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Here is the archive recording and transcript of the SYB Webinar from June 26, 2020, hosted by SYB CEO R Blank about how to talk about EMF with friends and colleagues.

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Hello, can you hear me now Stephanie? Okay, great. So thank you everyone for for tuning out today. It’s just checking my audio. Welcome to my latest webinar how to talk about EMF and 5g with friends, colleagues and relatives. Quick reminder that I’m going to spend a bunch of time on answering your questions after I complete these slides, I’m going to start with the questions that a lot of you submitted beforehand through that form that you received by email. But if you want to ask any questions, you can just scroll down this page and post them in the questions pod. And I’ll get to as many as I as I can. So terms of what we’re going to cover today, just to give you some expectations, I’m going to start with an intro it’s super quick gives a little bit of time for people to show up in the room, then I’ll aim to spend about 35 minutes on the main content, then, as usual, include a special offer that’s only for people who are here live in the room, and then move on to q&a. So quickly about me, my name is R Blank. I’m CEO of sob CEO and founder used to teach on the faculty at USC viterbi School of Engineering. I was a co author along with my father of overpowered, which is about EMF health effects, the science and business of emf. And this follows a 20 year career in software engineering. Okay, so I’m gonna turn off my camera until we get to the questions, sorry to deprive you all. But the focus is, it’s better to be on the slides. So I started si B in 2012. And it was inspired by my father’s legacy. For those of you who don’t know, my father was Dr. Martin Blanc, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists, and I started it si p to help people use technology more safely. And I do that in two ways, through education, and through products. And when I talk about education, I’m talking about things like my blog posts, emails, I send out ebooks, I write videos, I post to YouTube. And these are all about EMF science, and safety tips about safer technology use and I’m going through this all for for background to contextualize today’s presentation. And the education includes my healthy living tips like you see right here that are designed to be free and simple ways that people can reduce their exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields. And for products, I focused on electronics accessories, like you see here with my phone pouch, and apparel like you see here with my boxers. And between my education, the education and products that I offer in the last eight years, I know that si P has made a big difference for millions of people, hundreds of thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands more who’ve read watched and shared my educational materials. And all of this works, because it’s what you do with the technology that’s closest to you, that can make the biggest difference in your cumulative exposure to EMF radiation. But last year, I started to sense a change. Now I want to emphasize it is still true that how you handle the tech closest to you, the tech that’s most in your control, like your cell phones and your laptops and your Wi Fi routers, this can have a really big impact on controlling your exposures. But as I watched the wireless companies roll out more and more technology. As I watched the 5g rollout begin and where it began to come down about projects like SpaceX is starlink satellite network, my perspective started to shift a little. And I started hearing for more and more people around the world concerned about tower deployments and burgeoning Wi Fi installations on top of other concerns that have been around for a little longer, like smart meters. And I also started hearing from more and more people who are experiencing symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which some people refer to as Wi Fi allergies, but can have debilitating health effects. And more and more people wanted to know how they could protect themselves from all of these sources that are outside their immediate control. It’s not like they can just turn the cell tower into airplane mode.

And then this year, deployments have really to taken off, and it’s accelerated even more, with many governments, both national and local municipalities taking advantage of the COVID shutdowns to accelerate 5g deployments, and the deployment of even more broadband satellites. And I started to realize that while it is still true, that how you use the tech closest to you, the tech most in your control, that still matters tremendously. Increasingly, the sources outside of your control are becoming a bigger and bigger threat to our health. And it’s no longer sufficient for me, and si B, to focus only on those sources in our direct control, I needed to start figuring out ways to help people start protecting themselves from sources outside of their immediate control. So how could I do that? Well, stepping back, I noted how 2019 and 2020 had seen an unprecedented explosion of wireless deployments. But it wasn’t all bad news. Because as we’ve seen, there’s actually been a growing global opposition to 5g around the world. Its most notable success has been in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the seat of the European Parliament, where 5g was actually banned. That might be the most prominent success. But it’s not nearly the only one. There are dozens and growing number of success stories to report from cities, towns and counties from around the world where they have banned stopped or slowed 5g deployments. And I really have to underscore how unprecedented This is. Before this, there have been some scattered successes with a tower being moved from a school, for example, or moved outside of uncertain neighborhood. But there’s never been this scale of successful opposition to the deployment of wireless technology due to health concerns. It’s never happened before. And this is how people are taking back control from the wireless companies to start protecting themselves, their loved ones and their neighbors from the harms of emf. And I realized that many people around the world want to help make the world safer from EMF, but don’t really know how they don’t know where to start. A lot of people naturally assume that the place to start is to protest to become activists. And in some ways they’re correct. I mean, we wouldn’t be seeing any of the anti 5g success stories from around the world, if it were not for the efforts of these activists. But I realized there’s another key ingredient. And that’s learning how to talk to other people about your concerns in a way that gets them to listen, and to take action. You don’t need to get people to oppose 5g. Because you can focus on small steps that is in order to participate in the moves to take back greater control from the wireless companies. You don’t need to be an activist and you don’t need to stop 5g in your local neighborhood. I mean, if you can, that’s fantastic. But in order to contribute to the cause, you don’t need to, because if you can get other people to take small steps that accomplishes four big goals. One, these people, they’re going to be a little healthier, if you get someone to stop carrying their cell phone in their pocket, that makes a big difference to their EMF exposure, it improves their health, too, if you get them to make that change, they’re going to be more likely to take additional steps, like maybe turning off their Wi Fi router at night, or making sure to always use an anti radiation headset. Three, they’re going to be more receptive to messages about EMF health effects. And for you’ve gotten practice and improved your skills. And this is what helps establish the groundwork, the context for movements like stop 5g to become successful, because the more people who have been activated with these messages, the more chance of success that movements like stop 5g have. So maybe some of you do want to oppose 5g. But maybe some of you just want to get your children to stop carrying their phones in their pockets. It doesn’t matter the steps, the tactics, the message, it’s the same. But when you learn how to talk to others about your concerns with EMF, that’s what gives you the tools to start making a change in areas that are outside of your immediate control. You can help others to live healthier, and you can set the stage for even bigger changes in the future.

So that’s why I wrote this ebook, and the link to download it was emailed to you in your confirmation of this webinar. It’s a first step to help people like you learn how to talk about EMF with your friends, your family and with your colleagues at work. And to do so in a way that helps realize positive change. Today’s webinar is meant as a companion to the ebook, I’m going to cover some of the same content, but it’s not a duplicate. And if this topic interests you, you really should take time to go through the steps in that guide. And then I realized when I was planning today’s session, I also want to touch on 5g. Because I know that’s an important subject to a lot of you. And so I wanted to include that in a framing of how I feel comfortable and is effective to discuss my concerns with 5g. So with all that as the introduction, let’s get started. As you’ll see, the entire curriculum I’m building is based around teaching you how to plan for this effort, the effort of learning how to talk to people about your concerns with EMF. Yes, sometimes EMF comes up naturally in discussion, perhaps at a party or with a friend talking about a story you heard on the news. But this course isn’t about teaching you how to have those talks those casual conversations at a party. This information is about helping you to have specific talks with specific goals in mind. And that means having a plan. And the first step in formulating your plan is to formulate your goals. If you don’t know or haven’t defined your goals, you will not have a high chance of success. And your goals will vary. You individually, your goals at different times will vary. And each of you attending today will have different goals. Maybe you want to help your teenager learn some safer technology habits, like not keeping their phone in their pocket. Or maybe your friend saw you using this web be phone patch and asked what it is, and you want to explain it without sounding alarmist, or that you believe in myths.

