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How EMF Radiation Protection Works from SYB

EMF is invisible & odorless; you can’t see, touch, taste or smell it. And there are a lot of companies out there peddling questionable solutions to protect you from EMF. SYB’s electromagnetic shielding products are based on real, universally-accepted science, and are laboratory tested. So here’s an explanation of how EMF radiation protection works from SYB.

EMF Shielding

SYB products are based on fundamental scientific principles of EMF shielding established almost two centuries ago, when a scientist named Michael Faraday invented the Faraday cage in 1836.

Faraday cages are enclosures that block electric charges and can block a significant amount of electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR). They have long been used to protect sensitive electrical equipment from EMF interference.

In the almost two hundred years since Faraday invented his cage, EMF shielding has significantly evolved. Today, shielding comes in many different types, including plastics, films and fabrics.

Electromagnetic shielding (EMF shielding or EM shielding) works by creating a mesh of conductive or magnetic material to form a barrier that obstructs EM fields. 

You can think of EMF shielding like a window shade– except instead of blocking sunlight, these shields block and deflect EMF radiation.

For over a century, EM shielding has been used to protect sensitive equipment from interference by EM fields. 

More recently, as the health risks of electromagnetic fields have become more well established (and the number of sources of EMF from wireless devices have exploded), these same techniques and principles have been applied to create products to reduce human exposure to this radiation.

faraday cage

A mesh of conductive metallic material can deflect EMF radiation. Make that metallic material thin enough, and you can weave it into fabrics like cotton. And that’s how we make products like our Baby Blanket.

At the same time, technology has advanced to where the conductive materials used to make EMF shielding can be made very tiny so they can be woven into fabric and other everyday materials. The metallic fibers in our SYB Baby Blanket, for example, are thinner than a human hair.

This is how we at SYB make products that reduce your exposure to harmful EMF radiation, using real, established, verifiable science. 

A Question of Design

But you can’t just block all EMF radiation from your modern technology. Because emitting EMF is exactly how our modern wireless technology works and communicates. 

If you blocked all the EMF radiation coming from your phone, for example, it won’t work. Same for your WiFi router, or your baby monitor, or any device that utilizes wireless communication.

So we design our products to reduce your exposure to wireless radiation, without interfering with the function of your devices. 

For example, our SYB Phone Pouch and SYB 5G Phone Shield both shield EMF radiation on one side only – the side between your phone and your body. 

This is how our EMF radiation protection products work to deflect a bunch of your phone’s harmful radiation away from your body, while still permitting your phone to work properly. 

We don’t shield the entire Phone Pouch because that would interfere with your phone’s signal and drain its battery. 

And it’s important that the shielding be positioned in between the source of the EMF (such as a cell phone) and your body. If it’s not, you can actually end up increasing the amount of EMF radiation you’re exposed to.

SYB 5G Phone Shield

Our SYB Phone Pouch and SYB 5G Phone Shield both shield EMF radiation on one side only – the side between your phone and your body.

So, for EMF shielding accessories like our SYB Phone Pouch and SYB Laptop Pad, we design them intentionally to provide shielding in a specific direction. 

This is also how we design our EMF protection products for home and office. Like our SYB Picture Frame and SYB Poster Frame Liner.

And that’s how we can design many of our accessories to Shield Your Body without interfering with your device performance.

Apparel is Different

With our apparel products, it’s a bit different, and we do design them to provide complete protection– of your body (rather than your devices).

For example, our Baby Blanket wraps your baby – not your phone or your wifi router. 

The same is true of our SYB Boxer Briefs. And our SYB Bandana. And our SYB Baby Beanie.

All of our EMF protection apparel products are designed to wrap around your body to protect you. And they can do this– and deflect harmful EMF radiation away from your body– without impacting the performance of your devices, because they do not interfere with the ability of your devices to communicate wirelessly. 

SYB Boxer Briefs to Shield Against EMF Radiation

Our SYB EMF protection apparel products are designed to wrap around your body, instead of your devices, so they can provide complete 360° protection.

Some people ask if they wrap their wireless devices (like their phones or wifi routers) in an SYB apparel product like the Baby Blanket, whether that will cut off the signal. The answer is perhaps, but not definitely. 

This is because most modern wireless devices– including cell phones and wifi routers– are designed to boost their signals, to emit higher power of EMF, to compensate for interference with signal transmission. So when you fully wrap it to cut the signal, your cell phone or wifi router will just emit more power to overcome the shielding.

Our apparel products are not designed to silence wireless technology– they are designed to deflect those signals away from your body without impacting your wireless devices.

And this is how our EMF protection apparel products can provide complete protection to Shield Your Body without interfering with your devices.

Our Headsets are Different

Most of our EMF protection products here at SYB are shielding products, and they work the way I’ve just explained.

But our headset products – our SYB Air Tubes and our SYB Headset Anti-Radiation Device (H.A.R.D.) are a bit different. 

These are not traditional shielding products, but their function is still based in real, universally accepted science.

SYB Air Tube Headset, Anti EMF Radiation Protection

Our SYB headset EMF protection products are not shielding products and they work a little bit differently.

SYB Air Tubes

Our SYB Air Tubes work by using air – instead of conductive metallic wire – to conduct sound from your phone or device up to your earbuds. Standard headphones and headsets use wire to conduct the sound signal– and the same wire that conducts the sound also conducts the EMF radiation.

By using air instead of wire, the Air Tubes don’t conduct this EMF up to your ear, head and brain. 

SYB Headset Anti Radiation Device (H.A.R.D.)

The H.A.R.D. from SYB also uses different technology to protect you from your phone’s radiation. Instead of shielding, the H.A.R.D. uses absorption. 

EMF absorption is as universally-accepted a concept as shielding. Certain materials have the ability to absorb EMF radiation– and convert it into heat. And that’s how our H.A.R.D. works. Inside each hard is a packet of dielectric gel that absorbs EMF radiation and converts it into a tiny amount of heat. The heat is unnoticeable to the user, and quickly dissipates into the air.

If you’re interested in learning more, we have additional details posted about how our SYB Air Tubes and our SYB H.A.R.D. work.

So all this explains how it works. To know that it works, you’ll want to see the test results of SYB products from independent laboratories

And we’ve posted videos showing our shielding products being tested with commonly available EMF meters that you can buy yourself.

And we’ve also posted information to show you how you can test our product claims for yourself.

EMF Radiation Protection Really Works– For Your Health

Now, I’ve spent a bit of time explaining how our EMF protection works– and given you links to learn more about how you can test our products for yourself. So you can know that our EMF protection products really work and understand how they work.

Now, if you’re browsing this site, then you likely already know that EMF radiation is harmful to your health. And so it makes sense that reducing your exposure to EMF radiation can help improve your health. 

But did you know that there is science that backs this up? It’s true– science shows that using EMF protection and shielding devices can improve your health. 

We discuss two of these studies on our site. In one, researchers found that using EMF protection devices improve male fertility, and in a separate study, researchers found that EMF protection devices can reduce or eliminate auto immune disease.