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Does WiFi Radiation Protection Work? Recent Study from Japan Says ‘Yes’.

Could WiFi radiation protection be the answer to flagging fertility? A new study from Japan suggests so, noting that EMF-blocking technology can make a significant difference to the health of human sperm. That’s right, according to this study: EMF protection saves sperm from WiFi radiation.

This research highlights a potential solution to a puzzling problem: rising rates of male infertility. 

Let’s take a look at what the research found, as well as how EMF protection can help to future-proof your fertility. 

Male Infertility: A Growing Problem

According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 15 percent of couples are infertile, and male infertility plays a role in over a third of those cases. Abnormal sperm function and low sperm counts are some of the main causes of male infertility, and both of these are on the rise. 

Interestingly, it’s not only infertile men who are suffering from decreasing levels of sperm production and sperm motility. Fertile men are experiencing a general decrease in viable sperm as well. 

One in-depth meta-analysis from 2017, published in the journal Human Reproduction Update, found that sperm counts dropped a whopping 52.4 percent between 1973 and 2011. 

To put it another way: men today are only half as fertile as their grandfathers were. 

“Because of the significant public health implications of these results,” conclude the study’s authors, “research on the causes of this continuing decline is urgently needed.”

New Research On WiFi And Sperm

So what is the underlying cause behind these falling sperm counts? 

One recent Japanese study sought to determine whether exposure to WiFi electromagnetic waves could be killing off sperm. 

Kumiko Nakata, Head of the Research Division for Reproductive Medicine at the Yamashita Shonan Yume Research Centre in Japan

The study was conducted in late 2018 and involved 51 male participants. According to researcher Kumiko Nakata, sperm samples from the men were divided into three groups:

  • In one group, sperm was exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from a pocket WiFi router.
  • In another group, sperm samples were exposed to electromagnetic waves but WiFi EMF protection was used as a shield.
  • The third group was a control group with no EMF exposure. 

The WiFi EMF exposure occurred over periods of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, two hours and 24 hours. 

So how did the sperm fare?

Testing at 30 and 60 minutes showed little difference between groups. But things changed very quickly from there. 

Said Ms. Nakata: “After two hours activation of EM waves, the motility rate of the control group was 53.3 per cent, the shield group was 44.9 per cent, and the exposed group was much lower at 26.4 per cent.”

“After 24 hours, the dead sperm rate of the control group was 8.4 per cent, the shield group was 18.2 per cent, and exposed group was 23.3 per cent, the latter being significantly higher.” 

Her conclusion?

“This indicates EM waves from a portable WiFi router decreases the motile rate and increases the death rate of human sperm.”

WiFi Radiation Protection Saves Sperm

One of the significant things about the Japanese study is that it’s believed to be the first to trial a WiFi EMF protection shield on sperm. 

As you can see from the results above, the sperm samples that were shielded by the EMF protection fared much better than their unshielded counterparts.  

“Our study has shown that over a relatively short time, a WiFi shield can offer some protection from the harmful effects of the EM waves,” said Ms. Nakata. 

In practical terms, this means that EMF-blocking technology — like SYB’s range of EMF protection products — can not only protect your sperm from WiFi specifically, but from all wireless devices that emit radio frequency radiation. 

So if you’re the type to keep a cell phone in your pocket, this research is definitely big news. 

Protecting Our Future

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has predicated that infertility will become the third most serious condition after cancer and cardiovascular diseases in the 21st century.

And, says Ms. Nakata of the Japan study, “there is mounting evidence that the effects of EM waves on sperm may be having a significant effect on human reproduction.”

Where to from here? As plummeting sperm counts show, we’re a long way from solving the problem. But this latest research is a good first step to gaining a deeper understanding of how EMF affects human sperm — and what can be done to defend ourselves and future generations from harm. 

While more research would certainly be beneficial (for example, to test factors like distance from devices as well as exposure times), the latest evidence leaves one thing clear: WiFi EMF protection works. And when it comes to your reproductive health, prevention is most definitely better than cure. 

What Types Of WiFi Radiation Protection Can You Use?

SYB Angled Acrylic Table Top Picture Frame to Shield EMF Radiation, Holds Two 5"x7" Photos
The SYB Picture Frame is a great solution for WiFi radiation protection.

True EMF-shielding products work by deflecting radiation away from the body (products that claim to neutralize or absorb radiation are not proven or backed by any science). And here at SYB, we have several products designed for WiFi radiation protection.

To shield against WiFi radiation from a router, consider our SYB Picture Frame. It’s a sleek – almost invisible way – to reduce your exposure to this type of radiation and the associated health risks. Just place the SYB Picture Frame in front of your router, between it and where you spend time.

If you regularly use your laptop on your lap or close to your body then be wary of both heat and radiation emanating from the bottom of it. SYB’s Laptop Pad is designed to protect against these dangers. 

One way to protect yourself is to use an SYB Phone Pouch rather than carry your phone directly in your pocket. The pouch will deflect up to 99% of wireless radiation away from your body, and works for both males and females. 

Another option for men — and one that’s specially designed to protect your delicate reproductive organs — is a pair of SYB Boxer Briefs. They’re the ultimate protection against the bombardment of wireless signals bouncing around wherever you go, shielding against everything from cell phones to laptops to wireless routers. 

See the full range of EMF protection products here. It’s never too late to start doing what you can to shield your body and protect your health. 

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