safe, what they are saying is, and this is going to sound sarcastic, but it’s actually true. They’re saying it isn’t, it isn’t emitting so much power, that it’s burning you in real time, because that’s really the only health effect that they protect you against. And it’s called the thermal effect. And I have a post on on the website about this. So when the FCC says a cell phone is safe, they’re saying it won’t burn you by using it. And they don’t recognize the existence of these health effects that occur and power levels lower than what can burn you. So that’s why the government’s are saying this stuff is safe. It’s not because they have any data to support their claim that 5g is safe, because there is no data because it hasn’t been tested. It’s being deployed without testing. And in terms of liability in the UK? That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to how that’s being handled. I do know that other several insurers that, for example, won’t provide insurance against health claims. They won’t provide insurance to cell phone companies against future potential health claims. Because the risk is considered to be so high that these claims will exist. If governments are issuing immunity from liability claims. I should definitely look into that. I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you. James, as How can I demand an answer on EMF safety regulations from your government? Okay, so I’m working on more content? To help answer that question. The short answer is you need to demand it from your local government, because the federal government, at least I assume you’re in the US. But if you’re in a different country, I don’t know which one. But in any rate, the the, the country’s government is probably not going to care, or respond to you. Where you can get traction and answers is at the local level. So whether it’s your city council, or your county council, or whatever municipality is governing the deployment in your area, and I do have some content already on the blog about within formation, with a sample letter, for example, that you can send to your county council to oppose further deployments. But the answer is always to go local. And to be specific. And I have like I said, I am trying to work on more content in that direction in the next few months. So hopefully, I’ll have a lot more information to share with you to help you in. In your efforts. James. Donna asks, Are there any computers that are safer than others? How do we know the EMF on our computer, I do not know of computers that are safer than others. And oftentimes, it’ll depend on actually what you’re using the computer for. So and it’s not just that it’s also you know, computers are plugged into walls, which, right because that’s where you’re getting the power from. And that then means how well your the electrical circuitry in your home is configured will contribute to how much is coming out of your computer. So this is a great example of why I always encourage people to test and I have a lot of information on the website about that if you go to shield your body comm slash test T S T, I have a lot of information about how you can test and involves using a meter like this one, this is a trifield tf two. I also have recommendations for other meters on the website. And when it’s with a meter like this, that you can determine how much it’s actually being used. emitted by not just your computer but by your cell phone, or by your power outlets, or smart meter, whatever it is. And I read, I think it’s really important if you’re if you’re concerned about the potential health effects of emf you really want to test because otherwise, you’re really just guessing how much is there? Thank you for that question. Donna. Donna also asked about the sign tamer. I don’t know what that product is. But if you want to email me, I can look into it for you. You can just reply to one of the emails that that you got confirming this webinar.

Sir, is underground electricity in the home? How deep should they be buried underground for safety standards, and safe EMF exposure for children? That’s a really good question. I don’t offhand know the answer to that. I’m going to have to look that up, I believe. I believe we actually wrote about that in overpowered but that was, that was like seven years ago. So I have to go look up. But that’s a really good grabbing the further underground, the better, obviously. But I think there is kind of a standard recommendation to make it safer. And I just have to look it up. It’s another example, though, of where you’d want a meter to take the measurements to see what the levels really are. Because there’s general recommendations. And then there’s actually what’s happening in real life. But sir, if you email me, I can try to find that answer. Anya wants to talk about shielding and more depth. Oh, did Stephanie already? Oh, no. Yeah. So I’m happy to talk about shielding in more depth. If you have specific questions that you can post here to that, otherwise, you can email me and I’ll try to get to that next few days. We also have a lot of information posted on the website. So if you go to shield your body calm in the about menu, there’s how it works. And that has a nice, I think, easy to understand explanation about what EMF shielding is and how it works. Don asks, of the phone shields been tested in studies, they’ve the my phone shields have had laboratory tests performed on them. And the results are posted on the website. So again, if you go to shield your body keep repeating this, but it’s the answer to so many questions. If you go to shield your body calm. In the about menu, there’s Oh, you gave four links. Thank you, Stephanie. So the links are right there for you. It’s under the about menu though. It says s YB product testing. And that’s where all the test data from our lab results are. I also explained on the website how people can test for themselves with with devices like this one. This is the trifield tf two on the ass. I’ve seen drilled boreholes on pavement outside my home is this typical of 5g installations? I haven’t heard of that being typical of 5g installations. But 5g installations do look different than 4g installations. So I have that. I talked about that on the website too. But this is because 5g uses what’s called small cells. So the the antenna itself is much you know, with 4g, we’re used to these big things in a lot of areas. They’re disguised as trees, because they’re so big, and they have all these nodes on them. A 5g antenna is much smaller can fit on a light traffic light or signpost. And so they’re much smaller. They do look different. I haven’t heard though about holes in the pavement. Thank you, Anya. Donna asked that she heard the 5g was 60 gigahertz. Is that true? My understanding. So again, 5g eventually will go up to 300 gigahertz. So it’ll have a lot of energy. My understanding is that all 5g current 5g deployments are well under 10 gigahertz? I’ve not I’ve heard some people say that they’re up to 60 gigahertz. They’re certainly not supposed to be yet. And if they are, I haven’t seen any evidence of it. I mean, let me be clear, I don’t just assume that the wireless companies are telling us the truth. Because we already know. And I’m gonna do more content on this probably its own webinar. But we already know that cell phones emit more radiation than the cell phone companies tell us. There’s multiple lawsuits about that. So I don’t just take what they’re saying at face value, but neither do I assume that they’re lying until I have some evidence that would support it. I’ve seen no evidence that 5g is currently operating at frequencies nearly as high as 60 gigahertz doesn’t mean they aren’t just means I haven’t seen it. But I have I have seen people talking about it. So I think I know where you’re getting that number from. Thank you, Donna. Carol Karolina asked Do I have a Wi Fi router cover? I have a Wi Fi router shield. It’s my si B picture frame. So it’s under if you go to my website at Shop for home office, it’s si B picture frame. And that is designed you put that in front of your Wi Fi router. So in between your Wi Fi router and where you spend your time it ends up deflecting a lot of the radiation in the other direction. But it doesn’t. Because these Wi Fi routers are so overpowered, it doesn’t actually diminish your enjoyment of the internet.

