The SYB Wallet Liner: RFID Protection from Invisible Theft

SYB Wallet Liner, RFID protection

In the last few years, the convenience of contactless RFID) credit cards has taken the world by storm. No more messing around with PIN numbers, simply hover your card or smartphone over a terminal, and bam – payment made. But the convenience of RFID cards brings a serious threat: by constantly broadcasting your details, your card had become exceptionally vulnerable to hackers and digital pickpockets.

That’s why we’ve created the RFID Wallet Liner.

The Threat of RFID Wallet Theft

Though it doesn’t get much publicity from the multi-billion dollar banks, RFID contactless bank cards are hugely susceptible to invisible fraud and theft – it has even been demonstrated live on stage! With just a couple hundred dollars of equipment (easily purchased on eBay) anyone can:

  • Read a credit card’s number and expiration date.
  • Obtain the one-time CVV number used to authenticate payments.
  • Encode that data onto a blank card.
  • Use the replica card to make unlimited purchases on the victim’s account.

The scary part is that your card cannot detect this hack, and it can happen through your pants pocket and wallet.

Protection with SYB

SYB Wallet Liner, RFID protection
Laboratory Tested at the UCLA Center for High Frequency Electronics

Here at Shield Your Body, we’ve created the RFID Wallet Liner, a very simply product which can deflect up to 95% of all RFID signals away from your wallet.
The liner is a neutral-colored gossamer sleeve, woven with thin metallic threads. The metal creates a shield which, without getting too technical, presents an impenetrable barrier to incoming wireless signals. It won’t affect the function of your cards during use, but effectively locks them in a safe when you’re walking around.

Our laboratory-tested materials are built to repel that maximum about of wireless signal possible. In tests, our scientists reported a deflection of up to 95% for the wallet liner – more than sufficient to keep digital pickpockets at bay!


How Does it Work?

SYB Wallet Liner, RFID protectionThe liner is composed of silver, nickel, silicone and copper. This mesh of finely-woven metals forms a reflective Faraday cage, or a barrier through which no wireless signals can penetrate. This means would-be thieves will not be able to read your card’s data, and renders theft impossible without physically stealing your wallet.

Using scissors, you can cut the liner to the exact size needed for your wallet. The reverse side of the liner uses a special adhesive tape to bind to your wallet, so it will fit snugly inside and, to the outsider, it will look exactly like a normal wallet. Our materials are also water, puncture, and tear resistant – we bet it will outlast the rest of your wallet!

Practical and Stylish Wallet Protection

SYB Wallet Liner, RFID protectionWhile it’s possible to buy RFID-shielding wallets, most of us like to carry our favorite brands and don’t want to jump ship. And more to the point, if you already have a wallet, you probably don’t want to part with it anyway!

The SYB RFID wallet liner is designed to offer both practicality (it’s easy to install) and style, since it’s hidden within your favorite wallet.

Contactless cards have introduced us to a world of simplicity and ease – we just need to exercise caution against those seeking to take advantage of that simplicity. And that’s where our RFID wallet liner comes in. Buy yours today.


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