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You’re already aware of the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, and that it’s everywhere these days. From an increasing number of sources like our cell phones, 5G networks, laptops, microwaves, power lines, smart homes and even our light bulbs!

Becoming an SYB Affiliate gives you the opportunity to earn money by helping us spread the word to make it easy for people to live healthier by reducing their exposure to EMF radiation from their favorite tech and devices.

Every month you’ll get advance access to our monthly promotions. And you’ll get useful information to help you and your followers understand this complex topic. We take the science and make it accessible, so you don’t need a PhD to understand these issues.

Awareness is growing and so is demand for education and real products that reduce your exposure to EMF. Products that are lab-tested and based in actual science.

  • It takes just seconds to sign up.
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  • Earn 15% commissions on all orders.
  • If you invite others to become an SYB affiliate, you’ll also get a 5% commission of their sales.
  • You get paid automatically via PayPal.
  • You can easily track your generated orders and commissions through our dashboard.
  • Leads you refer are tracked forever — meaning if they ever come back and purchase you will get that commission!
  • You can promote your affiliate link by email and social media with a single click!
  • You have access to a growing library of SYB pre designed marketing materials like banners, images you can use in posts, text about SYB and much more!
  • You’ll also get access to educational assets that you can easily share.

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