You can also if you’re interested, there’s another company not mine, that makes a low EMF Wi Fi router. It’s called Jrs eco. So that’s j RS EC o comm they make a low EMF Wi Fi router? I don’t know, I think he’s still ships from Europe. So you’re gonna have to pay for shipping. But that one works really well. And you can use them in combination. So you can use the the Jrs eco Wi Fi router with my swipey picture frame and get even more protection. Thank you, Caroline. Lisa asked, Is there a way to gauge how much the radiation has been diminished with the protection? Yes, it’s by testing. And you can do it yourself with if you have a device like this one doesn’t have to be this model. But you need an EMF meter in order to test it. And I have information on my website again about how to do that. If you go to shield your body calm slash test, all that information is there you can download an ebook that teaches includes meter recommendations teaches you how to do this I videos on the website showing you how it’s done. So yes, with any EMF shielding product, you can verify that the product is working by yourself at home with your own eyes, which is something I encourage people to do. Thank you, Lisa

chrisoula asked, I think it’s do the baby products protect against 5g. So, so far, I talked a little bit about this in the last webinar I did, which was all about 5g. But when we when I released most of my products, 5g was not a thing that we needed to test for. And the labs that we use for the testing didn’t even offer it. So now as 5g has been actually being deployed, I’ve gone back and we’re starting to test my catalog for 5g protection. So so far, we have test results on three of the products. That’s the 5g phone shield, the phone pouch, and the headset, anti radiation device or hard. Those are the three. For the others. I haven’t yet had that testing performed. It’s something I’m working on. Hopefully, it’ll be done soon. But that so that doesn’t mean they don’t protect against 5g means I don’t have lab data yet to show it. So if you’re on my mailing list, you’re going to hear about it the second I have that data, because that is something that that we’re actively pursuing at this moment. So again, you know, when we released the products, we didn’t have to test against those frequencies. So that’s what we’re doing now. And as you know, you see I have I have over a dozen products in my catalog. So it’s going to take a little time. But thank you. Great question. Great question. chrisoula. Thank you. Natalie asked if shung guide protects against five gene? Apparently it’s a rock from Russia. Yes, it well yet. Yes, it’s a rock from Russia. I have not seen any science about shung guide and 5g. So I don’t have any answers for you on that. But beyond that, I haven’t seen any data to to support any claim that it does. Emanuel Ax is 5g responsible for COVID. The quick answer is no. The longer answer is, is is well, it’s longer and I covered it a lot in the last webinar. So and the recording for that is up on our YouTube channel. But we do know that EMF like a lot of pollutants in the environment contributes to malfunctions and suppression of our immune system. And emf is hardly the only thing air pollution does this bad diet does this alcohol does this but EMF definitely does it as well. And it’s an open off often overlooked aspect of our of our immune system health. So that we have so much EMF in our environment is certainly not helping our our immune systems as we cope with challenges like COVID-19 that’s a far cry from seeing a cause COVID-19 there’s certainly no scientific evidence that five G and COVID are related. Thank you, Emmanuel. Sandra, you asked if I could repeat that. I don’t actually know what you wanted me to repeat. So if you want to post that as a comment in your own question, I’ll try to do that. Lisa asks, my 16 year old son doesn’t believe his cell phone is affecting its health. Do you know of any videos or books that explain it easily for teens? Or do you have a statistic? I can For him, great question. Well, this recording, I don’t know how much you think a 16 year old will enjoy watching it. But this recording of this, it’ll be live tomorrow, you’ll get a direct link, it’ll also be posted on YouTube ebook that you’re getting also includes a link to a post on my website that has a lot of this data spelled out. And I think perhaps more clearer terms. So that’s where I’d start. I mean, the data is there, it’s real. And the risks are real. So I would start with the information that’s posted on my site, the information in this video, and, and the ebook that you’ll be getting right after this. But thank you, Lisa, if you if you want more help, you know, feel free to contact us. And we’ll try to arm you with some good information so so that you can make the compelling case to your son. Thank you. Donna asks, to put the link to the five g locations in the comment. Oh, yeah, I think I know what you’re asking. So here you go. And Stephanie, you can keep that handy if someone else asked also. So there you go. Thank you, Donna. I hope that answered your question.

