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SaferBody™ from SYB – Laboratory Tested EMF & 5G Protection

At SYB, we take our product claims very seriously, and we want our customers like you to know that.

Which is why we have had our SaferBody™ shielding technology tested at multiple independent laboratories to show you that our SaferBody™ shielding technology shields up to 99% of EMF radiation.

And unlike other companies, this report includes results for low frequency EMF (such as from power lines and AC appliances)– as well as radio frequency (or RF) from wireless communication. 

Not all of our products are made from the same version of our powerful SaferBody™ technology. This is because each product has different requirements and characteristics. You wouldn’t want to make a Baby Beanie out of the same material as the SYB Phone Pouch.

This is true for all EMF shielding companies. We all use different materials for different products.

The difference is that we post testing data from independent laboratories for each and every EMF shielding product that we make and sell. SYB is the only EMF protection company that does this.

Below please find the detailed testing data for the additional versions of SaferBody™ from SYB.

Testing on Additional Products

Not all of our products are made from SaferBody™ technology. Below you will find the testing information for those additional SYB products.

Understanding EMF Protection Product Claims

Here at SYB, we go to great lengths to be as thorough and transparent as possible about our product claims. Which is why we have commissioned so many different tests at independent laboratories, and present you with all the results.

BUT! Before you invest in EMF protection– from SYB or any other company– it’s important to understand what these tests show and what these test results mean.

That’s why our CEO made this 11 minute video. Watch it; you’ll be glad you did.

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