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Webinar Archive: The Health Risks of Laptops & What You Can Do About Them

Here is the archive recording and transcript of the SYB Webinar from April 16, 2020, hosted by SYB CEO R Blank on the health risks of laptops, and what you can do about them.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Transcript

R Blank 0:03
Hello, everyone, welcome to today’s webinar, laptops aren’t for lapse, a quick outline of what we’ll be covering today. Start with an intro about me, that’ll be super quick and also give time for a few more people to join the room because some people are always just a couple minutes late, then I’ll get into the main content that should take about 25 minutes, followed by the special offer and then q&a. So very quickly about me, my name is R Blank, I am the founder and CEO of shield your body. I taught on the faculty at the University of Southern California viterbi School of Engineering. And along with my father, I was co author of the book overpowered about the health effects of emf. And this follows as follows a 20 year career in software engineering. As we say, in the name, s y B is all about helping you shield your body from EMF radiation. And when it comes to shielding your body from EMF, it’s all about minimizing your exposure. There are two ways to do that. The first is to minimize use. And the second is to maximize distance. And for either tactic to have maximal impact, you first need to be aware of the biggest sources of emf in your life that you can control. And that’s that’s an important point. Because we’re all surrounded by EMF for more and more sources in our lives. Some of these are not in our control, at least not in our immediate control, like the cell towers that you see pictured here on this slide. It’s good to be aware of sources like this, but we shouldn’t stress too much about them. Because there’s not much we can do about them at least in the immediate term. So instead, you want to focus on things that are under your control. And the good news is, it’s how we manage the tech that’s closest to us, that can matter the most in terms of our health. In other words, even though a lot of sources of emf are out of our control. Controlling the stuff we can control can have a massive impact on our exposure. minimizing your use of emf technology is the absolute best way to protect yourself from EMF, because then you’re not exposed to it in the first place. And minimizing use means just like it sounds, using your EMF emitting technology less, while minimizing your use is the best protection against EMF, you can only do it so much. And that’s because we all use and rely on tech EMF emitting tech for almost everything, from doing our jobs, to staying in touch with our families and our friends to entertainment. So you can reduce your usage, but you can’t eliminate it entirely. And that’s where maximizing distance come in. And what I mean by maximizing distance is to create as much space between you and your EMF emitting technology as possible. Why does that matter so much. We’ll take a look at this chart. And the reason is the power of emf diminishes exponentially with distance. And that’s really important it the exponential reduction in power of the exposure. So every time you double the distance between you and your EMF tech, you’re actually cutting the power by 75%. And that’s why every inch matters. Now, I spend a lot of time talking about cell phones. Because given the nature of technology and how we use it, cell phones tend to be a really significant source of people’s EMF radiation exposure in their normal daily lives. But there’s another source that can be a big one in our lives. And that’s what today is about laptops. Oh, sorry, I skipped a slide. And that’s especially true if you use them in your labs. Now today I’m going to explain why that is. So and in over the next few slides, I’m actually going to compare laptops to cell phones. So you have a benchmark for reference. So the first thing to understand is that laptops emit the same type of emf radiation as cell phones.

