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EMF and the Blood Brain Barrier

Blood Brain Barrier

The blood brain barrier provides a crucial defense against brain-related illness. But did you know there’s evidence to suggest that electromagnetic fields actually weaken this important barrier, potentially exposing the brain to harmful bacteria and toxins? To understand why this is important, lets’ explore what the blood brain barrier is, why it’s so important to…

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The SYB Air Tube Headset: Top Quality Anti-Radiation Headphones

SYB Anti-Radiation Headphones

There’s a lot of noise in the industry right now about about the dangers of wireless technology, prompting many radiation-conscious users to stick to old-fashioned cables. Traditional headphones are still only the lesser of two evils, however, and here at Shield Your Body we’ve developed unique anti-radiation headphones to provide great sound quality and unbeatable…

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Air Tube Anti-Radiation Headsets: What are They and How do They Work?

SYB Anti-Radiation Headsets

Holding a cell phone to the side of your head isn’t advisable. By now you’ve probably heard this a hundred times: after all, so many major health organizations offer recommendations on limiting cell phone radiation exposure, from the FDA to the National Cancer Institute to the World Health Organization. One common recommendation is simply to limit…

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What’s My Health Risk from Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Cigarettes

The science around the health effects of cell phone radiation (EMF/EMR) is complicated, and can appear contradictory. So it is very difficult for average consumers to have any actual understanding of what their risk might be from using a cell phone. But of course, that’s the important question we’re all interested in. (more…)

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