As you start down this process, you should remember that information and facts aren’t all that matter how you approach the topic, your manner and behavior and how you treat the person you were talking to are all crucial elements. So here are a few points. I’m going to start with approaches to avoid. Don’t be too emotional. Don’t use guilt, and don’t shame people. And look, I get it. If you’re aware of emf, it’s a really serious situation that needs to be addressed, especially if you have children. And that can make you emotional, understandably, about the topic. But in order to get people on your side, you need to utilize tools of persuasion, and not engage in overbearing tactics that will just push people away. So what tools can you use instead? Focus on your concerns about EMF and health. And this is one I strongly recommend. It’s important not to dilute your argument with other issues, regardless of how related you think they are. For example, some of the related issues that often find their way into EMF discussions include privacy, technology, addiction, and technology waste. But you will be more successful if you avoid throwing the kitchen sink and you’re just got into your discussions. And instead, focus on the health aspects that concern you the most. So again, focus on the health. In addition, you want to focus on facts and science, it’s really important to focus on the facts and the science, you can include your own interpretation. But make clear when you do that, and distinguish your own views from the actual facts, and the actual science, always let the science and sound judgment, lead the discussion. As you’re talking to people, make sure to listen, it’s important to listen to the feedback you’re getting that feedback can help you craft even better points, the next time you try to have this same discussion. This one’s really important. You need to recognize the tech addiction is real. It’s not a metaphor. And it’s a big influence on how people use all of these EMF emitting gadgets in their lives. And it’s a big influence on how they’re going to hear what you’re telling them. You can’t get people to change addictive behaviors overnight. But you can plant the seeds for them to start making changes. As you keep focused on the goal and follow some of these other suggestions for your approach. Remember, if the person gets irritated or angry, then it’s probably time to back away. If they were receptive to start and then seem antsy. Then you’ve probably done all that you can add in that moment. you’ve planted the cede, let them ponder, you can step back and think of how to approach them again in the future. Remember, you do not need to convince everyone, you really just want to move the ball forward, make people more, make more people more aware, not all people fully aware. You want to come armed with facts. Now I’m very, very, very, very well aware that there is a ton of information that you could bring to your discussion. There are literally thousands of studies, about EMF and health effects, it’s more than any one person can memorize. So remember, the goal isn’t to memorize everything, or even most of it. And you definitely don’t want to read your friends or relatives a big laundry list of facts. Instead, you want to have some points ready to ease into the topic. I have a lot of this information already covered in blog posts, ebooks and videos. So rather than cover it here, I suggest that you check out this link shield your body comm slash learn. And you can get immediate and free access to a lot of this information. And you can review it and try to pick the topics and facts that you think are the most interesting and most convincing to use in your advocacy.

beyond what I’ve already posted on my site, and then the guide that accompanies this webinar, I’ve had many readers reply to me asking for citations, scientific studies, and other materials they can use to help them feel more prepared for these discussions and to share this material with others. So I just want to let all of you here today know that that’s what I’m working on. Now, I’m working on creating the tool chest based off of your request. So if you have requests email in, you can just reply to any of the webinar emails, and I’ll get it with your requests. I obviously can’t promise to do everything. But I definitely listen to the feedback I’m getting and consider it when I’m deciding what materials I can create. And this will be to help you with the information to take into your discussions. So just know that more of that is coming. This is a really important point, which is you have to offer specific alternatives, you can’t just go in and tell someone to stop doing something. Unless there’s an option, you’re not you’re going to have much more success if you offer them an option. So for example, if your goal is to get your husband to stop using a bluetooth headset, don’t just say stop using that headset, explain what he can do instead, like using speakerphone, or a regular headset or an anti radiation headset. Or if your goal is to have your neighbors remove Wi Fi from their apartment, you can explain to them what effects emf is having on them, and then explain the ways that they can mitigate it, for example, by moving their router to a more distant location by adding shielding to the router or by switching to Ethernet. Or if your goal is to get your wife to stop sleeping with a phone on her nightstand next to your bed. Maybe suggest she start by at least turning the phone into airplane mode when she falls asleep. Or if you’re aiming to have your boss create an office environment with less EMF for you then come prepared, for example, with a suggestion for an alternative office layout, along with a plan for how it most would most easily be accomplished. The point is offer specific alternatives. to more of these that you have ready, the more likely you are to succeed in your goals. And I have several Yep, sorry. I got ahead of myself. The next part is learning how to overcome common objections. When you have as many conversations about EMF as I do, you’ll start to learn there are some objections that you’ll hear repeated over and over again. So on the next few pages, I will include some of the most common objections I’ve heard and how I address them. Remember, you don’t want to get into a fight with the person you’re talking with, then you’re going to you’re going to fail in your goals, a guarantee it that will just make them shut down and reject everything that you have to say. Instead, you want to engage in a process of education, calmly explaining the facts as you see them. And if you know some of the objections, objections that you’re likely to hear, you can prepare your responses in advance. One that I often hear is I hear science says the stuff is safe. And to be fair, this is based on some truth. While there are many studies literally Thousands of them showing negative health effects from EMF. It is also true that there are scientific studies that show, for example, cellphone radiation does not lead to an increased rate of brain tumors. One way to respond is first acknowledge the truth of what the person is saying. And then you can point out that the majority of studies that show cellphone radiation is safe, are funded by the wireless and tech companies. They’re designed from the ground up to produce specific results. This type of science is so faulty, that as just one example, two separate courts in Italy, throughout these industry funded studies, when they ruled that cell phones cause brain tumors, they concluded the scientific studies funded by the wireless industry were too biased to be included in their consideration of the verdict. So even courts recognize the bias and its impact on the science. Another objection that you’ll hear is that there’s no definitive proof that emf is harmful. When you deal with EMF, you’ll hear this phrase all the time. Well, it sounds cut and dry. The term proof is actually a tricky one. And it has multiple meanings. And we actually my father, and I have a longer section on this in the overpowered book because this this argument was was one that he felt deeply about.

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In logic and math, for example, you can actually prove something. One plus one equals two, that’s provable definitively. But when you actually think about it, you’d be surprised at how few things in life can be definitively proven. For example, in a court of law, you don’t seek definitive proof. You seek proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that is a different standard. And we send people to prison without definitive proof. In the United States, we actually sentence people to death without definitive proof. So why are they holding this decision to a higher standard, then we apply in courts. Just like there’s no concept of definitive proof in law, there isn’t one in science either. In science proof has a specific meaning. Proof means I’ve performed an experiment. Here are the results, you and others can attempt to repeat and verify the work. Here’s my theory to explain the observations. What’s more, scientific proof is often overturned by subsequent generations of scientists. This is how science grows and evolves along with human understanding. But just because certain information does not constitute definitive proof, that does not mean that the information is inaccurate, misleading, or unreliable. What’s more, governments and regulators have repeatedly taken action in the absence of definitive proof based on a preponderance of the evidence. In the United States, for example, the Endangered Species Act applies a standard of evidence that is less than definitive proof in order for the Fish and Wildlife Service to designate a species as endangered. After all, once once we have definitive proof that a species is extinct, it’s too late to act to prevent their extinction. So while there is no definitive proof that EMF causes brain tumors, there is very concerning scientifically accepted, peer reviewed evidence from thousands of studies that cellphone radiation is carcinogenic. And this is why people should take action, even before we have definitive proof.

All of us want to believe that if something is available for sale, it’s safe. After all, if something isn’t safe, they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it. But that’s not true. As we see time and time and time again, here. I have a photo of Volkswagen, which a couple of years ago had dieselgate. In some cases, companies are allowed to sell dangerous products because the science hasn’t caught up. We don’t know that something isn’t safe. That’s not the case with EMF. In some cases, it’s because the regulations lag behind the science. And in other cases, it’s because the regulations are not actually enforced, as we saw with dieselgate. When it comes to EMF, we know that this type of radiation is dangerous, but the regulations lag behind the science. And the limited regulations that do exist are not enforced. So when people say they wouldn’t sell if it weren’t safe, that is just unfortunately not true. I don’t want to know that my cell phone will give me cancer because I’m not going to give up my phone anyway. So this really gets to the core of the challenge that you will face And it gets back to what I was saying earlier about tech addiction being a really important part of what we all have to acknowledge as we engage in these discussions. The natural response of many people is going to be to not want to hear any of this information. Because people have such a deep, and in many cases addictive relationship with their EMF emitting technology. And in certain states, I know I used to live in California, you know, a lot of people, their whole income depends off of the tech industry. So it’s not just that they’re addicted to the technology is an experience, their jobs depend on it. But the good news is that this objection is what creates the opportunity for you to pitch your actionable tip, the thing you defined earlier in your goals, maybe you want to get your husband to stop carrying his phone in his pocket. So when an objection comes up in your discussion like this, you can pivot to emphasize that he doesn’t have to give up his phone, all you’re asking for is for him to use it a little more safely, and in a way that doesn’t actually sacrifice his benefit and enjoyment of the technology. And that’s why you need to come to your discussion, ready to share some actionable tips, as I mentioned earlier. So before wrapping up, I wanted to cover a little bit about 5g. Obviously, 5g is another form of emf. So everything I’ve discussed in this webinar, and written about in the E book you received, all that stuff still applies to five G. At the same time, five G is a whole new technology. And it’s a controversial one getting a lot of attention. So it can be useful to learn a few pointers about how to discuss 5g specifically, and how to frame the issues in a way that’s conducive to the discussions you’re going to have. So first, and you don’t need to explain this to people. But just to make sure you understand. A 5g is called 5g because it’s the fifth generation of cell networks. So we started with one g in 1979. Most recently, and still most of us have 4g, which started in 2008. 5g is now the fifth generation. And to best understand what 5g is, I think it’s helpful to look at how 5g is different than prior technologies. And when I the way I explain it, I like to define two key differences between 5g and prior technologies like 4g. The first is frequency, five G will still use some of the 4g frequencies. But it can also go much higher, up to 300 gigahertz. These are called millimeter waves. And what’s key here is that these frequencies that form the 5g band, most of them have never before been used in consumer applications. So 5g will expose people to entirely new forms of emf. That is the first difference.