The first type is called radio frequency or RF. RF is a type of emf that comes from wireless communication. So any device that communicates wirelessly emits radio frequency, EMF, our laptops are actually multiple sources of RF, depending on what features are built in and which ones you have enabled. So Wi Fi is one Bluetooth is another, if you have a cell modem in your computer, that would be a third, the Wi Fi and Bluetooth are very common. They’re in almost every laptop these days. And some companies like Dell are actually now releasing or soon releasing five g laptops. So those will be communicating over the five the new 5g network that you’ve probably heard quite a bit about, and that I gave a webinar about a month ago. So the five g laptops will also be emitting that type of energy as well as the Bluetooth and Wi Fi. Now, that’s one type of emf. Another is called elf or extremely low frequency. elf comes from your laptop to power source, it’s emitted by any device that runs on power, the inner inner machinery of your laptop, like your computer, sorry, like your computer processor, emits elf just by operating. So when it’s on, it’s emitting this stuff, whether or not you’re connected to a Wi Fi network. And your laptop because of the size and how much work it’s doing tends to emit a lot more elf than a cell phone. And it emits even more when it’s plugged in, and charging and running off of AC power. So as I say, in general, laptops emit much more of this elf radiation than a cell phone. So those are the two types of emf, there’s a third force that I want to discuss. And that’s heat. Because heat is also a damaging force. Heat causes something called the thermal effect. And if you read my email this week, to my list you saw I have I explained quite a bit about the thermal effect, especially as it relates to laptops. And I have a new post about that on the blog. See, everyone knows and recognizes that getting burned is bad for you, it kills your cells. And it takes time to heal. But a lot of people don’t realize that even if you don’t get burned, but your skin and your tissue is heated, the same type of damage can occur so the cells can die, the DNA can be damaged, leading either to cell death or cell mutation. And these are the mechanisms by which diseases like cancer can form. And again, I want to reiterate, you don’t even need to get burned, this damage can happen just by heating. And that’s what the thermal effect is. So even if something doesn’t emit enough heat to burn you, it can still do a lot of damage to your cells. And that damage can turn into disease. And because of all the machinery inside, and we all we all know this laptops can get hot, they can get really hot, and they’ll end up in a lot of cases emitting much more heat than a cell phone. So when comparing cell phones to laptops, laptops can emit more or less radio frequency RF EMF, it depends on what you’re actually using the device to do, they almost always emit more elf or extremely low frequency because there’s much more machinery they run off with much more power. And generally, they laptops are a bigger source of heat than a cell phone. So you have these three forces that you have to consider when you’re talking about the health concerns related to laptops. And this so the key point there is you have all of the all of the same issues that people are concerned about with cell phones, right? They’re all still directly relevant to laptops, all of the studies done into what cell phone radiation could do to your body. They’re there, it’s the same type of radiation of what your laptop is emitting. Both RF and elf forms of emf has been shown to cause numerous negative health effects. And the World Health Organization lists both as class to be carcinogens. excessive heat, like I mentioned from the bottom of your laptop, that’s also a cause of the same type of damage. As we’ve just seen, laptops and cell phones emit the same type of radiation. So if you’re concerned about your cell phone’s radiation, you should definitely have the same concerns about your laptop’s radiation. These negative health effects include immediate term conditions like fatigue and insomnia, as well as longer term and more significant health risks ranging from infertility to cancer. And there are a number of these health risks that are specific

to using your laptop in your lap, and that’s what we’re about to look into here. So, this is a major one. There’s a very large and continually growing body of science linking EMF exposure to male infertility and sub fertility. I want to be clear this is male because The location of men’s reproductive organs cells are it’s on the outside of the body. And it’s much more vulnerable to this type of damage than the reproductive cells of a woman. And I want to be clear also, at this point, this is really well established science. So there’s a ton of information, a lot of science now about cell phones and infertility. But there’s also science, about laptops and infertility and Wi Fi. In particular, in 120 12 study, researchers found that four hours of exposure to Wi Fi radiation, right four hours, which that’s only half the work day, in four hours, researchers found a note and I should, I should say, all I’m about to cover a bunch of different studies. I, the links to all of these studies will be in the E book that you’re going to be emailed right after this webinar, so you don’t need to worry about that you’ll get the links to everything that I’m citing. So in 120 12 study, researchers found that four hours of exposure to Wi Fi radiation from a laptop led to decreased sperm motility, which is a key indicator indicator of sperm health. And a notable increase in the DNA fragmentation of sperm. That means is the DNA was actually broken, that’s a really serious outcome that you don’t want to have happen because then the sperm is no longer viable. Have no