Christy asked five products to protect against 60 gigahertz. I, I don’t have testing that shows my products protect against 60 gigahertz. As far as I know, no company has that data posted yet. The tests we’re doing now go up to 20 gigahertz which to my understanding are are is much higher energy than what we’re actually what’s actually being deployed at this time. And as deployments increase in energy, or testing will as well, because all of these tests, you know, the more that they’re not cheap to run, the equipment that you use is incredibly expensive. And that’s why it takes us time, we can’t just do our whole catalogue overnight. It’s why we also can’t just do the entire em spectrum. So our current tests go up to the ones that we’re doing now for 5g go up to 20 gigahertz and and that should cover all current 5g deployments. And when 5g deployments start getting higher than that are testable as well. Thank you, Christy Laurie, as to handheld games give off EMF radiation like the Nintendo Switch? Yes. So the quick answer to that question is anything that communicates wirelessly, or that runs on power is a source of emf. Now how much EMF it emits, you know, that can depend on, you know, how many wireless connections is it running because you know, something like, plugged in something like a cell phone, you know, you often think of a cell phone as one source of emf. But a cell phone is actually it’s a cell connection, it’s a Wi Fi connection, it’s a Bluetooth connection, it’s has an NFC connection or near field, that’s what you use for Apple Pay or, or Android Pay. So there’s multiple, and if you have wireless charging, that’s another wireless connection. So there, you know, a cell phone might you might think of it as one source of emf, but it’s it’s actually several just in one device. So different devices have different numbers of communication, chips running at once, they also consume different levels of power. So that’s, again, why I really recommend using a device like this. So you can figure that out. And I have information on my website, which I really encourage all of you to check out. It’s shield your body comm slash test. And met take these measurements. You know, once you learn how to do it, you can do it. Once you have the meter and you learn how to use it. You can measure anything, and you no longer have to guess where these big exposures are coming from. But yes, any any device like the Nintendo Switch is definitely going to be a source of emf. Thank you, Laurie. Thank you for answering Laura’s question, Stephanie. Least asked where I posted the links. Lisa, I’m not sure which links you mean, at different times. I was replying to people’s comments, questions with comments here in the question pod. But if you have if you if you have specific ones you’d like us to post just posted a question. We’ll try to post those answers for you. Thank you.

Sheila asks, please send a link that includes 5g private contractor info, don’t know exactly what that refers to. Also to some of destiny York and other places have 5g antennas nearby? And the answer is yes, because their 5g antenna is nearby and a lot of places. This is part of what’s fueled people’s thinking that 5g might be related to COVID. But that that, I mean, again, there’s there’s lots of 5g antennas and a lot of places and COVID is appearing where there are no 5g antennas. For instance, in Latin America, there’s almost no question 5g antennas. There’s several countries with no 5g antennas at all. And they have COVID. instances. And their I ran is another place with almost no 5g with a lot of COVID. So there’s there’s it’s not even a correlation, much less of causation. Thank you, Sheila. Anya asked, What does the zero chamber do? Are they effective? At five g? I don’t know what that is. I’d like to learn on Yes. So if you want to email me, you could just reply to one of the automated emails you got about this webinar. And I’ll get that. And I’d like to look into that. I’ve never heard of that. But I’d definitely like to figure out what that is. Thank you. Barbara asks, Will there be a six g in the future? My answer is almost certainly. Um, the way this works, for those who don’t know, the G in five g stands for generation. So five g is the fifth generation cell phone network. 4g was what we’ve been using, that came out in about, I think it was 2008. 3g came out in about 2002. g came out at some point in the early 90s. And right, these go these last about 10 years, historically, on average. So one would assume that all with absent any changes, there will be a 60 in the future. what it’ll look like, you know, it’s hard to say, there’s not that much more of the spectrum that these people can use. But, but it also depends on how the public like you react, because I’ve never seen, you know, I’ve been doing this stuff for about a decade. My father was doing this for about 30 years before that. I’ve never seen the level of opposition and concern to wireless technology that I’m seeing with 5g. I’ve never seen whole city stop deployments the way I’m seeing with 5g. And so whether or not there will be a six sheet, what it looks like how safe or unsafe it may be. I think that’s still an open question that people like you and I get to help answer. So I hope that answered your question. And stay tuned for in the next couple of months. If you’re on my mailing list, which if you’ve registered for this webinar you are for I’ll be sharing more information about how to get active in in your community and with deployments in your area. Thank you, Barbara. LAUREL asks, If bluetooth earbuds are dangerous. Hold on. I am going Sorry, I need to I need to find the direct link, I have a link to share with you. But the short answer is I never like saying anything is dangerous. Because my opinion