Second, second key difference is that with five G, we’re talking about an explosion in the number of sources. A lot of people think of five g as being for cell phones. And that’s true, there are five g cell phones, but five G is much more than just cell phones. 5g was designed from the ground up to power the Internet of Things. That includes things like smart cars, smart homes, and smart meters. So with 5g, we’re talking about a multiple order of magnitude explosion in the number of sources of emf in our environment. So those are the two key differences. Between 5g and all other forms of wireless tech that have come before it, people will be exposed to entirely new forms of emf. And these exposures will come from an exploding number of sources. We’re talking about a multiple order of magnitude growth in the number of sources, which means a huge jump in the number of exposures to this radiation. So those are two key differences. There is one area where 5g is very similar to prior versions of wireless tech. And I think it’s also useful to point this out to people. The one key area where 5g is similar to earlier forms of wireless tech is that it’s being released with absolutely no testing into the long term health effects. And I say this is similar to earlier forms of tech because this is exactly how The wireless industry rolls out technology. There was no testing on the long term. There was no testing into the long term health effects of the first cell phones before the first cell phones were released, there was no testing into the long term health effects of Wi Fi before Wi Fi was released, there was no testing into the long term health effects of cordless phones before cordless phones were released. wireless technology is always released without testing. And 5g is no different. The testing comes later, sometimes years, sometimes decades in the case of diseases like cancers, which do take decades to form. So when, when when, when you really need to boil 5g down to a few key points, I’d like to focus on the two differences, which is the frequencies that we’ve never been exposed to before and the explosion in the number of sources because it’s not just cell phones, but also reminding people that there has been no testing into the long term health effects. So as we approach the end of the educational portion of this webinar, I want to share some encouragement. I know that when you’re concerned about EMF, I can understand just how overwhelming it can sometimes feel. After all, they keep making more and more wireless devices, not just new phones, but smart cars, and smart meters, and smartwatches and smart thermostats and smart kitty litter boxes, and smart hairbrushes. And so many cell towers are going up every day. And every time you turn on your Wi Fi on your computer, you see more and more networks, especially if you live in a city.

But it’s also important to remember that you are not helpless. It is true that you alone cannot stop Apple from selling iPhones, or for Samsung to make safer phones, or prevent Verizon from putting up a tower. But you alone can make a big difference in your personal exposure based on how you engage with technology. And you on your own can help make other people in your lives safer by educating them on these important issues. And that in turn, will contribute to the larger goals of slowing, for example, the 5g rollout, because the more people who think twice about upgrading their device, or who think twice about getting a new smartwatch, or who think twice about buying Apple’s new wearable glasses, which will probably come out next year. The more people who think twice about buying a new form of wireless tech, the slower that stuff will roll out. And the more people who tell realtors, that they are concerned about EMF levels in their homes, the more the market will learn that this is a priority. And the more motivated people will be to make their home safer. And to pose for example, tower deployments in their neighborhoods. Even if they personally aren’t concerned about EMF, everyone is concerned about their home value. The more people who are aware, the more people who start to take back control from EMF and the wireless companies. And the way to start that process is to learn how to communicate these issues and concerns calmly and effectively. That’s how it all starts. And please remember to download the ebook that was emailed to you. And it will be emailed to you again when the recording of this webinar is complete. This webinar really only touched on some of the items from a top level, this guide has a lot more information. And it also includes a workbook to help you along your path. And also, you don’t need to worry about having missed items are taking notes from today’s webinar, because it’s all in there written for your reference in the long at any point in time. So download it and save it, I think and I also definitely want to hear your feedback. I want to hear your thoughts about this guide. And I want to hear how it helped. If you tried it. How What was your experience? Like? Did it help you did you accomplish goals? Did you encounter opposition I didn’t prepare you for in the guide. I want to know what your experiences with this process because this is a set of materials. I am I am devoted and focused on building out over the coming months. And I’m going to get into QA. But I before I do. I always have a special offer for people who attend my webinars live who take the time to do that. And this isn’t a sales webinar. This is really an educational webinar. But so I’m not going to get into a long sales pitch here. But as I said I do like giving something to everyone who attends my webinars. And so today I’m excited to share a brand new offer with you Because it ties in to the larger theme I started with. As I said at the beginning, I started si B to help people live more safely with technology. And I do this with education, and products. And in the eight years I’ve been running swipey. I focused on electronics, accessories, and apparel, like you see here, my phone pouch and my boxer briefs. And I’m very proud of the catalog that I’ve built over the years, especially since we’re a small business, and I started it from scratch. But there’s a big limitation, not just of my products, but of most EMF protection products in general. See, the electronics accessories are designed to provide protection from a single specific source of emf, like how my phone pouch makes it safer to carry your phone, or how my laptop pad makes it safer to use your laptop. And my apparel products are designed to protect a single part of your body, like how the boxers protect men’s reproductive organs, or how the bandana can be used to protect your head or your neck, depending on how you use it. So to date, all of my products protect you either from a single source of emf or to protect a single specific part of your body. And that is until now, because as I said earlier, I’m focused on finding new ways for us, Why be to start helping people take control over sources of emf that are not in their immediate in direct control.

sources, like the growing number of cell towers and antennas, including 5g that are being rolled out around the world, you can’t just turn them off, and you can’t move them further away, because they’re not in your direct control. But that doesn’t mean you’re helpless. Part of how I’m shifting si B is to provide education on new topics like this webinar and the ebook and the videos that go along with it. Learning how to talk to others about these issues is how you start to build support to eventually implement regulatory change. But as you engage in that process, how do you start protecting yourself right now. And that’s why I’m proud to announce the new si p bed canopy which offers protection from all sources of emf radiation for your entire body. And it offers this protection all night long, which is a which is significant not only because it’s a third of your life, but it’s a really important part of each day. When your body rests it’s when your body rests it recovers from the prior day and helps regenerate for the next day. My si B bed canopy is shielded is tested to shield up to 99.98% of emf including 5g frequencies up to 26 gigahertz. The test data is on the website. It’s made from 100% silver thread. It includes formats, which you can use or not use. that’s optional but it is included and if you use it It provides protection in every direction. We’re talking about omnidirectional protection in bed. It has openings on both sides for easy entrance and exit. It includes a mounting kit for easy installation, you don’t need a big heavy frame, you can just mount it into your ceiling and it’s machine washable. This first version is available in the king size but depending on how people feel about it, I may add more sizes in the future. And it’s available for pre order right now for delivery by the end of August. And if you preorder right now, you can save 35% so you just need to enter this coupon code that you see here canopy 35 at checkout you this coupon code will expire at midnight tonight. That’s in about 10 hours midnight tonight pacific time and you can save $661 and 50 cents on your order. And like all my products, it includes free shipping, a lifetime warranty and 30 day returns. Now I know at this price this product is not for everyone. And if you know me and you know my catalog, you know I work hard to make my products as affordable as possible. Most are under $40 and all of them until now have been under 100. But please remember that EMF shielding materials are not inexpensive. This is why bed canopy is made with 100% silver thread. And of course it uses a lot of it. It’s literally a precious metal. So I didn’t take this step lightly to add a product like this to my catalog. It was a big decision for me. But I wanted a product that could provide effective protection for such a big and important part of your life to start offering protection against sources Vmf that are not in your immediate control. So in addition to the education products like this are a key way to help people like you start taking back control over your exposures to EMF from sources that are not in your direct control. So if you are interested, this is a great opportunity to get my new bed canopy for a really good price. So with that it I’m going to thank you all for for attending. And I’m going to get into some QA, I see there’s a good number of questions posted here. But I’m going to start with some from the form that a lot of you filled out, there was a really good response here, I’m not not going to get to everything. If I don’t get to your question, you can just email me, you can reply to the emails you got about the webinar. People think I’m alarmist to making a bigger deal out of things. Because if it were true or really harmful, it would not be allowed. And if and when I give suggestions for precautions, people attack me either for being too soft, and not speaking out against 5g or too crazy that I believe it’s harmful. Okay, two things they’re both are definitely worth addressing. So if it were true that it was harmful, it would not be allowed. You know, I, I gave, I touched on that in the slides today. And in the E book, you’ll see I give three specific examples of because I