researchers highlighted the fact that this damage to the sperm occurred even at what they call non thermal levels, meaning it wasn’t the heat that did this, it was the EMF radiation that that yielded these outcomes. In a separate study in 2018 of in Japan, the researchers found that Wi Fi radiation kills sperm. The researchers divided the subjects into three groups, there was one group where the sperm was exposed to Wi Fi, there was another group where the sperm was not exposed to Wi Fi. And then there was a group in between actually, where the sperm was exposed to Wi Fi, but had an EMF protection shield in between. after just two hours, the group exposed to Wi Fi radiation had half the quantity of viable sperm as the group with no exposure, the sperm that was protected by the EMF shield was in between. So it had more damage than the group that wasn’t exposed but less damage than the group that was exposed with no protection. So infertility is one class of health effects that are particularly associated with laptop emissions. Another is pregnancy. And there are many studies linking EMF exposure from cell phones to health outcomes of concern to pregnant women. So the infertility issues are specific to men. Obviously, the pregnancy concerns are specific to women. And among the top concerns are the elevated risk of miscarriage and birth defects. In a 2012 study, researchers found that pregnant women and their fetuses can be exposed to more EMF radiation from a laptop than from nearby high voltage power lines. With so the the fields the EMF from the laptop can induce currents elect electromagnetic currents in the body, three to four times higher than safety limits in the fetus, and two to five times higher than safety limits in the pregnant mother. Another study published in 2017, found that women who had a high level of emf exposure had a 2.7 to almost three times greater risk of miscarriage, which is obviously a tragic outcome. And it’s at 2.72 times that’s a significantly elevated risk. There are even studies that demonstrate that EMF exposure in the womb can lead to health conditions in the child later in life. So there’s one again, I linked to it from the E book that showed a greater risk of development of asthma by the time the child turns 10, based on how much EMF they were exposed to in the womb. So even when EMF doesn’t cause fatal damage, the health effects can linger throughout a child’s life. third class of health effects that I want to address

cancer, as many of you probably know, and I’ve talked and written about a lot. There are numerous studies linking cell phone use to the formation of various types of cancer, including glioblastomas, which are a type of brain tumor, thyroid cancer, which is obviously a cancer of the thyroid, and even colorectal cancer, and that’s that’s associated to carrying the phone in your pocket. When it comes to cancer and laptops specifically, the body of science isn’t yet substantial. So people do a lot more research into cell phones than into laptops. But again, we can make some educated guesses. Because as I’ve mentioned, your laptop emits the same type of radiation that cell phones do. So it makes sense that the health risks are similar. But it’s not just the EMF. I want to I’ve mentioned this before I want to reiterate it, it’s also the heat, because laptops can get hot, they can get really hot. And we’ve all felt this. All that heat is more than just uncomfortable. It’s a real health risk. In fact, and this was part of what I wrote about in the email that you received earlier this week, all EMF regulations, and safety limits in the United States, and in most of the world, are based around the thermal effect. In other words, wireless devices and cell phones, like cell phones, and laptops are supposed to be regulated. So they do not emit so much EMF that the heat your body. These safety limits exist, because everyone acknowledges that when human his tissue was heated DNA damage occurs. This is the same type of damage that can lead to disease outcomes, including cancer, as well as infertility and other classes of health risks. And I just want to reiterate, this is one of those things where there’s, there’s no debate you don’t have, you don’t have some people saying, oh, no heats okay for you. There’s no debate. So when your laptop gets too hot, and it’s right against your body, that’s a universally accepted risk to your health. So I know I just covered, you know, a lot of information in a few slides. So to reiterate, we discussed first infertility, pregnancy, and cancer. And these are just three of the most concerning effects linked directly to laptop and Wi Fi radiation exposure. As I mentioned, laptops emit the same type of emf radiation as the cell phone. And cell phone radiation has been called shown to cause numerous negative health effects, many of which I write about on my website. So laptops present the same wide range of risks as cell phones, I just covered three of the big ones here that have been particularly linked to laptops. And remember, children are even more vulnerable to the health risks and, and bodily damage that can result from these types of exposures. I talked about this much more length in my last webinar two weeks ago, about the health risks from EMF for children. So if you’re interested in learning more, I’d recommend you can go check that out. The link is on our YouTube channel. But I highlight this here, because so many children use laptops for their education, especially now, with so many children homeschooling. So remember, it’s even more important to protect children from these health risks, because they are more vulnerable to the damage that the types of damage that I’ve been talking about in this webinar, and actually this that I talk about all the time, because their children are more vulnerable to damage from EMF radiation. So what can you do to reduce