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Comparing SYB 5G Phone Protection Pouches and SafeSleeve EMF Protection Phone Cases

Ever feel lost just trying to pick the right EMF protection product for your phone-carrying needs? This is where your search ends. Because in this

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SYB vs DefenderShield Blue light Glasses

Compare Blue Light Glasses: Shield Your Body Vs. DefenderShield

If you’re looking to purchase blue light glasses but are confused about which brand to get, you’re at the right place. In this post, we’ll

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Reduce Your Kids’ EMF Exposure – Without Taking Away Their Apps & Games

Here’s a way to dramatically reduce your kids’ EMF exposure: replace the apps and games on their devices with offline alternatives. Cell phones can be

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Oura Ring: A Fitness Tracker Designed with Your EMF Safety in Mind

We’ve talked about many wearables like Apple Watch and Fitbit in the past. And every time, we’ve recommended against using them because of the level

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Grounding Myths: Earthing Does Not Protect You From Electric Shocks, Says Expert Mike Holt

The concept of grounding is surrounded by many myths and misinformation that could pose harm to you, say experts. Electrical grounding is something that most

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schumann resonance

Schumann Resonance: Why the Earth’s Heartbeat Is Essential for Your Wellbeing

Experts say that Schumann Resonance, or the “earth’s heartbeat,” triggers an Alpha/Theta state in your brain which helps you relax, heal faster, and perform better

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What Is Blue Light? Is Blue Light From Electronic Gadgets Bad for Your Health?

The term “blue light” was searched 230,000 times on Google within the first five months of 2021. People’s concerns with blue light started increasing as

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How to Set Up a Low-EMF Wired Internet Connection at Home: A Simple Guide

Replacing your WiFi with a wired internet connection can significantly reduce your EMF exposure, as well as improve your internet security. WiFi has become an

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