you know what, let me, let me open it up real, I think I can open it up real quick. But one is, there were three, three categories of of examples of how that just isn’t true. And sorry, I’m just opening up the book, I should have had it open before. My computer is difficult. So the first is the science doesn’t know it’s harmful. One example, where a harmful product was allowed to be sold, where we didn’t know the science was thalidomide, which was a morning sickness pill treatment that was available in the 1960s. And and that was made available to pregnant women. And they didn’t know when they approved it. But it event it caused significant birth defects and was eventually pulled from the market. So that’s one example, in some cases, because the regulations lag behind the science. So we know science has demonstrated the negative effects of something, but the regulations haven’t yet caught up. And one great example for that is tobacco. This was the case in the 1980s and 1990s, when everyone knew that smoking was dangerous, but it was still largely unregulated. And you could still do it everywhere. And in other cases, it’s because the regulations aren’t actually enforced. This is also the case with cell phones. And I have information about that in multiple videos and in blog posts about regulations. But one example I point people to is dieselgate, where Volkswagen was allowed to sell a tremendous number of cars based off of fraudulent test data, they just lied, they lied about what their cars did. And the same is true for cell phones. And I use the example of phone gate. So again, these are all available in the E book, I’d strongly encourage you to get it to look through it. So when people say if it’s true, that it’s harmful, it wouldn’t be allowed. That’s not true. Now you have to decide how you’re going to respond to them, because you have to keep the conversation civil. But you can show them specific examples about how what they’re saying just isn’t true. Now, when you talk about giving suggestions for precaution, some people attack you for being too soft, and some for not speaking out against 5g enough, or some saying you’re being too aggressive. Look, I understand I am in the same position with si B, I have people who say that I’m trying to make people scared about a threat that isn’t real just in order to sell things. I have other people who say I’m not being strong enough in my attacks on 5g. It comes from every angle. And that’s that’s one of the characteristics of this debate right now, not only this debate it political tensions overall are very divided right now, and very tense and learning how to address but that doesn’t mean I just close up shop and go away. It means I learn new tactics and new approaches, so that I can dress you know both sides as much as possible. If people don’t want to hear what I have to say they’re not going to listen. But I try to make the messages and the arguments as compelling to people as people But what you’re pointing out is it’s definitely true. See, I’m going to try to get to some of the shorter questions here. In addition to this, can you research what products that can be taken internally to strengthen one’s immunity towards EMF and 5g? That’s a really good question. It is an area that I would like, well, it’s an area that I understand is important. For now, one person I would recommend is Lloyd Burrell. He runs electric sense, calm. And obviously, you know, I don’t agree with every single thing he posts, but he has a lot of information about responses to boost your immune system. Another one is Dr. mercola. And he’s, I believe it’s mercola.com. But if you just Google Dr. mercola, you’ll find him and he has a lot of that information as well. I’m, I’m over 65. And therefore the info I’m sharing with others my own age, they don’t seem to be as concerned about EMF as I am, what can I say to get their attention? You know, that’s a difficult one, because the old that Well, let me let me say it this way, the younger you are, the more risk you are, because well, a,

the younger you are, the more vulnerable you are to this type of damage. And I have a blog post that explains that. So if you want to email in, I’m happy to send it to you. Because for instance, your cells are dividing more rapidly, you’re still growing and so any damage to a cell gets mult, the impact is multiplied in your body. But also because you have longer to live with any of that damage. So so the younger you are, the more risk you are, that means necessarily, the older you are, the less at risk you are. So you know one way you can try to get their attention is seeing if they have children or grandchildren. Because if they do, that’s that would be how I would try to approach it. Because most people, most people who are grandparents are very concerned about the health of their children and grandchildren. So that’s the angle that I would use. My 15 year old son thinks I’m overreacting by having concerns. He’s with me on not using earbuds or putting the phone to his ear, small things like that, but doesn’t see the big picture. He wants proof of harm, but will not read anything I share with him. I’m here in hopes that I can find a way to help him understand. You know, that’s okay. So first, I’m going to congratulate you because you’ve gotten someone to start making those small changes, not using his wireless earbuds or putting his phone to his ear, don’t you say they’re small things like that, don’t discount that that’s a big win, you’ve made a direct impact on his health. And you’ve with maybe without realizing it, you’ve opened him up to new messaging. So that is a significant win that you should be proud that you should be proud of. Now, in terms of proof, you know, I tried to address there is a lot of evidence of harm. And I have a lot of this information on the blog. And that that is I’m trying to work on for next month making content that’s more shareable that summarizes some of the more concerning evidence. Now whether it’s definitive proof or not, that’s that’s something I tried to touch on in the in the presentation. But there is a lot of evidence. And again, I think, you know, if you go to shield your body comm slash learn, that is a really good place to start. It’s obviously there’s, you know, thousands of studies out there, I can only write about so many. But I think you know, I’ve tried to pick some of the more compelling ones and some of the more compelling arguments to present that information. So that’s a really good place to start. But know that I’m, I’m working on more information. How can we protect ourselves from our neighbor’s Wi Fi, we see as many as eight to 10 networks, some still strong in our house is there any practical thing one can do. So that’s a very, that’s a perfect example of a use case for why I’ve developed the bed canopy. So that’s, that’s, that’s really the only product in my cat. That’s why I added it to my catalog, and we’re just starting pre orders now. It’ll be shipping in August. That’s the way I’m approaching. You can’t stop it fully. But you can stop it while you sleep, which is a huge part of your day. It’s certainly a huge part of the time you spend at home. And it’s a really important part of the day. Beyond that there are whole home shielding solutions. It’s not a product you can buy. It’s It’s It’s more of an implementation that has to be designed for your house. And if that’s something you’re interested in know that a it’s expensive and B it’s difficult. So for people who are interested in that, I always recommend a consultant that they engage a consultant if If that’s something you want, you can email in, and I can, I can send you a referral. But don’t do whole, I strongly recommend doing whole home or even whole room shielding yourself without this assistance of a consultant because it’s very easy to get wrong. And if you do it wrong, you can end up amplifying your exposures. How do I tell people the truth about 5g without scaring them to death or making them think I’m crazy? You know, I like I think the way I talk about 5g is an effective way. Now, maybe you don’t agree. And I know you wrote this question before you saw my presentation.

But I think that the way that I try to approach it, which is talking about those two key differences, and then the one similarity, you know, that I find, I mean, I don’t feel like the way I’m talking about is alarmist. It’s, I’m talking about a serious issue. And I’m pointing out key facts about it that are undeniable. And you know, I don’t I certainly, I don’t get into topics like how 5g caused Coronavirus, which I don’t actually even believe but you don’t want to get into these, these things that and that’s why I was saying lead with the science lead with facts. Because when you rely on things that are facts, you can present them more calmly. And in a way that if people are interested, they can engage with your subject matter. They’re more willing to engage, they can engage more deeply, you can have a more meaningful conversation. Okay, so there are more questions here. But I’m going to jump back and forth now. So I’m going to go into the room and see what questions we have here. Let me see. A nonde asks, How is the awareness of emf and 5g truly changing the way we are living? Or are we just ignoring it like the warning signs of cigarettes? How can we bring real transformation with this evangelism? Great question and on. So I do think it’s already changing. And I started the webinar by talking about that, because the type of stuff we’re seeing with five j, we just haven’t seen before. You haven’t seen cities block cell phone technology, whole cities, the capital of a country, blocking a new cell phone technology, because of the uncertainty around the health effects. That kind of stuff didn’t happen before. So there is already a change. So how can we bring real transformation? Well, I like to, I mean, so not only is there change, that changes happened, because there’s more opposition. And so opposition is growing, which means more people are aware, and they’re aware enough to take action. So the way that I feel I can contribute to this process is by helping people learn how to communicate this to others. This is a process of normalizing the information. I mean, there was a point in time, where not only were people not concerned about the health effects of cigarettes, they literally had doctors doing cigarette ads, right. And so to get from that point, to the point where you’re not allowed to smoke, basically anywhere except your house, you know, that was a long process, you literally had doctors doing ads for cigarettes, and now you can barely smoke anywhere. But that took a long time. And in order for that process to happen, you need to normalize awareness. And, and that’s what I’m trying to help and that I do. I mean, nothing happens overnight, certain nothing like this happens, you can start using a phone pouch, you know, my sob phone pouch, and, you know, make that difference overnight. But the type of transformational change you’re talking about. That is an ongoing process. And I think learning how to communicate these issues to others, feeling comfortable doing it, doing it more doing it so that it’s a matter of course. And something that just happens, you know, that’s how we start to build a bigger opposite a bigger awareness, which then supports a bigger opposition, which then leads the type of change you’re talking about. Thank you anon.

Tomoko asked what is the most effective way to shield EMF coming from 22 Smart Meters placed in the other side of the wall? They are downstairs. So that’s similar to the other question I just answered about multiple Wi Fi networks in the building. You can consider a product like my bed canopy. You can consider doing, I assume you’re an apartment building it because if there’s 22 smart meters, it’s probably an apartment building. You can consider trying to implement whole apartment EMF protection with the assistance of a consultant. It is pi diff more difficult. But you can try to get the apartment building to move the installations. Now that you can’t do overnight. But that is all one of those things where that’s one of those goals that is, is not easy to achieve, but is within reach, it’s within the realm of possibility. And the way to get to that point is by getting more neighbors on your side. And the way to get to that point is by adopting the tactics like I’m sharing in this webinar. So this webinar doesn’t get you rid of the doesn’t help you get rid of the smart meters. But this content that I’m sharing now is designed to help you get allies on your side. And once you have that, then you can design an approach to make an appeal to I don’t know if it would be your landlord, or the the building owner or whoever the management company. So if that’s something you’re interested in, you can contact me because that’s a program that I’m working on developing now. Thank you.