your health risks from a laptop? Now, I think you’re about to see what I’m about to say you already see what I’m about to say. But my approach to reducing your EMF exposure boils down to basically two classes of things. One is behavioral changes. And the second is the strategic use of high quality EMF protection product products, the behavioral changes are free. And so that’s what we’re going to start here by talking about. And one of the big things you can do is to use a wired connection, Wi Fi is a big source of emf emissions from your laptop. So when possible, use an Ethernet connection for Internet access. And even if your laptop doesn’t have an Ethernet port, because a lot of them don’t anymore mine on a Mac bucket, it does not. You can buy an adapter like the one that you see here, which will allow you to plug Ethernet into your USB port. So you can still use Ethernet, when even on the computers that don’t have Ethernet ports. Another thing you can do

is disable the wireless connections when you’re not doing them. So let’s say you plug in the Ethernet connection, you then want to make sure you turn off your Wi Fi. This is a link here to one of my healthy living tips about airplane mode on phones, but the same principles apply to your computer. So for example, like I said, if you’re using the Ethernet it to get your internet turn off the Wi Fi, or if you’re just working locally on your computer. Let’s say you’re typing a document or editing something in Photoshop and you don’t need the internet, turn off the Wi Fi Similarly, if you’re not using any Bluetooth devices turn off the Bluetooth. There’s no point in keeping the stuff on if you’re not using it, it just adds your exposures without giving you any value. member, your laptop will still emit the EMF radiation that I talked about comes from the power source. But making these changes reduces the amount of RF radiation and thus reduces your, your cumulative exposure from from the radiation from your laptop. So you want to make sure you know these options are in your control. So you want to take advantage of that, and use them to reduce your exposure. Another tip is when possible, unplug your laptop, the power cord when when when you’re working on it. Now, this obviously isn’t always possible if your battery’s running low, you need to be plugged in. But if you have the option if your battery if you have enough battery life, and you can work without being plugged in, unplug it, because you’ll then have much left when your laptop is plugged into the power, the AC power, your laptop is emitting much more elf radiation than when it’s not plugged in. So so you want to unplug your laptop when possible. So these are three actionable tips to make it safer to use your laptop, use a wired connection, disable the Wi Fi and or Bluetooth when possible and unplug your computer from the wall when possible. This brings me to the number one thing that you can do to use your laptop more safely. Don’t use your laptop on your lap. What you can do instead, it’s very simple. And once you know this stuff, it’s very obvious put it on a desk. This is the number one thing that you can do to make it safer to use your laptop. And it makes a huge difference. Because remember, as I said earlier, the power of emf diminishes exponentially with distance. So every inch matters, just as you shouldn’t use your cell phone against your head, or carry it in your pocket or bra. The same applies for laptops, the further away you can keep your laptop when in use, the better. And to be clear, it is not just me who is saying this, here is an excerpt from Dell’s laptop manual. To avoid the possibility of exceeding the FCC radio frequency exposure limits, you should keep a distance of at least 20 centimeters between you and the antenna that’s built into the laptop. Okay, 20 centimeters, that’s eight inches. This is how far Dell says to keep your thing they call a laptop away from your lap. That’s why it’s also that’s also why it’s so important to read the manuals that because that’s public information, it’s in the manual I link to it, I linked to their online manual for my blog post about this. Now there are some times when you want or need to use your laptop in your lap. For instance, if you’re working on your laptop while you’re traveling, or commuting on the bus, or subway, or if you prefer writing while curled up on your couch. In fact, this is even more common now, as so many of us are forced to work from home in areas that maybe aren’t set up as workspaces like your sofa. It’s for situations like this that I make my swipey laptop had. So remember I said when it comes to EMF protection, there’s really two two ways to respond. One is behavioral changes. And I outlined those. And the other is high quality, the strategic use of high quality, scientifically proven EMF protection products like my laptop pad. So to be clear, you shouldn’t use your laptop in your lap. That’s the absolute best protection. But when you do, my laptop pad makes it safer to do it. So you just place your laptop on top of the laptop pad to deflect your laptop’s EMF radiation and heat emissions away from your body and reproductive organs.

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And the laptop pad provides really outstanding shielding protectiveness. It’s made from two layers, a plate of ferromagnetic steel and a sheet of conductive alloy. And it’s wrapped in a durable PVC case. This is how it provides very powerful shielding against our radio frequency elf. And he remember so it protects against all three of the forces that I outlined. And I’m just going to take a minute here and the I think the volume might be a little loud, so you might want to adjust your speakers. It’s the first time I’m loading a video into a webinar. So fingers crossed it goes okay but it’s just a very short video showing you how powerful the laptop pad is.

