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emf and anxiety

EMF & Anxiety: What Role Does EMF Exposure Play in Anxiety Development?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 264 million people worldwide suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. Inarguably, there are a ton of reasons why

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emf and brain health

EMF & Brain Health: How EMF Exposure Affects Your Brain’s Functioning

Curiosity, creativity, problem-solving, information processing, and understanding emotions: these are the qualities that make humans superior to all other beings on this planet. And they

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cell phones and memory

What Are the EMF Radiation Health Risks for Children?

If you’ve spent some time on my website, you know that EMF exposure affects your physical and mental health. But did you know that these

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health risk from cell phones

What are the Health Risks of Cell Phones and EMF Radiation Exposure?

With all the new focus on the health risks of 5G, I felt it was important to write a well-researched post with what we already

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Where do you carry your phone?

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