I don’t know if this is David or David misspelled, but what are my thoughts about the mega satellites and abundance coming our way? I am very concerned about the mega satellites. You know, starlink. And starlink is just one company that’s and it’s starlink is actually a project of SpaceX, which is Ilan Musk’s company. They’re just one company is planning to send up 50,000 of these satellites. And they’re deploying a bunch, I think, I can’t remember now that I haven’t posted on the blog, but they’re deploying a bunch of these relay antennas on the ground in the United States and eventually in other countries around the world. I’m really concerned about it. I’m concerned about it for all of humanity. But I’m also concerned for nature. But I’m also particularly concerned about it for the electro sensitive and the electrosensitive, you know, it can be easy to ignore electro sensitivity, because it is relatively small percentage of the population that reports these symptoms of being sensitive to EMF in these ways. But I will tell you from personal experience, that percentage is growing, the number of people who are reporting these symptoms is growing. And that’s not a surprise, because the level of emf is growing. So it shouldn’t surprise people. When if we compare it to an allergy, if you increase the amount of an allergen in the environment, the more people are going to, it’s going to trigger an allergic response. And the reason I’m concerned for the electrosensitive is because being electrosensitive today is tough enough, you have to sacrifice a huge part of your life, in a lot of cases, just to get to a place. And when I say get to a place, I mean physically located in a place that has low enough levels of emf radiation, when you’re talking about blanketing the planet in this stuff, you know those places are going to become harder and harder to find. So I’m yeah, I’m very concerned about the satellites. And that is, you know, that’s why that’s why it’s one example of why I find it so important to start focusing more of my work, whether it’s the education or the product development, on protecting against sources that aren’t in our media control. So I will also just add, because I don’t know if anyone else had to well, if anyone else asked about this, but you know, people talk about 5g as an urban technology. And in a lot of ways it is because 5g just because of the nature of the technology, it really is designed to work most effectively in cities where there’s a sufficiently dense population to make it economically viable. But there are companies out there working on bringing 5g to rural America. And one of them, I believe it’s at&t, they have a project called air gig. And they’re planning to turn the power grid into a five g antenna, right because the power grid is an antenna. We don’t use it as an antenna, but it is an antenna. And you can relay these signals up just down a power line just like you can relay electricity down a power line. So anywhere that there’s going that there is electrification, which is most of rural America, you are going to have the chance of having 5g there, even if you’re not in a city. So the satellites concern me air air gig concerns me there are a lot of things going on right now that really concern me. And that’s why I’m spending this time in investing in creating this type of content and new products like my canopy. Thank you, David. Susan asked how we can protect ourselves from 5g you know a certain sense. We protect ourselves against 5g the same way we protect ourselves against the mF right that I didn’t I didn’t explain it in, explicitly in in this webinar. But I do in the E book. And it’s the two key rules, right? minimize your use of emf emitting technology and maximize the distance from that technology when it’s in use. And the same rules apply. So whether your cell phone is 5g, or its 4g, the way you use, it will impact your exposure. Now, in terms of the other aspects of 5g,

like the number of sources in our environment, and the new frequencies and so forth, you know, that’s the, you know, the chip, well, let me just say there’s the same healthy living tips apply the two key rules of emf protection, minimize use to maximize distance, those apply to 5g as much as to 4g and other tech, and EMF protection products. That’s why I’ve gone through, I think it’s up to eight. Now eight of my products in my catalog, no nine now with the canopy, or five g tested. Because I think it’s important to get test results to show that my products work on G just like they work on prior versions of emf. But if you’re talking about 5g as a metaphor for the explosion in technology, you know, that’s why I’m working on content, like what we talked about here in this in this webinar today. And the way to start making a change in how this technology is deployed, and how much of it is deployed, and where it’s deployed. You know, that starts by learning how to talk about it. Thank you, Susan. Susan also asked how we know when 5g goes live up, Stephanie asked. Thank you, Stephanie. So yeah, the ookla five g map is a great resource. It’s not comprehensive, especially outside of the United States. I’ve checked there are some countries where I know, there are installations, but they’re not yet on that map. But that’s a really good place to start. And oh, and Dave, also put an antenna search comm that is that’s a that’s a really good site. I don’t know how they’re covering five G, but they have a tremendous database. They’ve been around a long time. So that’s a really great site as well. Thank you, Susan.

LAUREL asks, I sometimes download at night via cell phone as a mobile hotspot, what’s the minimum distance the devices need to be from the sleeping area? So that’s a good question. As you know, I always say not to sleep with your phone, or to put it in airplane mode if you do, but if, if you’re using it as a, you know, for productive function at that time and turning it off isn’t practical, you know, the answer is as far away as possible. But if so you definitely want to keep it as far as if you’re in a, you know, in a house, you know, maybe leave in a different part of the house. If you’re in a studio apartment, leave it on the other side as far away in the apartment from your bed as possible. But if you need a fixed number, you know, I’d say at least six feet, but definitely as far as possible. Thank you, Laurel. Claire asked, Do I think 5g could be the cause of a lot of deaths in the next few years, lots of scaremongering on social media. Yeah, I don’t use social media anymore. I mean, that’s why B does. And it’s a great way to engage with our customers and to share some content. But beyond that social media has become very unpleasant. Especially, you know, around issues of 5g, and with the pandemic. I try not to be a scare monger, because I don’t think that helps. First of all, second, a lot of it is based on false information, or assumptions that may or may not be true. So you know, do I think you can, you know, I, I think 5g will be the source of a lot of disease. And some of that disease will lead to increased mortality in the way that we’ve seen already with prior generations of this technology. But I think more so because of the explosion in the number of sources. And that’s what I often don’t hear. That’s why I focus on it so much, I often don’t hear it. When when people are talking about 5g and their concerns about 5g and why everyone should be afraid of 5g. I often don’t hear the simple them expressed the simple fact that you’re talking about an explosion in the number of sources. So even if 5g is no more dangerous than 4g or 3g or Wi Fi, you’re still talking about an explosion in the number of exposures that you’re going to be exposed to so much more EMF even if the emf is no more dangerous than today’s frequencies. It’s a tremendous This leap in how much we’re all going to be exposed to, because of how many different devices are going to be connecting to these networks. So that’s my big concern with 5g. And, you know, it should just be tested. There’s enough data out there now, that shows real health risks from prior versions of this technology, we’ve gotten to the point where there’s enough information that justifies putting this stuff through regulatory testing, the same way we do with, for instance, drugs, you know, the vaccines that everyone needs, in order for the world to rebound from COVID. Those have to go through more testing than 5g phones. And those are life saving potentially life saving treatments that not only will save lives but help the world economy get back to normal. And we have to put those through multiple rounds of clinical trials. Why don’t we apply the same standard to five g? You know, that it’s just reasonable to me. But the goal here is to make more people realize that that’s reasonable. Sorry, I think I got a little worked up there. But thank you, Claire. LAUREL asked if the bed canopy repels mosquitoes? You know, it’s funny, my brother asked me this question. It hasn’t been tested for that. But maybe, maybe we’ll we’ll put that through testing? I don’t know. I’m sorry, I don’t have a better answer for you on that. Thank you, Laurel.

David asked, What is the mat under the bed? And do you go? Do you ground your canopy? Okay, two good questions. So the mat is you can see it in the picture, it’s the blue part of the picture, it’s actually two mats that come with it, and you can lay it onto your bed, some people don’t want to, if they live in a house, and they’re on the ground floor, you know, there’s no real reason to use the mat. But if you’re in an apartment building, especially, you know, the mat, I think is important because it’ll block the EMF from coming from from the, from underneath you. And it’s made of a different material than the rest of the canopy, but it has very effective shielding. And so that’s that it’s it’s made from a steel. You know, what I? I should have remembered this, I apologize. I don’t have let me just hold this up. And I’ll give you that answer. It’s posted right there on the on the product page. But let me pull that up. And the mat is made from 30%, stainless steel, 30% polyester 40% cotton. So the mat is the shielding element is stainless steel and the mat whereas the rest of the canopy is made from from silver 100% silver thread. Okay, so you had a second part of your question that I did want to answer? Do you ground your canopy? The answer there is you can, it is not required. The reason I didn’t. So if you want to ground it, you can buy and if you email us, I’ll send you a direct link. It’s you know, from another store that we recommend, we have no, we don’t get a commission or anything, but we just recommend it. And you can get an allocator an alligator, sorry, an alligator clip ground, so you can just clip it to the canopy, and then plug it into the wall. And you can ground your canopy that way if you choose to. I didn’t put a grounding snap on it. Because and I actually went through the stock process as we were designing the product, I didn’t want people to think they had to ground it in order for it to work because it still works as a shield, regardless. And to is because I’ve seen a growing amount of concern that when you you know if you ground things into the ground, that’s one thing but most people who live particularly in apartment buildings or even in homes, they’re not grounding into Graham, when they’re not grounding into the earth itself. They’re grounding into the the circular part of you know the ground of your outlet. So they’re effectively grounding into the power grid. And when you ground into the power grid signals can go both ways. And it can become a conduit for dirty electricity. So that’s why we don’t currently sell any grounding products because I want more data on that concern. But for people who do want to ground it, they can use this product like I just told you about. It’s an alligator clip ground. So if you email in I can it’s 10 bucks. Thank you, David. Bonnie, what about a canopy for baby cribs when parents won’t turn off Wi Fi? great suggestion. That is actually one of the sizes we’re considering. So you know, this is a new product. It’s obviously at a different price point. For us. It’s an you know, I think it’s a great product, but we have to see how well consumers respond to it. And if it’s if it goes well we’re definitely doing other sizes. And baby crib is definitely one of the sizes on our radar. Thank you Bye