another way of asking that is Is it safe? Are Bluetooth? Is our Bluetooth earbud safe? The answer to that question is no, no EMF emitting technology is safe. They all incur some type of risk to your health, you know the the more power it has probably the greater the risk, the more you use it, probably the greater the risk, but there’s always some risk. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. In the example I give is driving a car. Driving a car isn’t safe. It has some risk people die in car accidents all the time less so now during quarantine because no one’s using cars. But in general, getting into a car and customers we all do it. We all do it all the time. Because it’s a risk we we’ve decided it’s worth it. You know, the car brings us so much value on an ongoing basis. And the risk of of real injury is low enough. When you compare the cost and benefit. it’s um it’s worth it with Bluetooth, you know, when you’re trying to gauge what the risk is, you got to keep in mind. Okay, so first off, a Bluetooth device emits less power than a cell phone, that’s for sure, because a cell phone has to be able to communicate miles. Bluetooth has to be able to communicate maybe 30 feet, so it’s emitting less power, but it’s right in your ear, which is right next to your brain without any skull in between. Cuz again, the skull provides some natural shielding. And people tend to wear them for extended periods of time. Even with a cell phone if you’re holding the cell phone up to your head which you again you should never do but if you do, it’s probably for a couple minutes with these bluetooth headphones in people keep them in all day. You see people walking around like sidewalks and hold on. I’m finding that link now. Now that my page is loaded. Here we go. I have a lot more information posted about that here. Hopefully this link comes through for you, Laurel. That’s from my blog. But the quick answer is no, no, no EMF emitting technology is safe, they all have some different degree of risk. And is the risk worth it for you? You know, because there I am not anti technology I am I’m definitely pro technology to the extent it adds value to your life, and then realize that there’s also a risk associated with that. And then you balance the risk and the value in order to make informed decisions about your health and your family’s health. Thank you, Laurel. chrisoula is how far should you keep your cell phone away from your baby when using it? The answer to that is always as far as possible, because every inch of distance matters. Now, ideally, you’d want it to be at least six feet. But really the the answer is always as far as possible. If you can get it further away, get it further away. But if you’re asking for just a number that you can kind of use as a minimum, I would say six feet. Thank you chrisoula. Sara asked, Will I answer the questions from the the forms that you filled out? Yes, once I there’s a few more here in the room, and then I will get to those. Thank you. Sara Sharla asks, Are there any reasonably priced EMF meter that you’d recommend for home use? Yes, there’s well the one I if I, if I only recommend one, it’s going to be the TF two from trifield. I recommend others as well in my ebook, it’s free. You can download it just go to shield your body comm slash test. In fact, let me post that in here. So it’s shield your body comm slash test. And you can get the ebook there. I have other meters that you can consider other meters that you should definitely recommend. Thank you Sharla. Laura last would Ethernet be safer than Wi Fi? Yes, definitely. So Wi Fi emits EMF just to communicate, Ethernet does not they’re still you know can still be some? Well, actually no, because it’s fiber, it’s not conductive in the same way. So you doesn’t make your whole house safer in terms of like your computer will still be a source of emf. But But Ethernet itself transmits data without creating additional EMF in your environment. And that that’s the complete opposite of Wi Fi Wi Fi transmits this radiation just to communicate. So yes, use Ethernet over Wi Fi when possible. Thank you. Catherine asks, Is there anything I can send my children to school to help them protect them against 5g? That’s a really tough question.

EMF clothing is well so it depends. If you’re talking about 5g from their own devices, that’s one thing. If that’s the case, then a product like like my like my 5g phone shield, or my phone pouch will definitely help. But if you’re talking about 5g from other sources, which I suspect you are really all you can do in that, at that point is use EMF clothing or EMF apparel. I do have a couple of products like that I have a bandana. I have men’s boxer briefs at this point, a beanie for babies. We’re looking to expand our apparel catalog, but not yet. You know, we’re a small company. But we’re not the only ones that that make this stuff. So if you want, you can email us and we can get you a link to one or two other websites that sell EMF clothing. That’s really the only sort of thing that you can do to protect out in the world from from ambient sources. Thank you, Catherine.

Joan asked Paul Carew, disputes the the calcium gates opening, it’s not enough energy to open them I believe. He says cells are losing energy reinter recentering the cell? I’d have to look in to that. I don’t know. I don’t think I fully understand your I mean, I recognize it’s about the calcium gate, but I don’t understand, actually specifically what you’re asking. So if you want to email me you can just reply to one of the emails that you got about this webinar and I will take a look. Thank you, Joan. Bridget asks, Where does EMF get redirected to. With the photo frame shields just go upward around the side no goes back in the other direction. Here is a link typing it in, give me one second. This link should work. And it has more information about about how a product like the picture frame or the poster frame line or how those are designed to be used and how the EMF behaves. Thank you, Bridget.

Don asked if we’re looking to buy a house in their underground wires, Will those wires also affect the water supply? Not sure I fully understand that. So maybe if you want to email I can I can try to look into what it is you’re asking about. Thank you, Donna. How does EMF affect iodine in the body? Jackie asks, that’s an interesting question. I know that iodine is used as a treatment for exposure to ionizing radiation. So things like x rays and gamma rays. I’ve heard some people suggest it can be used for treatment of exposure to non ionizing radiation. Because it’s used for the ionizing radiation. But I haven’t seen any evidence on that. And in terms of how EMF interacts with iodine, I don’t I don’t have an answer for you. I can look that up. Though. I’d be interested in learning more i was i was just researching this, like a week or two ago, to see if there was any science to indicate that I might work to help treat symptoms of emf exposure, and I wasn’t able to find any. So I definitely be interested in learning more about that. Thank you, Jackie. Heather asked is salt rock really help? Um, I don’t know. Okay, Joanie answer for me? No, I hate answering No, when it’s something I haven’t really looked into. It doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that would help. I mean, I do know that Himalayan pink salt is supposed to help purify the air. And it may have some benefits. But in terms of emf exposure, you know, I certainly haven’t seen anything that would demonstrate that. Thank you, Heather. JOHN asks about grounding mats, stump show sky high and not to use What say you? I’m not sure exactly what that question means. But I will say grounding in general grounding, it’s, it’s very useful. The problem is what you ground into. And so because either you’re going to ground into nature, or you’re going to ground into a grounding mat, that then plugs into your wall, when you’re grounding in nature, you could be grounding into ground currents, because increasingly, you know that the Earth itself is charged with these fields. But even that, that’s not so bad. Because general and depends where you are. But if you’re really out in a forest or out on a nice beach, and you’re grounding, that should work with a grounding mat, the issue becomes more complex, because you’re plugging into the wall to try to discharge the energy. And but that wall that you’re plugging into, has all this dirty electricity flowing through it. So the stuff I’ve read is, is that it’s a little bit concerning. So when to use grounding mats, when not, you know, I can’t I can’t say that offhand. Because in general, a grounding mat should work and be effective, but depends on what you’re plugging into. And you know, there’s no, there’s no, what do you call it a rule of thumb to say when to use it and when not to use it? Not sure. I understand the part of your question about things adding up to 10 gigahertz. But if you want to post again, I’ll look at that. Thank you, Joan. Joan, also us Canada shipping free. Yes. Every I think Stephanie problem now seeing this definitely probably answered Yes. On our website, if you can order on our website, if you’re in a country that we shipped to the shipping is free. Thank you, john. I’m

Nick asks, Are Fitbit safe? Again, no, because the answer to any is, anytime a device emits EMF, you can’t call it safe. Because the science shows that the body reacts to really extraordinarily low levels of power. And if you look at the wrote most recent posts on my blog, in fact, I can because I just posted about this. And oh, it’s not the most recent I up it’s the one I updated most recently, but it’s not the most recent. So let me here here’s the link.

