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Webinar Archive: SYB Ask-Me-(Almost)-Anything

Here is the archive recording and transcript of the SYB Webinar from May 14, 2020, hosted by SYB CEO R Blank where dozens of our members and customers could ask any questions they wanted to about EMF, radiation protection and SYB.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Transcript

R Blank 0:03
Hello, good afternoon or evening where, depending on where you are seven, if you could just type into Skype and confirm that, that you can hear me and everything started okay here.

Okay, great. Hey, everyone, thank you for turning out today. Today’s webinar is Michael asked me almost anything for the past couple of months, I’ve been running webinars on various topics like five G, EMF health for children and laptop radiation. And one thing that stood out to me was how many questions people had. So you know, there were some times where the questions were, it took about 90 minutes to go through all of them. And so what I decided to do today, for the final webinar in this series, is just to answer your questions. Briefly, before we begin, this will be super quick intro but about me, my name is R Blank. I’m the co founder of shield your body, taught on the engineering faculty at the University of Southern California, along with my father, co author of overpowered about EMF health effects. And all this follows a 20 year career in software engineering. So like I said, today’s Ask me anything, so I’m gonna get started answering questions. There is a questions pod here in the room. Oh, Jane says it’s 8am in New Zealand. Good morning, Jane. There’s a question pod down below the video here in the room. So you can ask your questions. And to give you a little time to enter them, I’m actually going to start because a bunch of you filled out the form when you registered. So you pre submitted some questions. So I’m going to start by answering some of those. So I’m sorry, I don’t know who left each question. So but I do have the question. So I’m a writer tech writing at work and personal writing at night and wonder how to protect myself best knowing that I spend a good part of the day and night on my laptop. So that’s a really good question. The best. And I don’t, yeah, I can’t really type it in. But if you just go to shield your body comm slash best. It’s very simple URL that outlines my my overall approach to EMF health, which boils down to two categories of things. One is the modifying your behavior in relationship with technology. And to is the strategic use of good EMF protection. So let’s use the laptop as an example. And you’re on it for work. So you can’t not do that, because you need to work. So there’s safer ways of using a computer and one the most effective. In general, the most effective way to reduce your exposure from any source is to increase the distance from that source. And depending on the technology you’re using, there’s different ways of doing that. So let’s again, using the laptop as an example, the best ways of increasing the distance are one using it on a table instead of on your lap. And that was actually the last webinar I did went into that in a lot of detail. But there’s other examples too. So for instance, if you can use an external keyboard and mouse, not Bluetooth, like a USB keyboard, mouse, then you can keep the laptop further away. And if you end up if you use an external monitor, too, which creates a bigger screen, you can keep everything much further away. Because the more distance that you create between the source of the radiation and your body, the less your exposure is going to be. There are some other things you can do. And actually, let me tie this into another answer. So BTS, where are these past webinars you mentioned where they recorded? Where can we find them? If you go to shield your body comm slash webinar. There, they’re listed there. And so the way this ties into the last question is, is if you check out the the last webinar I did, it was two weeks ago, it was all about laptops. So I go into a lot of details about things you can do. In addition to keeping the computer further away, for instance, if you’re not using any Bluetooth devices, you can disable the Bluetooth connection on your computer, you can use an Ethernet connection instead of a Wi Fi connection and then disable the Wi Fi on your computer. So increasing the distance and then disabling the the wireless tech that you’re not using those would be the safest options to reduce your exposure from your laptop. Then in addition to that, I sell a laptop pad and that’s designed for people, especially for people who despite all those recommendations, use their laptop in their lap. And that will deflect radiation away from your lap when you’re using the computer. Okay, so that was that was one question. Let’s go to the next one. Now this was an interesting one.

What is the difference between EMF pulse and power? I hear pulses far more dangerous. And then in addition, friends in London say they hear constant buzzing sound, could that be EMF pulses. So the distance between the distance the difference between pulse and power, power is it’s like volume, right? with sound, there’s, if you have more volume, right, it’s louder. That’s what power is for EMF. So the more powerful it is that you can think of it it’s it’s, it’s operating at a higher volume. That’s now one pulse, that when when the emf is pulsed, that means it’s being sent in bursts. So it’d be like loud volume, quiet or loud, quiet or loud, quieter, except this obviously this happens very quickly. So that’s the difference between pulse and power, then, pulse is far more dangerous. That’s, that’s a really, that’s a tricky statement. So there are just as an example, there are there ways that that pulsed emf is used actually, in medical therapy, that’s p EMF policy EMF. There’s also so if you google pulsed EMF or P EMF, you’ll, the results will actually be therapeutic devices. Now, I would say it’s not that one is more dangerous than the other, it’s that it adds another dimension of complexity in terms of how it interacts with the body because high power emf is, you know, high enough power emf is what a microwave oven uses to cook food. So power is is an important factor. And I believe that there is a growing but still relatively young body of science, demonstrating that pulse is another factor that impacts how your body reacts to this stuff. So I wouldn’t say that one or the other is more dangerous, but they’re both factors in terms of how your body reacts. Then my friends in London say they hear a constant buzzing sound could that be EMF pulses? You know, I it’s hard for me to say without hearing the sound. One thing that I do know is that there is a demonstrated effect. It’s called the fray effect. fr ee Why? named after Dr. Alan Frey discovered this in the 1960s among radar operators in the US military, that certain EMF exposures do manifest as audio. You hear that? But whether that buzzing specifically is caused by pulse EMF, you know, it’s hard, obviously for me to say without knowing more about it.

Okay, someone else has EMF stickers will only one work and for how long? I don’t know what the will only one word mean. But maybe if whoever asked that is in the room, you can email Hello at shield your body calm? We’ll try to answer but you ask them for how long? That’s a good question. It’s when I get a lot. So it depends what type of sticker you’re talking about. If you’re talking about EMF shielding products that like that I make sell, those don’t run out. Because as long as they’re properly cared for. So for instance, on the power like the the men’s boxers or the baby blanket, as long as you follow the care instructions, in terms of how they should be washed and cleaned. They don’t run out, the shielding doesn’t run out, it doesn’t need to be recharged to regenerate it in terms of other and that should be true for almost all shielding technology, which is again what I make and sell for other types of products. I you know, I don’t know it would depend you’d have to ask the manufacturer. But in terms of swipey products, they don’t run out. Here’s a good one. I have a question about Apple Watch, not cellular model, can it harm health? Sometimes I feel hot and itchy and it passes after I turn on airplane mode. Can it be dangerous for my health? So it’s a really good question. I’m trying to think how best to answer it. So an apple watch if it’s not the cellular model, that means it’s operating with I believe it means it’s operating with Wi Fi and Bluetooth. So Wi Fi and Bluetooth are lower power than than a cell phone. So they have less power. But two things. One is that, you know, science shows that the human body is reactive to even very low levels of power in terms of, you know, what these exposures can can start triggering effects in our body. That’s one, two is exposure duration. So even though it has less power than a cell phone, people tend to wear these, they’re called wearables for extended periods of time, like not just the Apple Watch, but you know, people who wear these bluetooth earbuds and they have them in, you know, for hours at a time. So the answer to that is, it’s an additional set of exposures. Especially if they’re longer duration, they, you know, they’re they can be significant. And any additional exposure is going to increase your health risk, to some degree in one way or another. So when it comes down to it, you know, the question really is, am I getting enough value out of using this wearable device to justify the increased health risk? I find for most people, the answer if they really were honest, is No, it’s not. And they should stop doing it. But for other people, I was just corresponding with a customer this week, whose son uses a Bluetooth device for blood sugar monitoring. And, you know, that sounded the way she described it, it sounded very important to that child’s health. And I said, Yeah, that in the risk reward equation that you need to make, it certainly sounds like that is a good device to use, even though it’s adding more exposure. And I suggested other ways that she could work to cut other exposures out of her son’s life. So that that’s my and if you’re if you’re itchy when it’s, you know, the Wi Fi is enabled in your Apple Watch, and you’re not itchy when the Wi Fi is off? It certainly sounds like you’re reacting to the exposure. What illnesses can the system potentially cause? Which EMF metals can I wear to block harmful transmission? Which protective devices are most effective, and have the least cost to the consumer? Okay, let me break this down. So what illnesses can this can EMF cause there’s a wide range, you know, I try not to focus too much on it I have in the past couple of months, because obviously, given everything that’s going on in the world, there was really increased focus on health, and increased concern that EMF might be related in some way to what’s going on. So I have focused quite a lot on health lately. And if you go to shield your body calm in the Learn menu, you can pick EMF health effects, and there’s a bunch of posts there. There are a couple of key ones, though, that I do talk about.