Herschel says, great idea, but sadly had his financial reach totally understood. You know, I’ll work over to, you know, if I can afford to make more of these, then I can try to bring the price down. You know, right now, you know, we’re talking about very low volume product. So, but if we can generate more and more sales, at some point, I’ll be able to bring the price down. But all you also ask, Do I ship to the UK? Yes, every order from my website has free shipping throughout North America. That’s the US, Canada and Mexico, throughout the European Union, which for right now still includes the UK and to Australia as well. And we’re looking to add more and more countries to our shipping. Thank you Herschel. LAUREL asks if she can get a 35% discount on other products today, please. I’m going to ask Stephanie, can you please create a coupon for Laurel and post it as a comment for her? Or, or if that doesn’t happen? Before we end the webinar, Laurel? Just email in and we’ll get you that code because you asked so nicely, you said please, how can I say no? Thank you, Laurel. Debbie asks, Can you speak of the difference between ionizing and non ionizing radiation? And also pulsating radiation? how it affects your health? That’s a really good question. Um, so I don’t know if you saw I just posted a video. Stephanie, if you could post in there, the link to the video I sent out this week on YouTube. So when there is a very quick explanation. So I and I, so ionizing and non ionizing radiation are two forms of emf. So and it’s based off of how much energy the radiation has. So ionizing radiation, so let I’m on camera, right. So you can see, I think of there’s an EMF spectrum, and I’ve graphics of this on the website. But for now, I’m just going to use my hands, there’s an EMF spectrum. And right in the middle of that spectrum is sunlight. And sunlight is a form of emf. And if some if a form of emf has more energy than sunlight, we call that ionizing. And that includes things like x rays, and gamma rays. And it’s called ionizing because it has so much energy, it can knock electrons loose from the atoms in your body, that ionizes the atoms, that’s that. So it starts breaking down the atoms that form your body. That’s why it’s so dangerous, even in incredibly small doses. And that’s why you should always, you know, you know, when dentists try to give me x rays, I push back, you know, unless it’s, you know, if it’s, unless I have a real problem, or unless it’s, you know, maybe been to you, the dentist tries to give me x rays every six months, I say, No, I don’t need them every six months. And that’s why they also they put on this lead jacket on the rest of your body, when they give you those x rays, because that’s the end, they, you notice that the X ray technician moves into another room while they’re doing it, because that’s how dangerous it is. So ionizing radiation, like x rays, and gamma rays, everyone knows that that stuff is really really, really dangerous, even in the short term, even a very low doses. So forms of emf with less energy than the sun. That’s called non ionizing, because it doesn’t have enough energy to ionize the atoms in your body. So and that includes all the forms of radiation that that I’m talking about. So that’s radio frequency, and microwave, and elf or like the extremely low frequency that comes from power lines, those are all forms of non ionizing radiation, and they do not have as much energy, and so they don’t ionize the atoms in your body. So it was long thought because they didn’t ionize the atoms in your body. It was long thought that they were safe. But over the past several decades, you know, a growing body of science shows that that assumption was wrong. Now in terms of pulsating radiation, and how it affects your health. I know that there are some studies on this. It’s it’s a confusing area, because

the this is hard to the EPA, dia, in terms of expressing the health effects of emf exposure. You know, you’re talking about measuring populations in in the water, you know, what is the self does? Does cell phone lead to increased risk of cancer does a cell phone lead to increased risk of miscarriage, you’re measuring health effects in the population, and you’re not really controlling for how much of the radiation they’re exposed to as possible. Not paused, or at what frequency it was pulsed. And it’s very hard to back out the impact of pulsed radiation in terms of health effects. That said, I believe there is enough data to show that the fact that radiation is pulsed, and the regularity or lack of regularity of the pulses in the signals is a contributing factor to health effects. But I don’t know enough. And I don’t know if anyone knows enough about really what impacts those have yet. Thank you, Debbie. I apologize. I got a little stumbled on that answer. But thank you. Susan asked if you have to ground the mesh over the bed. No, you do not have to. You can if you want to. But thank you very much, Susan.

LAUREL asked last week, I noticed I was having headaches at night and the next day after using a wired headset. This week, I stopped using the headset and the headaches did not come direct correlation. You know, you this is what one of the things I’m talking about. If if when you use something, you feel bad, and when you stop using it, you feel better. That’s that’s good evidence that the thing you were using is the cause or a contributing cause of the negative health effect that you were experiencing? So you know, you can’t say that it’s a direct correlation, scientifically, but you know, on a personal level in terms of making these personal decisions, I think yeah, that’s clearly evidence that you should stop using that product in that way. Thank you, Laurel. Catherine asked if I can refer you to any particular building biologists or EMF consultants? Yes, I can. So if you just email in, we’ll be happy to do that for you. Thank you, Catherine. Bonnie says she can opt out of smart meters everywhere she’s lived, but you have to pay extra for the manual reading. Yes, that’s true in some areas, and unfortunately, not showing others. So but if you if you’re in an area that has a smart meter, it’s definitely worth finding out if you have the option to opt out. And if so, I strongly recommend doing it. I know it does cost extra. I believe in most places, though. It’s something like $10 a month. I mean, we’re not talking about a mass. I mean, I know it’s not nothing, but it’s not a massive extra expense. Um, and and it’s in my opinion, that’s worth it. Thank you, Bonnie. Apologize. I do not know how to pronounce this name. Tau Tawana asked how do you turn five g off from a cell phone? Well, first off, you know, don’t buy it if that’s what you want to do. Don’t buy a 5g phone right now still, today, you have to really go out of your way to get a 5g phone. Almost all phones don’t have 5g these days. iPhone. No Apple phone, for instance, is available with 5g. And all the 5g phones that I’ve seen so far cost a lot of money like over $1,000. So um, you just want to check on your phone does does it does it say your signal is 5g or not? And please note that at&t uses this thing called Five G. So if your phone says five G, you’re not on 5g, you’re on what at&t is marketing as an interim step to 5g. So anyway, the the point there is you probably unless you went out of your way to buy a 5g phone, you don’t have 5g on your cell phone. In terms of turning 5g off on the phone? I don’t know the answer to that one. There may be a way. But I haven’t actually used a 5g phone yet myself. But if so, you know, there’s probably a setting that you can use. There may be I shouldn’t say probably there may be a setting to downgrade your connection. But I’d have to see and it would depend on your phone model and your phone carrier. But short answer is you probably don’t have 5g on your phone right now unless you went out of your way to buy a 5g phone. Thank you. Sorry, give me one second. I’m starting to lose my voice. Ah, okay, better. Martha asks, Can five GB turned off at night at the router? I’m sorry, can can Wi Fi be turned off at night? At the router? Yes. And Stephanie did No you didn’t. There’s Hold on. Let me just bring you to this

being a link to paste here into the room. How do I post a comment? So I’m giving you a link right here. This is my post on turning off your Wi Fi router at night. And that has a bunch of suggestions that you could unplug it, you can put it on a timer, you can set some places you can use software that you can even control from your phone. So you can use your phone to turn off your router and then turn your phone into Airplane Mode there’s a bunch of different options. So that post is where I would recommend you visit Thank you Martha.

