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EMF Glossary Definition

Mu Metal

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“Mu metal” is a type of nickel-iron alloy known for its high magnetic permeability, which enables it to effectively absorb and redirect magnetic fields. The term “mu” ((\mu)) in its name refers to magnetic permeability, a property of materials that indicates their ability to support the formation of magnetic fields within themselves. Mu metal typically contains about 75-80% nickel, with iron and other elements like copper and molybdenum making up the rest.

Composition and Manufacture:
The standard composition of mu metal is approximately 77% nickel, 16% iron, 5% copper, and 2% chromium or molybdenum. This specific composition is crucial as it gives mu metal its unique magnetic properties, particularly its high magnetic permeability and low magnetic hysteresis.

The manufacturing process of mu metal is complex and crucial to its final magnetic properties. It involves melting the constituent metals together, followed by a series of heat treatments and cold working (like rolling or drawing). The heat treatments typically involve annealing in a hydrogen atmosphere at high temperatures, which allows for the alignment of the metal’s grain structure in a way that maximizes magnetic permeability. This process also helps relieve internal stresses and maintain a high degree of softness in the metal, which is essential for its effectiveness in magnetic shielding.

Properties and Magnetic Permeability:
Mu metal’s high magnetic permeability means that it can attract and capture magnetic field lines, making it an excellent material for shielding sensitive electronic equipment from external magnetic fields. Its effectiveness is particularly notable at low-frequency magnetic fields, such as those found near electrical transformers, motors, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines.

Mu metal’s magnetic permeability is much higher than that of ordinary steel, making it far more effective in magnetic shielding applications. However, it is sensitive to mechanical stress; bending or shaping mu metal after the final heat treatment can significantly degrade its magnetic shielding properties.

Applications in EMF Shielding:
In electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding applications, mu metal is used to protect sensitive electronic equipment from interference caused by external magnetic fields. This is particularly important in environments with strong magnetic fields or where precise measurements are necessary. Some common applications include:

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  1. Shielding Sensitive Devices: Mu metal is used to shield sensitive electronic components in devices like heart pacemakers, scientific instruments, and certain components in computers and mobile phones.
  2. Medical Equipment: It is also used in the medical field, particularly in shielding the components of MRI machines and other diagnostic equipment.
  3. Aerospace and Military: In aerospace and military applications, mu metal is used to shield sensitive navigation and communication equipment from magnetic interference.
  4. Laboratory Applications: Mu metal is used in physics laboratories to create magnetic field-free environments for certain experiments.
  5. Audio Equipment: It’s also used in audio equipment to reduce magnetic hum in transformers and other components.

In conclusion, mu metal is a highly specialized material designed for effective magnetic shielding in a variety of sensitive applications. Its unique composition and careful manufacturing process give it properties that are essential for protecting equipment from magnetic interference, making it a crucial component in many modern technological and scientific fields.

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