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EMF Radiation Regulations

EMF Radiation Regulations

It was long thought that non-ionizing forms of EMF radiation were “safe”.

But in recent decades a huge– and growing– body of high-quality science has shown this assumption was false.

Doses of EMF– like you would be exposed to from a cell phone or a power line– have been demonstrated to cause increased risk of a wide range of negative health effects, including:

  1. sleep disruption
  2. learning disabilities and memory loss
  3. infertility
  4. multiple types of cancer– not just brain tumors, but also breast cancer, thyroid cancer and colorectal cancer
  5. miscarriage
  6. birth defects
  7. developmental disorders

And unfortunately, EMF radiation regulations do not protect you from these risks.

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A lot of people believe that when companies are allowed to sell products, that means they’re safe. But that’s just not the case.

Why is that? 
For three main reasons.

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Learn how EMF is not regulated for your safety in this 5 minute video.

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Reason 1: Many Sources are Not Regulated at All

In the case of EMF, a lot of these products aren’t tested or regulated at all.

This includes sources we are all exposed to, all the time, including:

  • Power lines
  • Power transformers
  • Cars

It shocks many people to realize this, but a huge number of sources of EMF radiation are not regulated at all.

Reason 2: The Regulations That Do Exist Are Insufficient

Certain sources of EMF are actually regulated, like cell phones and laptops.

These EMF regulations– like for cell phones and laptops – are based on something called the thermal effect.

This means, as long as a phone does not burn you when you use it, the government considers it to be safe.

Despite the fact that there are literally tens of thousands of scientific studies linking EMF radiation to serious long term health conditions including infertility & cancer, EMF radiation safety regulations offer no protection against any long-term health effects.

These regulations only protect you against immediate-term burns.

But even that’s not the full story.

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Reason 3: The Regulations That Do Exist Are Not Enforced

Another problem with EMF safety testing is who actually does the testing.

In the United States, EMF radiation regulations are enforced by the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC. 

While the FCC sets the legal limits for EMF radiation, the FCC doesn’t actually test any phones.

Who actually tests our cell phones for EMF radiation?

The manufacturer of the phone!

That’s like letting a child grade all his own tests. 

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So, it should not be surprising when we find that the manufacturers lie about the EMF radiation from their devices.

Like we saw in the Phonegate scandal. When the French government measured hundreds of cell phones and found that 89% of them emitted more radiation than the manufacturers claimed.

This Happens Time & Again

People – all of us – want to believe that if something is available for sale, it’s safe.

After all, if something isn’t safe, they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it to us, right?

Well, as we learn time and time again, this just isn’t true.

In some cases, it’s because the science hasn’t caught up– we don’t yet know something isn’t safe. This was the case with the drug Thalidomide, which was permitted to be sold to treat morning sickness in pregnant women, before we knew it would cause so many tragic birth defects.

In some cases, it’s because the regulations lag behind the science. Science has demonstrated negative effects of something, but the regulations haven’t yet caught up to protect us from the effects. This was the case in the 1980s and 1990s with, for example, tobacco, when everyone knew smoking was dangerous but you could still do it everywhere.

And in other cases, it’s because the regulations are not actually enforced. So science tells us something is dangerous, and regulations exist to protect us from those forces, but companies skirt or ignore the regulations. This was the case with the 2015 Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal where they rigged emissions tests.

When it comes to EMF, all three of these issues are in play:

  • The technology that emits EMF radiation is sold before it is tested.
  • Even so, we know that this type of radiation is dangerous, but the regulations lag behind the science.
  • And the limited regulations that do exist are not enforced.

So no, EMF radiation is not regulated for your safety.

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Read More About EMF Safety & Regulations

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