They’ll see that the body reacts at a fundamental level cellular level. To extraordinarily low levels of power, and like way lower than what a cell phone would emit. And in part you were made of particles that are there with charged elements in them element being the wrong word. Because element means something else, we’re made of particles that are charged. And so when you introduce more charge into the it makes sense that the actual literally the physical matter that we are made of reacts to this stuff, then when you assemble it into things like DNA, that also reacts with this stuff. And our entire nervous system is regulated and communicates using EMF, just an incredibly low levels of power and energy. So when you introduce artificial EMF, human made EMF, remember none of it up until about 1850, this did not exist. It wasn’t until basically the invention of the light bulb, and then the power grid, to power the light bulbs, and then all the appliances that came to run on the power grid, and so forth. Until less than 200 years ago, no life on Earth was exposed to this stuff. And now everything in our lives emits emits it so life on Earth, including human life did not evolve along with these forces, and it’s being introduced a greater and greater rate into our environment. So the answer is always No, it’s not safe, doesn’t mean it’s, quote unquote, dangerous either. It does mean it introduced some additional risk, and you have to kind of calculate in is the Fitbit adding an a value to your life, that it’s worth the additional risk. I mean, clearly, you know, I have a cell phone, I practice safe tech, you know, I keep it at a distance, I put it into airplane mode when I don’t need when I can when I can. But I still I have a cell phone, I feel like I can’t function without a cell phone. And today, I can’t run a business that way. So I you know, I don’t say never use technology. I say use it when it adds value. Thank you, Nick. LAUREL asked if I have a product to help protect from bluetooth earbuds? No, I don’t. I get asked that a lot. I have no idea what that product would even look like because with with the bluetooth earbuds, the radiation sources, the part you put right in your ear. So you’d have to have a shield in between the Bluetooth in your ear. And I don’t know what that would look like. Thank you, Laurel. devices used by a mobile hotspot that are in airplane mode. Are they a little safer? I think I understand the question. So. And I have a post Actually, I have this list of posts open actually, because I’m very helpful to I think this URL about Wi Fi calling will help answer your question if that post is specifically about Wi Fi calling. But it also gets into why Wi Fi calling is safer than using a cell phone. I also have another post actually I should both I would recommend both of these posts. Another comment? Yes. Both of these posts. So what about Wi Fi mode? What sorry, Wi Fi calling goes about airplane mode? And I think those will have the answer to your question. But in general, yes, using Wi Fi instead of a self connection is going to be safer, because Wi Fi uses less power to communicate than a cell phone. Thank you. LAUREL Anyang asks, you’ve seen protection up to 100 gigahertz but I say 5g can go up to 300 gigahertz with three layers work. No, that’s not how it works. Because the hundred gigahertz versus 300 gigahertz. These are different frequencies of energy, meaning the emf is vibrating at different rates. And so putting three layers of 100 it doesn’t work. The arithmetic doesn’t work that way. You need to make sure that the shielding itself works at the right frequency. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter how many layers of it you have. Thank you Anya. Can Nick asked about Fitbit? Marie Claire asked if shipping is free to Ireland? Yes. through the website that yes, we offer free shipping throughout Europe, as well as United States, Canada and Australia. And even when the UK leaves Europe will still will still offer it to the UK. And I know that Ireland is different. Stop answering Thank you, Marie. Helene asks if Is there a better Ethernet cable than others? You know, I don’t know. I haven’t. I haven’t. I mean, again, I don’t think that should matter. I think an ethernet cable should be fine. Maybe one of you will