Well, let me step. So in terms of how these health effects manifest, it’s a very wide range. And it can go from sleep disruption. Or, like I said earlier, you start hearing like tinnitus in your ear. rashes, all the way up to more severe conditions, like infertility, and cancer. And these diseases can manifest in multiple different systems in your body. And one of the reasons for that is, EMF can impact basically every cell in your body. So with the effects, it’s because it can, it can actually harm your DNA, it can damage the DNA, it can cause cellular mutations or cellular death. And, again, these can sound like scary term. So I’m not trying to frighten anybody. But these are, you know, DNA is in every cell in your body. So the effects of these exposures can be seen in multiple different systems in your body. And it’s and it ends up being a pretty wide range of health effects that some people can realize. Now, which EMF metals can I wear to block harmful transmission to my body? You know, I’m not an expert on that. There are other companies that that talk about those products. And I know a lot of people who use products like that, who, who tell me, you know, they’ve had very positive experiences with them. That’s why be focuses on products that are scientifically quantifiable whose impact is scientifically quantifiable. So with EMF shielding, it’s a shield that blocks and deflects radiation. That’s stuff that you can measure, both in a lab and for yourself at home with certain types of meters. So those are the types of products that I make and sell in terms of which metals work for EMF shielding. It’s almost any conductive metal. So in our products, In the apparel, the the material that we use for shielding is silver. So we have silver thread woven into, for instance, the baby blanket, and the boxer briefs and the baby beanie and the bandana. In our other products, like the ones that like the phone pouch and the 5g Shield, we use a nickel cobalt copper thread. So again, another conductive metal. So those are the metals that we use in our products. Which protective devices are most effective and least cost to the consumer. So again, this unit in terms of most effective at its it’s hard for me to comment on products that, that that don’t have scientifically quantifiable claims. So I don’t, but in terms of products like mine, you know, which are the most effective, it depends on I mean, Well, it depends on how you’re using it and where your exposures come from. If your big exposure, for example, is from a smart meter outside your house, then my phone pouch isn’t maybe as effective a solution as a smart meter shield would be. So a lot of it comes down to which exposures in your life are kind of the biggest ones that you can control and do something about. I hope that was a good answer, oh, and which are the least cost. You know, unfortunately, EMF shielding, it’s just expensive stuff to produce. Like I said, My apparel is woven with microscopic silver thread. And you know, it’s just very expensive to produce. So most EMF shielding products are not what you would consider to be the low cost products, although some can be very cost effective. So for example, again, I come back to my phone pouch, it’s my most popular product. If you carry your phone in your pocket, which you should not do, but if you do, the phone pouch is very effective protection, reducing your exposure. And it I forget, I think it’s about $30 right now you only need one, because you’re only carrying one phone at a time. And you know, for $30 you can make a big dent in your exposure. Whereas you know, the boxers cost about $90 a pair and most people need more than one pair of underwear. But if you you know, so provides fantastic protection. But it’s you know, it’s not an inexpensive solution. A next question have neighbours Wi Fi radiation influencing my own space? Is there a legal way to stop it? Perhaps at least nighttime.

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So no, there’s no legal way to stop it because people have the right to do this. And there’s really, you know, right now I’m doing a bunch of content I’ve started if you’re on my email list, if you’re if you’re in this webinar, assume you’re on my list, you’ve seen I’ve been sending out information about regulations. And so I’m in the process of publishing more content about regulations. But there’s no regulation anywhere in the world, as far as I know. Determining, you know, you know, there’s regulations, how much a Wi Fi how much EMF a Wi Fi router can emit. But there’s no regulations saying, you know, you can only have so many Wi Fi routers, in an apartment or in an apartment building or in your neighborhood. So, you know, while there’s a regulation saying how much one router can emit, there’s no regulation saying how many there can be, or during what hours they can operate. There. I am working, though on solutions for specifically this type of scenario. And so if you stay tuned over the coming months, I think you’ll see what, please repeat the question. The question was my neighbor’s Wi Fi radiation is influencing my own space, is there a legal way to stop it? Perhaps at least at nighttime. So again, stay tuned to my list in the next two months, you’re going to be seeing solutions from not not just product, but ways of approaching this sort of thing to create the type of protection that you’re looking for. There’s not a quick and easy answer though right now. But that’s a very good question. And it’s one I’m really working on it. Okay, so the next question, and then after this, I’m going to try to get through all the ones here in this list. But after this, I’m going to hop back to the room to see what questions people have asked in the room. Do you consider that 5g can impair people’s absorption of oxygen? Where are the scientific studies? So I know what this question is about. And there are studies that show that radiation at 60 gigahertz frequency so that’s that’s really high. So let me let me start. 4g is around, you know, six years. gigahertz. So the current generation of cell phone technology and a Wi Fi router is it 2.4 gigahertz or five gigahertz, depending on which band, your Wi Fi router is. So we’re, you know, current wireless technology exposures are generally between one and six gigahertz. Now 5g starts in that same zone. So they started, like, I believe that they started around four gigahertz. But they can go eventually, with the 5g spectrum that’s been allocated, goes all the way up to 300 gigahertz. So that’s really high energy. I mean, it’s much lower energy than, you know, ionizing radiation like x rays, but it’s very high energy compared to the types of emf we’ve been exposed to, you know, for the last 2030 years. So 60 gigahertz is, is pretty high energy, it’s not all the way up at 300. But it’s still pretty high. It’s much higher than any, you know, current cell phone or cordless phone or Wi Fi as has been admitting. So there are studies that at 60 gigahertz, oxygen molecules absorb more EMF radiation. Now there’s two things and I believe, I mean, more research needs to be done. But I believe that’s been demonstrated pretty reliably. So there’s two to two important things to note there. One is that the current deployments of 5g so while 5g can eventually go up to 300 gigahertz, the current deployments, the things that are being rolled out. Now in cities where they say a 5g is available, they don’t go anywhere near that. All of the current deployments in that are approved consumer technology. They’re all at this basically the same frequencies as 4g. So there’s other differences in 5g technology, in terms of how the antennas work, and so forth. But in terms of the frequencies they’re operating at right now, it’s basically the same as 4g. And so when the studies that that show at 60 gigahertz, you know, oxygen molecules absorb more of this much more of this radiation. That may be true, but it’s not what the current deployments are actually emitting.

And then the other side of that is, what does it mean that an oxygen molecules absorbing more radiation, I mean, certainly can’t be good for you, because there’s a lot of oxygen in our bodies, but what what the actual health implications of that fact are, I think, have yet to be determined. So we don’t know what the implication is, of the oxygen molecule of absorbing more radiation. And the current 5g deployments are not emitting radiation at that frequency. So that was a really good question. I’m glad you asked that. Okay, so I’m good. I’m keeping this list open. But I’m going to start looking in the room now. Okay. I don’t know how to say is that mckell? Or Michael? I’m sorry, I don’t know how to pronounce my K. l asked how big is the swipey? community? How many users customers to date, more or less excited to be part of the community? Thank you. Well, you know, si B has been selling products now making selling products for seven years. So in terms of the number of customers that we have, it’s it’s hundreds of thousands, because we also not not just in the United States. I mean, the United States is our biggest market. But Canada, England, Germany, Australia, these are all significant markets for us, we also sell in Japan and throughout Europe. So yeah, I you know, I don’t keep a running tally. So I don’t know when we’re going to hit a million, or customers or maybe we already have, but you know, it’s it’s pretty big. I hope that answers your question. Thank you. Angie says, How about smart TVs? Where should the modem be located? I’m going to interpret that as two separate questions. So smart TVs, you could How do I answer this so smart TV First of all, all any electrical appliance is emits a type of emf called elf or extremely low frequency. So all AC power that includes the power lines, the electrical wiring in your home and any appliances that are plugged into the wall, they all emit elf in the United States that’s at 60 hertz, not 60 gigahertz, right 60 hertz. And in the UK and much of the rest of the world that’s at 50 hertz. And everything emits every electrical appliance emits elf. So TVs are included in That the I will say modern TVs, these flat screens, they meant much less of it than the TVs we had like when I was growing up. The bigger ones with the cathode ray tubes and so forth, but they still emit it. Now what makes a smart TV different from a regular TV is the Wi Fi. Some of them also have Bluetooth. And so a smart TV is going to be a source of Wi Fi radiation, as well as elf. I’ve actually taken, you know, I go to CES most every year, that’s the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And I take my meter and I do readings. And, you know, TVs are a big, big thing at CES. And the reason I say this is because I’ve taken vastly different levels of emissions off of different models of TVs, you know, some are actually really low. And some are kind of off the charts high. And they can also vary quite a bit based on where you know, especially these bigger screen TVs, you know, that are several feet wide. The the the emissions can be very different based off of where on the TV you’re measuring. So there’s no fixed answer except to say that it is a source of emf. And and the best way to know how much of a source and I’ll say I’ll probably end up answering this too many questions is to test for yourself. And I have a lot of information about how to do that, as well as an E book at shield your slash test. Now the other question was where should the modem be located? Again, I’m interpreting that as separate from the first question about smart TVs. Because if Generally, if you have a smart TV, you don’t get to choose where in the TV, you know, the modem card is located. So if you’re talking about the Wi Fi modem that the TV connects to, the best rule in general for all of this stuff is as far away as possible. Because distance really matters. And actually, this is one where I’m going to

post it in the room Hold on. It’s a right over there. Sorry, there we go. So this link explains that distance really matters. So the further away, you can position any source of emf, whether it’s a Wi Fi router, or your computer, or anything. The that makes a big difference in what your actual exposure is to that. Now in in, Laurie posted a comment on that question, and I want to post an answer to that as well. So give me a second while I put up pull up that URL. And it’s this, I just needed to get the copy of the URL. I’ll post another comment. And that’s the link it shield your slash waves travel. That explains how shielding like my flex show because Laurie asked would flex shields put underneath the TV stand help. So this page explains how you would want to use my flex shields or my poster friend liner? The answer is, you know, the shielding. It’s, well it’s a shield. So it it deflects radiation in the opposite direction. So putting something you know, under the TV would only help if you’re trying to block the radiation from going under the TV. But generally that that isn’t where you want to block it right? Because you’re sitting in in front. So that might not be the best use case for the flex shields. But the link I just posted will hopefully help answer that shield your slash waves travel. Thank you.