Okay, great Oh, now I’m big sorry. Okay, so sir picking up from the video. It’s slim portable, it slips right into your bag, it’s easy to use at home or carry with you on the go. It comes in two convenient sizes. The there’s one for laptops up to 14 inches, and there’s one for laptops up to 17 inches. It’s, it’s basically every computer on the market. And it’s available generally until today, actually, it’s available in two colors. And it’s one of my most popular products. And like with all of my products, comes with free shipping, a lifetime warranty. And 30 day returns, I try to do everything I can to make this as risk free decision for you as possible. So if you or anyone in your family uses a laptop on your lap, or in your stomach or anywhere near your body, you should get my laptop pad. And today for this webinar only I’m going to make a special offer as I promised. And I don’t make offers this big, usually anymore. But if you order today, and this will this will work until until midnight tonight pacific time. So it gives you a little time after this webinar to take care of this. But if you use the discount code pad now at checkout, you can save 25% off a laptop. And I just want to reiterate, that’s only for those of you who are here in the room. If someone’s watching this as an archive, this code will not work. I also have a special announcement today, as I teased in the emails leading up to this. For the first time, we’ve made a jet black vegan leather laptop pad. This is made with vegan leather instead of PVC. It’s really attractive. And this is limited edition. I only made a very small number of these. And it’s only available in the 17 inch model. And because there’s so few of them, it’s only available in the US. So everyone, no matter where you are in the world, the coupon will work on all of my laptop pads. But but this one, this new style that I’m launching right now is only available in the United States. And the same discount, the same 25% discount applies if you order it now, actually, it’s more than a 25% discount on this model. Because starting tomorrow, this version of my laptop hat is going to cost more money than my regular laptop had. But tonight for you, I’ve put it out at the same price. So really, you’re getting 40% off of this version. I want to remind everybody, and we’re about to jump into q&a. But I want to remind everybody that once the archive of this webinar is complete, you’ll get a copy of this ebook. What’s my laptop doing to me delivered straight to your inbox has a lot of the same information I covered in this webinar in this webinar, but it includes more detail and links to a lot of the studies that I talked about, and you’ll get a copy delivered to your inbox as soon as the archive of the webinars ready. So with that, I want to first off thank all of you for tuning out today and we’ll go into Two questions. And for those of you don’t know yet, you might have seen, we have Stephanie here in the room who will be helping me She might be answering your questions in text, even as I’m going through them. Okay, so Mark asked, Is the laptop had enough to continue to use it on your lap? Or should you have more of an air gap? There’s more to the question. So let me come. So the my answer to that is always to use your laptop as far away as you possibly can. Because the distance matters, for the reasons I talked about in the webinar, so I do want to keep those laptop as far away from your body as possible. That no matter how far away the laptop is from your body, the laptop pad will still prevent the radiation from coming from the bottom of your laptop. But you definitely want to create as much space as you possibly can. Are the over are the pads oversized for 13 inch laptop for a reason? Does it help to protect from the sides more? Well, the reason is we only do two sizes. And this helps us kind of cater to the most number of people. possible. So that’s how with two sizes, so that’s how the sizes were determined. But does it help protect from the sides more? The answer is yes. Because of the direction that the radiation is emitted. So the more oversized a pad is, the more protection you will actually be getting. Thank you, Mark. I just realized me there. I’m putting my camera back on.