See so let me jump back oh just quickly before Mira asked Can I get 35% off coupon for your other products yes please email into Hello at and because you asked nicely again with the please That was good. You guys are learning we’ll make it Yeah, well we’ll we’ll give you a one time it’ll be time limited because the you know 35% is a pretty big discount and I really only do that occasionally. And that was for today’s webinar so it’ll be time limited of single use but yes, if you email in to Hello it shield your body will we’ll get that taken care of for you. Thank you Mira Laurel asked what is EHS? EHS stands for electro hypersensitivity? And here, I’m finding a link to give you a post a comment. So that is my post on electromagnetic hypersensitivity. It’s a condition again, you know, I, I it’s convenient to think of it as an allergy, but the effects can be really debilitating for people who experience it. So you know, most of us don’t realize when we’re exposed to EMF, we don’t feel it instantly into immediately discernible ways. People with EHS do and the it can vary. The set, I explained the symptoms on that post, the symptoms can vary, you know, from things like rashes, to anxiety, to real severe, more serious medical problems. So that anyway, I’d recommend you view that post. Oh, someone is on the webinar is a building biologist who knows, great building biologists from all over the country. She posted her email address here. So if anyone I know a couple of people had asked about that, so you might want to look at her email address and then assume from your email address that your name is Kathy. So I’m going to ask Stephanie, can you please note her email address so we can get in touch with her please? And Kathy, if you’d like you can email me directly. I’d be I’d like to have the chance to talk with you. Thank you. Okay. Oh, Tijuana says Apple iPhone 11. You don’t? Um, you don’t? You? I’m sorry. You don’t have 5g. If you have an iPhone 11 you don’t have 5g. So you don’t need to worry about disabling it on your phone. Thank you. So I’m gonna jump back to my keyboard is dead. Hold on. Where did those go? Okay, some of the other questions here.

Okay, the combination of satellites above towers and repeaters on ground level is intimidating. I agree. I’m curious about whether the these are from the questions that people submitted before the webinar, I’m curious about whether these satellites can ever be turned off. You know, I mean, that that would require legislation or a failed business, I mean, a start, if starlink doesn’t get any customers, then it’s not a viable business. And, and it’ll stop though, you know, they won’t keep paying to run that network. If it doesn’t have any customers or doesn’t have enough customers, you know, whether that happens or not? That’s a big question. But you know, the the more the The other option is regulation, getting laws to actually change what’s allowed in the sky. And that’s a longer process. I’m also wondering about how to analyze the growing marketplace of devices that claim to help regulate and stabilize ourselves, the level of fluidity and balance. How do we help buffer ourselves from the above and below sources of emf microwave radiation? Yeah, that’s a really good question. Because people ask me about these technologies all the time. I get emails about harmonizers and neutralizers in immune system supplements. And, and, you know, some I know some people who say that certain things work. I know Some people who say those same things don’t work. And it’s hard for me to comment on them for that reason, I, I focus si B. And this is in part, the legacy of my father, which is how the how I started the company, the direction I started, the company is basing things off of science, that means things that science can show. So that means, in the case of shielding products, it means, products that I can show in a lab work the way that I say, in the case of education, it’s their science to back up what I’m saying. Now, I want to be clear, science doesn’t answer every question. science isn’t omniscient. Science is a way a specific way that we have of measuring and understanding and interacting with the world around us. Just Just because science doesn’t prove something is real, doesn’t mean it’s not real. Just because science can’t show that prove that something works doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. But in terms of the way that I run, sob and how I choose to, to focus my advocacy and education efforts, I always look to the science, because I try very hard to provide information to people that I can back up with science, because that’s what gives me the comfort and the the strength to spread the messages that I’m spreading. So that’s in terms of these other types of products, you know, it is a little bit sort of a wild west out there. And you really have to go based off of your, your gut. So, you know, for instance, Dr. mercola, he’s, he’s a great resource. And he has a lot of information on immune system supplements and things like that, that go along to help repair the damage from EMF, you know, if he recommends something, I give it credence, I just because he has such a good authority on these things. Even if I can’t prove it myself, if he’s saying, you know, based off of his understanding of medicine, in the human body, that this type of supplement should work for a certain end result. You know, it’s not maybe scientifically provable, but I certainly give it more credence because of who is sharing that information. So I hope that was some type of useful answer for you. I’m trying to scroll through here. Uh, when you tell people five G’s not to is not is not safe due to health risk, they don’t believe you, you get dismissed for being over the top or conspiracy theorist. They dismiss you on the basis that it must be safer wouldn’t be promoted and allowed. Yeah, I mean, I understand. I feel like the calmer you are in your presentation. So the more that you rely on facts, and the calmer you are in your presentation, the more receptive people are, to this information doesn’t mean that everyone’s receptive. And you can’t convince everybody, if they’re not open to it, they’re not open to it, you’re not going to be able to force them to believe something.

But if you rely on the facts, like the way I presented five g in the webinar, just those three statements, right, a exposures to new radiation, an explosion in the number of sources, and no testing. That is, you know, those, those aren’t even the most extreme or most concerning facts, I could say, about 5g that are provable by science. They’re just real, basic, non controversial facts, but they’re enough to get a lot of people saying, Oh, really, you know, and then when you say, they dismiss you on the base, that it must be safe. You know, that’s just not true. And there are examples example, after example, after example of that, and you know, if you, if you get the practice of answering, you’ll get better at it. And you’ll see, you’ll be able to continue to change more people’s minds. That’s at least my experience, and that’s what I’m building these materials for, is to try to help people get to the same point that I’m at, because that’s why B wouldn’t exist if I didn’t know how to communicate things, to communicate these issues to people in a way that they were open to. And so I’m trying now to share that information gained from that experience. And I, you know, I totally understand what you’re saying in terms of how people react to you. And what I’m telling you is, well, a there are some people you won’t convince, but be there are ways to convince some of the people and I’m giving you insight into the ways that I found to be most effective. I’ve heard that 5g will allow use of all millimeter wave frequencies, not just a few whether the telcos have the license to use all frequencies. Okay, so that’s a really good question. So this question is about what frequencies does 5g use so the V band does go up to 300 gigahertz, which is it’s really high. And that is in the millimeter wave range. Um, to my knowledge, currently, no one has a license to go anywhere near that, right. So there’s a difference between what 5g will one day be and what it is today. So with the initial rollout of 5g, all of the deployments are supposed to be under six gigahertz. And I saw during the pandemic, they were starting to allocate spectrum up to eight gigahertz. But so almost all the deployment, it may still be that all the deployments are at six gigahertz, almost all. And if that’s not true, the other ones are only going up to eight gigahertz. And it’s also my understanding that in the next couple of years, they’re talking about going up to 26 gigahertz with some consumer applications. That is a big jump from where we are now. But it’s also not yet at 300 gigahertz. I mean, you can tell the right 26 to 300. That’s a big difference. Now, the other part of your question, how do we find out which portions of the spectrum are in use? Is that publicly available? That is a tricky one. Some of it should be publicly available, but I don’t believe it. So I do believe that in terms of widespread consumer deployment, right now everything is at six gigahertz or under with a couple now going up to eight. And but moving forward, you know, because right now you can, you can get so little information about what your smart meter is doing. Your electric utility company does not need to tell you how often your smart meter transmits or with what power level what the SAR rating of it might be, if it was even tested, there are so many different there’s not like one standard of smart meter, there’s a whole bunch of different standards, and your utility company does not have to tell you that. So I doubt that they’re suddenly gonna have to tell you which portion of the 5g spectrum they’re using. So I, I am confident in terms of my understanding of where things are now, I think that the longer this goes on, we’re going to have access to less and less and less of this information unless new legislation is passed that mandates transparency and disclosure. That was a really good question. Thank you know. Could you please give concrete answers to the question of what to do to protect us from EMF and 5g so that a lay person understands it and learns what to do for that for the longer answer they did. And when I say longer, not really long. But for the longer answer, definitely check the ebook that I sent you. Because that hasn’t it. I always summarize it as the two key rules. A minimize use and maximize distance, those are the two key rules to protect yourself from