Okay, BTS, how much distance from the laptop is enough to make a difference? To make a difference? Every millimeter again, you know, I’m gonna, I’m gonna post that that same. That same art post an answer to this one. And it’s one I ended up end up sharing quite a bit. So in terms of making a difference, it’s every millimeter because it really does each additional little bit of space that you create between the source of the EMF and your body, you know makes a big difference in terms of what your actual exposure is that that’s why the iPhone manual for example, tells you that there SAR measurements were determined, you know based off of a five millimeter separation between the phone and your body. Because even fire if you hold the phone right up against your bike, which most people actually do, but if you hold it up against your body, it would it would be an illegal level. of radiation that they would miss. So even five millimeters is the difference between the iPhone being legal and illegal to sell. Now, even though a few millimeters, it makes a difference, but it doesn’t make it safe. So the you know, there’s no safe distance. But if you can create a couple of feet between you and the laptop, you know that’ll that that makes a huge difference in your exposure. Thank you bt. Deborah asks, What can you do to protect your head slash brain? So the healthy living tips here, I’m gonna type in an answer in the URL there. So you the same tactics that you use to protect any part of your body also work on your brain and your head. So creating more distance using the technology less so never holding a phone up to your head, always use speakerphone, or my air tube headsets or something like that. These things make a difference. Now, if you’re talking about what shielding products, I make one, well, if you’re a baby, I make two. If you’re not a baby, I make one product that can be used that way that a lot of my customers use that way that’s my bandana. And the swipey bandana, you know, a lot of people just wrap it around their head, and, and you can shield your brain from a lot of these exposures that way. But in general, when any part of your body that you’re talking about is the best. The the way that you would protect it is the same way as you’d protect everything else, which is reducing your exposure, which means reducing your use of the technology and keeping it further away when it is in use. Thank you. Deborah harried asks, Is the new vegan leather laptop pad as effective as the other laptop pads? Yes, that’s a that’s a really good question. Thank you and Stephanie, maybe if you want to post the link to the pad in the comments to that question, but yeah, the the shield, the actual shielding material is identical between the new vegan leather pad and the older versions of my laptop, and it’s just the casing that makes that that’s that’s the only difference between them. It’s purely a style and design issue, but the shielding material is identical. Thank you, Harriet.

Angelina asks, I’ve not felt good for the past few months. It is EMF worse than before I noticed 5g antennas on poles and laneway near my house is 5g up and running here in Vancouver. What can I do to protect myself? Do bed canopy sell great questions, Angelina. So I’m going to try to pull up. Hold on. Let me get the direct link to send you. So is 5g up and running in Vancouver? The answer to that is yes, that 5g is up and running in a lot of places now. Especially in the United States and Canada, but also throughout Europe and parts of Asia. So but but what I did just post here in the comments to your question is the ookla five g map. So if you can link to that, and you can zoom in on your address and see what 5g deployments are actually near you. Um What can you do to protect yourself to bed canopies help. Yeah, that that that’s actually one of the best things that I recommend because it’s very hard to shield your entire living space. It’s not it’s not only it is expensive. But it’s not only expensive, it’s also very difficult. Because, you know, what I’m talking about here is whole home shielding. And the reason it’s difficult is because you have to get real complete coverage. And if you don’t, you end up with gaps. And those gaps can let some radiation in. And then because so much of your house is shielded, you know it ends up bouncing around inside the house. Same for any sources that are already in your house like the electrical wiring has to be accounted for. If you still use Wi Fi that you don’t want to increase you don’t want the slight defect and how you implemented your shielding to end up leading to more exposure. So whole home It is possible and when people ask me about it, I refer them to consultants. So if you’re interested in that sort of thing, you can email us Hello, it shields your body calm. There’s one in particular that we often recommend. But bed canopies are a great solution because while they don’t shield your entire home They do shield your entire sleeping area, which is, you know, on average one third of your life. And it’s a very important third of your life because that’s when your body is supposed to be restoring itself. And it’s very important. That’s a very important third of your life for health purposes. So yes, I strongly recommend bad canopies. I hope that was decent answer your question, Angelina. Thank you. monagas says, I took two small portions of the bandana and made my two dogs small collars. That’s great. I, you know, it’s not one of the biggest questions that I get. But I’m often you know, I get requests for it. And I keep thinking in the back of my head is EMF protection for pets? And, you know, I used to have dogs and other pets. And I, you know, I don’t know, but I, you know, it would be wonderful to, to protect them. So it’s on my, it’s on my, you know, Wish List of my product roadmap. But think that’s Monica, that’s great. If you could actually email us in a photo of that, that would be fantastic. I’d love to see that. Thank

you. Monica asked, Have you talked about how to use the phone shield, for instance, using it while holding the phone and texting? That’s a really. So there’s a couple of really good questions baked in there. So let me try to get to the above have I talked about how to use the phone shields? Yeah, there’s if you go to the product page itself, there’s a video explaining how best to use the phone shields. And Dwight. I, I’m sorry, I didn’t, I didn’t. I didn’t, I should have had my products handy. Here we go. So this is the phone shield. And the important thing is you want it to be as big or bigger than your phone. And you want it to make the screen bigger. Oh, thank you, Stephanie. Now Yeah, I’m sorry, you all have to actually see what I look like now. But you want the 5g shields to be as big or bigger than your phone, and you want the shield between your phone and your body? Now you ask him about protecting, you know, I’m gonna lower, lower this back. Where did I go? There we go. Now, you asked about texting? That’s another good question. And I’m treating it sort of as a separate question. So a lot of people ask me, because, you know, one of the best things you can do to reduce because cell phones are such a huge exposure of people’s radiation. So one of the best things you can do is not hold it up up against your head, you know, and, you know, one set of ways of doing it, it’s always use speakerphone, or an air to headset. But another way is to text. And because when you’re texting, not only is the phone further away from your body, but texting emits less power, you know, when your phone is actually on a call, it’s emitting much more radiation than when you’re just texting. So texting is a great way to reduce your exposure. So how can you protect yourself while texting? Now the problem is, there’s no EMF protection product, no EMF shielding product at the very least, that can protect you, really, when you’re texting. And trust me, I’ve looked into this, it’s something I really want to do. But, you know, because in order to use these phones, the shield would need to be two things, it would need to be clear. So you can see the screen and it would need to be conductive. So that you can actually touch the touchscreen and operate it. And there’s no EMF shielding material that exists yet that is both clear and conductive. So you can’t shield the front of the phone when you’re using it. So when but that too. And I know that that was in the context of the five D shield. And I don’t have the photo handy. I mean, it’s somewhere here on my computer, but it would take too long to find it. You know for people who who use and my cameras fixed so you can’t see what I’m about to to just try to visualize. You know, for people who text on their lap. Um, you know, if the phone is on your, let’s say it’s on your thigh, and you’re texting, that’s a that’s a situation which the 5g Shield can help because you’re putting the 5g Shield between your phone and your body. You’re using the phone and the 5g shield to bounce the radiation away from your body. I hope that wasn’t too long winded and convoluted and answered. It’s a really good question. And I hope I answered it well for you. Thank you Monica. Angie asks, Does aluminum provide some blocking? Yes, it does. I there’s there’s a reason you know that people are, you know, use that term tinfoil hat? Because it does actually block the signals. How? Well, you know, it’ll depend on a lot of variables in how the aluminum is constructed. But and but it definitely is a shield. Yes. Since Okay, I’m gonna stop that question. And then Maria says, I think 5g is being put up disguised as lamps, led street lamps. Yes, Yes, they are. 5g antennas, and I have a post. Hold on, I’m gonna try to find it can be one, one second, so I can post it. And that’s Oh, you know what, let me just pull up. IV, let me just say quickly, while I’m looking for the link, 5g antenna look completely different from 4g antenna. And they’re much smaller, it’s actually called small cell. And because the, there’s going to be many, many more of them.