Kathleen asked does the laptop protector pad have a lifetime guarantee? The answer is yes. Thank you, Kathleen. Yes, all my products at si B include a lifetime warranty. Michael, last any thoughts comments about zubi stickers, I’ve never used them, I can’t I can’t really comment on them. I will say, you know, with any EMF protection product, or any product that claims to provide EMF protection, you want to check the science to just the science support what the product is claims are so for instance, with mine, all my products, we have lab test results posted. I just showed you the video of ways that you can test for yourself including ebook so I my products make measurable demonstrable claims, they’re backed up by laboratory data, and I explain how you can check verify my product claims for yourself. Thank you, Michael Dain asks, What are the best EMF meters to use. So I have a Oh, Stephanie already gave you the link. So great. For anyone who’s listening in the archive, I have an E book in which I make a few different meter recommendations. And if you’re watching that, you can download it go to shield your body comm slash test. And there, you can just get the free ebook. And in there, I have recommendations for three meters. I actually also call out three meters you should avoid. And I think that’s a great place to start. Thank you Jane. Emerson says what’s the minimum distance to be living away from basically from cell towers? There’s no simple answer that in general, you know, the further away you are, the safer. But remember, the cell towers are just one of the sources of emf radiation in your life. So as you get further away from cell towers, you might be closer to something else. It also matters how your house is wired in terms of the EMF that’s just coming out of your the electrical wiring in your home. And increasingly, if you live in a city, you just can’t get that far away from a tower. They’re they’re popping up everywhere. I’m staying in a place right now if I if I go out to the balcony, I look, I see about 20 different cell towers, and that’s just within line of sight. So I wish I had a better answer for you than that. I mean, you can look at if you’re a half mile away, you know, that’s much safer than being 100 feet away, you know that. But it’s it’s getting increasingly difficult to create those types of distances because of the number of cell towers. Thank you Emerson. Andrew asks, If desktop computers are safer alternatives to using a laptop, that’s a really great question. You know, I probably should do some slide on that next time I give this talk. desktop computers while they’re going to emit the same types of radio frequency generally in roughly the same power levels, right because the Wi Fi is going to do the same thing on the laptop than it would on on a desktop Same for Bluetooth. Desktop tend to have much more machinery and so can require more power. And that means they’ll emit more elf, but they’ll be further away. No one ever works with their desktop on their lap. So and because not only do not people not use it that way. You don’t have to a laptop has the keyboard in. Actually, that’s another thing I can add, when I give this talk again, if you use an external keyboard with your laptop, then you can create some more distance. But a lot of people use their keyboard, the keyboard is built into the laptop. So which means there’s even if it’s not in your lap, there’s only a certain amount of distance that you can create. Whereas with desktop computers, you can keep those things much further away. So, it desktops aren’t safer than laptops implicitly, except they are in how you end up using them. Because of the distance that’s created. I hope I explained that. That’s a really good question. And I think I might I might update the slide deck next time I give this talk. Thank you, Andrew. J asks, Do EMF shielding gloves protect while using a laptop? Do I know any? Yes, they do. I’m the only supplier for those that I know is less EMF. So if you go to l e s s, you know, I’m just going to type it here in the comments. But if anyone’s watching it on replay, you go to less EMF calm. And and it’s there on their site they have they have gloves and those work. Yes. Thank you, Jay.

Leon asks, Is the 5g phone shield the same like the laptop pad? No. Because the laptop pad is it’s made with those two layers of thick, thick metal? Well, it has a sheet of alloy followed by a plate of ferromagnetic steel. So it’s designed to withstand much greater shielding needs, because the laptop in general will emit much more this stuff, then then then the cell phone? And am I going to make mobile phone cases? All I can say to that is stay on my list. And you’ll hear when when I make new products. Thank you, Leon. Kathleen asks, Will the laptop protection protect from EMF forever? That’s a really great question. And it’s one I should start covering a bit more because I actually get this question a lot. shielding works forever as long as it’s properly cared for. So there are certain things that require maintenance like discharging, EMF shielding, the type of emf shielding that I make and cell does not. So yes, it will work indefinitely as long as it’s properly cared for. And that’s why I offer a lifetime warranty on all of my products. Thank you, Kathleen. Roseanne asked, How much did the pads weigh? I think that’s listed on the website. But if not, I’ll double check, and we should add it. The 14 inch pad is about one and a third pounds. And the 17 inch pad is just under two pounds. Thank you, Roseanne. Carolyn asked how much radiation comes from the screen and top keyboard area. So this is one of those things where there’s no fixed answer, because everyone has different types of laptops. And different components are in different parts of different laptops, you know, on some, the Wi Fi antennas in the monitor and others, it’s in the speaker, you know, so there’s no fixed answer. And this is one of those times where I’m just going to emphasize something I tell people all the time, which is it’s really smart. If emf is a concern of yours. And if you’re here in this room right now, I’m going to assume that it is you really want to learn how to test and you want to invest in a decent EMF meter and test for yourself. And it’s then then not only will you be able to answer that question, you’ll be able to find where all the sources in your life are, and what you know how to adjust your furniture, right? Because not not everything is about shielding. If you find a spot in your house that has high levels, you can start by just moving your furniture away from that spot. So you’re getting less of the exposure. It’s a mate what testing is such a powerful tool in terms of minimizing your exposure. So but Carolyn, I’m sorry, I couldn’t give you a more specific answer. But it really will vary based on which type of laptop you’re using, and what’s using what you’re doing on that laptop at that time. Thank you though. That’s a good question. Mary asked is desktop always the better choice for home office? I think I answered that. And you know, the reason is the distance you can create, but there are ways that you can, you can use your laptop at a further distance by plugging in an external keyboard and mouse. So really the difference is how far away Can you keep it. So it’s not that desktops are better or worse. It’s just that they’re easier in general to keep further away. But you can also set up your laptop so that it works that way. Thank you, Mary. Kathleen asked if the laptop can be damaged by water or other substances. No, it’s waterproof. Thank you, Kathleen.

