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Whole House EMF Protection With Your SYB Poster Frame Liner

We like to think of wireless technology as an essential, infallible feat of modern genius, and in many ways that’s completely true. But the more of this technology that you use in your home, the more you need to start thinking about whole house EMF protection options.

Smart devices which communicate wirelessly mean you can watch your baby sleeping, while turning on the toaster during the bandwidth-hogging football game on your 4K TV – all of that controlled by smartphone, without leaving the sofa. 

Trouble is, while you aren’t physically working to make this happen, your smartphone and all those linked technologies are doing overtime. These wireless devices emit what’s known as electromagnetic (or EMF) radiation, which is known to be harmful to humans in extended doses.

When it was just one cell phone that occasionally made calls and texts, the problem was far less prevalent; today, with everything becoming wireless, can EMF rays are firing on all cylinders, in every direction, all the time, and an amount of protection is required.

Introducing the SYB Poster Frame Liner, a subtle, artistic way to provide whole house EMF protection at an affordable cost.

What is the SYB Poster Frame Liner?

Since we use EMF-radiating devices throughout our homes, it’s important to have protective measures which can be implemented anywhere while remaining inconspicuous. Our liner is a super-thin copper and polyester sheet which can be placed in behind any framed photograph, poster or piece of art in your home. Because it sits between the poster and its frame – at a miniscule 0.08mm thick – it’s completely invisible.

The liner is essentially a shield off which all incident EMF rays will repelled.

Let’s say you had a powerful wifi router sitting by the wall. On other other side of that wall is the headboard of your bed – remember EMF radiation has little trouble penetrating thin modern walls, so you’re exposed all through the night.

Place your favorite poster behind the bed and the SYB liner will push at least 99.9% of the radiation back through the wall away from your body. The more wall space you cover with artwork or pictures, the smaller the amount of radiation that can worm its way through.

How it Works

Poster Frame Liner to Shield Wireless EMF Radiation

Like all of our shielding products, the SYB poster frame liner is constructed with a super-fine metallic mesh (in this case copper and nickel) combined with polyester to provide a soft, malleable texture. The key to deflecting EMF radiation is to use conductive materials – these create a near-impenetrable barrier through which less than 0.1% of radiation can pass.

Our modern manufacturing techniques allow us to make these conductive meshes exceptionally thin and non-invasive – another fine example is our SYB boxer briefs which are made with very fine silver threads. The metals work like a Faraday Cage, a fundamental phenomenon which also allows us to create lightning protection, and stop microwave ovens from cooking us alive.

Stylish and Effective Protection

Poster Frame Liner to Shield Wireless EMF Radiation

The trouble with some protective apparel and devices is that they are incredibly cumbersome or unattractive. You also can’t simply pop a Faraday cage over your router to protect yourself since that will stop any of your devices from establishing an internet connection.

We’ve put time into ensuring that our SYB Poster Frame Liner is not only as powerful a shield as possible, but also ultra-thin, flexible and adjustable: it can easily be cut to fit an unorthodox size or shape, and can now be ordered in 3 standard sizes which should fit the majority of stock artwork with minimal alteration. 

Our goal is to provide you with whole house EMF protection without sacrificing the aesthetics of your home, nor the number of zeroes on your bank balance. The SYB Poster Frame Liner is an affordable, attractive way of keeping your devices on and the radiation out, and we hope it will help transform your beautiful home into a safer one.

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