Here, I think I have it, yes, I found it. Let me just post this in the room, there’s going to be many more of them, they’re much smaller. And so they look totally different. And they’re going to be mounted on a lot of cases on existing infrastructure. So you know, with 4g, we sometimes had that, like, a cell tower would be put on top of an apartment building, or a church, or school, unfortunately. But a lot of times the tower is a standalone object, and they try to disguise them is, you know, palm trees are, well, that’s in the southwest. But wherever you are, they’ll try to disguise it like a tree. And it doesn’t look anything like a treaty. But with 5g, they’re gonna they’re mounting a lot on existing infrastructure, like on St. Paul’s, like on traffic lights. And that is, yeah, that’s just what it’s going to be like. It’s part of the design of the infrastructure. Thank you. Maria. Olivier asks, Are there maps available of location of 5g towers polls in the UK? Yes, I’ll post the link again. That link I just sent I talked about earlier, the CLA five g map. That’s actually the entire world. And then there’s another site, you know, I haven’t checked in a while to see how well they are covering 5g. But you know, the map I just gave you is, is just for 5g deployments. There’s a much older site that let me post this one too. Glad you asked that. And it’s its antenna search COMM And that one you can use to look for other cell tower infrastructure. So the first one is specifically for 5g. The second one, I don’t know how good their coverage is of 5g. I should look at it that I hadn’t looked at that site in a while. But they have a huge database of other existing wireless antenna deployments around around the world. Thank you, Olivia. Okay, Libby asked, I bought a Blue Shield device for the home happy with it. How are your products different? Someone was asking me to ask me about Blue Shield. I think it was just yesterday, um, and I put it on my list to look in to and I didn’t. One thing I know is that Blue Shield is not a shielding technology. I don’t know exactly what their product claims are. But they’re not a shielding technology. EMF shielding. In fact, let me let me tell I’m going to post one link into the room here. That’s a link to a page on my site that explains how EMF shielding works. But for a lot of people have heard of the term Faraday cage. And a Faraday cage is a construction that can block and deflect EMF and this technology. It’s been around for almost 200 years. Since Michael Faraday invented it. And it’s universally accepted. Very demonstrable science, you can show that it it deflects radiation, which so if you put a shield, there’s a source of let me get on camera, there’s a source of emf within your body. So if you put a shield in between, it’ll deflect the radiation away from your body. That’s how EMF shielding works. And that’s how all of my products work. Except for my headsets which would use a slightly different technology, which you know, I can explain. But, but that that that’s the difference. So there, there’s shielding products. I’m not the only company that makes shielding products there are others. But shielding products are different class of emf protection than any of the other types like Blue Shield would be one of those And I just can’t comment on it. But I’m glad that you’re happy with it and that it works for you. You know, that’s what I always tell everybody, if it works for you, you know, I focus on products that have demonstrable science that you know, people can measure for themselves, there’s there’s a tool that they can use to measure to see that it’s working. That doesn’t mean other stuff that you can’t measure doesn’t work. So I always tell people, you know, if it’s working for you, then keep using it. So use it in good health. Olivia. Thank you. bt, as says he’s, I don’t actually I don’t I’m sorry, I don’t know if bt is a he or she bt says he or she is getting a gq 390 meter that tests IE, electric fields, magnetic fields and radio frequency? Should I get a micro search meter as well to test dirty electricity? So two answers,

I would recommend over the gq 390, I would recommend the trifield. TF two, it’s about the same price. But in my opinion has significantly better accuracy, especially in the radio frequency range. And it does what you just so isn’t it, it’s called the trifield because it measures Low, low frequency electric, low frequency magnetic and RF. So you get that same set of functionality. Getting the trifield tf two. And that’s it’s I discussed both of those meters in my ebook, which you can download at shield your body comm slash test? Should I get a micro search meter as well to test for dirty electricity? If that’s a good question, if you want to email me, you know which meter you’re considering, you can email Hello at shield your body calm, and I can look into it. The thing with dirty electricity is, is that it’s not a different, it’s not a different frequency, you know, dirty electricity is conducted. So, so dirty electricity. So okay, let me step back. For those who don’t know, yeah, well, I did say that electrical wiring and electrical power lines, they’re a source of what we call low frequency, EMF. And in the US, that’s 60 hertz and much of the rest of the world, it’s 50 hertz. And but it’s not just a source of emf, this whole grid is actually also an antenna. Not intentionally, so. But that’s what it operates like. So what ends up happening is these power lines end up picking up electricity, you know, not electricity, sorry. EMF in the environment, you know, from all these cell towers, and Wi Fi networks, and everything that you know, that these power lines run through, and then that ends up getting conducted into your home. And that’s dirty electricity. And, you know, one of the reasons it’s such a concern is it’s so unpredictable, like I said, you know, a power line frequency, is it 60 hertz or 50 hertz, depending on where you live. And, you know, at least it’s a predictable frequency dirty electricity, because it’s, it’s, it’s basically a form of pollution, EMF pollution that gets conducted. And it’s very unpredictable set of frequencies and power levels and, and pulse rates. That said, it’s picking up existing electric. Sorry, I keep saying that it’s picking up existing EMF. So whatever it’s picking up and relaying into your environment, you know, should be detectable with a decent like I say, a trifield or something else. But if you want to send me the link to the dirty electricity meter, you’re considering I would definitely like to take a look at it and let you know my thoughts. Thank you. bt.

bt says our two TVs have Wi Fi boxes, and then there is a Wi Fi DVR box beside the modem. That’s a Wi Fi signal to the boxes. Should we turn these off at night to minimize EMF in the house at night? And the answer in my opinion and Jane? Jane I see chain responded to the answer is yes. anything you can to any source of emf that you can turn off, you should turn off. And that’s you know, especially at night because odds are you’re not making any use of it then, but it’s whenever you’re not using it because this will reduce your cumulative exposures. And especially again at night because you’re you know, it’s like on average, an eight hour chunk of time that you could be cutting exploit, you know, cutting a big chunk of your exposure for a big chunk of your day, and that can make a really big difference. To your your risk profile from these exposures. Thank you bt. Jane says dirty electricity filters I’ve heard conflicting reports and the ideas on the steps arise are worth it or not. The sets arizer is a fantastic product. I know it’s it’s, it’s not inexpensive. But if, if it It depends. How do I, you know, with anything, you know, is it worth it or not? That that’s really a question that you have to answer for yourself. The stetzer Iser is a fantastic product they’ve been around, I forget how long they’ve been around, but they’ve been around a while. And they they do what they claim. And so if dirty electricity is an issue that you’re concerned about, or that you have reason to believe is a particularly concern in your in your living situation. You can definitely make use of it. So yeah, there are $100 Yeah, they’re they’re expensive. I know that. But they do what they say they do. So if what they say they do is something you need or want, then it’s worth it. That that’s it’s a good product from a good company. Thank you, Jane. Angie says can’t see the deployment in info for Canada for some reason. Oh, I thought it was up there. I’ll have to look into that. If you think I thought it was the world. Oh, you’re right. They have so many countries and they don’t have Canada. I don’t know why that is. I’m way that is weird. I’ll have to if you email in, I can try to find out why that is. But I mean, I know there is 5g in Canada. I just I don’t understand what what’s going on. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, please email in. And I’ll try to make some time to look into that. Thank you, Angie.

Let’s see if I’m wearing Okay, good one. Cora asks, If I’m wearing a shield to block EMF, would it bounce off onto the person standing near me? So yeah, when you when you shield EMF using a shielding device, like the ones I make and sell, it bounces the radiation in the opposite direction. Now, it also diminishes in power exponentially as it does so. So that’s why it’s so important to protect yourself from the sources of radiation that are closest to you. Because you’re getting in general, you know, really high power doses. When when that happens. And but and then when you bounce it in the other direction, it’s not like it just stays the same strength and then you know, hits the person who’s five feet away, but at the time, it even gets five feet away. It’s significantly diminished diminished in power. So the answer to your question is, yes, it does bounce. That’s what shielding does to the radiation, but it diminishes in power exponentially with distance, so it dissipates quite rapidly. So I hope that answered your question. Thank you, Cora.

Angelina asks a lot of companies that sell bed canopies, what do you look for in a good one to protect against 5g, what you want is shielding effectiveness tests that go up into 5g frequencies. So in here, you know, I want to show this. As you know, we have shielding effectiveness tests on all of our products. But when we did most of our products, five g wasn’t a thing. So at the time we did those tests. We didn’t do five g testing, because again, it wasn’t a thing. So what we’ve started doing is going back through our catalog and retesting products for these new 5g frequencies. So as we actually get 5g testing performed on our products, we’re we’re, we’re adding them to this page here. And all of the test results, I should let me I should put that in there too. We always at all times. All test results can be found on this page on our website. So if you’re looking for 5g protection, in particular, you’re going to want to find one that has shielding effectiveness tests posted for 5g frequencies. Thank you, Angelina.

monagas so just holding the phone on top of the shield do anything positive while texting. Again, it depends how you’re holding the phone. If let me get the camera back up here. You know, if you’re holding the phone like right in front of you like this, then no, you wouldn’t want to put the shield behind it because at best, it would be actually bouncing more radiation back towards your face. And so that’s something you want to avoid. But if you’re texting on your lap, then putting the shield in between your phone and your lap will reduce your exposure. So I hope I hope I answered that. clearly enough. Thank you, Monica.

Joanne asked if I’m familiar with bioshield. And what do I think of their products? I don’t know anything about bioshield? I don’t know what. Yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t know. I don’t recognize that name. Thank you.

Angie asked question would have been Danna still allow EMF to harm him. He is full of tumors. So I’d like to shield him. I’m sorry to hear that. So the bandana again, like all of my products works as a shield. So the part it’ll only protect the part of the body that it covers. So that’s the same for a bandana on the head. It’s the same for the men’s boxer briefs. It’s the same for the baby beanie. It’s the same for my phone pouch. Right? Because that that creates a layer of shielding between your phone and your body. But it doesn’t create like a magical. I don’t mean to be dismissive. It doesn’t create it doesn’t project any type of protective field. It’s just shielding. So with the bandana help protect your dog. Yes, but only the parts of the body that the bandanas covering? I hope that that made sense. It is a good question. And it’s you know, it’s just fundamental to what EMF shielding is. It doesn’t project a field outwards from the product itself. It’s just a shield that, that that that deflects radiation. So you know, if the radiation is coming at it, it’ll bounce it back. But if it misses it, it’ll it’ll go through. And that’s the same for all of my shielding products. I all shielding products, not just mine.