any form of emf, minimize use means using EMF emitting tech less, that doesn’t mean abandoning technology, it means things like turning your phone into airplane mode, when you’re not using your phone, turning off your Wi Fi router at night when you’re going to bed using less EMF tech, less often maximizing distance the second rule, that means keeping your phone not carrying your phone in your pocket, but, uh, keeping it further away from your body or making sure it’s in airplane mode, if you do put it in your pocket, it means keeping your Wi Fi router if you use Wi Fi as far away from you in your apartment or home as possible. Because increasing distance makes a big difference in your exposure. So it’s the two I boil it down to two rules, minimize use and maximize distance. And then there are a lot of different ways to implement those rules. And I linked to a bunch of them from the E book. And I have a lot more on the website. And I’m working on make creating more shareable versions of all that information. Do you have suggestions on how to encourage the powers that be to ban 5g from neighborhoods? I don’t have those suggestions today. But that is what I am working towards helping with. So just stay tuned. So I will say that the first step in anything any effort like that is getting allies. So if you want to ban 5g from your neighborhood, if you want to get Wi Fi removed from your child’s school, if you want to move a cell tower, whether it’s 5g or not. You’re gonna need allies, and what the information we’re covering today and in the materials that you got in the E book. That’s all the first step towards the longer term goal of making these bigger changes in your community. So that’s why I’m focusing on this first. Will 5g roll up by the local utilities adversely impact my home and life that’s it. That’s a difficult question to answer. I mean, it depends on what look you’re talking about more EMF deployments, right. So in general, you want to try to minimize those. Because the more EMF you’re exposed to, the more risks you face to your personal health. That doesn’t mean that if they put out a 5g antenna, you’ll immediately feel it or it’ll make a big impact on your life. But it 5g is just, you know, I understand why 5g is, you know, it has this name 5g, it got really scary. I understand why 5g is considered to be like its own subject. But really, it’s all forms of emf. And the more EMF we have in our environment, the greater our health risks. And so that’s why I think it’s important that people try to be exposed to less EMF in the ways that they can that’s that’s how I would answer that question. Is there a site that clearly lists the actual health risks associated with EMF and 5g? with some of the actual Health Studies included? Well, okay, so with five G, there’s almost no testing. So that was something I hinted at or didn’t hint that that’s something I said in the webinar. So there are a couple I have a post on 5g health risks. So if you go to my learn, if you go to shield your body comm, you go to the Learn menu, and you click on the five g link, there’s a post there on five g health risks. And Matt gives, it does cover a couple of studies that apply to five g frequencies, and also gives you a way of trying to understand the health risks. In terms of overall health risks of emf, there are a lot of sites that list those health risks. And I have several posts about that. The bioinitiative Report also has a good site, and there are other sites as well. There are a lot of different health risks associated with EMF and I actually, it’s one of the points I try to hit home is because and I do this actually in the cell phone health risk post. EMF, there’s a couple of things to to two key things to understand about EMF, EMF affects DNA. And DNA is obviously it’s shared in all of the cell, every cell in your body has DNA. So if EMF harms DNA, and DNA is in every cell in your body, you’re talking about a force that can manifest in a lot of different forms of disease. And that’s, I think, why you see so many different negative health, so many widely varied health effects manifesting from exposure to EMF radiation, because the mechanism of DNA damage can result in so many different health effects.

Just looking here. Where is the science? And why is it not readily available? The science is out there. And again, I would point you to the site I’m not that my not that my website is completely comprehensive catalog, but it’s a great starting point, I have a lot of content on my site. So if you go to shield your body, comm slash learn. There’s a lot I cover a lot of the science there. Also the book I wrote with my father overpowered that’s a you know, that’s available on Amazon, and that cut that whole book. But I mean, my father was obviously it was a scientist. So almost the whole book is about the science, there’s some other parts that are about the business side of things, and how to, you know how to how that impacts the science. But that’s that, I mean, we, in a lot of that’s also on the blog. And then once you go through that you can learn how to search for some other stuff, you know, the bioinitiative report, which my father was an author of, but that was he was one of the authors of that. That’s another great resource. There are a ton of these resources out there. So it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Okay, I’m gonna jump back to the room. I got through almost all the questions that were asked ahead of time. So I’m, I’m trying to get back Yeah. Okay. See, there are there any other anon das how to bring SAP products to India, anon, you can email me just reply to any of the emails you got about the webinar. I’ll get that and we I’ll be happy to learn more about what you’re thinking. Thank you. Um, okay, I’m trying to scroll through. Frankie asked, could I please review a piece of information you mentioned about how the regular electrical wires can act as an antenna for five G’s signals? Oh, I know you’re talking about Okay. Yes, I’m trying to think where? I think it’s in this post. Give me one second. I can tell you where that is. Is there aragog? Yes, here it is. I got it. I found it. So if Frankie is still in the room, here is the answer to your question. That was an example. I’m sure there are other ones too. You know, I try to keep on top of this stuff. This was a reader one of my list members who emailed me letting me know about Eric, I hadn’t heard about air Gagan, when she let me know, I did some research. And I found out about it. And I’m sure there’s other projects in development now or possibly even being deployed. That, that, that that we don’t know about? Because there are cons, you again, they just roll this stuff out without any testing. And so that’s, there’s, I’m sure there’s a bunch more that we don’t know about. But that’s the post that covers on my sight that covers Eric. Thank you, Frankie. Martha asks for my thoughts on grounding and earthing. I hold on one second, please have a post that discusses that. So I’m going to post that in here. And then I’m going to answer I believe that grounding and earthing is really helpful. It’s a very healthy thing to do. And increasingly, especially if you live in cities, it’s something that’s difficult to do my concern with grounding and earthing. Well, okay, so I see your question specifically about on the ground connecting to the dirt. That is the way to do it, is if you can do if you can ground or Earth on the earth itself, that is the way to do it. My concern about grounding and earthing is a lot of these products and I I’ve considered doing some of them, I have a couple of great prototypes that I would love to bring to market. But my concern is when you ground into the power outlet, there are some potential unintended consequences there in terms of conducting dirty electricity through the ground wire. And that’s why so far, I haven’t released any grounding products. Now, if I if I if I find that my concerns are incorrect, or if I find that those concerns can be mitigated, then my thoughts on this will change. But grounding itself, like putting your feet on the earth, whether it’s on the beach or to park,

that is a very important thing to do. If you can do it, I think I think everyone feels that it’s you almost immediately feel the benefit. So, but there’s actual science that supports that as well. And so the my post that I shared has some of that. Thank you, Martha. Katherine says regarding convincing skeptics, your attempt may be two conversations away from them changing their mind, it’s cumulative. Just because you convince them doesn’t mean your attempt isn’t valuable. That’s a really great point. Thank you, Catherine, for emphasizing that I agree. Just because you haven’t convinced them doesn’t mean you haven’t moved the ball forward. And that is important to remember. Because it is a process and you’re going to be going through this process. Thank you Catherine. anon asks for research inputs of health hazards, especially for children. I have that if you’ll give me one second please.

Wait up actually, I have a whole page with multiple Hold on. I remember now. I would point you to this page which is there. So shield your body comm slash EMF dash children. David also pointed out eh, trust. org. That’s a great site. That’s the environmental health trust run by Deborah Davis. So that’s that’s a really good site as well. If you want specifically information about EMF and children. I have several posts on this page here on my website. So thank you and I unplug my router at night of sorry Susan asks, I unplugged my router at night from the outlet. Does this stop the EMF at that time? Um, yes, yeah, yeah. If your router is unplugged, if you’re talking about unplugging it from the wall, Yeah, that’ll stop all the EMF coming out from your router. Thank you, Susan. Mary asked about the discount. So if you just email into Hello at shield your body calm will reply with a limited time. Use coupon for you. Thank you, Mary.

And as if Is there a 5g in COVID correlation? if so how can we present it without creating a controversy? In my opinion, there isn’t the science does not show that correlation and the analyses that do show that correlation are flawed. That is my personal opinion. You’ll find other people who disagree. I also find that it you know, if you know, a topic is going to cause a controversy when you’re trying to convince people to come to your side, you know, avoid it. But personally, I do not see that back correlation. Thank you. So I apologize. Silverstein asks, Can EMF go through a wall? Yes, EMF can go through a wall unless that wall is made of shielding material, or lead or something like that EMF can go through a wall. Thank you. Stacy has a point here about a deadline today. I’m contacting the FCC. For I think I read. I’ve been very busy today, I got to see a similar email today. And I didn’t have time, because I was preparing for this webinar. But if you guys want to look at Stacy’s question here at the bottom, she has a link for you to follow. There is a comment period that’s ending tonight. So if you’re concerned about this, that’s a that’s a good place to you can you can click that link and express your concern with the FCC. Thank you, Stacy. Okay, so with that, I know there’s a couple other questions in the queue. We’re running out of time in the room, there’s a two hour limit on the room itself. So I just want to thank everyone for tuning out today. I hope this you felt this was worth your time, I definitely encourage you to go back. And I can does this work? Yeah. To go and read the guide that you’re getting was emailed to you already, it’ll be emailed to you. Again, recording of this webinar is being emailed to you as soon as it’s ready on the server. Oh, and you lost the, and the 35% off discount on the bed canopy. I’d really encourage you to take advantage of that if you’re interested in it. Because it’s very rare for me to offer 35% coupons for you know, normally the biggest I would do as a 25% coupon. But this is a new product, it’s in pre order. I understand it’s also quite pricey, compared to my normal catalog. So that’s why I’m doing a discount that big today. So if you’re interested in it, that goes until midnight tonight pacific time, which is nine about nine hours from now. So just enter canopy 35 at checkout. And in the next nine hours, if you’re interested in you’ll be pre ordering it. It’ll ship as soon as it’s ready. And that’ll be probably that’ll be in August, if not, if not sooner. So, again, thank you, everyone, for coming out today. I really appreciate it. We had some really good participation. I loved the questions. And I want to remind you to please stay tuned because the content that I shared, you know in this webinar and in this ebook, it’s all the first step on something a bigger set of content and tools for you to help you along this path. So stay tuned if you’re on the mailing while you are on the mailing list. So stay pay attention for the emails that are coming. And because in the next couple of months you’ll be getting more tools to help you along this process. Thank you again everyone and have a good evening.

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