email me and tell me I’m wrong and point out one that’s better, but really using Ethernet and turning off the wall. I that’s the thing that matters. Thank you, Helene. LAUREL asked if we shipped to Fiji not through the website. So where you can, what you can do is order from us on eBay. So on any product page on my site, it says, you know, free shipping to, you know, US, Canada, blah, blah, blah, ordering from another country, click here, and that’ll take you to my eBay store. And when you’re on eBay, you can order it for delivery anywhere in the world. But you will have to pay eBay shipping charges. Thank you, Laurel. Let’s see how many we still have. Okay, we still have people in the room. So I got through that list. So what I’m going to do now is try to run through some of the questions that some of you submitted. I have it on another screen. Sorry for looking away. Some of you submitted. Oh, and just a reminder to everyone I see some people are starting to leave the room reminder, this discount if you’re interested 20% off any order for my store, and it expires at midnight tonight pacific time. So that’s in what about nine and a half hours. Okay. Someone asked about how to stop five g? It’s really good question. I’m trying to work on more content for that. But I do have on my website, if you get if you go to shield your body comm slash 5g. There’s a bunch of resources there. In in one of those posts, there’s a link to a sample letter that you can download and use when contacting your, for instance, your local county council or city council or whoever it is you’re petitioning to express your opposition. When are all the towers turned on in Australia? And do you know how we can challenge this on a large scale? So the the five g map that I shared earlier, it’s ookla. I don’t send some reading these questions off a different screen. I can’t just type an answer in anywhere. But it’s the ookla. Okay, la five g map, just Google that. And you’ll you’ll be able to see where the five G is installed anywhere in the world that you’re interested in the other legally where people stand to challenge this on a large scale? Again, you know, I don’t think it’s possible. I mean, maybe I’m getting too old. But I don’t think it’s possible to challenge it on a large scale, I think it’s possible to challenge it at the local level. And that’s where I think success can be had. And I have some information on the website already. And I’m working on more to get you guys to help in that effort. Finally, part of that question, does EMF in the home promote mold growth? I don’t know the answer to that. Wait, hold on. Actually, give me one second, please. Because there is a post I just wrote. I’m trying to mean one second. Um, scientists have observed that EMF increases mold growth. So yes, if you go, actually, it’s the it’s the fourth most recent post on my blog, EMF and your immune system, how your radiation exposure harms your health. So if you just go to shield your body comm slash blog, it’ll be the fourth post and there’s a whole section on EMF and mold. And yes, EMF had there is a study that I referenced in that post EMF does promote mold growth and mold growth also contributes further to deficiency immune system. I’m trying to think here’s a question. phones and tablets to use. You know, I take all of this. I never

Unknown Speaker 1:25:05

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difficulties. Can people hear me now? Are we back? Okay, we’re back. Sorry about that. I had to reload. I seem to have lost the room lost my camera and microphone. Okay, safest phones and tablets to use? I don’t know the answer to that. And really the answer is I wouldn’t trust them anyway, because the manufacturers often lie about, oh, the deck is not up. The manufacturers often lie about what games are because the way this works is, I have to jump out to the end slide. The way this works is they self report, when when you see what you know, Apple has a star of I forget what the current model is, but it’s under 1.6 watts per kilogram. Um, you know, the, it’s not like the government actually tested the iPhone. It’s that Apple tested the iPhone, they paid a lab to test the iPhone. And then they published the results. And so with all of these Tat, with all the tech, a lot of times they don’t even report what the emissions are. Because unless it’s a cell phone, you know, people don’t even really look for it. So they can get away with that. I mean, when was the last time you so you know, what, what does a Tesla emit? You know, they don’t they don’t publish that. But when they do publish it, I wouldn’t trust it. So you really want to get an EMF meter and learn how to test to figure out you know, which devices may be less harmful or less risky or safer. or wireless headphones better or wired, how far for bodies is best for cell phone use, okay? wired headphones are always going to be better than wireless, because wireless are, you’re putting EMF transmitters right next to your ear. What so wired headphones are always better. And even better is to use the SV headset anti radiation device, because that even wired headphones, it’s the best option is wired headphones. But even those conduct some EMF from your phone up into your ear. And so if you use a device, like the heads of anti radiation device that I sell, that will filter that out. So that’s an even better option. But always go for Wired headsets over wireless. And how far away from our bodies is best for cell phone usage? The answer is as far as possible. But I think I said earlier, six feet is good. So like, you know, I tell people not to sleep with their phones, but but if they do, you know, keep it six feet away. Someone let’s see. Television carrier has 5g, which they brag about. They also have 2g, I’m guessing the 2g for my Wi Fi is best. So I’m not sure if Okay, so I didn’t, when it comes to Wi Fi, a lot of people get this mixed up. Because there’s a lot of Wi Fi routers now going out that that run on five gigahertz. So they’re called five gigahertz Wi Fi, that is not five g that’s five gigahertz. And so some you know Wi Fi routers now come with they’re called dual band of one that runs on the more traditional 2.4 gigahertz and a second network off of the same router that runs a five gigahertz that is not five g that’s five gigahertz Wi Fi so and I am working one tip I haven’t posted yet. But I’d like to is always if you have a dual band Wi Fi consider turning off one of the bands, it doesn’t really matter which one I turn off the five gigahertz but really doesn’t matter which one but if you can turn off one of the bands because when you’re running both bands, you’re running enough power you know you’re doubling the power basically of your of your router, because it’s powering two networks instead of just one is see I want to learn how to prevent EMF in law sleeping. So there’s one type of product I don’t sell one but it’s a great product that you can find it if you email me I can send you a link but it’s a bed canopy and EMF bed canopy. And those are fantastic for protecting you at night. So it’s basically like well canopy you know, the canopy is a kind of product that’s existed for years. It’s you know, fancy kind of bed covering and you can have one that shields against EMF so it’s like a full enclosure of made of fabric so it’s nice and and it blocks the EMF while you sleep. So that’s the best type of nighttime EMF protection that I would recommend. Looking through question Hear? Is there any particular spot on the human body that is most important to protect from 5g?