Okay, Leonid asks, okay, this is a long one. So I’m going to skip through with all of you. I find out that cellular tower near my work building at seven meters away. Once a year, they pass a test and last year, they showed that the maximum level that was measured in my work building and the radiation towers 33.37 milliwatts per square centimeter. I’m not sure I got that reading. But then there’s two more 50 and 54 milliwatts per square centimeter. I don’t I don’t understand these, how these three different levels really mean anything, I don’t understand how they relate to the to the tower. And those sound like high levels to me. You asked Do I need to worry I first up, I just want to I tried. I try to tell people not to worry. Yes, there are real health risks. But yes, there are things that you can do. And it turns out in today’s world, there are some exposures that are largely out of your control. So there’s no point in worrying The point is to take action on the things that you can take action on. Now. How can I protect myself? Oh, so Well, actually, let me step back. You have to I need to worry. I would say no, don’t worry. But those do sound like high levels to me. But it also depends where that measurement was taken. So was it was it right up against the was it right up against the tower? Or is it in your office? So I don’t really what you’d want to do is, is take a measurement if you can, and I’m gonna post this link here. For those of you who haven’t downloaded this or seen this information. Oh, I see Leonid has a clarification. So let me just post this but shield your body comm slash test. I have a lot of information about how to do at home EMF testing, including meter recommendations. Leonid has the 3.5 gigahertz x tech. I believe I know that meter I don’t have that one. But I believe I know it and I My recollection is it’s a good I don’t think I cover it in my I do. I do mention a different x tech in my ebook, but not that one. Okay, how can I protect myself? So this goes back to what I was saying earlier about well, so there’s it’s very hard to do whole, whole living space whole home whole apartment whole office, it’s very hard to do whole living space EMF protection. So in general, I advise I say, you know, if you’re going to do it, it’s going to be expensive, and you should get a consultant. So for most people, I don’t consider it to be a practical solution. So then you’re saying, you know, absent that, what can you do to protect yourself? There you can consider EMF shielding apparel, because apparel block helps protect the entire portion of the body that that it’s covering. So that would In my case, that would include the men’s boxer briefs. The bandana of people use my baby blanket for these purposes as well. The other option we talked about earlier in this is and this wouldn’t, I guess, if we’re talking about your office, this wouldn’t apply but an EMF bed canopy. And if you could get your boss to approve it, you could install one, you know, around your desk, but then No, that wouldn’t work. Sorry, no, because you have a lot of emf emitting equipment on your desk. So now the only real practical solution there would be EMF apparel, in my opinion, because EMF apparel really worked EMF shielding apparel, it really works. It will only protect the part of your body that it’s covering. So just keep that in mind. But it really works. It starts protecting you wherever you are. There was another part there that I was going it seems to have disappeared. But thank you Lena.

BTS, the response on the 390 is 50 nanoseconds, which is much better than many I’ve looked at the cornetti da da t plus is only 100 microseconds. Isn’t that highly important for getting an accurate reading of pulse signals? You know, I didn’t I don’t actually I don’t have the response rates memorized for the different meters. Uh, you know, a higher response rate is better. But so is the accuracy. And again, you know, in my experience, the TF two, provides more accuracy than the gq 390. Now. Yeah, if you have other questions about that, you know, I’m happy to try to respond to them. You can email him Hello, it showed your body. And I’ll provide you with some additional detail. But yeah, I mean, so response rate matters, but accuracy matters, too. And I think it matters more. Olivia asks, Are wireless headphones a problem with regard to EMF, I mean, anything that emits Bluetooth radio, that is a Bluetooth device. And I’m trying to pull up a post gear, Bluetooth headphones, and yeah, here we go. This is how I this link here is linked to a post that I used it to answer that question. But in my opinion, any source of emf that can be avoided, you know, should be avoided. And bluetooth headphones are in general something that can be avoided. You know, I know some people who are EMF conscious. So they like they focused on cutting out the EMF, and most of the day, they’ll use regular or air tube headphones. But when they work out, they still use air pods, Bluetooth, Apple’s Bluetooth. And you know, that’s because they get a lot of value out of using those bluetooth headphones while working out they’re much more convenient for working out then then regular headphones, and and then they just don’t use them the rest of the time. You know, so some people find that there is some value in using those wireless headphones in general in general, you know, it’s a source of emf, it’s one that’s going to be really close to your brain. And so if you can avoid it, do avoid it. But if you get a lot of value out of them, then you know use them. Thank you Olivia. And you check out that link. There’s more information on that question there. Um Let’s see what we got here. Jill, as I’m in Scotland, looking at your xy B phone pouches shipping to the UK free. The answer is yes. Jill, thank you for the question. All orders on my website include free shipping. That’s in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. Their sales tax in most of those countries, including the UK VAT, but the shipping is free. Thank you, Joe

coraz says asked, there’s a lot of literature on laptops decreasing men’s fertility, is it also dangerous for women’s fertility and ovaries? Hold on, I’m going to, uh, we’re looking for a specific post. Here we go. I’m gonna post a URL here for you. But the answer is it’s women’s eggs and ovaries are not as vulnerable to damage from EMF radiation from something like a laptop or a cell phone in the pocket, as sperm is. And it is because sperm is it? Well, it’s on, it’s on the outside of the body, whereas women’s eggs are on the inside of the body, which means that they are shielded more by the body. So they’re less vulnerable to this type of damage. Now, that said, when the damage occurs, you know, women are born with all of their eggs, they don’t create more of them, whereas men generate new sperm every day. And so, sperm is more vulnerable to damage from radiation than eggs. But if a woman’s eggs are damaged, that that’s irreparable, whereas if if if some of the sperm is damaged, you know, that can be reversed in the next batch. So I hope that, you know, of course, what about the fetus in a pregnant woman? Yes, fetuses are, are very vulnerable to this type of damage. So that’s the other part of that question. I’m trying to see if that’s in. Yeah, so it’s in that post that I linked you to. And I talked about and linked to other posts from there, but about increased risk there. From this type of radiation, there’s increased risk of miscarriage, as well as birth defects, as well as damage in the child later in life. So for instance, there’s a couple of studies where the increase, so the rates of asthma in the child by the time the child turns 13, or higher, based off of how much EMF they were exposed to in your utero. The links the links, won’t, Stephanie Yeah, if you could just help her get the link. She should, you can just select the link itself and copy it. I think that’s the problem. Just don’t copy my name and the colon. Hopefully, yeah. Thank you, Cora. And if not just email in and we’ll be happy to send out the link.

Deborah says love your baby blanket never slept better. Thank goodness, I’m short. Thank you, Deborah. I really appreciate that. I love the baby blanket. See, I’m trying I don’t remember when we started making but I think that was like my fourth product or something. So it’s pretty early on in our in our company’s history. And I’m glad to hear that you like it. Thank you. We’re making more right now. Joanne, as I’m looking at the headset with heart technology, if you wouldn’t mind dumbing it down for me. Can you explain how that works? I see that the radiation is absorbed. And I’m wondering if that technology couldn’t be used on a larger scale? Well, I’m not quite sure what the larger scale implementation is that you’re thinking of. But yes, there’s a dielectric. So I have one right here. Hold on, let me scroll up. So this is the hard and it comes without the headset, right. So this part, you plug into your phone or laptop or any device. And then Sorry, I have to get the headset to. And then this part, you, you plug into your headset. And so that’s what it looks like when you’re actually using it. And in this case here, it’s upside down for you. Yeah, in this case here. There’s a pack of dielectric gel. So you see this. This is the headset wire and it runs through into the case. The Wire then is exposed to this dielectric gel pack. The dielectric gel pack absorbs the stray EMF that’s being conducted This cable and converts it into heat. It’s a very, very small amount of heat. It’s it’s imperceptible to the user and converts it into heat which then dissipates. And then the signal coming out is it has the the filter, the EMF has been filtered off of it. I hope that dumbed it down sufficiently. And Stephanie tells me, I need to remind people that it only works with 3.5 millimeter, you can so you can see that here, right at the headset jack. If you have an Android with a USBC, you can use a USBC adapter. But if you have an iPhone, we don’t recommend using it with a lightning adapter. So let me scroll back down. I hope I answered your question. Joanne. Thank you.

