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Electromagnetic spectrum and radiation

Understanding The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Radiation Types

Understanding the Electromagnetic Spectrum and radiation types that comprise it can help us to protect our health. Electromagnetic radiation exists in a range of wavelengths. When considered together, this range is known as the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. The EM spectrum broadly contains two types of radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing. Both

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EMF Radiation Safety

What is EMF Radiation Safety Day?

September 22nd is EMF Radiation Safety Day, and I want to take this opportunity to explain a bit more about what the purpose of this day is. What is EMF Radiation? EMF is short for electromagnetic radiation. EMF is a form of energy that all modern technology – anything with

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Natural EMF

Yes, Some EMF is Natural; That Doesn’t Mean it’s All Safe

Some EMF is natural. Humans have been exposed since the dawn of time to naturally-occurring non-ionizing EMF radiation. The earth has a natural magnetic field. The sun, like all stars, emits non-ionizing EMF that reaches our planet’s surface (so-called galactic radiation). This type of EMF is natural. Some people (let’s

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