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5G Dangers Debunked? What The New York Times Missed

5G Dangers Debunked

The New York Times has reach, journalistic clout, and the power to influence the minds of the public. That’s why it was newsworthy when they published a recent article apparently debunking the “myth” around the dangers of 5G. But are the 5G dangers debunked, really? We’ve already received some questions from readers and customers about…

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Cell Phone Addiction and EMF: Are Your Smartphone Habits Putting Your Health At Risk?

cell phone addiction and EMF

Smartphones are great in so many ways but, like many technologies, they’re a double-edged sword. The downside? We’re becoming so reliant on them that both our physical and mental health is suffering. We now face a situation where both cell phone addiction and EMF exposure are constantly increasing. What will this mean for the future?…

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The 5G Rollout: Too Fast?

5G Rollout

The 5G rollout will lead major improvements in technology and multiple industries. The fifth generation wireless technology promises low latency as well as speeds of up to 100 times faster than its 4G predecessor. From autonomous vehicles to smart cities and beyond, 5G is expected to add the finishing touches to the groundwork for high-tech…

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Women and EMF: What Every Woman Needs To Know About Cell Phones

Women and EMF: What Every Woman Needs To Know

The question of women and EMF health effects has several aspects — each of them important to consider.  The fact is that while radiation from mobile and wireless devices effects all living things, women have specific concerns. Our free e-book delves into three main matters when it comes to women and EMF: fertility, pregnancy, and…

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