Angie, your question has been uploaded by Jane. salt lamps and plants? What’s my theory on them? Well, I love salt lamps. And you know, I’ve loved them long, long before. Uh, you know, I got into EMF, same with plants. You know, plants are great, because they actually create oxygen, which is obviously great to have, you know, sources of fat in your environment, because then you get fresher air. Now in terms of what the impact of salt lamps, things like salt lamps and plants are on EMF, I have not seen any science doesn’t mean there isn’t any. There might be I haven’t come across it. And no one’s emailed any of it to me. So if you know of any, I’ll happily look at it. As with anything, like I’ve said in response to a couple of questions, before I focus on things that are products and solutions that are scientifically demonstrable, that doesn’t mean that things that aren’t scientifically demonstrable, or have yet been scientifically proven, doesn’t mean they don’t work, just means that’s not what I focus on. Because, you know, things are a little different now. But it’s still the case. There are a lot of companies out there that sell fake products in the EMF space. And it’s so it’s unless something is scientifically demonstrable, it’s hard to know if it’s if it really works or not. And so that’s why I choose to focus. And my personal advice and recommendations and consulting, I choose to focus on the things that are scientifically demonstrable. Now again, that doesn’t mean that certain things like salt lamps, you know, don’t work. And, you know, I say if you use it and you feel better, you should keep using it. That’s that’s my approach to things like that. So I hope that answered your question, Angie. Thank you. Joanne says this has been fantastically informative. Thank you. Well, thank you, Joanne. I’m really glad that that it’s helped and that you enjoyed it. And that thank you for making the time and coming out. Jill asked, When will the next batch of baby blankets be available? And can you make adult sized blankets to i’d love one, when will the next batch be available. So those who don’t know we make our apparel in Canada, and Canada was impacted, just like much of the United States, the COVID shutdowns. And this happened right as we were seeing a lot of uptick in interest in our products. And so we had items in production apparel in production in Canada when the factories were shut down. They’re now open again. So for instance, we just got our bandanas back in stock. The blankets are being produced right now. So we hope to have them in stock this month. And as asked for your feedback of Oh, I should add I’m going to be making these announcements to the mailing list when when the items back in stock but like I said the bandana is back in stock. We just got a new batch of five g testing in on the bandanas and the boxers and the blankets. So all three of those products, the boxers, the bandanas and blankets, those are all now 5g tested and we have the data up on the website. And when they the bandanas are in stock now the blanket should be in stock this month and the boxers probably next month and your comments on the adult size blanket is noted Thank you Joe for that feedback. Angie says please make dog protection in the future like Like I said, you know, it’s on the list. I keep toying with it. But I have so many products on the roadmap that I’m trying to get to. But yeah, now, I’m definitely considering it. Thank you, Angie. Christina says I, I’m, shucks, I’m amazing and generous, feels good to be able to trust your products. Thank you for this webinar today. Thank you, Christina. You know, I’m more than happy to make the time I appreciate all of you turning out and spending this time with me. And I appreciate that you feel that you can trust my products. I’ve tried to be as honest and accurate as possible, not only about my products, but about all the information that I share. And I’m glad to hear that, that that’s how you see it. Thank you, Christina. Jane asks, is five, I guess five milliliter millimeter thick cardboard with five layers of tin foil on top placed on a bedroom wall?

towards smart meter going to help? Oh, I see. Yeah, I probably would. I also have a product. It’s not as inexpensive as, as tin foil, but my poster frame liner, similar functionality. In terms of how much it’ll help again, you know, with the, with the aluminum foil, there’s a wide variety in how it’s constructed, and its actual material composition, and so forth. So I, you know, it’s hard to say how much it’ll help. That’s why I really say over and over and over again, learning how to test this stuff, getting a decent meter to test it. It’s, it’s, it’s really important, because then, you know, where your exposures are, that you that fettle concern you that you want to do something about. And then you’ll also be able to tell if your EMF protection is actually working. And so, but yes, in theory, that solution should work, and how well it works. You know, you’d need a meter to figure out. I hope that answered your question. Mark is answered. Marcus answered. Mark is answered.

So David, here mentioned, you know, anyone who’s interested in cheap devices can contact him. I don’t know if anyone would know how to get access to him just through this webinar. But yeah, cheap devices. Another device that I’m seeing on the market, some of my customers use cheap devices. They they report good things. I haven’t evaluated one, myself. But thank you, David. Monica, has four laptop pads. for herself, her husband and two business partners. Thank you, Monica. I love hearing that. I’m glad that you like the laptop pad. It’s a it’s one of my most popular products. And I’ve been selling it now making a song mat for I think it’s four years. So have, you know a lot of satisfied customers with that product. And it really is. My my computer, my computer setup is actually on my laptop pad right now. So I can’t take it out to show it without disrupting the camera. But it’s a great product. I’m really it has such a substantial. It’s the thickest shielding material that we use in any of our products, because it’s a full pad doesn’t have to fit into the back of a pouch or men’s underwear or anything like that. So you get a really protective layer. Thank you, Monica. Okay, let’s see. Jane asks, If you buy a trifield off of me, can I ship to New Zealand? Two questions there. So one is I don’t sell meters. One reason is because I like being able to recommend meters without being seen as I’m promoting one specifically just because I’m selling it. So I don’t sell meters, so you can’t buy them from me. And in terms of shipping to New Zealand. I get that request a lot. And it’s on the list. We don’t currently ship to New Zealand. But with all of my products. They’re all listed on eBay as well. And if you buy on eBay, you can get global shipping that’s through eBay’s global shipping program. So even if you live in a country where I don’t my website doesn’t ship to you can order on eBay and get shipping anywhere in the world. So but you do have to pay their shipping charges. You don’t get the free shipping that you get on my site. But thank you for that question. We still have quite a few people in the room, but I’m not seeing any more. Oh, okay, wait, we got one. Laurie says I have an iMac desk Pro. What do I need for this machine? tub shields or flux shields underneath the desk holding it. So that’s a good question. I do talk quite a bit about that in the last webinar, which was about laptops. But I also compare them to desktops and I forget where in the webinar but it’s in there. The best thing you can do. Oh, wait, no an iMac. Those have the monitors built in, don’t they? Is that? I don’t know if you can post a comment. It’s I used to have an iMac, but we’re talking like, a long time ago. So yes. Okay. The iMac has the monitor built into it. Okay, so you’re limited in terms of how far you can keep it. So the first thing you should do is keep it as far away from you as possible, given that you need to use the monitor. Second, is, make sure you’re using a wired keyboard and wired mouse or trackball or whatever device you use. Try not to use the Bluetooth if you can avoid it, then what can you do so if you put a laptop shield or set of fleck shields under it, that would block radiation from going under it. So if it’s currently positioned, so that for instance, it’s at a desk in your lap is under the desk, then yes, the laptop shield or flex shield could help in that situation. But if if it’s if it’s not, if your lap isn’t right under it, then I you know, there’s not really that much you can do except like I say, create distance, and not use the Bluetooth peripherals. So instead use USB peripherals. If you want to email in a photo of your setup, we can see if there’s a maybe a better solution for you. But that’s that’s the best answer is distance. Thank you, Laurie. So again, yeah, there’s still people in the room. So there’s people who want to hear questions answered, they just don’t have more questions themselves. Let me look through the original list here.

Okay, so when I don’t have any say in whether or not to turn off the Wi Fi router at night, that’s tying into one of my key pieces of advice, which is turning off your Wi Fi at night. So I need to know what device I can put on the modem, router and desktop and monitor to be safe from the EMF, how can I be sure that a product actually works? And is there is there something that is proven to work on cell phones? And I’ve tried field, but I’m not sure how to effectively use it. Okay, so a bunch of good questions they’re kind of packed in. So let’s try to. So there’s a Wi Fi router at night that you can’t control, meaning you don’t have the power to turn it off yourself. So what can you put on the modem router and DSL on it to be safe from it. So I don’t know. It depends how things are set up in your house or living situation. But I do make a product. It’s called the picture frame. It’s on my website under for home office. It’s the picture frame. And it’s designed to be put next to a Wi Fi router in between the router and where you spend your time. And so that will deflect a lot of the radiation and away from where you’re spending your time. There’s also a company out there called Jrs eco that’s Jrs ECM calm, he makes a low EMF Wi Fi router. So he cuts I think the way he reprogrammed some cuts about 90% of the radiation emissions out of the Wi Fi. So that’s another option if you if you have the ability to put that in place. Let’s see there was more here to the question. How can I be sure that a product actually works. So go to shield your slash test. And there’s a bunch of information there on what EMF testing is how to do it yourself meter recommendations, there’s an ebook you can get. That’s how you can know if EMF shielding protection is working is by testing. Without that that’s the only way to know so it helps you know for sure. And it’s the only way that you can know if your EMF shielding is working. Okay, so I’m asking dirty electricity, which we talked about earlier, can dirty electricity contribute greatly to having persistent headaches, nausea, dizziness, and can dirty electricity, electricity filters, fix it? Yes, those. Those are symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which it’s a long term and it’s not really a hypersensitivity. It could be as more and more people are seeing these symptoms, because the amount of emf in the environment keeps going up and up and up. You know the number of people who are becoming symptomatic it’s also called Wi Fi allergies. So maybe that’s it Way to refer to it, but it’s EHS or electromagnetic hypersensitivity. And those are all symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. I have a post on that. If you want to email him, we’ll be happy to send you a link to it. Now, whether dirty electricity is the cause or not, you know, I can’t say it could be, like I say, these are symptoms of emf exposure have a sensitivity to EMF exposures. So which of your exposures is causing it? You know, I don’t know if it is the dirty electricity than a dirty electricity filter should help. What’s worse, Wi Fi, smart meter, RF, EMF, EMF, EMR or dirty electricity. Okay, a lot packed in there. So first off, EMF and EMR are identical things. One stands for electromagnetic fields go to stands for electromagnetic radiation. They’re acronyms for the same exact thing. And when you ask Wi Fi, smart meter, RF, or dirty electricity, those are all forms of emf, Wi Fi is a type of RF RF stands for radio frequency. So there’s in terms of in terms of exposures to human made EMF, there’s two broad types, there’s the radio frequency, which is the types used for wireless communication. So that includes Wi Fi include cell phones, cordless phones, smart meters, Bluetooth, everything wireless emits radio frequency, then as I talked about earlier, there’s low frequency or elf, and anything that runs on AC power, the appliances, the power lines, the electrical wiring, that’s all a source of elf. So elf and RF are types of emf. Now, which types are worse? You know, there’s no answer to that, because a lot will depend on what your actual exposures are. And,

