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Become a Qualified NCB Pro Consultant

The NCB Pro requires professional installation. This means customers interested in enjoying the benefits of the NCB Pro must have a qualified professional available to handle the installation.

In order to provide support to these customers, SYB is building a list of qualified experts that they may contact and hire to advise and perform the installation process.

And we will list these qualified experts on this website for customers interested in the NCB Pro and/or NCB to identify and contact.

Are you interested in becoming a Qualified NCB Pro Consultant?

Required Equipment

  1. Required: SLT Low Current Clamp Meter (link)
    Essential for tracking down sources on equipment grounding conductors down to µA range.
  2. Required: NFA 1000 (link)
    9 Point Bed Maps are required to show before and after results
  3. Recommended: Fluke 287 True-rms Electronics Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture (link)
     Confirms removal of high frequency noise and current. Measures contact current on surfaces to ensure safe levels below 0.02 µA.

Required Steps

Submit visual evidence (photos or video) of an effective installation of the NCB Pro resulting in a:

  • lowered magnetic field in a certain area of concern (bed, office, kitchen) and 
  • eliminated current on an equipment grounding conductor
  • safe placement in a panel, appliance cabinet or other location.

Submissions, and further questions about these requirements, shall be sent to Andrew McAfee at