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Laboratory Test Results for SYB EMF Protection Products

At SYB, we take our product claims very seriously, and we want our customers like you to know that.

Please see the tables, below, for the detailed attenuation values from the tests, presented in decibels (dB) and, in some cases, percentages as well.

A decibel is a unit of measurement, often associated with audio volume, but that is also used to measure EMF attenuation, or shielding. A decibel is a ratio between two values: in this case, the power of the EM radiation before it hits the shield, and after. You may read more about what a decibel is here.

However, precisely because decibels are a relatively obscure and confusing unit of measurement for consumers, when possible we have also posted the percentage of radiation that is attenuated, or shielded. The percentage value is quite simply that: the percentage of the wireless radiation that our products deflected during these tests.

Please note the actual amount of shielding provided by any EMF shielding product depends on the specific frequency of the wireless radiation you are trying to block, which is why we post results for different frequencies. As well, these tests were performed at different laboratories around the world at different times, so the way that the data is presented can vary. Learn more about what EMF testing is here. And if you’re interested, you can watch testing videos here.