and the human. The human body has shown science has shown that the human body is reactive to all of these different frequencies, even at very low levels. Now, there are different sets of symptoms that manifest in different chunks of the EMF spectrum. So for instance, you know, leukemia, childhood leukemia seems to have been associated with the rollout of electricity. Whereas you know, brain tumors are more associated with cell phone radiation. But of course, that’s also partially how it’s used. But there’s different sets of diseases that are more prevalent as a result of exposures to different parts of the spectrum. But there’s no one that’s more dangerous. Now, there are types of emf that are definitely more dangerous. And those are called ionizing. So everything I’ve been talking about everything you hear in the news, when you hear about EMF, that’s non ionizing that has less energy than the visible light. But once you have more energy than visible light, you’re talking about x rays, gamma rays, UV rays, these are all forms of emf, and they have so much energy, they knock electrons loose out of your atoms, and they can do extraordinary amount of damage, even at really, really low doses. So there are types of emf that are definitely more dangerous than the types we’re talking about. But within the range of what we’re talking about these non ionizing types of emf, like, from a cell phone or from your TV, you know, I took my you know, based off of my understanding of the research, there isn’t one that’s more dangerous than the other. And a lot comes down to how much power how much time you took the duration of the exposure, more so than what the actual source of the exposure was.

Jane says, you know, what’s going to happen when we get up to 300 gigahertz? You know, we don’t know the answer to that, which is part of why it’s so it’s so irresponsible to be deploying this stuff, because we don’t know what long term exposures to this is going to have. It I wish I had better answers. It will not you know, to that, I think, you know, in in your question. There’s a you know, a real concern I can tell about you know, whether it’ll be incredibly more dangerous than what we have today. In my opinion, we don’t have any science that tells us an answer to that question. It also in my opinion, you know, there are dangers from 5g because of the new frequent sees that we’re going to be exposed to and we don’t know what reactions the our bodies will have to these, especially over extended periods of time. More concerning to me about 5g, and I talked about this in my webinar about 5g, which was it, I think it was on April 1 or April 2. But more concerning to me is the number of sources of 5g that we’re going to have because 5g isn’t designed just to replace your cell phone. 5g will replace your cell phone. But it’s also designed to support smart homes and smart cars. And every little device that we currently use that’s dumb, is supposed to become smart, smart refrigerators, smart locks, smart thermostats, smart light switches, smart light bulbs. And so all of these things become nodes on this network that then become a new source of emf and into here, you know, the Silicon Valley types. Talk about this, you know, the number of sources of 5g radiation is is going to be astounding. I mean, already today, we have orders of magnitude more source think about 20 years ago, you know, if you’re old enough, like me, 20 years ago, it still felt like the future, there was a lot of cool stuff happening, that, you know, it didn’t feel like olden times, you know, a hue imagine, like, the 1930s in your head. You know, that was the olden times, you know, 20 years ago, the year 2000. That was already the future. And yet, and we had things like cell phones and Wi Fi. And yet today, the number of sources that we’re exposed to, it’s astronomically bigger than what it was 20 years ago, when we were already living in like I say the future. So we’re already seeing, we’ve already been seeing an exponential growth in the number of sources. What we’re going to see with the rollout of 5g is a massive explosion in that exponential growth in, in my opinion, based off of what everything I’m reading about the technology. That’s what’s more concerning to me, because then you’re talking about just so many more exposures. And but we don’t know what the different frequency exposures will results we’ll have we don’t know what the different number of concurrent exposures, what effects that will have on us. All of it’s a big unknown, and we are the guinea pigs. But the frequency thing itself is a concern, because it’s untested, but it’s not my personally not my biggest concern with 5g. My biggest concern with 5g is the number of sources that we’re going to be having. Thank you, Jane. Jill asks, How many times can the baby blanket be washed? Great question. As long as you follow the care instructions, the baby blanket should keep working. So it’s important to care for it as we stay on the label. And if you forget the label, or you lose it or whatever, it’s on the website to just follow the care instructions. Angie asks, Is there a good way to block EMF coming through my window? Yeah, there are a couple of ways there’s EMF curtains. There’s also clear films that you can apply to your windows. I don’t have links handy, but if you email in, we can we can send you guys we don’t make or sell those. But I we can send you links to a couple that you can consider. But yes, there’s EMF curtains, and then clear films as well. Thank you, Angie. Leonid asked a good question. Does the Apple Watch in airplane mode have EMF radiation? Is there a shield for wearable devices? Okay, two questions. Does Apple Watch in airplane mode have EMF radiation, any wireless device in airplane mode, we’ll still have a little bit of emf radiation, but it’s minuscule

compared to what it is when you’re not in airplane mode. So switching to airplane mode, cuts out a massive massive mat. You know, virtually all of the EMF from the device. Um, is there a shield for wearable devices? Not to my knowledge, Leonid I have not seen one that’s a good question. Thank you. David asks, What is your opinion about grounding a metal bed frame so it is not an antenna? Um well I do recommend against getting a metal bed frame or getting metal spring mattress so if possible, you know get a wood frame with a foam mitt like a memory foam mattress. And that’s safer that said there’s not any any scientific studies Proving that this is a health risk, but it does seem to me to follow common sense because metal is an antenna and a conductor. And so it makes sense to get rid of that from close to your body for all night long. Now, in terms of grounding a bed frame? That’s a good question. I haven’t looked into that. You know, I have done some investigation, some evaluation of grounding products, but actually using grounding to ground a bedframe? That’s a good question. I, I’d have to think some more about it. Because one of the concerns with grounding products is that when you’re for most people, the way they’re going to use them is by plugging the ground into the third hole of your outlet. I don’t have a here I need to scroll up. So you can see if you’re seeing what I’m seeing, there’s that that round plug in if you know, if you’re in, it’s the third prong. If you’re in England, obviously, it looks a little different. But the third prong mats the ground. So when you have a grounding product, it gets plugged into the same part of the wall as this grounding prong. And the problem with that is, is that it can, from what I’ve read, it can conduct dirty electricity from the electrical wiring back into the grounding product. So if you were to use it in that use case, that bad grounding a bed you know, I don’t know what the actual end result would be, you know you because you don’t you don’t want to bathe in dirty electricity for the night when you’re trying to actually to discharge the ions in your body. So um, that’s probably one of those things that’s not a cut and dry answer. I’m a big believer in grounding. But I do also believe in the the issue that I was just talking about being a factor in the decision for grounding. So sorry, I don’t have a clean answer for you. But that that’s my response. And I you know, if possible, use a metal wood frame with a foam mattress, and then the issue goes away. Leonid asks, you know, some people recommend switching the phone to 3g for less radiation exposure doesn’t make sense. Um, it you’ll, that’s not an answer either. If your phone isn’t 5g, then you’re not exposing yourself to 5g radiation from your own device, it doesn’t prevent you from being exposed to 5g radiation from everything around you. But it does prevent you from being exposed to 5g radiation from your device. Whether your phone emits more radiation on 5g, and on 4g or 3g, you know, I haven’t seen that proven yet. It stands to reason, because depending on what your phone is actually doing, because when you’re transferring a load five G’s designed to transfer a lot of data very quickly. And when you’re doing that, your phone is going to be emitting a lot more EMF radiation than when it’s transmitting less data or no data. But again, that’ll depend on the what you’re actually doing with your phone. I recommend not upgrading to 5g because the slower the market acceptance, you know, the slower the technology will roll out, and the slower the infrastructure will roll out. So it’s it’s a, it’s more of an economic boycott than a personal health decision. In general, I recommend you know, this, the same things I recommend with a 3g phone or a 4g phone, or what I recommend with a 5g phone, which is turned it into airplane mode when you’re not using it. Keep it as far away from your body as possible. These sorts of things. So

whether a 3g phone will emit less radiation than a 5g phone. I don’t know the answer for that to that for sure. And but it won’t it’ll it won’t admit, if you’re using 3g instead of 5g, you know, then it won’t admit those specific frequencies of 5g that is true.

