Where We Ship

SYB provides shipping to over 200 countries around the world.

And we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100 in the United States, Canada, the UK and the EU.

North America, UK & EU

RegionShipping on orders $0-49.99Shipping on orders $50-99.99Shipping on orders over $100Subject to Import DutiesSales Tax/VATEstimated Shipping TimeShip Returns To
Continental US$7$5FREENoYes (in some states)2-7 daysUSA
US - AK, HI & PR$12$8FREENoNo4-10 daysUSA
US - Armed ForcesFREEFREEFREENoNo5-14 daysUSA
Canada$7$5FREENoYes2-5 daysCanada
UK$8$5FREENoYes2-5 daysUK
EU$12$8FREENoYes (in some countries)2-7 daysFrance
Mexico$12$8FREEYesNo4-10 daysUSA

Rest of the World

Orders shipped to the rest of the world will ship from North America or Europe. 

Please note

  1. Whether the order is subject to import duties is up to the regulations in the destination country, and any duties must be paid by the customer.
  2. Any returns for these orders must be shipped back to the United States for a refund.

Shipping on orders $0-49.99Shipping on orders $50-99.99Shipping on orders over $100

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