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SYB Phone Pouch

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SYB Air Tube Headset

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SYB Laptop Pad

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Our Story

I started SYB in 2012 inspired by the work of my father, Dr. Martin Blank, with the goal of making it simple and affordable for people to live healthier lives, in balance with modern technology.

How it Works

Our products are based on scientific principles of electromagnetic shielding that have been universally accepted for almost 200 years since Michael Faraday created his first faraday cage.

Product Testing

Our products are tested at laboratories around the world, and we publish the results. We also show you how to test our products for yourself so you can rest assured our products do exactly what we say.

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Three More Ways We Make it Super Simple to Shield Your Body!


SYB is the only EMF protection company that offers free shipping on all orders throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, the EU and Australia.


We want to make it super easy for you to test out any SYB product. If you’re unhappy, for any reason, just let us know and we’ll take care of it right away!


SYB is the only EMF protection company that offers a lifetime warranty on each and every order. If our competitors don’t trust their own products for life, why should you? Rest easy knowing your investment in SYB is protected for life.

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