Amari asks, How much would you estimate building a new home to block all EMF radiation? You know, that’ll depend? That’s a good question. But it’ll depend a lot on a lot of variables, like, how big the home is, and you know, where I mean a Denver, you so that answers that question where, but how big the home is, and so forth. You know, reverse engineering, a whole house shielding. You know, I’ve seen people spend 10s of thousands of dollars to do it. And that’s just the shielding. And so that maybe will help give you a gauge. If you email in there is a consultant that I often refer for that type of work and he might have some more specific answers from Are you on that? But thank you, Amari. Oh, David, it would go outside into the dirt. Okay, well, that that addresses the problem. So I’d say then it, you know, probably would help. This is going back to the metal bed frame, and the grounding of the metal bed frame. So my guess is it would probably help. Yes. in that in that context with that situation. Leonid asked if EMF radiation comes from outside, does the building wall stop some of it? The answer is yes. And that’s even more true, apparently, with 5g frequencies, which is another reason they need so many these antennas. But so it’ll block some of it, but not all of it. Different parts of your wall will block less of it. For instance, the windows unless they are shielded will block less than, you know, a cinderblock wall. It depends on what else is going on inside your wall. And so, but yes, just regular physical objects like a wall to provide some degree of shielding. And in order to know, you know how much you need to measure. But yes, the building will stop solve it. Jane asks, Are EMF blocking powerboard outlets good or helpful? Yeah, I mean, outlets tend to be among the biggest sources of elf. I mean, there’s certain appliances you know, once you plug like a microwave oven is not only a big source of microwave radiation, it’s also a huge source of elf refrigerator tends to be a huge source of elf, these things that take a lot of power, tend to be huge sources of elf but that is other than that, power outlets. If you have plugged everything in your house, but still had the power on the power outlets would be the biggest source of elf radiation in your house. Almost certainly, every time I’ve seen it and taking measurements. That’s true. One of my healthy living tips on the website is actually moving furniture away from outlets for that reason. So yes, shielded outlet covers are a good product. Thank you, Jane. monagas if the bandanas rolled up and tied around my head, will it work the same? Or does it need to be covering the you know more? More of the head? The answer is the bandanna will protect what it’s covering. Again, it doesn’t project any protection field or anything like that. It’s a shield. So it only protects what it’s actually covering. So if it’s rolled up and tied around your head, it’ll protect the part of your head that it’s covering, but it won’t protect the parts are still exposed. So you want in general, you’d want to covering as much of your head as possible. Good question, Monica. Thank you. Ah, so I got to the end of the list again. And most almost everyone is still here in the room. But I don’t see any fresh questions. I’ll ask one more off the list and see if any more pop up here. We’re also running out of the room is capped at two hours. So we have time for a couple more questions if you have them.

Okay, this is a good one. I’m overdue for a new phone and completely horrified by 5g. Since I don’t see a way around buying a 5g phone, what can I do to best protect myself? So what I’m going to answer there is you don’t actually have to buy a 5g phone. In fact, right now you have to more or less go out of your way to buy a 5g phone. Now this will change probably this year. I mean COVID has thrown a lot of things into disarray. So release plans have shifted and so forth. But it seems like this year Apple is going to be releasing a 5g iPhone. And obviously once Apple does it. That’s that that affects a huge part of the market on its own. And then all these other companies feel the need to follow. So that’ll change this year. But if you’re going out to buy a new device, a new phone right now odds are it isn’t 5g. And the 5g phones that exist are incredibly expensive. I I can’t remember if I’ve seen one for under $1,000. I think they all start at elite. And you know Samsung, I think has one that’s 1500 dollars. And so right now you really have to go out of your way to get a 5g phone, so if you’re upgrading now you don’t need to get a 5g phone. And even once more of the market switches to 5g they’ll still be non 5g options probably for some time. So if 5g is concerning to you don’t get a 5g phone you’re going to have that option. Even if you want an iPhone, you can get a non five iPhone, even once the whole the the model the sorry, the product line switches to 5g, there’s gonna be because they keep selling the older models for I think it’s two years generally. So you can by the time the 5g phone comes out, they’ll still be two more years where you can get a non 5g iPhone brand new from Apple. So if 5g is concerning to you don’t get a 5g phone. It’s it’s definitely within your control to not do that.

Jill asked, Do I have recommendations for cell phones have low SAR and that can take an ethernet cable for for low SAR cell phones, I’d have to look into that because I know think it’s Consumer Reports publishes a list of lowest radiation phones, but you also need to check how they were tested. So but if you email and I can look to see and look through that list and see if it’s a good one. I will you know what, hold on. It’s I think Let me see if I can just pull it up Consumer Reports. Low EMF, low star, I think is what I have to Google that. Maybe it isn’t Consumer Reports. Yeah, I don’t. Maybe I’m misremembering it there is definitely a company like consumer reports that publishes a list of the lowest lowest SAR phones. So but now the second part of your question that can take an ethernet cable, I’ve never seen a phone take an ethernet cable. So that I definitely don’t know. I don’t know if anyone else has I’ve never seen a phone take an ethernet cable. But there are there are websites if you just go Google lowest or SAR phone, you can see those options and see if any of them have the feature that you’re looking for. Thank you, Joe.

Laurie, Lori talks about Stephanie mentioning a company called EMF calm. Stephanie, were you talking about less EMF? I don’t know. Are you?

Yeah, okay. Laurie that the Yeah, the company is less EMF calm. And yes. That is a good company. They we do a lot of work with them. If you if you look on their site, they actually sell a few of my products. And I often recommend that they have a huge catalog. And so I often recommend them. Thank you, Laurie.

Okay, Jill found the answer. Good. Amari s sorry to ask again. Do you have a recommendation for household EMF me my household counselled meter to measure EMF radiation for home residential? Yes, I have a few. So if you just go, I mean, if you if you just want a quick and easy answer, I recommend the trifield tf two. But if you want more options, I just posted a comment link to shield your body comm slash test. And there there’s an E book in that ebook, I list three meters I recommend three I don’t recommend and then three that can measure some of these early 5g deployments as well so it covers 66 meters I recommend and three that I don’t as well as information on on how to use them. So shield your body calm slash test. Jill says Samsung Note eight can take an ethernet cable with the adapter that’s interesting. I’ve never that that’s really interesting. I’m gonna I’m gonna look into that I’ve never seen a Ethernet Adapter for a cell phone. Thank you for that information. Jill. Okay, so I yeah, we’re approaching the time limit on the room and up okay, more. Oh, chill says you have one what’s the email send a photo, the email if you just email it into Hello, it shield your body calm, I’ll get that. But also you should have gotten the emails about this webinar that you got from me so you can just reply to those. Thank you. Lina asked, How much do we need to worry about phone radiation while we playing watching videos and more? You know, questions that begin with how much do we need to worry about? You know that there’s not a specific answer. Watching, so, in general, I am not a Luddite. I use a lot of tech. I’m holding this webinar with you today. Using, you know, a laptop, and because of where I’m set up, it’s actually on Wi Fi. And I’m using an iPad as a second monitor for all this, you know, I use tech, even though I recognize some of the health risks that come from that tech. It’s always going to be a personal decision about, you know, do I really need to use the tech right now for this purpose? Or can I not, and you know, what playing games get a lot of value enjoyment out of that watching videos, you get a lot of value and enjoyment out of that. So when you are using it, you know, keep it as far away from you as possible. If you’re using headphones, you know, maybe use anti radiation headphones, like the ones I make and sell. And when you’re not using it, you know, turn it off, go into airplane mode. But in terms of how much you need to worry, you know, that there’s not a clean answer to that? Because it’s it’s not a quantifiable question. You know, worry doesn’t come in units. One, two, it’ll depend on a lot of factors like what’s your, what else you’ve been exposed to at that time? And what’s what’s been your cumulative exposure over time? And what’s your personal health and physiology like, like with COVID? Right, we’re seeing people who are more susceptible to severe impact from the same exact virus that other people get and don’t even realize they have, right? Because there’s so many different bodies are physiologies, our immune systems, they’re also different. So there’s no single answer. And it’s really about taking a more holistic approach about, you know, using tech, when you get value out of it. And, and but using it more safely when you do, and then not using it when you’re not getting the value out of it. So not mindlessly using it but mindfully using it. And I don’t mean to sound spiritual, but it really is. That’s the better approach, in my opinion, to minimizing your exposures. Thank you, Lina. Jane, thanks, me and Stephanie, from all the way around across the earth from New Zealand, or UK. Wait, no, she’s in New Zealand. Actually, I don’t know where it’s. But Laurie is from Detroit. And people are sending their thanks, now. Thank you all really, for tuning out? I really appreciate it. Almost everyone who showed up has stayed two hours till the very end. I told. I told Stephanie, I said, I think this is gonna be a short webinar. She says no, no, no, it’ll go the full two hours. And it looks like Stephanie won that bet. But thank you, everyone, for tuning in.

Though, archive for this, if if it’s something you want, it’s going to be emailed to you automatically, as soon as the archive is done generating on the server. So usually, that’s within a couple hours. So you’ll get a link to the this archive, and you can watch it again, at your convenience. But thank you all so much for tuning, tuning, tuning in, turning out and tuning in. For today’s webinar. This was the last of my initial blast of you know, since since the world went a little kind of crazy, in the last two months, I sort of dove in, and really kind of churned out a huge amount of content I, you know, I, I had a bunch of content mapped out for the next six months, including these webinars, and I ended up delivering it all in two months. Because I felt like it was appropriate for the time. And it was something my audience wanted people like you. And so this is the last of that initial series. I’ll still be running webinars, just not as frequently as I have been in the last couple months. I appreciate I really appreciate all of you taking time out of your day or night, depending on where you are in the world and spending it with me. And, you know, as always, stay tuned for my emails. And if you have questions, you know, we are we have fantastic customer support, and we’re happy to field them for you. So thank you again, stay safe, stay healthy, and I will be in touch very soon. Thank you Have a great day.


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