You know, I love my whole body prioritizing, but I, you know, I tend to think the brain is pretty important. But that might just be a bias. I mean, you, you kind of need a lot of parts of your body to work in order for the whole package to function, right? So you want the heart working really well. You want the kidneys and liver working really well. There’s a lot of parts of your body that, you know, you don’t even really realize how important they are until they start malfunctioning. But in general, I, I put a lot more effort into protecting my brain than other parts. I don’t know if that’s the type of answer you were looking for. But, yeah, I mean, that, I mean, certainly, I will say right things like the hands and the feet. Also very important. Don’t Don’t take this the wrong way, guys, but they, they don’t have critical body functions, the way that your torso and reproductive area and head do, right, because that’s, that’s really the sweet spot in terms of everything that’s important. I mean, there’s a reason they’re called appendages. And so though, those can incur a lot more damage. But keep in mind, I mean, in general, not from EMF. But keep in mind that, that your body is a conductor of this stuff. So just because an exposure is happening in your hand, that’s probably where the the most damage might occur. But the EMF, it can still be conducted further into your body, because the entire nervous system is basically from that perspective, an antenna that conducts I mean, it’s built, it’s literally built to conduct EMF, that’s how your brain sends signals to your body and your body sends signals back to your brain. I’m sorry, looking here. My daughter feels pounding in her chest and head and neck when visiting. You know, I obviously can’t diagnose. I’m not a doctor to begin with. And even if I were, you know, giving a webinar going off, but when people ask me questions like that, you know, one thing I can’t say that might be productive, is that that is consistent with what some people report as a symptom of, of electro sensitivity. And, you know, one way you can test that is, does the symptom only occur when you’re in one sort of area, even better ways to test with EMF might be in that area. But that is consistent with symptoms that are reported for EMF sensitivity. So if she’s concerned about seeing the second part of the children concerned about her children coming over, you know, definitely test. This one, I think this is now I think it’s like $160, you know, I’d say it’s worth spending at least $260 on a decent meter, you can’t really go lower than that, I mean, they go higher than that can’t really go lower than that. Once you get a lower than that, it’s it’s really not worth it. But it’s, you know, if EMF health matters to you, and I don’t even sell these meters. So I’m telling you to buy something that I don’t sell. But it’s really important. If EMF health matters to you, you you, the only way to know how much there is in your area in the environment that you want to test is to test. And so these meters are really, really important. share my opinion on smartphone apps that measure EMF. So I would love for smartphone apps to measure EMF, well, they don’t, unfortunately, first off on Apple, it’s basically not even possible. That’s because I don’t even know of any that are released on Apple, maybe that’s changed, but Apple locks. So it’s they have the sensors built in. But Apple prevents developers from accessing that data. On Android. It’s just the data is not reliable. So it’s better than nothing. And if it’s free, and you know, if you I wouldn’t pay for any of those apps, at least the ones I’ve seen. But if it’s free and you don’t have any alternatives I you know, go for it. But don’t rely on it. If getting the right measurements is important to you go for a real meter because the the sensitivity of what’s built into these Android devices is just not good enough. And it’s often thrown off by the cell phone signal itself. Yes, definitely. I’m not looking at the quote. I’m looking at a different file now. So if there’s more questions from the question pod you want me to answer just pop them up for me and I’ll try that. What are the symptoms that 5g has started to harm us so I have a post on 5g health risks. Again if you go to shield your body comm slash 5g. Look at 5g health risks. covers a lot Lot of that including symptoms. So I would recommend you check there.

How can I use my voice to stop the installation of 5g around me and let others know. So I have if you go to, again, shield your body comm slash 5g, there is a safety post on safety and protection. And I discuss way discuss global opposition in ways that you can oppose it. And that’s just the start. So I’m working on more content to try to give to give you folks more useful information that you can use in your own efforts at the local level, to try to combat this because it is working, you know, obviously, 5g is still rolling out, it didn’t disappear overnight. But there are areas where it stopped indefinitely. There are other areas where it’s now under investigation, and it might be stopped moving forward. So it’s actually working in a way where opposing cell towers before wasn’t, I mean, it would it would occasionally work, you could get pushed off a school, you get pushed off a church, you can get pushed further away from a park, something like that. But with 5g, the results we’re starting to see are bigger. And so it’s definitely worth trying.

What course or qualifications, should I study to become an EMF tester? There is a course at EMF experts. So it’s EMF dash experts. I think it’s calm. And they have a 10 core a certification course in Well, they have a lot but in EMF testing is one of them. I think it’s just relaunched. If it hasn’t just relaunched. It’s about to relaunch. And so that’s one that I would recommend. Another one is from geo vital. So you can look that Google that geo geo vital D ita L. So those are the two companies I’m aware of that offer that type of certification and training. And I know the one I know the one from EMF experts has one specifically in EMF testing and, you know, separate from the broader set of content that they’re offering. Marie Claire has a question about the patch. Okay, let me scroll down. How far down is just the EMF? Does the phone EMF protection pouch? Stop the signal? Let me start answering this. Does the phone EMF protection patched up to signal for incoming calls? Do I have to take the phone out of the pouch to answer a call? Okay, Marie Claire? No, it does not stop the signal for incoming calls. And that is because I think my cameras still on. It’s only the back of the pouch that shielded the front is not shielded. And that’s designed to deflect radiation away from your body, but not prevent your phone interfering with its signal or battery life. So that’s why your phone still works when it’s in it. And that’s why if you’re actually testing you need to test it from the back. Do you have to take the phone out of the patch? Answer the call. If you have a headset in, you can still answer the call with the phone in the pouch. If you don’t have a headset, and yes, you’ll need to take the phone out of the pouch just to answer it. And also because the speaker would probably be muffled if you left it in the pouch. So so if you have a headset in you can answer the phone while it’s in the pouch. Otherwise, you’d need to take it out to answer the phone. Thank you Marie Claire. Um, see, I’m switching back and forth. Now. We’re running a little short on time, but let’s see. Okay, Heather asks, I’m not I know you’re not a doctor. But wondering if EMF can cause headaches. my six year old has had headaches for over a year. It’s certainly a symptom of of emf sensitivity. Oh, Stephanie already answered. Hold on, I have a post. Here we go. This post includes a lot of the symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity. And you can look, you know, the best way to tell because a headache could be caused by a lot of different things. The best way to test is to bring your child to Allah and I know during quarantine, this is gonna be really hard because he can’t even go anywhere. But once things clear up, find a place that has low EMF, maybe it’s a park, maybe it’s a friend’s house that’s been tested something like that. And, and have your child spend some time there and not just like an hour, but I mean, preferably at least a day but you know, she does do the headaches persist. You know, if I take my child out of a higher EMF area to the headaches persist. And if they if they do, then it might not be the EMF. That’s the cause. But yes, that Yeah, yeah. Sorry headaches. are symptoms of emf sensitivity? Thank you, Heather.

