EMF Protection Products from SYB

Best Sellers

SYB Phone Pouch

Our SYB Phone Pouch blocks up to 99% of cell phone radiation away from your body when you carry your phone. Available in multiple colors and sizes.

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SYB Laptop Pad

Our SYB Laptop Pad shields your body from RF-EMF radiation, ELF-EMF radiation and heat. Available in multiple sizes and colors.

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More Cell Phone Protection

SYB Air Tubes

Anti-radiation headsets, with high quality audio, and available in multiple colors and styles.

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SYB Pocket Patch

Our SYB Pocket Patch instantly turns any pocket into a powerful cell phone radiation shield.

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SYB Pocket Card

Our SYB Pocket Card shields up to 60% of cell phone radiation away from your body.

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SYB Boxer Briefs

Our SYB Boxer Briefs are the world’s most protective underwear.

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SYB Bandana

The SYB Bandana is a luxurious and stylish way to shield your body from EMF radiation.

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For Babies

SYB Baby Beanie

Shield your baby's brainy from harmful EMF radiation.

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SYB Baby Blanket

Comfortable, stylish, & high quality soft cotton flannel blanket to shield your baby. Available in multiple colors.

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For Home/Office

SYB Poster Frame Liner

Turn any poster or picture frame into a powerful EMF radiation shield. Available in multiple sizes.

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SYB Flex Shields

Use on any flat surface to create a powerful EMF radiation shield.

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SYB Picture Frame

A super simple and attractive way to shield up to 99% of EMF radiation. Holds two separate 5x7 inch photos or pictures.

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RFID Security

SYB Wallet Liner

Instantly turn any wallet into a powerful RFID protection shield with the SYB RFID Wallet Liner.

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