Harriet, I don’t quite understand that question if you want to email us at Hello at shield your body calm. And you can just ask the question there and try to get some more information from you to try to answer it. Thank you. Mark asks, Will the new version be released as a 14 inch and be made internationally in the future? It looks great. Thank you, Mark. If it’s feedback like that, you know, I definitely have to consider it right now. It’s just a limited edition. It’s just the 17 inch and it’s just in the United States. But I appreciate that feedback. And I’ll definitely take it under consideration. Thank you, Mark. mrcs where do I get my glasses from? Are those similar to the kids ones that you sell? So IB doesn’t actually sell glasses? These are Oakley frames. If anyone wants to, what is our wearing? What brands does our support? No, I like Oakley so I we’re friends, but they’re not blue light glasses. We don’t make yourself blue light glasses. Thank you Emerson.

town Tarah asks a question I’m going to come back to that. Michael asked if the pad protects 99% of emf, what about the remaining 1%? Why not 100%. So it can protect up to these levels, right? Because whenever you’re talking about EMF shielding, you know, any anyone who tells you that they’re blocking 100% of all frequencies under all circumstances, you know, I’ve yet to see technology that can do that. So so that’s just, it’s based on a limitation of emf shielding technology. If I could make a product that shielded 100% of radiation, in all circumstances, please trust that I would. It’s just the nature of emf shielding. Thank you, Michael. James asked, What do I use on my router and laptop on my laptop, I use my laptop pad and I use it on a on a desk actually, because my legs go. So even though I don’t use my laptop in my lap, I still use the laptop pad. Because my legs go under the desk. And so I still use the laptop pad even though I don’t use my laptop in your lap for Wi Fi router. You know, I covered this in one of my other webinars. You know, the best things you can start with with the Wi Fi router are are moving at as far away from where you and your family spend your time and turning it off when it’s not in use. Like when you go to sleep. Beyond that I do sell a product. It’s called my picture frame. It’s in the home office category on my website. And you put the sob picture frame next to your Wi Fi router in the direction you want to shield and that will help reduce the amount of Wi Fi radiation that you’re exposed to. Thank you James. Leon, thank you. I appreciate that. Nikki asked what EMF testing device do I recommend I see that Stephanie’s answered again if for anyone watching the archive though. Go to shield your bodies comm slash test. You can get an ebook there with my meter recommendations. Thank you. Christina asked, Does the texture of the vegan versus the non vegan leather versus the non vegan leather laptop had effect grip factor for laptops? No, not really. They’re both pretty good on that front. Thank you, Christina. So it’s about the same is my answer. Mary asked is a 4k TV emit elf? The answer is all TVs emit elf everything. It’s everything that runs on power emits elf. And if it runs off of AC power, meaning you plug it into the wall, it It definitely emits more elf. This is another example of why good reason to test for yourself. because that’ll help you determine how much of this is actually coming off your TV, which parts of your TV does is are you getting more radiation emissions from because it can really vary quite a bit on the same television device. So I really recommend that getting a meter and make sure it’s one that can measure elf because a lot of the meters will just measure RF. There’s one of the meters in my ebook that I recommend that measures both elf and RF. Thank you Mary. Okay, Tara asks, I recently ordered the baby blanket, but it seems like I’m still feeling the EMF when I wrap my phone and it when I sleep is the blanket is protective as the pad or phone case and just the pad absorb the heat and wondering how the heat affects us. Okay. Because Because I can feel the heat through the blanket. Thanks. So Terry, yes, the baby blanket is not a heat protection device, the laptop pad is and that comes because it’s made a very different materials, it’s very different thickness as well. And the blanket being a blanket is it’s not designed to shield from heat. Now, when you ask is it as protective as the pattern is, the blanket is protective as the pad or the phone case, they’re very different because they’re designed to be used differently. So you talk about, for example, you wrapping your phone, in the blanket, and that’s not something we recommend. And this gets into some other topics, which I’ll talk about in a different webinar. But when you fully wrap your phone in EMF shielding, the phone actually comp, so what you’re doing is you’re interfering with the phone signal. And the way the phone reacts to that is by boosting the power of its transmission to compensate for the interference of the signal. And that will then lead it to consume more power to drain the battery more rapidly, and to get hotter.