Donna asks, Is there a place I can go online to find what 5g equipment on telephone and electric wires looks like? I have a photo sample on my site it shield your slash five G. And then you just click on the post that says 5g cell towers. And there’s a photo in there. And if you just Google, what does a 5g, small cell look like? That, that that’ll also bring you up a lot of results. Thank you, Donna. Oh, but again, just to reiterate, as I I think this is why you asked the question, but they look very different than 4g. They look very, very different. Thank you, Donna. Okay, I think we’re getting here. Okay. Someone asks, Is there anywhere you can live without it? Um, oh, I cuz that wasn’t a question I can. I can’t just post the answer. Um, the answer to that I have a post about that. If you just Google EMF free zones, my posts will probably come up. But yes, there are some places that are designated as EMF free zones, fewer and fewer of them for reasons I talked about a little bit and in the 5g webinar. But those exist, it’s harder and harder to find them, but they do exist. And in general, the more rural an area, the less EMF there’s going to be. And it can be a lot less. You know, when you’re in a city, there’s so much EMF infrastructure around you, not just all the cell towers, but all the electrical wiring, all the Wi Fi networks from nearby, you know, when you’re in an apartment building, you can pick up 50 or 60 of these Wi Fi networks, when you’re when you’re out in a rural area, you really only have the ones in your house. So the more rural an area in general, not always, but in general, the less EMF there will be in the environment. Um, children spend a lot of time on their iPhones holding their iPhones in their hands. Thank you, Stephanie posted a link to what I was just talking about in the pod. I’m sorry, I lost the question I was asking, answering. My children spent a lot of time on their iPhones holding their phones in their hands. And using the earplugs that come with the iPhone, what do you recommend they do to minimize their exposure to radiation while using their phones. So when you say they use the earplugs that came with the iPhone, I don’t know if you mean, the the wired headphones, or the air pods. So one thing is if they’re using the air pods, get them to stop using the air pods and to to use a wired headset instead. Another thing they can do is and I describe this, I have a post about airplane mode, and a lot of us have heard about airplane mode, and I posted it actually earlier and answer somebody else’s question. But the reason I’m pointing that out now is because a lot of people don’t realize that airplane mode has options. It’s not all or nothing. I mean, when you go on a plane, and they tell you to put on airplane mode, they’re telling you to put on the whole thing. But with I don’t know, can you see? Yeah, even here. On my I just brought up the quick screen on my Android, you can see this I’m in airplane mode, but Wi Fi is on but Bluetooth is off, right and my phone is often in this mode, when I’m indoors. The the cell phone connection is off, the Wi Fi is on and the Bluetooth is off. So they’re in what that means is I’m using Wi Fi instead of the cell phone connection, and the Bluetooth is off because I’m not using Bluetooth at all. And so I’ve cut down the EMF that’s coming off of my phone, because I only have the wireless connection on that I’m using, and I’m not using the cell connection, or the Bluetooth connection. So those are turned off. So that’s a really good way even when you’re using your phone where you can make a difference in how much EMF you’re exposed to. And then of course, you know, not holding it in your lap when you’re using it, you know, kind of hold it out in front of you. Because when it’s in your lap, obviously you’re you’re exposing your reproductive organs, and those are pretty vulnerable to damage. For reasons I didn’t get into today, but those are pretty volatile, especially in in men and boys, those are more vulnerable to damage.

So yeah, keep it as you know, the hand is always going to be exposed when you’re using this kind of attack. But the rest of your body you can try to create some distance and then like I say turn off the wireless connections that you’re not using. only keep on the ones that you are. So we are approaching the end of the room. This actually happened last time we ran away, ran pretty long. And we learned the room has a limit as to how long Long we can stay in it. So I’m assuming Stephanie posted their good work. I don’t see any other questions. So with that, I’m going to get to thank all of you very much for turning out today. I hope you found this information useful. As a reminder, as soon as this recording is generated on the server, you’re going to get an email with a link to this recording and the ebook that I’ve told you multiple times about the special discount goes on for another. What is it nine hours until midnight tonight pacific time. So just enter kids 2020 at checkout. And yeah, I really appreciate you guys showing up. And if you have thoughts about what I shared, you know, please share them with me. I like being able to learn from from your feedback. So and you know, of course, it’s a crazy, crazy time in the world. And you know, sometimes when you’re talking about anything other than what’s going on in the world, it feels like how we’re ignoring what’s going, you know, obviously, I’m not we’re all living through it. And I appreciate you taking the time away from the rest of this crazy world right now to spend a couple of hours with me talking about this stuff, because it is really quite important. And all of these challenges and be especially now that we’re spending so much time at home around all of this EMF tech at home, it’s really important to be aware of, but of course, the quarantines will end the 5g rollout will continue. And so this will remain a very important subject and I really thank all of you for taking a couple of hours out of your day to learn more. So thank you very much. Stay tuned for some emails for me. Have a great day.


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