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Health Effects of 5G

What are the Health Risks of 5G? Your Questions Answered.

Convenience, speed, instant gratification… That’s what we want from the Internet. The more we have it, the more we need it. As existing networks become overworked, providers look to the next big technology solution: 5G. So it’s natural to wonder, what are the health risks of 5G? This post is part

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Radiation Blocking Underwear

Radiation Blocking Underwear: Keeping Your Swimmers Afloat

Modern technology is the best. Look at the smartphone: every piece of knowledge accrued by man, countless games, songs and movies, conversations with family across the world or even in the same room – that’s just a snapshot of what today’s gadgets can provide. They offer near-impossible levels of convenience

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The Precautionary Principle

What is the Precautionary Principle? Better Safe Than Sorry

While there is a tremendous and growing body of scientific evidence regarding the health effects of EMF radiation, there remains a great deal of uncertainty about which specific exposures will cause which specific diseases in which populations. So how can we best approach the question of creating safer and stronger

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