So that’s why you’re seeing that result. That’s why for example, my phone pouch, which I think I have here, same same for the way the 5g phone shields is designed to be used. And it’s the same Oh, for for how my laptop pad is designed to be used. Right, they’re all designed to shield on one side only. And that’s to deflect radiation in a specific direction away from your body. But without fully wrapping the device. Because once you fully wrap the device, the device is going to respond in unpredictable ways. So better option would be to put your phone into airplane mode when you go to bed rather than wrapping it in a baby blanket. I hope I’ve answered that question. Again, you can email us Hello at shield your body calm. And we’re happy to provide more detail because I do I do talk about that quite a bit in there. I do have some posts on the blog that that we can point you to thank you, Tara. JOHN asks, When will EMF RF meters be on the market? For 5g frequencies? This is a really good question. Because, well, it’s not a simple question, but it’s a really good one. So five g can technically go up to 300 gigahertz. But the current 5g deployments are not supposed to yet go anywhere near that the current current 5g deployments are supposed to be under six gigahertz. So they start at the 4g frequencies. And now they’re just starting to allocate some higher chunks of the of the spectrum. So they can go up to six gigahertz. There are a couple of meters that go up to eight gigahertz. So there are a couple of meters that you can buy right now that will work to measure 5g radiation. I, I know of three, but I only remember one off the top of my head. And it’s one I think I talked about in the book, but I don’t actually recommend it because it’s so expensive. But I have it and it’s a fantastic meter. And it’s called the tests 593 t s 593. It’s available for sale on Amazon. Last I checked, it’s about $500. I also know of a less expensive one, but I don’t remember it offhand. So if you want to email us Hello at shield your body calm, happy to give you those links. But yes, there are some meters that right now that you can buy that we’ll be measuring the current 5g deployments in terms of when you know in the future when they roll out and start consuming Higher, higher frequency chunks of the 5g spectrum. I don’t know when more meters will be out but I’m positive they will be companies you know, like trifield I’m sure are working on it. And and we’ll we’ll it’ll happen. But thank you, john, really good question. And I guess the only question left is Harriet’s and I so Harriet, again, if you want to just email in Hello or shield your body calm I’m trying to answer for you. For everyone else, I want to thank you so much for coming out making time just to spend with me and to learn about you know a little bit about EMF and laptops and what you can do to protect yourself. One final reminder that this 25% discount on the laptop pad This is valid with this coupon code pad now so write it down if even if you’re not buying right now write it down pad now Ph D and o w. it’s valid until midnight pacific time. So that gives you about 10 hours. And after that this coupon will will go away and I actually don’t remember the last time I did it 25% off so I haven’t done that for the last webinars I did this is a big discount. So if you’re interested in the laptop This is a really good opportunity to get it. As soon as the archive the recording of this webinar is done it the recording will be emailed to you, along with the ebook that I’ve mentioned with that has all the links and all the information I’ve been talking about here. So with that, everyone, please stay safe, stay healthy. And stay tuned for more updates from me. Thank you very much for coming out today. Have a great day.


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