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SYB's Healthy Living Tips

SYB's Healthy Living Tips

At SYB, we make some of the best EMF protection products available in the world. And yet, I always tell people that the best EMF protection is completely free.

That’s because no EMF protection products are 100% effective. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying. That’s due, in part, to the fact that EMF isn’t a by-product– EMF is the product.

You can’t block all EMF from your phone and still have it work. You can’t block all EMF from your laptop and still have it work. Emitting EMF radiation is exactly how these devices work.

So, the best EMF protection is to reduce your exposure to EMF-emitting technology in the first place.

And there are two simple rules to accomplish that goal. It really is that simple.

You really can start living healthier, with less exposure to EMF radiation, right now, for free.

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Learn 5 of the most useful Healthy Living Tips that you can start using right now to cut your EMF exposure.

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The Two Key Rules of EMF Protection

The two key rules of EMF protection are:

  1. MINIMIZE your use of EMF-generating tech;
  2. MAXIMIZE the distance between your body, and your devices when they’re on and in use.

The first rule, to minimize your use, is quite simple, it’s still the best way. If you want to reduce your exposure to EMF, the best way is to reduce how much of that technology you use in the first place.

That’s why we recommend, for example, turning off your wifi router at night and putting your phone into airplane mode when it’s not in use.

The second rule is to maximize distance. Because, while it’s true that you can’t stop modern technology from emitting EMF, there’s one thing you might not realize:

Not only does EMF get weaker with distance– it actually diminishes in power exponentially.

That’s why we recommend, for example, not sleeping with your phone and keeping your wifi router as far away as possible.

This is why I say the best EMF protection is free.

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I take pride in designing great, effective products, based on real, measurable science – AND taking the time to ensure that each and every one of you has the information you need to understand EMF and make informed decisions.

So if you have a question, just email me and ask.


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